Hour of the WolfWrath

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Hour of the WolfWrath
E26 Scene 27.png
Kirby attempts to use the Galaxia against WolfWrath.
First aired Japan March 30, 2002
NA November 30, 2002
Episode # 26
Episode # (4Kids) 24
Copy Ability(Abilities) featured Sword
Monster(s) featured WolfWrath
Character(s) featured Kirby, Blade Knight, Meta Knight, Sword Knight
Episode Order
Escargoon Rules The Flower Plot
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Hour of the WolfWrath is the 26th (24th in the 4Kids broadcast) episode of the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! series. In this episode, King Dedede orders one of Night Mare Enterprises' most powerful monsters named WolfWrath to get rid of Kirby, but it runs haywire and starts setting Castle Dedede ablaze. Having fought this beast before, Meta Knight attempts to duel WolfWrath again, but gets one of its fangs embedded into his mask which paralyzes him. Sword Knight and Blade Knight pick up the fight while attempting to keep the other castle residents safe, recounting to them that Meta Knight protecting the two from WolfWrath in the past was the reason they are loyal to him. Against Tiff's wishes, Kirby grabs Meta Knight's sword Galaxia and joins the fight against the monster, and he and the two warriors manage to kill it once and for all after a lengthy fight, saving Meta Knight in the process.

This episode marks the first appearance of the Master ability, and is the final episode of Season 1. It also marks the first time Blade Knight and Sword Knight have been in leading roles for an episode.


The following characters appear in this episode:

Cast of "Hour of the WolfWrath"  
Character Selected quote Notes
Primary characters
E26 Kirby.png
E26 Blade Knight.png
Blade Knight
"He can't wake up unless his sorry sally WolfWrath is defeated!" This episode marks one of the few times where Blade Knight can be at least somewhat understood in the 4Kids dub.
E26 Meta Knight.png
Meta Knight
"Listen to me, both of you! Protect Kirby no matter what! I will deal with WolfWrath!"
E26 Sword Knight.png
Sword Knight
"Blade, I can't believe it! It's here! WolfWrath is here!"
Secondary characters
E26 Waddle Doo.png
Captain Waddle Doo
"But we just served the King a ten-course meal!"
E26 Escargoon.png
"Ah. I don't think it's housebroken!"
E26 Fololo & Falala.png
Fololo & Falala
(Fololo) "That monster's not around here...yet."
(Falala) "But it'll keep looking 'til it finds us!"
E8 Kabu.png
"Warp Star!"
E26 King Dedede.png
King Dedede
"I don't care nothin' about its temperature! All I want it to do is get rid of that pink pest Kirby!"
E26 Lady Like.png
Lady Like
"What a try-ifying experience!"
E26 Salesguy.png
N.M.E. Sales Guy
"I'm afraid WolfWrath doesn't take too well to training, Triple D. He's kind of a hot dog, and if you try to break him, you'll get burned!"
E26 Sir Ebrum.png
Sir Ebrum
"Calm yourself."
E26 Tiff.png
"Really? So how come you didn't keep your promise to him to protect Kirby?"
E26 Tuff.png
"You guys sure are loyal to him. How'd you meet 'im?"
E26 Waddle Dees.png
Waddle Dees
(no dialogue)


Plot synopsis[edit]

Meta Knight and his solders engage WolfWrath to defend Kirby.

The episode begins in Castle Dedede, as King Dedede is ordering a new monster from Night Mare Enterprises. Through the teleporter comes one of N.M.E.'s "hottest monsters" WolfWrath; a spiky red wolf with a wild temperament and fire-based abilities. The N.M.E. Sales Guy explains that WolfWrath is not to be taken lightly, and may attack King Dedede if he is not careful. As the monster runs free through the castle grounds, Blade Knight and Sword Knight spot it - recognizing it right away - and run off to warn Meta Knight of the situation. King Dedede orders the Waddle Dees to lock up the castle grounds to prevent WolfWrath from escaping. The monster soon finds Kirby and Tuff out in the castle courtyard and attacks them. Meta Knight swoops in to defend them, and Sword and Blade soon step in as well with Tiff.

Meta Knight orders the others to get back while he deals with WolfWrath. As the fight commences, King Dedede and Escargoon watch from a surveillance camera. After a long running battle with the beast, Meta Knight is critically injured by WolfWrath, getting one of its fangs lodged into his mask, and collapses, as Sword and Blade recover their master. In a place of safety, the two attempt to pull the fang out but fail, and explain to the others that Meta Knight is still alive, but has been paralyzed, and cannot recover unless WolfWrath is destroyed. Sword and Blade then resolve to go after WolfWrath. Kirby attempts to follow, but Tiff stops him. WolfWrath continues to roam around the castle as the two soldiers attempt to track it down. They try to battle it in the kitchen, but WolfWrath creates a veil of smoke through the area and pin them down. Kirby steps in to inhale the smoke and then blow it back, throwing WolfWrath aside and giving Sword and Blade a chance to get away.

Blade Knight and Sword Knight explain how they met Meta Knight.

The group holes up along with Meta Knight in a small living chamber in the castle as Tiff patches Sword and Blade up. Tiff then scolds them for running recklessly into battle against Meta Knight's orders. Tuff then asks the two why they are so loyal to Meta Knight, and Sword and Blade recount the story. They explain that they had once been roadside bandits, and had attempted to rob Meta Knight on a roadside during the war against N.M.E., but he was being pursued by WolfWrath, and the monster soon started attacking them as well. Meta Knight defended them from the monster and drove it away, earning their gratitude. Sword and Blade then explain that WolfWrath re-energizes itself using fire, and can only be defeated by exposing it to water.

WolfWrath is finished off with the Sword Beam attack.

As King Dedede wolfs down his second ten-course meal of the day, he demands to know why WolfWrath has still not been contained, and Escargoon soon sees using the remaining cameras that the whole castle is burning. Seeing this, King Dedede orders the castle to be opened up again to let WolfWrath escape, and the Waddle Dees get to work extinguishing the flames. The sprinkler system activates, which drives WolfWrath into the courtyard and gives Sword and Blade an opportunity to battle it again. On his own initiative, Kirby pulls Meta Knight's sword Galaxia with the intent to help them, and jumps down against Tiff and Tuff's wishes. Tiff then calls the Warp Star, and Kirby uses it to bat WolfWrath away. The monster then leaves the castle down toward Cappy Town, but has to stop when a large pool appears in the way. Sword and Blade attempt to corner it there, and Kirby jumps in to help again. The Galaxia is knocked out his his hands, but he inhales it to gain the Master ability.

Kirby bats WolfWrath aside again, where it briefly gets its foot dipped into the pool, reeling in pain. This reminds Sword and Blade of how Meta Knight had bested WolfWrath in their first encounter, and they formulate a plan to force the monster into the pool. WolfWrath manages to knock Kirby away using more fireballs, but Sword and Blade run in and get a hold of it, dragging the beast into the pool. Kirby then regroups and finishes WolfWrath off using a Sword Beam, cutting it clean in half and finally killing it. The fang embedded in Meta Knight's mask breaks, allowing him to wake up. As Kirby poses with the Galaxia in hand, Sword and Blade look on, remembering the moment they swore loyalty to Meta Knight as the episode ends.

Dialogue differences between versions[edit]

  • In the Japanese version, Customer Service describes Chili Dog as a monster born in the fires of Hell.
  • In the Japanese version, there is no implication that Dedede had already eaten before ordering his cooks to prepare the meal. There is also no marching song as they bring the meal out.


  • This is the first episode to end with a simple fade-out, rather than the star wipe which focuses on Kirby.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 忠誠! ソードとブレイド
Loyalty! Sword and Blade