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Pumpkin Grand

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Pumpkin Grand
KSS Gameplay 2.png
Screenshot of Kirby and King Dedede racing in Pumpkin Grand in Kirby Super Star.
Main game Gourmet Race
Theme music

Clip of the Gourmet Race theme which plays in Pumpkin Grand.

Stage order
First stage Corn Hall
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Pumpkin Grand is the first of the three race courses in Gourmet Race from Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra. It is a relatively straightforward course with lots of food on the causeway, and a few foot trippers in the form of small gaps, cubes of water, and Star Block barriers.


As mentioned above, this course is a mostly flat and straight affair. After Waddle Dee gives the signal, King Dedede will automatically start moving, so Kirby will need to be quick to keep ahead. The path begins with no hazards and a line of food moving up a series of small hills. From there, a cube of water appears on the path which can slow Kirby down somewhat. After a few flights of stairs, another slightly larger cube of water appears. From there, a wall of Star Blocks appears which needs to be busted through. If Kirby does not do it, King Dedede will bust them away with his hammer. After a second Star Block wall and the first Maxim Tomato, Kirby must contend with a series of taller bumps in the path which need to be jumped over. The second Maxim Tomato appears just before the finish line.

There are 39 normal food items and two Maxim Tomatoes on the stage. Maxim Tomatoes are worth three points each. All the food together is worth 45 points.


Main article: Gourmet Race (theme)

The musical track that plays on this stage and on Onion Garden is a now-famous track known as "Gourmet Race". This stage holds its very first appearance in the Kirby series.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese かぼちゃグランド
Kabocha Gurando
Pumpkin Grand
French Marathon Potiron Pumpkin Marathon
German Kürbisprärie Pumpkin Prairie
Italian Orto Zucca Pumpkin Garden
Spanish Campo de Calabazas Pumpkin Field