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Blado KCC artwork.png
Artwork of Blado from Kirby: Canvas Curse.
First game Kirby: Canvas Curse
Latest game Kirby Star Allies
Other game(s) Kirby and the Rainbow Curse
Similar entities Gordo
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This article is about the Gordo-like enemy which debuted in Kirby: Canvas Curse, and should not be confused with Blade.

Blado is an invincible enemy which appears in both Kirby: Canvas Curse and its spiritual successor - Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. He is similar to Gordo in both shape and function, and will harm Kirby if he comes into contact with him.


Blado is a round creature with two eyes, much like Gordo, though he usually bears a more menacing expression than his older counterpart. Instead of simple spikes on his exterior, however, he has four curved blades which resemble axe heads. These spin around Blado as he moves, making him look even more threatening. Despite the different appearance though, Blado isn't any more dangerous to touch than Gordo. His only real functional difference is that he moves in a circular pattern, connected to a chain.

Game appearances[edit]

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Kirby: Canvas Curse[edit]

KCC Blado sprite.png Blado makes his first appearance in Kirby: Canvas Curse. He is often seen attached to a chain, spinning around in circles. Kirby cannot defeat Blado, and must instead try to avoid him.

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse[edit]

Blado returns in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, behaving as he did in previous games.

Kirby Star Allies[edit]

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In Kirby Star Allies, Yggy Woods and Parallel Woods drop Blados from their canopies. Dropped Blados fall quickly to the ground, then spin along the ground when leaving the area. This marks their first appearance in a main series title.



  • The spinning blade hazard from the stage Nature's Navel in Kirby Star Allies is called メガブレドー (Mega Blado) in Japanese.