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Cookie Country - Stage 4

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Cookie Country - Stage 4
KRtDLD Cookie Country Stage 4 select screenshot.png
Cookie Country - Stage 4 in the level hub.
Level Cookie Country
Super Ability Monster Flame
Energy Sphere(s) 4
Mid-Boss(es) Sphere Doomer (neutral)
Theme music

Clip of the theme that primarily plays in Cookie Country - Stage 4.

Stage order
Cookie Country - Stage 3 Cookie Country - Stage 5
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Cookie Country - Stage 4 (simply called Stage 4 or 1-4 in-game) is the fourth stage of Cookie Country in Kirby's Return to Dream Land and its remake—Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe. There are four Energy Spheres in this stage. This stage features the Monster Flame Super Ability.


Kirby uses the power and rage of his Monster Flame ability to engulf his enemies and burn down tree stumps in the way.

The stage starts out in the grassy countryside on some elevated thin floors with ladders to the ground, where a Sir Kibble and Hot Head can be encountered. Kirby may then proceed on a path that has some Waddle Dees and Cappies in the way, as well as some falling towers of rocks, so Kirby must move with caution through this area. From there, Kirby will encounter more falling rock pillars, a Sparky and a Puppet Waddle Dee until he can proceed through the door to the next section.

The door leads to an open area with a wooden bridge to the right, though several gaps in the bridge are notable. Bowbies will attempt to shoot down at Kirby as he crosses the bridge, which then proceeds to a moving platform defended by a Como, then at last to an area where if a switch is pressed, a ceiling barrier break and an Invincible Candy is made accessible. Using the Invincible Candy, Kirby can charge through the rest of the section filled with numerous enemies, though he has to be careful because the stage is also filled with bottomless pits and moving platforms. Near the end of the stage is a Maxim Tomato guarded by more Bowbies which Kirby can easily bypass if he is still invincible from the candy. From there, the door to the next section is just beyond.

The door leads to an underground section, where falling stalactites are a hazard. Once Kirby passes those, he may proceed upwards where he will find a Prism Shield, which he can use to protect his squishy head from many more falling objects. Kirby may then proceed leftwards using the shield to avoid many stalactites as well as Bowbies. Another Prism Shield can be found to replace the old one, and Kirby must use this one to protect himself from Shotzos firing downward. Kirby may then proceed rightward to an area with a ladder and a Bomb Block. Destroying the Bomb Block will lead to Waddle Dees and a Puppet Waddle Dee falling, but this should not be a problem if Kirby still has the Prism Shield. The next door can be found just above this point.

The door leads to the interior of a large alcove, blocked off by a big Bomb Block barrier. Opening the barrier leads back to the surface, where Kirby will find various tree stumps with glowing stars adorned on them. A Super Hot Head warps in amidst these stumps, which Kirby can swallow to get the Monster Flame Super Ability. Using this ability, Kirby can destroy the stumps to get stars and other items. The path continues to the right, with more stumps and enemies that must be cleared out, along with moving platforms and bottomless pits that must be traversed and avoided, respectively. At the end of the path is a huge tree stump, which, upon being destroyed, opens the rift to Another Dimension, though a separate path exists below the stump in the event that Kirby ran out of juice and can't break the stump.

Another Dimension rift[edit]

The rift wall approaches from the left as Kirby must run while systematically dealing with large numbers of Comos, including some rather large ones. At one point there is a large concentration of blocks and enemies defending a 1-Up: Kirby can Super Inhale to take all of that in one swoop. After more Comos, Kirby may proceed to the door. In the next room, Kirby is given a choice between Leaf and Spark Copy Essences, and can proceed to a Sphere Doomer battle. Once Kirby has returned from the rift, the stage exit is located just to the right past a couple more Leafans.

HAL Room[edit]

Kirby visiting the first HAL Room, which can be found in this stage
Main article: HAL Room

There is a secret section in this stage that can be uncovered if Kirby maneuvers correctly. While still in the first area, just after reaching the door to the next section (but not going through it), if Kirby tries to walk as far right as he possibly can, then returns left past the door to the previous area, the area where the last rock spires were will have sunken down to reveal a hidden doorway. Upon entering the door, Kirby will emerge in an open field where special music will be playing. Proceeding to the right will shower Kirby with many stars and recovery items until he reaches a Star Block formation in the shape of the letters "HAL", spelling out the name of HAL Laboratory. Among this formation is a Broom Hatter, as well as Copy Essences containing the Hammer, Fighter, Ninja, and Wing abilities, which are otherwise not encountered until much later in the game. In Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe, essences for the newly-added Mecha and Sand abilities can be found here as well. To the right from there is a door that will take Kirby back to the main path.

Energy Sphere Guide[edit]

  • In the first area, a passageway can be accessed through one of the rocky cliffs to obtain the first sphere in a small grotto.
  • At the end of the Prism Shield section, the second sphere can be obtained by clearing away the Puppet Waddle Dees which guard it in a nook in the wall.
  • The last two spheres can be obtained by defeating the Sphere Doomer at the end of the Another Dimension rift.

Enemies, Mid-Bosses and abilities[edit]

Regular Enemies Mid-Boss

Abilities Super Ability


  • In Kirby's Return to Dream Land, when using Monster Flame to destroy the large stump containing the dimensional rift, the tree appears to be floating afterwards. In the remake, this was changed so the rest of the tree actually topples over and explodes in spectacular flames, making its destruction appear more natural.


Kirby's Return to Dream Land[edit]

Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe[edit]

Video walkthroughs[edit]

100% walkthrough of Cookie Country - Stage 4 in Kirby's Return to Dream Land.
100% walkthrough of Cookie Country - Stage 4 in Extra Mode in Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe (including the HAL room).