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Item InfoBox
Treasure chest.png
The basic appearance of a treasure chest.
Use Scoring (Kirby Super Star), raises Percentage, unlocking items (Squeak Squad)
Obtained From The Great Cave Offensive (Super Star/Super Star Ultra), every level (Squeak Squad)
Game(s) Kirby Super Star, Kirby: Squeak Squad, Kirby Super Star Ultra, Kirby: Triple Deluxe, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, Kirby: Planet Robobot
Comparable to Collectible Items
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Treasure is a valuable item found in a treasure chest. Treasures have appeared in 4 games so far, with one being a remake of another.

Game Appearances

Kirby Super Star/Kirby Super Star Ultra

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In the stage The Great Cave Offensive in Kirby Super Star and its remake, Kirby Super Star Ultra, Kirby's quest involves collecting treasure. As Kirby navigates the various areas of an underground chamber, he may find up to 60 treasure chests. The treasures are collectible items only and thus have no effect on Kirby's abilities; however, they are required to achieve 100% completion on the stage.

Sub-Tree Area Treasures
Treasure Image Price Notes
Gold Medal GoldmedalSS.gif Goldmedal.png 10,000 G A common item awarded for merit in competitions. Could be a reference to star coins from the Mario games.
Gold Coin GoldcoinSS.gif Goldcoin.png 1,000 G A Koban, an ancient Japanese gold coin.
Whip WhipSS.gif Whip.png 6,800 G Could be a reference to the Castlevania series.
Crystal Ball CrystalballSS.gif Crystalball.png 200,000 G to be determined
Lucky Cat LuckycatSS.gif Luckycat.png 500 G A Maneki Neko, a Japanese symbol of Luck.
Seiryu Sword SeiryuswordSS.gif Seiryusword.png 142,000 G A reference to the Final Fantasy series.
Screw Ball (Kirby Super Star) ScrewattackSS.gif Screwattack.png 80,000 G A reference to the Screw Attack power-up of the Metroid series.
Screw Attack (Kirby Super Star Ultra)
Echigo Candy EchigocandySS.gif Echigocandy.png 8,000 G to be determined
Zebra Mask (Kirby Super Star) Zebramask.gif Phantomask.png 278,000 G A reference to the Mario series's Phanto.
Phanto Mask (Kirby Super Star Ultra)
Star Stone StarstoneSS.gif Starstone.png 82,100 G Possibly a reference to the Warp Star.
Beast's Fang Beast'sfangSS.gif Beast'sfang.png 7,300 G to be determined
Bandanna BandanaSS.gif Bandana.png 1.990 G to be determined
Springtime (Kirby Super Star) Springtime.gif Seasonsheart.png 250,000 G May possibly be a reference to the Zelda series' Heart Container
Seasons Heart (Kirby Super Star Ultra) An amalgamation of four treasures from the original Kirby Super Star.
Crystal Area Treasures
Treasure Image Price Notes
Dime Dime.png 10 G A reference to the common monetary piece.
Glass Slipper Glassslipper.png 120,000 G A reference to the iconic Cinderella item.
Goblet Goblet.png 800 G to be determined
Saucepan Saucepan.png 10 G to be determined
Brass Knuckle Brassknuckle.png 20,000 G to be determined
Amber Rose Amberrose.png 22,100 G to be determined
Fish Fossil Fishfossil.png 8,250 G to be determined
Beast Fossil Beastfossil.png 24,220 G to be determined
Nunchuks (Kirby Super Star) GCO Nunchuks.pngMachineparts.png 55,480 G to be determined
Machine Parts (Kirby Super Star Ultra) 121,300 G A reference to Kirby Air Ride.
Bucket Bucket.png 200 G A reference to Mario & Wario
Summertime (Kirby Super Star) Powerpaintbrush.png 250,000 G to be determined
Power Paintbrush (Kirby Super Star Ultra) 222,000 G A reference to Kirby: Canvas Curse.
100-Dollar Coin 100-dollarcoin.png 10,000 G Could be a reference to rare and obsolete coins highly valued by collectors, specifically the Morgan dollar.
Ancient Gem Ancientgem.png 68,000 G Resembles a magatama, could be a reference to the Yasaki no Magatama, one of the three Regalia of Japan.
Falcon Helmet Falconhelmet.png 41,000 G A reference to the F-Zero series.
Dud (Kirby Super Star) Cellphone.png 30 G to be determined
Cell Phone (Kirby Super Star Ultra) 40,210 G A reference to Kirby and the Amazing Mirror.
Truth Mirror Truthmirror.png 500,000 G Could be a reference to the mirror Yata no Kagami, one of the three Imperial Regalia of Japan.
Old Tower Area Treasures
Treasure Image Price Notes
Star Tiara Startiara.png 408,200 G to be determined
Koopa Shell Koopashell.png 800 G A reference to the Mario series.
Falchion Falchion.png 325,000 G A reference to the Falchion, Marth's legendary sword in the Fire Emblem series. In international releases of Kirby Super Star it was just called "Sword", as the game predated the international presence of Fire Emblem; it was given its proper name in Ultra.
Warrior Shield Warriorshield.png 50,000 G to be determined
Unicorn's Horn Unicornhorn.png 80,300 G A reference to the legendary creature Unicorn.
Autumntime (Kirby Super Star) Threestarcane.png 250,000 G to be determined
Three-Star Cane (Kirby Super Star Ultra) 222,000 G A reference to Kirby: Squeak Squad.
Broken Bowl Brokenbowl.png 50 G to be determined
Tut's Mask Tut'smask.png 160,000 G A reference to the Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun.
Mr. Saturn Mrsaturn.png 120,000 G A reference to the Mr. Saturn race from the Mother series.
Armor Armor.png 212,000 G to be determined
Treasure Box Treasurebox.png 100,000 G to be determined
Mannequin Mannequin.png 3,000 G to be determined
Gold Crown Goldcrown.png 528,000 G to be determined
King's Cape King'scape.png 508,000 G to be determined
Model Ship Modelship.png 800,000 G to be determined
Sun Ring Sunring.png 800,000 G Could be a reference to Lord Sun's Ring from Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.
Garden Area Treasures
Treasure Image Price Notes
Wintertime (Kirby Super Star) Goldwateringcan.png 250,000 G to be determined
Gold Watering Can (Kirby Super Star Ultra) 200,000 G A reference to the Animal Crossing series.
Katana Katana.png 990,000 G A reference to the Japanese long sword, a Katana.
Charm Charm.png 8,000 G to be determined
Xmas Tree Xmastree.png 40,000 G A reference to Christmas.
Kong's Barrel Kong'sbarrel.png 1,500 G A reference to the Donkey Kong series.
Ramia's Scale Ramia'sscale.png 12,800 G A mistranslation of "Lamia's Scale", Lamia is a creature from Greek mythology depicted as being part snake.
Shiny Bamboo Shinybamboo.png 600,000 G Most likely a reference to the old japanese folktale The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter.
Tire Tire.png 1,100 G A possible reference to Super Mario Kart.
Spirit Charm Spiritcharm.png 78,500 G to be determined
Pegasus Wing Pegasuswing.png 42,800 G A reference to Pegasus, a winged horse from Greek mythology. More specifically, a possible reference to the Wings of Pegasus item from the Kid Icarus series.
Raccoon Doll Raccoondoll.png 8,150 G A reference to the Tanuki statues that can be found in many places throughout Japan.
Shell Whistle Shellwhistle.png 82,000 G to be determined
Orichalcum Orichalcum.png 512,000 G Orichalcum.
Platinum Ring Platinumring.png 40,000 G to be determined
Triforce Triforce.png 800,000 G A reference to the Triforce, the iconic symbol of the Zelda series.
Also, on the map screen, a medal that looks like the Gold Medal treasure (seen to the right), signifies that all treasures have been found in the area.

Kirby & the Amazing Mirror

In Kirby & the Amazing Mirror, there are treasure chests scattered around the many different worlds, and contain items such as world maps, Spray Paint, vitality, and other objects such as Sound Tests items, and a music player. These items are mostly contained within large treasure chests, while minor items such as batteries and Maxim Tomatoes. The game is not considered 100% complete until every treasure chest is opened, even if the item inside is mundane.

Kirby: Squeak Squad

In Kirby: Squeak Squad, the Squeaks are known for robbing places of treasure. In addition to this, Kirby can collect treasure chests in each level, with there being a maximum of 3 chests in each level part. There is also a large treasure chest, which, when Kirby collects it, will make a high-ranking Squeak appear. The only exception to this would be the fourth part of the Secret Sea, where only Squeakers will fight Kirby. If they manage to take it, Kirby must go to the base they entered to fight whoever brought the chest into the base along with a few Squeakers. If they are defeated, the treasure chest will appear. In these treasure chests are all sorts of goods, including Spray Paint, Ability Scrolls, and Sound Test items. In addition to these treasure chests, another one appears whenever Kirby defeats a boss. If he collects every single one of these boss treasure chests, the Boss Endurance sub-game will be unlocked.

Kirby: Triple Deluxe

Treasure Chests can appear in various locations in the Story Mode of this title. They have to be reached by Kirby in order to open them, and they contain all manner of items, from Point Stars to 1-Ups to Sun Stones. Unlike in Amazing Mirror, opening every chest in the game is not required for 100% Completion.

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

Each non-boss stage has up to five treasure chests to collect. These may either be out in the open, hidden behind barricades and side-chambers, or split into pieces which must be reassembled. Treasure chests can move on their own, and need to be collided with to collect. At the end of the stage, all collected chests are opened to reveal their contents, which usually contain Figurines or music tracks.

Green Valley

  • Great Cave Escape (1-3)
    • Gordo Figurine
    • Bronto Burt Figurine
    • Music Track (Mass Attack)
    • Carpa Figurine
    • Music Track (Nightmare in Dream Land)

Yellow Dunes

  • The Long-Lost Ruins (2-3)

Indigo Ocean

  • Swept Out to Sea (3-1)
    • Underwater Kirby Figurine
    • Blipper Figurine
    • Music Track (Super Star)
    • Green Waddle Dee Figurine
    • Music Track (Dream Land 3)

Blue Sky Palace

  • Rainbow Across the Skies (4-1)
  • Kirby Rocket's Big Blastoff (4-3)
    • Kirby Rocket Figurine
    • Shotzo Figurine
    • Kirby's Feast Figurine
    • Music Track (Nightmare in Dream Land)
    • Music Track (Super Star)

Orange Woodland

  • Gondola Ride (5-2)
    • Music Track (Nightmare in Dream Land)
    • Treasure Found Figurine
    • Grab Hand Figurine
    • Music Track (Dream Land 2)
    • Gondola Bzztbulb Figurine

Red Volcano

  • Burning Secrets (6-1)
    • Kirby Figurine (standing)
    • Music Track (Triple Deluxe)
    • Hot Head Figurine
    • Music Track (Super Star)
    • Cappy Figurine
  • Back to the Battleship (6-2)
    • Music Track (Super Star)
    • Painting with Elline Figurine
    • Waddle Doo Figurine
    • Music Track (Dream Course)
    • Soarar Figurine

Purple Fortress

  • Kirby + Kirby (7-2)

Kirby: Planet Robobot

Chests function identically here to their appearance in Triple Deluxe. Instead of Sun Stones, however, they may contain Code Cubes.