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Mustard Mountain

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Mustard Mountain
KaTAM Mustard Mountain Room 11.png
Kirby and his clones pondering in Mustard Mountain.
Level Nr. 4
Room count 25
Goal Game count 2
Connected level(s) Rainbow Route
Candy Constellation
Mid-Bosses Batafire
Box Boxer
Phan Phan
Boss Kracko
Theme music

Clip of the "Flame/Lava Area" theme from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror

Level progression
Cabbage Cavern Carrot Castle
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Mustard Mountain is the fourth cardinal area of the Mirror World. This area is difficult to reach, so it's likely not the fourth area visited by Kirby. Many of the Mirror Doors leading to Mustard Mountain are in obscure locales, since parts of the entire area are not connected and has to be reached using mirrors in other areas, mainly Rainbow Route. The mountain area may be named for mustard as a reference to the overwhelmingly yellow color scheme of the area; the base and underground areas are visibly different. Mustard Mountain is mostly a yellowish orange colored rock surface, and characterized by pools of lava, pillars of fire, and cascading lava-falls. All of the fire hazards damage any Kirby that comes in contact with it, cause a Copy Ability to transform into a wayward star, and can destroy Stars upon contact. Some of the open pits drop Kirby into an area of Rainbow Route, which increases the difficulty of traversing Mustard Mountain.

The boss of Mustard Mountain is Kracko, who guards one of the eight mirror shards.

Enemies, Bosses, and Copy Abilities on Mustard Mountain[edit]

Sprite Name Copy Ability
KNiDL Kracko sprite.png Kracko N/A (various enemies he spawns can be swallowed for abilities)


Mustard Mountain Area Map
Mustard Mountain - HubMustard Mountain - Room 1Mustard Mountain - Room 2Mustard Mountain - Room 3Mustard Mountain - Room 4Mustard Mountain - Room 5Mustard Mountain - Room 6Mustard Mountain - Room 7Mustard Mountain - Room 8Mustard Mountain - Room 9Mustard Mountain - Room 10Mustard Mountain - Room 11Mustard Mountain - Room 12Mustard Mountain - Room 13Mustard Mountain - Room 14Mustard Mountain - Room 15Mustard Mountain - Room 16Mustard Mountain - Room 17Mustard Mountain - Room 18Mustard Mountain - Room 19Mustard Mountain - ChestMustard Mountain - WarpMustard Mountain - Goal 1Mustard Mountain - Goal 2Rainbow Route - Room 34Rainbow Route - Room 34Rainbow Route - Hub 4Rainbow Route - Room 36Rainbow Route - Room 40Rainbow Route - Room 41Candy Constellation - Room 6Mustard Mountain - BossMustard Mountain Map.jpg
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Mustard Mountain is a very isolated area in the Mirror World, and its layout consists almost solely of one-way paths, which will start to feel like the layout of a more traditional Kirby adventure. Traveling through Mustard Mountain is difficult, and Kirby will find himself repeatedly accessing the various entrance tunnels from Rainbow Route to re-enter this area. Overall, there are 19 normal rooms, one hub, one Chest room (containing the map) and two Goal rooms.

The only way into Mustard Mountain is by means of Rainbow Route to the south. However, there is a Warp Star that will take Kirby and his chromatic companions to Candy Constellation from this area.

Mustard Mountain has two Goal rooms. Completing these rooms takes Kirby and his clones to the Goal Game, then returns them to the Central Circle of Rainbow Route.

For a full synopsis of what's in each room, click on any room on the map to head to the corresponding page.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マスタードマウンテン
Masutādo Maunten
Mustard Mountain
French Mont Moutarde Mustard Mountain
German Senf-Massiv Mustard Massif
Italian Monte Mostarda Mustard Mountain
Spanish Montaña Mostaza Mustard Mountain

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