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Nutty Noon - Stage 1

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Nutty Noon - Stage 1
KRtDL Nutty Noon Stage 1 screenshot.png
Kirby takes his first ascent up the cloudscapes lined with giant vines.
Level Nutty Noon
Energy Sphere(s) 4
Stage order
White Wafers - Stage 6 Nutty Noon - Stage 2
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Nutty Noon - Stage 1 is the first stage of Nutty Noon in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. There are four Energy Spheres in this stage.


The stage begins on a high hill in the country. A Warp Star awaits up top, but a Parasol Copy Essence can be found tucked away on the other side of the hill. Taking the Warp Star will shoot Kirby high into the clouds.

The Warp Star deposits Kirby in a high clouded area with vines and floating ground pieces acting as platforms. Kirby will need to proceed with caution here, as all places bear the possibility of falling into the bottomless pit below. The door to the next area can be found tucked away in a cloud nook to the right.

The next area is a tall vertical cloud column with a weak updraft. Kirby can use a Parasol to glide gently upward while remaining protected from the Foleys falling from above.

In the following area, Kirby will need to traverse the underside of a huge cloud with vine platforms underneath to hop from. As these often serve as the only platforms to use, Kirby will need to mind when using a cutting weapon.

From there, Kirby ventures deep into the clouds, passing through a long winding tunnel. The Tornado ability can come in handy here.

In the final area, Kirby will need to mind several passages where large spiky boulders will fall at him and alongside his path. After bypassing these, the stage exit can be found at the end.

Energy Sphere Guide[edit]

  • In the vertical cloud column, a round-trip door can be found encased in Star Blocks. Inside the door, the sphere can be obtained past some Comos on guard over a crumbling bridge.
  • In the hanging vine platform area, Kirby will need to use a cutting weapon to cut a platform tucked in an upper portion of the area to reveal a round-trip door. Inside the door, a sphere can be obtained atop a crumbling platform.
  • In the Tornado cloud passage, a side-tunnel near the end leads to a sphere.
  • In the last area, Kirby will need to bypass both rolling spike boulders (in particular the small one up front) to get a sphere at the end of the path.

Enemies, Mid-Bosses and Abilities[edit]

Regular Enemies Mid-Boss

  • N/A

Abilities Super Ability

  • N/A


Video Walkthrough[edit]

100% walkthrough of Nutty Noon - Stage 1.