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Friend Bounce

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Friend Bounce
KSA Friend Bounce.jpg
Kirby makes use of Friend Bounce.
Debut game Kirby Star Allies
Usage type Unlimited uses
Requirements Spider or Taranza & one or more Friends.
Power(s) Create a web trampoline which bounces friends up high.
Comparable to Hi-Jump
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Friend Bounce is a special Friend Ability present in Kirby Star Allies which allows a Spider-wielding friend to create and maintain a heart-shaped trampoline made of web above their head. While doing so, another friend can use the web to bounce high into the air, and can hurt enemies on the ascent. To activate this ability, the player can hold up on the +Control Pad or Control Stick to cause Spider Kirby, Como or Taranza to hold out the web. Webs created by Spider Kirby, Como or Taranza through regular attacks can also be bounced off of, by pressing the jump button when touching the web.

Using Friend Bounce, allies can bounce upward through hazards like Gordos without them getting hit.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ボヨンガフレンズ
Bounce Friends
European French Rebond'ami Portmanteau of rebondir, bouncing, and ami, friend.
Korean 프렌즈 바운스
peulenjeu baunseu
Friends Bounce
Spanish Brinco de amistad Friendship bounce
Thai Friend Bounce