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In the Presence of the King

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In the Presence of the King
KatFL In the Presence of the King select screenshot.png
In the Presence of the King on the World Map in Redgar Forbidden Lands
Level Redgar Forbidden Lands
No. of Waddle Dees 7
Boss(es) Forgo Dedede
Theme music

Main theme for the stage.

Stage order
The Beast Pack's Final Stand Lab Discovera
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In the Presence of the King is the sixth and final main stage of Redgar Forbidden Lands in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. This stage is unlocked after completing The Beast Pack's Final Stand and requires Kirby to have saved at least 32 Waddle Dees in Redgar Forbidden Lands to enter. In this stage, Kirby does battle with Forgo Dedede, the even further-possessed version of King Dedede, who is now wielding two hammers and a pig-like mask. Defeating him finally breaks the spell and returns Dedede to his senses. From there, Kirby can proceed to the final level of the game: Lab Discovera.

There are no Capsules to collect in this stage, but there are five missions to complete. There are a total of seven Waddle Dees to rescue here.

Stage overview[edit]

Kirby approaching Dedede for another encounter.

The stage begins in a mechanical zone, as Kirby heads toward an elevator leading downward. After passing a Maxim Tomato, Kirby has a choice between Copy Essences for Ice, Ranger, Sword, or Tornado as the elevator moves. Once at the bottom, Kirby approaches the main arena situated in a lake of lava. There, he sees King Dedede struggling with something. After a moment, Dedede turns around, revealing that he is wearing a totemic mask that resembles the face of a warthog. He pulls out two hammers and proceeds to attack Kirby.

Main article: Forgo Dedede

The battle with Forgo Dedede takes place in two distinct phases, with two separate health meters. For the first phase, Dedede attacks using his twin hammers, slamming towards Kirby as if he were banging on drums, and occasionally letting out flame pillars that chase after Kirby. Like before, Forgo Dedede also has access to his Super Dedede Jump, and can also toss his hammers at Kirby to create puddles of lava. Forgo Dedede can also spin around the arena like a tornado with his hammers out, but this leaves him momentarily dazed afterward.

When the second phase begins, Forgo Dedede drops his hammers and proceeds on all fours from then on. His attacks include calling for reinforcements, charging at Kirby, and pounding the ground to create flaming pillars. He can also use his powerful inhale, but most of these attacks leave him exhausted afterward and wide open to counterattack. Once the second health bar is depleted, Forgo Dedede collapses and his mask breaks, leaving Kirby to collect the caged Waddle Dees.

After the fight, Kirby and the Waddle Dees gather around King Dedede to check up on him. Dedede gets up and seems to be back to his old self, as he is pleased to see Kirby and his Waddle Dees. At that moment, however, a large hoard of the Beast Pack come swarming in. Kirby and company make an escape toward the elevator behind them, but one of the Waddle Dees trips and falls on his face. Seeing this, Dedede heads back to help him up while Kirby tries to hold the elevator door open. Seeing there is no time, Dedede tosses the Waddle Dee into the elevator, knocking Kirby away from the door in the process, and faces the Beast Pack alone with his hammer as the elevator door closes. This leads directly into the next level: Lab Discovera.

Differences between difficulties[edit]

There are no differences in the stage between Spring-Breeze Mode and Wild Mode.


In the Presence of the King has five missions to complete, as follows:

Enemies, Boss, and Abilities[edit]

Regular Enemies Bosses & Mid-Bosses

Abilities Mouthful Mode(s)

  • None


Video walkthrough[edit]

100% walkthrough of In the Presence of the King.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese おう御前ごぜん
Ō no Gozen
The King's Royal Presence
Chinese 王的御前
Wáng de Yùqián
The King's Royal Presence
Dutch Op audiëntie bij de koning The audience with the king
French Audience avec le roi Audience with the king
German In Gegenwart des Königs In the Presence of the King
Italian Udienza dal re Audience with the king
Korean 왕의 어전
Wangui Eojeon
The King's Royal Presence
Spanish En Presencia del Rey In the Presence of the King