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Un-Reality TV

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Un-Reality TV
E6 Scene 23.png
Kirby encounters the "monster" while being broadcasted live on Channel DDD.
First aired Japan November 10, 2001
NA September 28, 2002
Episode # 6
Copy Ability (Abilities) featured No
Monster(s) featured Great Sea Slug Monster (actually Escargoon in a monster suit)
Character(s) featured Kirby, Escargoon, King Dedede, Tiff
Episode order
Beware: Whispy Woods! Kirby's Egg-Cellent Adventure
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Un-Reality TV is the sixth episode of the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! series. In this episode, King Dedede and Escargoon set up a television broadcast and studio set called Channel DDD and install television sets in every home in Cappy Town with the intent of using the programming to control the minds of the townsfolk. Using this, they nearly succeed in turning the town against Kirby using the threat of a fake monster, but Tiff manages to foil their plan with Meta Knight's help by crashing the set during one of their broadcasts.

This episode marks the debut of Captain Waddle Doo, Gangu, and Channel DDD within the narrative.


The following characters appear in this episode:

Cast of "Un-Reality TV"  
Character Selected quote Notes
Primary characters
(hypnotized) "Kiiiiirbyyyy!"
*gasping* "I am so not ready for my close-up."
"That kid's got it all wrong, this here's a king-sized misunderstanding! Any events and situations depicted on Channel DDD is[sic] purely fictional!"
"Maybe some people wanna waste their lives watching this T.V. junk, but we have better things to do, right Kirby?" (as Kirby slips in to watch the T.V.)
Secondary characters
(hypnotized) "Kirby must go away..." This is Buttercup's first line of dialogue in the English dub, though she is chanting it in tandem with the other villagers.
"This show about rainbows has been on all mornin'!" (regarding the T.V. with no signal)
"Let's go, guys! Speed it up! We gotta get a TV set to every house in town!"
(hypnotized) "It wrecked the mayor's house on T.V."
(hypnotized) "He's hiding. If you know where Kirby is. you should tell us now! Kirby must go away! Then the monster will leave us!"
(hypnotized) "Kirby must go away..." This episode marks Doron's first dialogue in the series, though everything he says is also said simultaneously by Bookem.
(no dialogue)
(hypnotized) "Kirby must go away..."
(hypnotized) "Kirby must go away..."
"Oh, deary me."
"Is that your homework, Tiff?"
"Can I get a copy?"
"Shush, darling! It's getting to the good parts!"
"We have to run!"
"King Dedede may be a despicable dictator, but you've got to admit he's got a funny shtick."
"Oh, well I uhh..." (after being caught watching T.V. by Tiff)
"Well I haven't actually been using my brain cells very much, anyway!"
(hypnotized) "Kirby must go away..."
"It's weird that the monster showed up on the same day as the teles!"
"Huh? Kirby?! Hey, Junior, get lost! That's monster's looking--" (just before getting punched by Tiff)
"A monster is comin'! If you don't believe me just look, it's on T.V.!"
(no dialogue)


Plot synopsis[edit]

Captain Waddle Doo commands the Waddle Dees to install Dedede's T.V.s in every home.

The episode begins on the outskirts of Castle Dedede, where Tiff is writing an essay about Cappy Town and its inhabitants. After a moment, Kirby, Tuff, and the Cappy children catch up with her and ask what she's doing, so Tiff reads them a passage from her essay for their entertainment. From there, the Cappy children's parents appear, and tell the group that King Dedede has just given every family in Cappy Town a television set with regular programming, which the kids react to in shock. In town, Captain Waddle Doo is directing the Waddle Dees to install a T.V. set in every home. Seeing this, Tuff excitedly runs back to the castle to watch with his parents, while Tiff stays behind, bemused. In the castle, the King, Escargoon, and another group of Waddle Dees have set up a studio, and are prepared to start a show that will broadcast to the T.V.s in town. They start a countdown which the rest of the town follows in earnest.

The show begins with a live broadcast from Channel DDD, as King Dedede starts off with a skit where he abuses a crude prop which resembles Kirby, much to the amusement of the villagers and the bemusement of Tiff. Escargoon then rattles off the show line-up before cutting to commercial, with each advertisement being Dedede-themed. Tiff tries to express her disgust of the programming to Kirby, but he has only moved closer to the T.V., now laughing with the Cappies. Back at the castle, King Dedede and Escargoon are spying on every household in Cappy Town using the "two-way T.V.s". Meanwhile, Tiff tries to check up on the residents of Cappy Town, only to find everyone glued to their T.V. sets. In particular, she checks on Professor Curio, and is disappointed to find him glued to the T.V. set as well, as she hoped he would be above that. She returns to the castle only to find her own family absorbed in the shows as well. She scolds them for a moment, but to no avail.

All the residents of Cappy Town are hypnotized to get rid of Kirby, Kirby included.

Tiff then finds Meta Knight and his apprentices watching the shows, much to her horror. Before she can finish scolding them as well, Dedede makes an announcement on the news that a monster has appeared in Cappy Town looking for Kirby. Concerned, Tiff runs out of the castle and toward the town, only to find that there was no monster. On the T.V., King Dedede stages the monster destroying Mayor Len's house, causing the residents of the house to run out despite no monster actually being present. He then initiates a form of hypnosis on the townsfolk to cause them to turn against Kirby, blaming him for the monster's arrival. Amusingly, this also affects Kirby, though this does not last long. Kirby soon finds himself chased down by the villagers, but Tiff successfully gets them off his heels.

Dedede and Escargoon try in vain to protect their reputation.

The two flee to Kirby's House and kick Tokkori aside, who had also been watching the T.V. On screen, Dedede and Escargoon appear to be fighting the monster off using their Armored Vehicle, continuing to lament that Kirby's presence caused it to show up. The monster then approaches Kirby's House on the screen, causing Tokkori to panic. To snap him out of it, Tiff grabs him and runs out the door to show him there's no monster. At that moment, Meta Knight appears and explains that he could not find the monster either. He instructs the group to follow him to the castle where they intend to expose Dedede's ruse. At the castle, Tiff snaps Tuff out of the T.V.'s spell, and Meta Knight instructs the two to sneak into the basement to reach the studio.

Tiff and Tuff quietly open the studio door in the castle basement and find the set. It is revealed that the monster was nothing more than Escargoon inside a suit. As the production continues broadcasting, Kirby runs carelessly onto the set and starts admiring the monster, making him look giant to the audience. Before the town can clue in on what's happening, Dedede and Escargoon catch the kids and toss them with Kirby into a cage. Tiff instructs Kirby to inhale everything in the room, causing the set to crumble and the cage to bust open. Tiff turns on the camera and reveals the ruse to the town, but in a last-ditch effort, King Dedede tries to put a disclaimer on the whole thing to avoid responsibility before the feed is lost. The next day, T.V. scheduling resumes, but the town is no longer receptive to the programming, and they turn the "news" off. Tiff finishes the episode by writing another log in her essay, while Tokkori and Kirby continue watching the shows and laughing.

Differences between versions[edit]

  • In the Japanese version, there is a minor scene during the Channel DDD introduction where Escargoon presents the local weather. This scene is not present in the international versions.
  • During the show line-up, the Japanese version specifically references "Super Dededeman" rather than "3-D Man". The English dub removes any specific references to Superman.
  • A minor scene at the start of the commercial break where a Dedede chant plays is removed from the international versions.
  • In the Japanese version, another commercial plays between DDeX II and DDD Diapers. This commercial advertises "DDD Cookroach[sic] Killer", with Escargoon playing the cockroach. This commercial plays again near the end of the episode, when Kirby and Tokkori are laughing while watching.

Dialogue differences[edit]

  • In the Japanese version, King Dedede has his Kirby puppet repeat "Poyo" instead of "Kirby."
  • During the show line-up in the Japanese version, Escargoon references "It's Dedede, Everyone Come On!" instead of "Wheel of Head Wounds".
    • In addition, "The Snail Hunter" is replaced with "Dedede Mystery Discovery".
    • "Dededeep Space Nine" is replaced with "Star Trick 9".
    • Lastly, "King Klong Vs. the Houston Astros" is replaced by "Gone with the Planet of the Apes".
  • In the Japanese version, Tiff reflects on Meta Knight's comment that Channel DDD is a passing trend, rather than his comment that one should not believe everything seen on T.V.

References to other media[edit]

There are numerous references to other T.V. shows and media in this episode, mainly revolving around the show titles for Channel DDD. Specific references include the following:

In the Japanese version[edit]

More references exist in the Japanese version, as follows:

  • "Super Dededeman" references Superman.
  • "It's Dedede, Everyone Come On!" references a Japanese T.V. show called It's 8 O' Clock, Everyone Come On!.
  • "Dedede Mystery Discovery" references a Japanese T.V. show called World Mystery Discovery.
  • "Gone with the Planet of the Apes" references the Planet of the Apes franchise, and may also reference Gone with the Wind.


  • This is the first episode to not feature the N.M.E. Sales Guy.
  • This episode marks the first time Doron has been out of his cell.


Removed scenes[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 見るぞい! チャンネルDDD
Miru zoi! Chan'neru DDD
Take a look, zoi! Channel DDD
Chinese 必看!DDD電視台
Bìkàn! DDD Diànshìtái
Must Watch! Channel DDD
German 3-D-Fernsehen 3-D-Television
Korean 채널 디디디
chaeneol dididi
Channel DDD