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KSA Crate.jpg
A wooden crate from Kirby Star Allies
Type Device
Function Holds items
Found Various points in stages
Game(s) Various
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A Container refers to any number of breakable objects in the Kirby series which may yield items when destroyed. Containers typically take the form of Barrels or Crates. These objects are typically made of wood, and can be busted open using any number of strikes, including any Copy Ability attack, a Star Bullet, Air Bullet, Water Gun, Slide, etc, usually being broken in a single hit. Containers can also be stood upon and will fall if the supporting ground beneath is removed, though they cannot harm Kirby or any other playable characters when falling, instead merely pushing them out of the way.

While typically containers only appear as crates or barrels, their color scheme and decorations can vary based on the themes of the stages they are found in. Containers can also be used to hide other objects, such as Doors, or to merely act as a hindrance to Kirby and his friends.

In Kirby Air Ride[edit]

Boxes serve a special role in the City Trial game-mode of Kirby Air Ride. They come in three different colors, which determines what kind of items will appear inside. Boxes can be broken by ramming into them, performing a Quick Spin while touching them, or hitting them with a Copy Ability or other weapon. Most boxes will vanish if left alone for too long - blinking out of existence to warn racers when this is about to happen - but this can be stopped momentarily by damaging the box.

The following are three lists of items that can be found in City Trial boxes:

Found in Blue Boxes[edit]

Items found in Blue Boxes  
Picture Name Description
Burger KAR.png Food Replenishes a small amount of the machine's HP. Some food items heal slightly more than others.
KAR Energy Drink sprite.png Energy Drink Replenishes some of the machine's HP.
Maxim Tomato KAR.png Maxim Tomato Replenishes all of the machine's HP.
HeartPatchKAR.png HP Patch Increases the machine's HP level. There is no fake, or gray, version of this patch. Any HP patches found in blue boxes is just one patch instead of 2 or more, unless an event occurs.
OffensePatchKAR.png Offense Patch Increases the machine's offensive capabilities.
ChargeKar.png Charge Patch Increases the machine's charging rate.
DefenseKAR.png Defense Patch Increases the machine's defensive capabilities.
KAR Turn Patch.png Turn Patch Increases the machine's handling.
KAR Top Speed Patch.png Top Speed Patch Increases the vehicle's top speed.
KARBoost.png Boost Patch Increases the vehicle's acceleration.
KAR Weight Patch.png Weight Patch Increases the vehicle's weight, preventing sliding during a charge.
KAR Glide Patch.png Glide Patch Increases the vehicle's gliding capabilities.
KAR All Up Patch.png All Up Patch Increases all of the machine's abilities by 1 point. This rare patch is usually found in events such as the UFO, or very rarely in blue boxes, or simply appearing. There are no fake, or gray, versions of this patch. Appears multicolored. These patches appear normally (by appearing or being found in blue boxes) more often when the player plays the stadium Vs. King Dedede, but they are still rare.

Found in Red Boxes[edit]

Items found in Red Boxes  
Picture Name Description
BombPanel.png Bomb Panel A bomb appears in Kirby's hands. The longer the player holds A, the farther Kirby throws it. The explosion does small damage but covers a large radius that slowly increases in size until it disappears.
FirePanel.png Fire Panel This ability allows Kirby to toss fire balls that stay on the ground. It damages any opponent that drives over the flames. The Fire ability also makes Kirby's body damaging to touch.
FreezePanel.png Freeze Panel When Kirby obtains this ability, he is able to create a surrounding, short-ranged projectile of Ice that protects himself and freezes other enemies that touch it.
MikePanel.png Mike Panel The Mike ability gets activated automatically when Kirby obtains it. Kirby sings and does slight damage to anyone over a huge range.
NeedlePanel.png Needle Panel Not too different from the Freezing ability, the Needle ability allows Kirby to extend Needles that protect him and damage any opponent near the spikes. It can also damage when Kirby simply touches opponents without activating the ability.
PlasmaPanel.png Plasma Panel Very much like in Kirby Super Star, Kirby can charge up his energy levels when the player wiggles the control stick back and forth. This ability's duration depends on how much the player uses it and how much power it uses up.
  • Level 1: Kirby punches several small beams
  • Level 2: Kirby punches more small beams
  • Level 3: Kirby shoots out three, straight moving sparks
  • Level 4: Kirby shoots out a single, homing spark
  • Level 5: Kirby kicks a huge, homing ball of electricity
SleepPanel.png Sleep Panel The Sleep ability causes Kirby to sleep, which makes him lose control of his vehicle and makes other opponents fall asleep if they touch him. He can be woken up quicker if the player wiggles the control stick back and forth.
SwordPanel.png Sword Panel The Sword ability lets Kirby automatically swing his sword at any nearby opponents.
TornadoPanel.png Tornado Panel The Tornado ability grants Kirby a powered-up Quick Spin that can be performed in midair. When Kirby first gets this ability, any nearby opponent gets affected by the start-up attack.
WheelPanel.png Wheel Panel This copy ability turns Kirby into a wheel. It is quite fast, touches the ground by default (so it automatically activates any switches on the ground), and damages any opponents that touch it.
WingPanel.png Wing Panel When Kirby gets the Wing ability, he temporarily loses his vehicle and flies using the ability. His Quick Spin is slightly different than the regular Quick Spin; it sends opponents flying in the air. Opponents cannot draft him, but he cannot draft opponents either when he has this ability.
DragoonPart 1.png
DragoonPart 2.png
DragoonPart 3.png
Dragoon Parts These are parts for the legendary Air Ride machine, the Dragoon. The red boxes holding these parts may be found in sections of the map where boxes are not normally found. Boxes containing these parts will also not vanish and will not be affected by the 'Same Items' event.
HydraPart Left.png
HyrdaPart Center.png
HydraPart Right.png
Hydra Parts These are parts for the legendary Air Ride machine, the Hydra. The red boxes holding these parts may be found in sections of the map where boxes are not normally found. Boxes containing these parts will also not vanish and will not be affected by the 'Same Items' event.

Found in Green Boxes[edit]

Items found in Green Boxes  
Picture Name Description
GordoGoldSpikes KAR.png Gold Spike Kirby receives three Gordos to throw when he grabs this item. When thrown, the Gordos grow to huge sizes. These Gordos inflict heavy damage to machines if any machines collide with them. If the Gordo is dropped, such as when Kirby is attacked, Kirby cannot throw any more Gordos, and the dropped Gordo remains small.
SensorBomb KAR.png Sensor Bomb Kirby can set this bomb in a spot. After it has set, the bomb shows its location by flashing rings that disappear eventually, concealing the location afterward. If a Kirby (on foot or on a machine) happens to be on this spot, the bomb suddenly explodes, damaging that Kirby or the machine. After a set amount of time, the bomb automatically detonates.
PanicSpin KAR.png Panic Spin When Kirby receives this, his machine automatically and continuously quick-spins for a set amount of time. This can be stopped prematurely if Kirby is attacked.
FireWorks KAR.png Fireworks This items allows Kirby to automatically shoot fireworks out of a cone-like cannon for a set amount of time. If Kirby is attacked, he stops using this item.
NoCharge KAR.png No Charge Temporarily removes the machine's charge and slows the machine. If Kirby is riding a Bulk Star or a Hydra when he receives this, the machine does not move.
SlowDown KAR.png Speed Down Temporarily slows the vehicle.
AttackUpKAR.png Mach Attack Temporarily boosts the machine's offensive capabilities. This can be stacked with Mach Guard and Mach Speed.
DefenseupKAR.png Mach Guard Temporarily boosts the machine's defensive and speed capabilities. This can be stacked with Mach Attack and Mach Speed.
KAR Speed-Up Patch.png Mach Speed Temporarily boosts the machine's top speed. This can be stacked with Mach Attack and Mach Guard.
BatteryChargeKAR.png Rowdy Charge Tank Temporarily makes the player's machine engine go into overdrive. Boosts the machine at very high speeds, and is basically uncontrollable. Players riding on the legendary Hydra, however, must recharge after the duration ends.
Candy KAR.png Invincible Candy Grants a machine temporary invincibility.

In the Kirby Fighters series[edit]

KF2 Container item.jpg
In-game screenshot of a Container from Kirby Fighters 2
Type Device
Function Holds an item
Found Randomly appears in battle stages
Game(s) Kirby Fighters
Kirby Fighters Deluxe
Kirby Fighters 2
Similar to Ice Container
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In the Kirby Fighters games, blue containers resembling those from City Trial in Kirby Air Ride appear randomly during battles. Unlike its previous iteration, these containers always contain only one item. They can be broken by fighters' attacks, along with stage hazards such as the Springy Hands in Springy Hand Land.

Containers can hold any other item except the following: