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Dedede's Raw Deal

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Dedede's Raw Deal
E73 Scene 22.png
Kirby is bullied by Squishy, unable to fight back due to his hiccups.
First aired Japan March 8, 2003
NA September 25, 2004
Episode # 73
Episode # (US) 73
Copy Ability (Abilities) featured Spark
Monster(s) featured Squishy
Character(s) featured Kirby, Chef Kawasaki, King Dedede, Escargoon
Episode order
Waddle While You Work Caterpillar Thriller
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Dedede's Raw Deal is the 73rd episode of the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! series. In this episode, King Dedede hatches a money-making scheme to convert Kawasaki's into a conveyor-belt sushi apparatus that delivers sushi through the homes of everyone in Cappy Town as well as going through Kirby's House. In addition, he formulates a scheme which involves giving Kirby a baked potato sushi plate that causes the pink puffball to hiccup repeatedly, preventing him from using his inhale. Then he sends the monster Squishy to attack Kirby while he is left in this state, unable to properly fight back. To help Kirby, Tiff scares him out of his hiccups by telling him he will never be able to eat again otherwise, and Kirby is then able to gain the Spark Copy Ability from Squishy's attacks, then defeat the monster, foiling Dedede's plans.

This episode marks the first appearance of the Spark Copy Ability in the anime series (not counting the pilot).


The following characters appear in this episode:

Cast of "Dedede's Raw Deal"  
Character Selected quote Notes
Primary characters
"This is great, Sire! Soon, I'll be earning a dime a day!"
"You'll get a small raise when my investment's paid off. At this rate, that should only take about ten or twenty years!"
"This looks fabulous! Let's ask some of the local yokels what their relatively worthless opinions are!"
Secondary characters
(no dialogue)
"Could you grab the egg sushi for me?" Buttercup has lines only in the Japanese version, so this line is translated from that version.
"We've been waiting all day!"
"Pay your bills and go!"
"This news update was brought to you by DDD's Revolving Sushi Bar!"
"I must've eaten fifty pounds of fish!"
"This one looks good!"
(no dialogue)
"I'll have the tuna!"
"Sorry, Kirby, but when ya see something ya like, ya gotta grab it real fast!"
"Oh, yum!"
"Is that good?"
"We can't afford more than one."
"I wanna go!"
"We're not going! You don't even like eating fish!"
"But Darling, we don't have reservations!"
"Not that! This one here! Ooh, no wait."
"Well it is different..."
"I don't like this one."
"My instinct tells me there is something fishy about that sushi."
"But D-Man! This is high tech! The equipment costs a fortune!"
"That's a very logical system."
"Would ya like to try this one?"
(no dialogue)
"That's it! We're going!"
"I can't choose!"
"Remember, kids! Only one dish today!"
"Can we take a lunch break?"
"This isn't news, it's a commerci-" *hiccups*
"Ain't you got any taste buds?"
"It looks weird, but I'll try."
"I'll give this one a try!"
(no dialogue)


Plot synopsis[edit]

The Cappies gather at the new conveyor belt sushi bar as it is promoted on Channel DDD.

The episode begins at Castle Dedede, where King Dedede and Escargoon enter the throne room to contact Night Mare Enterprises, intent on demanding a refund for "dud monsters" and not being scammed again. As soon as they activate the screen, however, they see the N.M.E. Sales Guy taking a lunch break at a revolving sushi bar. Becoming both jealous and hungry, King Dedede demands that the Sales Guy send him his own revolving sushi equipment. Later on, at Kawasaki's, King Dedede and Escargoon quickly scarf down some ramen noodles to avoid having to taste it for long, and Chef Kawasaki then asks the King if he could help support his restaurant financially. King Dedede insults Kawasaki for the suggestion, but agrees to help him out regardless, which makes Tiff suspicious. She tries to tell Kawasaki to refuse the offer, but to no avail. Later on, an announcement is made on Channel DDD proclaiming that Kawasaki's restaurant has been replaced by "DDD's Revolving Sushi Bar", and everyone in town is interested to try it. As the restaurant begins to operate, a "sushi bot" rolls in to assist Chef Kawasaki with the preparation. Chef Kawasaki appears to object to this at first, but after his speech, he proceeds to roll with it anyway.

As the sushi begins to roll, the Cappies proceed to take plates, as well as exhibiting some less-than-sporting behavior at the bar. Meanwhile, Kirby starts walking around the bar inhaling sushi off of others' plates, not aware of what he is costing them. Soon, nearly everybody at the bar has racked up several stacks of plates, as well as having eaten much more than they expected to. After business has concluded for the day, King Dedede and Escargoon count up the profits and leave Chef Kawasaki with only a meager sum for his efforts. They then taunt him as they expect Chef Kawasaki will not be able to buy back his restaurant for another ten or twenty years and drive back to the castle. The next day, however, things do not look as promising, as everyone overspent on sushi yesterday and are no longer willing to fork over much more. Tiff and Tuff explain the town's apprehension directly to King Dedede and Escargoon, who are enraged over the fact that the customer base has dried up. King Dedede then decides that if nobody wants to come to the sushi bar anymore, then he will bring the bar to them instead.

King Dedede sends his conveyor belt through Kirby's House.

The next day, as everyone settles down in their homes, a conveyor belt comes crashing through their walls, snaking its way all throughout the town. It finishes by crashing through Kirby's House and then returning to the sushi bar. King Dedede proceeds to activate the conveyor and send sushi plates through everyone's homes, tempting them with the "convenience". King Dedede then broadcasts on Channel DDD that henceforth, nobody is allowed to eat anything but the sushi that rolls on the conveyor, and noncompliance will result in being locked up in the castle dungeon. Despite these orders, nobody wants to partake in the sushi as it rolls through the town. As it travels through the outdoor elements, it starts to rot in the sun. Despite this, Kirby proceeds to gobble up every plate that appears in his house. Taking advantage of this, King Dedede prepares a special baked potato sushi plate, which he explains will give Kirby "non-stop hiccups". Overhearing this, Tiff and Tuff try to find this potato sushi dish before it reaches Kirby's mouth, but they fail to stop it in time. Kirby proceeds to start hiccuping uncontrollably, and tries to eat a squid sushi plate the rolls by, but is unable to do so. The squid on the rice bed then starts to glow, and transforms into the giant monster Squishy. King Dedede and Escargoon roll up in their Royal Racecar to watch as Kirby gets clobbered by the giant squid.

Squishy bursts into a cloud of ink raining calamari fillets.

Kirby tries to battle Squishy, but each time he tries to inhale, he is interrupted by his hiccups. Tokkori suggests to Tiff and Tuff that they should try to scare Kirby out of his hiccups, but they struggle to think of something scarier than the situation Kirby is already in. After Kirby gets sizzled by Squishy's spark attacks, Tiff comes up with something, and shouts to Kirby that he will never be able to eat again if he does not get rid of his hiccups. This is effective, and Kirby is immediately cured of his ailment. Kirby then proceeds to inhale one of Squishy's spark blasts, and gains the Spark Copy Ability. After Kirby pelts Squishy with several electric blasts, the squid tries to get away by flying high into the air, but one more blast defeats it, raining squid cutlets from the sky. Chef Kawasaki appears to mock King Dedede and Escargoon by suggesting they use the cutlets to make sushi, and the episode ends as Kirby enjoys some of the pieces.

Differences between versions[edit]

  • In the Japanese version, an arrangement of "Gourmet Race" plays as the sushi bar begins to run.
  • In the Japanese version, there are a few extra minor shots of characters requesting sushi items.
  • In the Japanese version, an arrangement of "Invincible Candy" plays as the Cappies eat more and more sushi.
  • In the Japanese version, the scene where Iro is picking sushi is longer, and has his father slap his hand when he tries to pick something too expensive.

Dialogue differences[edit]

  • In the Japanese version, Chef Kawasaki complains that it is improper to serve sushi using a conveyor belt, rather than complaining about having a robot help make it.
  • In the Japanese version, King Dedede threatens Chef Kawasaki with the death penalty if he does not think of a way to bring customers back.
  • In the Japanese version, King Dedede cries out that those who do not eat his sushi are traitors, spies, and artists. Escargoon asks him on his last point if he meant "anarchists".
  • In the Japanese version, Kirby shouts "Spark!" as he tosses his Spark blasts.


  • The baked potato sushi that Kirby eats is based on the Mint Leaf item that appears in Kirby's Dream Land, which is referred to as a Sweet Potato in the Japanese version. Despite the name mismatch, the item's visual appearance is otherwise identical between versions.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese まわれ!回転寿司
Maware! Kaitenzushi
Turn! Revolving Sushi
Kaitenzushi translates less literally to "conveyor-belt sushi" as it describes the type of sushi bar seen throughout the episode.
Brazilian Portuguese Peixe Cru do Dedede Dedede's Raw Fish