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E91 Fang.png
Screenshot of Fang from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!
First episode Born to Be Mild - Part I
Main role Guest star / villain
Similar characters Rip, Turbo, Dirk, Kirk, and Smirk
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Allow me to introduce our fearless leader: Fang!
— Turbo, in Born to Be Mild - Part I

Fang is the violent and ruthless leader of a biker gang who appears in the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! episodes Born to Be Mild - Part I and Part II. He is sent on contract by Night Mare Enterprises to terrorize Dream Land along with his minions Rip and Turbo and defeat Kirby, though he also has a personal score to settle between his former companion Gus and the legendary biker Steppenwolf, who he believes to be residing there. While there, Fang and his gang ally themselves with King Dedede and terrorize Cappy Town, leading the residents to mobilize against them. Eventually, the matter is settled by setting up a race between Fang and the Dream Landers, which Fang eventually loses after being bested by first Steppenwolf, then Kirby. In the process, Fang transforms into the monster Wheelie, but is defeated and presumably killed when the raceway collapses on top of him.


A long time ago, Fang and I were in the same gang. Back then, we thought we were the baddest bikers on the road.
— Gus, in Born to Be Mild - Part II

Fang is a bulky vaguely Cappy-like creature with a grisly face defined by six sharp "fangs" in his mouth. He is dressed vaguely like a Roman centurion, though the outfit is modified to better fit the persona of a motorcycle gang member. His eyelids are pale and wrinkled, and his hair is purple, curling into sideburns around his head.

Fang is defined by his vile and ruthless character, and leads his gang to terrorize innocent civilians, actively targeting figures of lawful authority and willfully stealing, pillaging, bullying, and vandalizing people and their property. He is also largely driven by vengeance, as his main motive for coming to Dream Land was to find and exact revenge on the legendary biker Steppenwolf, who had bested him many years before.

When Fang is defeated by Steppenwolf again during the race, he reveals his hidden power, transforming into the monster Wheelie and continuing to fight.

Role in Born to Be Mild - Parts I and II[edit]

Former comrades Gus and Fang duke it out for the fate of Dream Land.
First we gotta find a dude named Steppenwolf, but then we'll take care of Kirby for ya!
— Fang, in Born to Be Mild - Part I

Fang appears in the two-part episode Born to Be Mild - Part I and Part II. Here, he leads his gang of bikers at the request of Night Mare Enterprises in order to terrorize the people of Dream Land and defeat Kirby. King Dedede is initially unaware of these bikers, but he eventually makes fast friends with them when they compliment his Royal Racecar and dismissive attitude toward his subjects. The biker gang proceeds to tear up Cappy Town, which leads Tiff and her friends to build their own vehicles so they can go after them. Gus reveals that he used to be affiliated with Fang, and is hesitant to battle him at first, but after Fang roughs up Melman, Gus is moved to avenge the old man by going after him with his motorbike. Kirby helps Gus in this by using his Warp Star to cause Fang's minions Rip and Turbo to crash, but King Dedede redirects everyone's attention to a formal race to decide matters.

Gus reveals to Tiff and her friends that he used to be fast friends with Fang until the two of them tried to challenge the legendary biker Steppenwolf and failed, causing Gus to leave Fang over his underhanded tactics. He is eventually convinced to join the race in order to stand up to Fang, and receives help when Steppenwolf returns and deals with Fang personally. From here, in order to get back in the race, Fang transforms into Wheelie, but is eventually defeated.


  • In the Japanese version, Beat is also known as "Hell on wheels".


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビート