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Cookie Country - Stage 1

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Cookie Country - Stage 1
KRtDL Cookie Country Stage 1 screenshot.png
Kirby walks along at the beginning of the stage.
Level Cookie Country
Super Ability Ultra Sword
Energy Sphere(s) 3
Mid-Boss(es) Sphere Doomer (purple)
Stage order
First stage Cookie Country - Stage 2
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Cookie Country - Stage 1 is the first stage of Cookie Country and thus the first stage of Kirby's Return to Dream Land. There are three Energy Spheres in this stage. Being the first stage, this is where tutorial signs can be found. This stage is also the one that introduces the Super Abilities, starting with Ultra Sword and leading into an alternate dimension section concluding with a Sphere Doomer battle.


The first stage can be described as somewhat of an introductory stage, with signs with directions on how to execute basic moves scattered across the stage grounds. The first section of this stage begins with a rather straightforward path to the first door. The first section contains a few Waddle Dees, along with a Blade Knight.

After proceeding through the door, the second section of the stage is reached, which is underground, with more enemies, such as Cappies. Here, a Key is required to unlock a door leading to the first Energy Sphere of the game, and to the rest of the section. A 1Up can be found behind a block which requires a Super Inhale. The second section then separates into a hidden area with a Red Star, however some blocks need to be removed by inhaling before Kirby can access them. The second path upward leads to the door to the third section.

The door leads above ground again and consists of a downhill straightforward path leading up to a Super Blade Knight, which Kirby must inhale in order to obtain the Ultra Sword Super Ability. From there, Kirby must remove several clods of dirt using the Ultra Sword, as well as some common enemies before encountering a particularly large clod of dirt, which if destroyed, will yield a portal to an dark, alternate dimension.

Alternate Dimension Stretch[edit]

The rift wall approaches from the left as Kirby must traverse through a path with several obstacles and various sized Waddle Dees, along with a section with gaps that must be run through, before finally reaching the door. From there, Kirby encounters two Copy Essences, Fire and Sword to choose from, before encountering the first Sphere Doomer of the game. After the Sphere Doomer is defeated, Kirby may recover two more energy spheres, thus completing the energy spheres for this stage. From there, Kirby can get out of the alternate dimension and continue up to the stage exit (though there is an extra Red Star far above the completion door).

Energy Sphere Guide[edit]

  • The first sphere is found on the main path, and literally cannot be overlooked.
  • The other two are obtained by defeating the Sphere Doomer at the end of the alternate dimension stretch.

Enemies, Mid-Bosses and Abilities[edit]

Regular Enemies Mid-Boss

Abilities Super Ability


Video Walkthrough[edit]

100% walkthrough of Cookie Country - Stage 1.