Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

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Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards box art in North America.
Developer(s) HAL Laboratory
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Designer(s) Shinichi Shimomura
Release date(s) Nintendo 64
Japan March 24, 2000
NA June 26, 2000
Europe June 22, 2001
Australia June 22, 2001

Virtual Console (Wii)
NA February 25, 2008
Europe March 7, 2008
Australia March 7, 2008
Japan April 15, 2008

Virtual Console (Wii U)
Europe June 25, 2015
Australia June 26, 2015
NA July 30, 2015
Japan August 19, 2015
Platform(s) Nintendo 64, Wii (Dream Collection), Wii Virtual Console, Wii U Virtual Console
Game chronology
Kirby's Super Star Stacker Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble
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Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards is a side-scrolling platformer in the main Kirby series featuring Kirby and some of his friends, produced by HAL Laboratory and initially released in 2000 and 2001 for the Nintendo 64. It is notable for being the first installment in the series to depict Kirby and his surroundings in full 3D, although only for visual effects. As the last part of the Dark Matter Trilogy, Kirby 64 was not directed by Masahiro Sakurai, but instead by Shinichi Shimomura. Unlike its predecessors Kirby's Dream Land 2 and Kirby's Dream Land 3, Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards does not feature Animal Friends with which to combine with and alter Kirby's Copy Abilities. Instead, Kirby does this himself by combining abilities together into Power Combos. This results in 36 total unique abilities that Kirby can use in the game.

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards departs from earlier games in the series in other ways as well. In addition to being the first 3-D game in the series, it also is the first game to give Kirby an upper limit to how high he can hover, the first game to allow him to inhale underwater, the first game to let him hold enemies and objects over his head or toss them, and the first game in the series to give him a voice courtesy of Makiko Ohmoto. Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards also features three Sub-Games which can be played with up to four players, completely separate from the main game.


Ribbon's escape.

The story of Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards begins on a far away planet called Ripple Star, which is inhabited by fairy-like beings. The inhabitants of Ripple Star are also the guardians of a powerful crystal. Shortly before the game begins, an ill-willed creature called Dark Matter attacks Ripple Star. Concerned with the crystal's safety, the Fairy Queen asks Ribbon, a young fairy, to take the crystal and escape to a safe place with it. Ribbon obeys her ruler, but as she flies off, she is pursued by Dark Matter. Eventually, the powerful being is able to assault Ribbon, which destroys the crystal and splits it into several Crystal Shards. Meanwhile, Ribbon crash-lands on Pop Star, Kirby's home planet.

Ribbon, explaining her trouble to Kirby.

It is not long before Ribbon meets Kirby, as she unintentionally uses him to break her fall. After both of them find and merge two of the Crystal Shards, Ribbon explains her misery to Kirby, who instantly agrees to help out. While they search for the missing shards on Pop Star, they manage to add a Waddle Dee, an artist girl called Adeleine, and even Kirby's arch rival King Dedede to their cause. The group then travels to several planets to look for shards, using the crystal's transportation powers.

After traveling through several regions on numerous planets, the group finally gets the chance to travel to Ripple Star. The planet has become covered in thick, black clouds and is generally in a bad state. The Fairy Queen herself has been possessed by Dark Matter, which the group remains unaware of. Ribbon is visibly shocked to see her home planet in such a condition, but the rest of the group quickly comforts her. They then journey to Ripple Star together, where they battle their way into the palace and confront Miracle Matter, the apparent master of the Dark Matter. Kirby finally manages to defeat the foe and restore peace to the fairy planet. The Fairy Queen remains influenced by the Dark Matter, however, and after Kirby and his friends leave the planet to return home in a spaceship, the queen can be seen giving Ribbon a malicious glare.

The ending changes if Kirby and his friends manage to collect all of the Crystal Shards. If they do this successfully, the restored crystal reveals the possession of the Fairy Queen, and expels the Dark Matter from her body. The remaining Dark Matter then flies off into space, where it forms a new world called Dark Star. Intending to destroy the dark threat, the group travels into the heart of Dark Star with Kirby's Warp Star. Inside the black cloud, Kirby uses the abilities of his friends for one last time. Eventually, Kirby and Ribbon engage , the master of Dark Matter and an angelic version of Kirby's old enemy Zero, in a fierce battle. The two of them manage to defeat the creature with the help of the Crystal Shards, though, and Dark Matter is eliminated. To thank the heroes for their efforts, the Fairy Queen awards each of them with a piece of the crystal. In the end, Kirby receives a kiss from Ribbon.


Kirby, creating a Power Combo.

Despite the fact that Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards features full 3D graphics for the first time, the game itself still plays like a 2D sidescroller. The players control Kirby's movements with the Directional Pad. This way he is able to walk, run, and crouch. Pressing the A button causes Kirby to jump, and another press of the button lets him inflate himself, making him able to fly. However, unlike in the previous games where Kirby was granted to fly for an infinite amount of time, this game limits his potential. After a set amount of time, he will automatically deflate himself and has to touch the ground first to be able to fly again. Pressing the B button makes Kirby use his signature inhaling attack, which lets him defeat enemies, destroy blocks, and copy abilities (given that the inhaled enemy possesses one). The game makes another distinction from its predecessors here, giving Kirby only seven different abilities to copy, as opposed to the vast ability pool of other games. However, by inhaling enemies, Kirby can create ability stars, which he can spit at other enemies. If an ability star connects to another enemy with an ability, the two abilities will merge and form a Power Combo. By combining abilities, Kirby can master 28 different abilities, plus the seven base abilities, making a total of 35 abilities. If the player wants Kirby to discard his ability, this can be done by pressing the L or R button or any of the C buttons.

The game features six worlds, or planets, with respectively four levels and one boss fight. From the beginning, only the first level of Pop Star is available. In every level, there are three Crystal Shards to be found. The Crystal Shards are often hidden in remote places or behind obstacles that can be destroyed only by a certain ability (usually indicated by the obstacle's color). Finding all the Crystal Shards isn't necessary to complete the game, but it is essentially in getting a 100% complete, and finding all 80 Crystal Shards (72 from every level, six from every boss, and two during the intro) unlocks the true ending of the game.



Artwork of Kirby
Main article: Kirby

Kirby returns as the main playable character and protagonist of this game. After Ribbon crashes into him in the opening scene, Kirby agrees to help her recover the lost Crystal Shards which have scattered across the galaxy. Instead of relying on his Animal Friends to help him, Kirby now boasts the ability to combine his own Copy Ability powers to create Power Combos. Every ability Kirby gains can be combined with another or with itself to create surprising methods of defeating enemies. Despite this, he still will not be heading out alone, as he will bring a cadre of friends to help rid the afflicted worlds of Dark Matter's presence.


Artwork of Ribbon
Main article: Ribbon

Newly introduced in this game, Ribbon is a young fairy girl from Ripple Star. Unfortunate circumstances led her to attempt to flee her homeworld with a massive crystal, but the invading Dark Matter pursues her through outer space and manages to knock her away, shattering the crystal in the process. She crash-lands on Pop Star with only a single shard of the crystal left in her grasp, but manages to land right on top of Kirby's head, who agrees to help her find the missing pieces. Their journey takes the two across several worlds until they return to Ripple Star to deal with the invading Dark Matter. Ribbon does not appear to be a fighter, and tends to keep behind Kirby for most of the journey, but she may be able to lend her power when the need arises.

King Dedede[edit]

Artwork of King Dedede
Main article: King Dedede

This gluttonous bird-man styles himself as a king, and has been Kirby's arch-rival for a long time. When he finds one of the scattered Crystal Shards, he seeks to keep it for himself, and will not let Kirby have it. Before long, however, Dark Matter appears and possesses the king to get at his shard, and Kirby must fight Dedede to get rid of the dark presence. Once the invading creature is driven off, King Dedede comes to his senses and, reluctantly, agrees to join Kirby's team to save the galaxy. At several points during their adventure, King Dedede appears to clear away obstructions using his massive hammer.

Waddle Dee[edit]

Artwork of Waddle Dee
Main article: Waddle Dee (Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards)

An unassuming resident of Pop Star, Waddle Dee becomes a stalwart member of Kirby's team when the pink puffball saves him from possession by Dark Matter, who had turned him momentarily into a Waddle Doo. Waddle Dee may not look like much, but he has many tricks and ideas which can help Kirby get through various obstacles in the worlds they travel through.


Artwork of Adeleine
Main article: Adeleine

While her origin is unknown, Adeleine joins Kirby's team after being freed from Dark Matter's grasp. She is not much of a fighter, but with her paintbrush, she can conjure all manner of helpful items for the team, including food. Adeleine will also attempt to look ahead for clues, and convey what she finds to Kirby via her illustrations.

Fairy Queen[edit]

In-game capture of the Fairy Queen (on the right)
Main article: Fairy Queen

The sovereign ruler of Ripple Star sends Ribbon off with the crystal in order to prevent Dark Matter from getting a hold of it. When Kirby and Ribbon return to Ripple Star to save her, she seems relieved, but she is revealed to have been posessed by . Once 0² is defeated, she thanks Kirby and his friends, and gives them medals of honor.

Dark Matter[edit]

In-game capture of a piece of Dark Matter
Main article: Dark Matter

Dark Matter is the principal villain of the game. It primarily takes the form of an amorphous black mass capable of engulfing entire worlds, and can split off pieces of itself as needed to possess hapless denizens of otherwise peaceful worlds. Its main aim is to capture the Crystal, but for what purpose is uncertain.


Neutral enemies[edit]

These enemies do not provide any abilities when swallowed, but may have some secondary function if held above Kirby's head. (assuming they can be inhaled at all)

Name Appearance Description
Bivolt K64 Bivolt Sprite.png This electric-spark foe moves up and down poles and will harm Kirby on collision. It cannot be attacked in any way.
Bo K64 Bo Sprite.png A black ball of fluff that can move slowly or fall and harm Kirby by collision.
Bonehead K64 Bonehead Sprite.png A skull with wings that will flutter about when Kirby gets near and may attempt to collide with him.
Bouncy K64 Bouncy Sprite.png A spring-bound bow-wearing pink creature that bounces up and down repeatedly and does not actively try to hit Kirby.
Bronto Burt K64 Bronto Burt Sprite.png A brash pink flyer who may attempt to charge at Kirby from the background.
Bumber K64 Bumber Sprite.png A small orange creature who glides gently down through the air using its striped hat.
Chacha K64 Chacha Sprite.png A grass skirt-wearing creature that attacks by flailing its maracas at Kirby.
Drop K64 Drop Sprite.png An amoeba-like creature made of water that hangs from ceilings and will try to drop on Kirby.
Flopper K64 Flopper Sprite.png A red fish that can sometimes be seen flopping around on land.
Flora K64 Flora Sprite.png A conical flower-like enemy that glides gently through the air.
Flutter K64 Flutter Sprite.png A harmless butterfly that Kirby cannot attack.
Gabon K64 Gabon Sprite.png A skull-wearing creature that throws bones at Kirby.
Glom K64 Glom Sprite.png A large frog who hides in a hole and will try to eat Kirby when he gets near. Cannot be attacked.
Glunk K64 Glunk Sprite.png A sea anemone with eyes that sticks to surfaces and fires projectiles out of its head.
Gobblin K64 Gobblin Sprite.png A cactus with an alligator's mouth that tries to chomp at Kirby when he gets close. Cannot be attacked.
Gordo K64 Gordo Sprite.png A hovering spiky orb that may move back and forth. Cannot be attacked.
K64 I3 Sprite.png A large cycloptic blocky foe who will attempt to crush Kirby with its girth by falling on him. Cannot be attacked.
Ignus K64 Ignus Sprite.png An igneous rock that falls from the sky. Comes in various sizes, with the larger ones splitting into smaller ones on impact.
Kany K64 Kany Sprite.png A bright red crab-like enemy that moves back and forth and will try to snip at Kirby.
Keke K64 Keke Sprite.png A small white-haired cat girl who rides a broomstick. She only appears in the background and cannot be interacted with.
Mahall K64 Mahall Sprite.png A mole-like creature who appears from underneath a circular floor panel and shoots bubbles at Kirby.
Mariel K64 Mariel Sprite.png A black spider-like creature with a circular body. Kirby will take damage if he inhales it.
Maw K64 Maw Sprite.png A teardrop-shaped cycloptic enemy that will try to eat Kirby with its huge maw when he approaches. Cannot be inhaled.
Mite K64 Mite Sprite.png A small orange creature that tunnels out of the ground and pursues Kirby.
Mopoo K64 Mopoo Sprite.png A white puff ball enemy that jumps out of fissures in clouds and snow banks.
Mumbies K64 Mumbies Sprite.png A floating ball enemy wrapped in bandages that will pursue Kirby slowly if he is not looking at it. Cannot be inhaled.
N-Z K64 N-Z Sprite.png A dark gray circular creature similar in size to Kirby, with pointy ears. It holds still or runs back and forth.
Noo K64 Noo Sprite.png A ghostly creature that tosses embers at Kirby. Cannot be attacked.
Nruff K64 Nruff Sprite.png A woolly boar-like creature that will charge and leap toward Kirby.
Pteran K64 Pteran Sprite.png A flying purple Pterodactyl-like enemy who slowly drops altitude as it glides.
Pupa K64 Pupa Sprite.png A limbless bug who drops down from the ceiling on a strong, and will explode upon contact. Its string can be cut, but it cannot be inhaled.
Putt K64 Putt Sprite.png A small worm-like creature that sits next to a large polygonal boulder. When Kirby approaches, it knocks the boulder toward him. The boulder cannot be attacked.
Sandman K64 Sandman Sprite.png A dimple-shaped sand creature that rises out of the ground to get in Kirby's way. It cannot move from its position.
Scarfy K64 Scarfy Sprite.png A hovering creature with a deceptively cute face. If Kirby tries to inhale it, it will instead change to a demon and chase him.
Shotzo K64 Shotzo Sprite.png A stationary cannon foe who aims at and shoots toward Kirby with slow-moving cannonballs. Cannot be attacked.
Slushy K64 Slushy Sprite.png A pale jellyfish-like enemy that drifts slowly in pools of water.
Snipper K64 Snipper Sprite.png A small orange bug with massive jaws that jumps out of sand pits and tries to snip at Kirby. Cannot be attacked.
Splinter K64 Splinter Sprite.png A spiky log that rolls toward Kirby. Cannot be attacked.
Squibby K64 Squibby Sprite.png An oddly-shaped translucent sea creature that shoots tendrils out from the top of its head.
Wall Shotzo K64 Wall Shotzo Sprite.png A Shotzo situated in the wall. It attempts to aim toward Kirby's last position before firing. Cannot be attacked.
Whispy Woods Jr. K64 Whispy Jr. Sprite.png One of Whispy Woods' children, this sapling jumps around on a circular path, and must be defeated before Whispy himself can be fought.
Yariko K64 Yariko Sprite.png A jungle child who jumps and throws a spear at an angle toward Kirby.
Zebon K64 Zebon Sprite.png A hovering green circular blob which acts as a Cannon when Kirby enters it. It cannot harm Kirby, nor can Kirby harm it.

Ability-yielding enemies[edit]

These enemies will provide a copy ability if swallowed, and can combine with Ability Stars thrown at them to make Power Combos.

Name Appearance Ability Description
Blowfish K64 Blowfish Sprite.png Bomb An aquatic enemy who swims slowly or holds position. If Kirby gets too close, it will puff up and explode in his face.
Bobo K64 Bobo Sprite.png Burn A continuously-burning ember with eyes and feet that runs back and forth.
Burnis K64 Burnis Sprite.png Burn A small burning bird that flies in a straight line and "drops" burning embers on Kirby.
Cairn K64 Cairn Sprite.png Stone A living pile of rocks who hops in place.
Chilly K64 Chilly Sprite.png Ice An anthropomorphized snowman who attacks by conjuring a freezing aura around itself.
Emp K64 Emp Sprite.png Ice A small black penguin who will attempt to slide away from Kirby when he approaches.
Fishbone K64 Fishbone Sprite.png Cutter A triangular fish skeleton which can throw its head as a projectiles.
Frigis K64 Frigis Sprite.png Ice A small freezing bird that flies in a straight line and "drops" icy pellets on Kirby.
Galbo K64 Galbo Sprite.png Burn A red limbless dragon that breathes fire at Kirby.
Ghost Knight K64 Ghost Knight Sprite.png Needle A spectral lancer who can block attacks with its shield.
Hack K64 Hack Sprite.png Stone A hatchet with feet that tries to run after Kirby and crash into him.
Kacti K64 Kacti Sprite.png Needle A small diamond-shaped cactus creature that bounces in place.
Kapar K64 Kapar Sprite.png Cutter A green monster that throws spiky rings at Kirby. It can be found on land or in water.
Magoo K64 Magoo Sprite.png Burn A burning black circular creature that can be found hopping out of magma pools.
Pedo K64 Pedo Sprite.png Bomb A torpedo with eyes that will attempt to seek Kirby in underwater areas and explode on him.
Plugg K64 Plugg Sprite.png Spark An enemy shaped like an electrical plug that jumps head-first into the floor to shoot out sparks.
Pompey K64 Pompey Sprite.png Stone A rocky clam-shaped enemy that erupts hot stones from the top of its head.
Poppy Bros. Jr. K64 Poppy Bros. Jr. Sprite.png Bomb A trickster dressed in blue who throws bombs at Kirby.
Propeller K64 Propeller Sprite.png Ice A blue blob-like foe with a propeller on its head which will try to fly toward Kirby and collide with him.
Punc K64 Punc Sprite.png Needle A roly-poly foe covered in spikes who can retract into a ball.
Rockn K64 Rockn Sprite.png Bomb A missile foe who flies in a straight line and will explode on impact with Kirby.
Rocky K64 Rocky Sprite.png Stone A heavy stone enemy with eyes and feet which will try to fall on Kirby from a high place.
Sawyer K64 Sawyer Sprite.png Cutter A metal sawblade with an eye inset in the middle. It grinds along the ground and will try to run into Kirby.
Sirkibble K64 Sir Kibble Sprite.png Cutter A yellow suit of armor who throws blade boomerangs at Kirby.
Skud K64 Skud Sprite.png Bomb A rocket-shaped enemy who launches itself upward and then flies back down in a haphazard trajectory.
Spark-i K64 Spark-i Sprite.png Spark A floating cycloptic orb situated within a diamond shell. It opens its shell to fire electric bolts at Kirby.
Sparky K64 Sparky Sprite.png Spark A green teardrop-shaped blob that generates an electric field around itself in defense.
Tick K64 Tick Sprite.png Needle A white teardrop-shaped blob with a face that becomes decidedly less cute when it thrusts the spike atop its head.
Turbite K64 Turbite Sprite.png Spark A hovering metal creature that spins with an electric surge toward Kirby on approach. It can also operate underwater.
Zoos K64 Zoos Sprite.png Spark A yellow sprite who rides a thundercloud and tries to zap Kirby with lightning.


There are a total of seven worlds which serve as levels of the main game. They are as follows in order visited:

World Appearance Stages Boss Mid-Bosses Description
Pop Star Pop Star K64 space.png 4 Whispy Woods Big N-Z, Waddle Doo, Big Bouncy, Adeleine, King Dedede Pop Star is a verdant world with wide open grasslands, deep forests, and ancient castles. The Crystal Shards here are relatively easy to find, and a mid-boss awaits Kirby at the end of each regular stage.
Rock Star Rock Star K64 space.png 5 Pix Big Kacti, Big Fishbone, Big Spark-i Rock Star features extensive desert zones, along with massive caverns, ancient ruins, and a futuristic pyramid. Shards can be tricky to find, and lots of enemies are invulnerable hazards. The interior of the black pyramid can be tricky to navigate.
Aqua Star Aqua Star K64 space.png 5 Acro Big Tick, Big Kany, Big Kapar, Big Blowfish Aqua Star is a very wet world, featuring tropical shorelines, river rapids, and deep ocean zones. Some shards are hidden away, while others require good timing to obtain. Kirby will have to fight against deep sea currents in later stages.
Neo Star Neo Star K64 space.png 5 Magman Big Galbo Neo Star is a wild world featuring deep jungles, high craggy cliffs, massive caverns, and active volcanoes. Kirby must mind the terrain much moreso than the enemies as he traverses this world. Shards are often hidden in hard-to-reach spots.
Shiver Star K64 ShiverStar.png 5 HR-H/HR-E Big Chilly, Big Mopoo, Big Pupa, Big Burnis Shiver Star is a very cold world with snowy drifts, solid cloudscapes, a massive shopping complex, and a deep underground factory. Shards are relatively out in the open, but are guarded by a multitude of varied enemies.
Ripple Star Ripple Star K64 space.png 4 Miracle Matter Big Sawyer Ripple Star is a multicolored analogue to Pop Star, though much more heavily developed in terms of architecture. Crystal Shards are relatively easy to obtain here, but enemies amass in great numbers, particularly in the palace. If Kirby did not collect every shard prior to defeating the boss of this realm, this will be the last world he visits.
Dark Star Dark Star K64 space.png 1 Dark Star is a world made from the coalesced Dark Matter that was expelled from the Fairy Queen by the reassembled Crystal. There is very little terrain to traverse here, and few enemies to fight before the showdown against the final boss.


Name Appearance Level Copy Abilities Description
Whispy Woods WhispyWoods.jpg Pop Star None. This fight with Whispy takes place on a looping circular stage, with the old tree occupying the middle. Kirby must first defeat his three children, called Whispy Woods Jr., by using the parent tree's Apples to hit them with. Once all three are gone, Whispy becomes furious, and attacks Kirby by shooting out his roots, and tossing out a lot of apples. Kirby must hit the roots to defeat the tree.
Pix Pix.jpg Rock Star None. The first phase of this fight has Kirby dodging the attacks of each Pix crystal as the platform rises into the sky. At the top, Kirby can attack Pix by spitting out constructs of similar color at the crystals to destroy them.
Acro Acro.jpg Aqua Star Cutter (Fishbone), Bomb (Torpedoes) This fight takes place entirely underwater, as Kirby has to inhale and return objects that Acro spits at him, while avoiding the killer whale's gymnastics. The fight takes place in two separate phases, with a separate Stamina bar for each one.
Magman Magman K64 screenshot.png Neo Star Burning (Magoo, Burnis) Magman is a giant Sandman, though made of magma. It fights in two phases, first with extending tendrils, then with its full body. It can cause tremors, breathe fire, and spit out smaller foes for Kirby to contend with.
HR-H and HR-E HR-H K64 screenshot.png Shiver Star Bomb (missiles) A giant robot that can shift form between a humanoid and a lobster shape. It attacks by shooting missiles and attacking with its arms.
Miracle Matter MiracleMatter.jpg Ripple Star All base abilities A polygonal foe with eyes on all 20 of its facets. It continually shifts forms, based on each of the base Copy Abilities that Kirby can use in the game. To defeat it, Kirby has to attack it with the matching ability or spit out an element that appears during the attack to disable that form. Unless all the Crystal Shards were collected, this is the last boss.
Zero Two K64 battle.png Dark Star Ribbon's Crystal A reincarnated version of Zero that Kirby and Ribbon must team up to defeat. They have to continually shoot crystals into its eye to stun it, then hit the halo to flip it, and attack the green underside to defeat it. Defeating this boss completes the game.

Copy Abilities[edit]

Regular Powers[edit]

Name Appearance Icon Function
Burn K64 A Burn.png K64 Base Burn.png Engulfs Kirby into a fireball and lets him fly a short distance.
Stone K64 A Stone.png K64 Base Stone.png Gives Kirby a hide of stone which lets him walk through enemies unharmed.
Ice K64 A Ice.png K64 Base Ice.png Makes Kirby exhale a cold breath which can freeze enemies solid.
Needle K64 A Needle.png K64 Base Needle.png Transforms Kirby into a spiky ball that can pierce enemies.
Bomb K64 A Bomb.png K64 Base Bomb.png Gives Kirby an arsenal of explosives to throw at enemies.
Spark K64 A Spark.png K64 Base Spark.png Lets Kirby generate a small force field of electricity around him.
Cutter K64 A Cutter.png K64 Base Cutter.png Gives Kirby a boomerang to throw at his foes. Since the boomerang is a part of him, he can throw only one at a time.

Power Combos[edit]

Name Appearance Icon Function
Burn-Burn K64 A DoubleBurn.png K64 PC DoubleBurn.png Transforms Kirby into a large fireball and lets him fly over a long distance.
Burn-Stone K64 A BurnStone.png K64 PC BurnStone.png Lets Kirby shoot burning rocks at enemies like a volcano. The direction can be altered with the Directional Pad.
Burn-Ice K64 A BurnIce.png K64 PC BurnIce.png Changes Kirby into a burning ice cube that instantly melts.
Burn-Needle K64 A BurnNeedle.png K64 PC BurnNeedle.png Transforms Kirby into a bow that shoots flaming arrows at enemies. The angle can be altered by holding down the B Button.
Burn-Bomb K64 A BurnBomb.png K64 PC BurnBomb.png Lets Kirby summon three fireworks explosions that defeat enemies and have a great range.
Burn-Spark K64 A BurnStpark.png K64 PC BurnSpark.png Kirby rubs his head with a tinder sheet and lights it on fire, running about and damaging any enemies he makes contact with.
Burn-Cutter K64 BurnCutter.png K64 PC BurnCutter.png Gives Kirby a flaming sword to wield against enemies. The sword can be swung, hold over the head, and thrown at enemies.
Stone-Stone K64 A DoubleStone.png K64 PC DoubleStone.png Transforms Kirby into a giant version of himself, made of rocks. Can pass most enemies unharmed.
Stone-Ice K64 A StoneIce.png K64 PC StoneIce.png Transforms Kirby into a curling stone that slides through enemies.
Stone-Needle K64 A StoneNeedle.png K64 PC StoneNeedle.png Gives Kirby a giant drill that can be used against enemies. The drill head can also be launched forward.
Stone-Bomb K64 A StoneBomb.png K64 PC StoneBomb.png Lets Kirby use dynamite that defeats all enemies on screen. When the dynamite explodes, Kirby needs to protect himself or he gets hurt as well.
Stone-Spark K64 A StoneSpark.png K64 PC StoneSpark.png Lets Kirby summon a giant rock which he controls with a leash of electricity. The Rock soars through the air and bounces off of walls and floors.
Stone-Cutter K64 A StoneCutter.png K64 PC StoneCutter.png Transforms Kirby into stone figurines of his friends from Kirby's Dream Land 3. The various animals possess different abilities.
Ice-Ice K64 A DoubleIce.png K64 PC DoubleIce.png Transforms Kirby into a rolling snow ball that grows in size and runs over any enemy on its way. The direction cannot be changed.
Ice-Needle K64 A IceNeedle.png K64 PC IceNeedle.png Lets Kirby hide inside a giant snowflake made of ice. Possesses great range, but is slow and makes Kirby unable to move.
Ice-Bomb K64 A IceBomb.png K64 PC IceBomb.png Transforms Kirby into a walking snowman. The snowman eventually explodes, taking out enemies nearby.
Ice-Spark K64 A IceSpark.png K64 PC IceSpark.png Changes Kirby into a refrigerator that generates healing food. The thrown food can also damage enemies.
Ice-Cutter K64 A IceCutter.png K64 PC IceCutter.png Gives Kirby a pair of skates and lets him ice-skate through levels. He can also twist jump when the A Button is pressed.
Needle-Needle K64 A DoubleNeedle.png K64 PC DoubleNeedle.png Gives Kirby the ability to use various pointy objects against enemies.
Needle-Bomb K64 A NeedleBomb.png K64 PC NeedleBomb.png Transforms Kirby into a Gordo that can float through the air. After a short time the Gordo will explode and launch its spikes across the screen.
Needle-Spark K64 A NeedleSpark.png K64 PC NeedleSpark.png Lets Kirby change into a lightning conductor and summon a bolt that fries enemies.
Needle-Cutter K64 A NeedleCutter.png K64 PC NeedleCutter.png Transforms Kirby into a giant bear trap with two big spiky arms. The arms snap together once the B Button is released.
Bomb-Bomb K64 A DoubleBomb.png K64 PC DoubleBomb.png Changes Kirby into a rocket launcher that shoots three missiles. The missiles home in on enemies.
Bomb-Spark K64 A BombSpark.png K64 PC BombSpark.png Lets Kirby transform into a light bulb. The bulb can attack enemies, as well as lighten up dark rooms.
Bomb-Cutter K64 A BombCutter.png K64 PC BombCutter.png Gives Kirby an arsenal of shuriken that can be thrown at enemies. The projectiles explode when they make contact with something.
Spark-Spark K64 A DoubleSpark.png K64 PC DoubleSpark.png Lets Kirby generate a giant electrical force field around himself that calls lightning down upon enemies. The force field shrinks if Kirby moves around while using it.
Spark-Cutter K64 A SparkCutter.png K64 PC SparkCutter.png Gives Kirby a double-bladed lightsaber which he can wield against enemies. Crouching will discard the lightsaber.
Cutter-Cutter K64 A DoubleCutter.png K64 PC DoubleCutter.png Gives Kirby a greater boomerang to throw at his enemies. Only one boomerang can be thrown at a time.
Ribbon's Crystal K64 A WingCrystal.png K64 PC WingCrystal.png An ability that is usable only during the final battle against . It lets Kirby and Ribbon fly around while shooting crystal projectiles at the enemy.

Kanji Display[edit]

In the Japanese version, a selectable display uses kanji instead of symbols.

Kirby 64 kanji display  
Display Kanji Meaning
Remaining Stamina bar Energy
Depleted Stamina bar Depression
No Copy Ability Nothing
Burn Fire
Stone Stone
Ice Ice
Needle Needle
Bomb Burst
Spark Electric
Cutter Cut
Ribbon's Crystal Fairy-Crystal


Kirby 64 also features three Mini-Games that can be played with up to four players. The games are as follows:

  • 100-Yard Hop: A game where players hop over obstacles in a race to the finish.
  • Bumper Crop Bump: A game where players shove each-other to catch falling fruit.
  • Checkerboard Chase: A game where players try to make the stage crumble under their opponents' feet.


Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards Original Soundtrack is a soundtrack CD released on April 26, 2000 only in Japan, produced and distributed by Teichiku Entertainment.

It contains 37 tracks from the game and 2 bonus Club Mix arrangements. All tracks from the game are remastered for the soundtrack.

List of Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards Original Soundtrack tracks  
No. English Title Japanese Title Composer Description
01 Opening オープニング Hirokazu Ando Opening movie theme.
02 Training トレーニング Jun Ishikawa Tutorial movie theme.
03 World Map ワールドマップ Jun Ishikawa World select screen theme.
04 Planet Popstar ポップスター Jun Ishikawa Grassland stage theme.
05 Room Guarder ルームガーダー Jun Ishikawa Theme of battle with Mini-Bosses.
06 Wow!? うわっ!? Hirokazu Ando Theme of the scene when Waddle Dee was possessed by Dark Matter.
07 I'll Go with You! オイラもいくっス Hirokazu Ando Theme of the scene when Waddle Dee joins Kirby's team.
08 Quiet Forest しずかなもり Jun Ishikawa Forest stage theme.
09 Eek!? キャッ!? Hirokazu Ando Theme of the scene when Adeleine was possessed by Dark Matter.
10 Let Me Join You! あたしもまぜて Hirokazu Ando Theme of the scene when Adeleine joins Kirby's team.
11 Whoa!? うおっ!? Hirokazu Ando Theme of the scene when King Dedede was possessed by Dark Matter.
12 Battle with Friends なかまたちとのたたかい Jun Ishikawa Theme of battle with Friends being possessed.
13 I'll Follow You! ついていってやるよ Hirokazu Ando Theme of the scene when King Dedede joins Kirby's team.
14 Boss Battle ボス Jun Ishikawa Theme of battle with Bosses.
15 OK, Let's Go Next よっしゃつぎいこ Hirokazu Ando Theme of introduction to Rock Star.
16 Rock Star ホロビタスター
Ruined Star
Jun Ishikawa Desert stage theme.
17 Ruins いせき Jun Ishikawa Theme of the stage surrounded by and inside the ruins.
18 Inside the Ruins いせきのなか Jun Ishikawa Theme of the stage inside a pyramid-like structure of ancient technology.
19 I'm Hungry はらへったぁ Hirokazu Ando Theme of introduction to Aqua Star.
20 Aqua Star ウルルンスター
Moist Star
Jun Ishikawa Seaside stage theme.
21 Down the Mountain Stream けいりゅうくだり Jun Ishikawa Theme of the stage with a long river and waterfall flows.
22 Sea the Idiot! うみのバカヤロー Hirokazu Ando Theme of introduction to Neo Star.
23 Neo Star コレカラスター
Future Star
Jun Ishikawa Volcano stage theme.
24 Great Eruption だいふんか Hirokazu Ando Theme of introduction to Shiver Star.
25 Shiver Star ブルブルスター
Cold Star
Jun Ishikawa Snowfield stage theme.
26 Above the Clouds くものうえで Hirokazu Ando Theme of the stage in the sky and clouds. Remix of Butter Building from Kirby's Adventure.
27 Studying the Factory こうじょうけんがく
Factory Tour
Jun Ishikawa Theme of the stage inside a large factory in operation.
28 There We Go! やらいでか Hirokazu Ando Theme of introduction to Ripple Star.
29 Ripple Star リップルスター Jun Ishikawa Theme of the stage in the palace governed by Fairy Queen.
30 Bye-Bye バイバイ Hirokazu Ando Theme of the normal (false) ending scene.
31 Game Over ゲームオーバー Jun Ishikawa Theme when Kirby lost all of his lives.
32 100-Yard Hop けんけんレース
Hop-Hop Race
Jun Ishikawa Theme of a Mini-Game. Arrangement of "Gourmet Race" from Kirby Super Star.
33 Bumper Crop Bump とるとるバトル
Catch-Catch Battle
Jun Ishikawa Theme of a Mini-Game.
34 Checkerboard Chase おちおちファイト
Fall-Fall Fight
Jun Ishikawa Theme of a Mini-Game.
35 To the Final Battle さいしゅうけっせん Hirokazu Ando Theme of introduction to Dark Star.
36 Battle 0²(ゼロ・ツー) Jun Ishikawa Theme of battle with 0².
37 Grand Finale ~ Staff だいだんえん〜スタッフ Hirokazu Ando Theme of the true ending movie and staff credits.
38 Club Mix In the Fields Club Mix フィールドのなか A club mix of "Above the Clouds", "Inside the Ruins", and "Pop Star: Stage Select"* with Kirby's voices.
39 Club Mix Bosses Club Mix ボスたち A club mix of "Boss Battle" and "Miracle Matter Battle"* with Kirby's voices.

*Original track unreleased for the soundtrack.


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  • Although this was the first Kirby game with 3-D graphics, Kirby's actual first 3-D appearance was in Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 64. His appearance in that game served as direct inspiration for the way he looked and sounded in this game.
  • Kirby visits many worlds throughout the course of this game's storyline. One in particular, Shiver Star, bears an uncanny resemblance to the real-world planet Earth, albeit frozen over.
    • Each world that is visited contains the word 'Star' at the end of its name. Two in particular, Pop Star and Rock Star, are likely puns referring to celebrities in music.
  • While ability combinations have existed to a degree in prior titles, Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards is the first and so far only game in the series where every copy ability can be mixed with every other ability (excluding Ribbon's Crystal).
  • This is the only main-series Kirby game which does not feature Waddle Dees as standard enemies.
  • According to this video, there was unused Victory Dance music in the files. It was replaced with the theme when Kirby makes it to the end of the level.

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