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Cappy Town

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Cappy Town
Cappy Town.png
Screenshot of Cappy Town from a distance.
Inhabitant(s) The Cappies, Chef Kawasaki, Doctor Yabui
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Cappy Town is a small village in Dream Land from Kirby: Right Back at Ya! in which the Cappies live. It is situated in a low valley surrounded by green hills and overlooked by several different landmarks; most notably Castle Dedede which towers above it on a cliff overlooking the town. Cappy Town is often a major setting in the show, and is often the target of various monsters, whether they were sent explicitly after the townsfolk, or they were merely chasing Kirby or another character.


Cappy Town consists of several well-maintained houses alongside a handful of businesses and utility structures. The streets are well-paved using gray cobbled bricks, though there are only a small handful of cars which utilize them. Many of the houses which face the main streets are backed by dense tree lines, which sometimes give the town the impression of being carved into a deep forest. In the center of town, there stands a large tree, which sometimes gets knocked down over the course of an episode.

The general layout of the town tends to change often over the course of the show, and is rarely consistent, though the most important buildings and the central plaza tend to stay the same shape throughout. Cappy Town is often subject to violent destruction in one form or another, though the residents are always sure to pick up the pieces and completely rebuild by the time the next episode begins. The most complete devastation the town ever faced was in the episode Cappy Town Down, where the entire village is burned to the ground by an invading Destroya.

List of notable places in Cappy Town[edit]

Other buildings, such as Kirby's House and Mayor Len Blustergas' residence are located just outside of the town proper. There are also extensive agricultural works outside of town, including a watermelon patch and a sheep ranch.

Temporary buildings in Cappy Town[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ププビレッジ
Pupu Birejji
Pupu Village
French Cappyville [citation needed] Cappy Town
German Zeetown [citation needed] -
Italian Zeetown [citation needed] -
Brazilian Portuguese Cappy Town -
Latin American Spanish Cappylandia Cappy Land