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City Trial is the third and most extensive mode in Kirby Air Ride. Unlike the other two modes of Air Ride and Top Ride, it is not strictly a racing game, instead pitting up to four Kirby clones against each-other in a large open city where the goal is to power up their Air Ride Machines and then face off in a separate Stadium match using those machines once time runs out. During the match, the Kirbys can attempt to battle each-other to destroy their opponents' machines or simply to steal their powerups. However, the winner is ultimately decided by whoever wins the Stadium game, which is randomly selected and could favor a Kirby with a machine which, while not objectively the best, is still the most suitable for that particular game. Like the other two modes, City Trial features its own tutorial and ending movies, scoreboards, extra modes and settings, and a Checklist which has 120 objectives to complete.

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The 'Friends' Getaway' Celebration Picture from Kirby Star Allies.
This image is one of the Celebration Pictures from Kirby Star Allies which was added in version 3.0.0! It depicts Kirby, Bandana Waddle Dee, King Dedede and Meta Knight taking a break at the Fountain of Dreams.
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Today's video is a 100% no damage walkthrough of Frosty Wheel from Kirby's Epic Yarn!

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