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A Novel Approach

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A Novel Approach
E38 Scene 24.png
Cleaning Kirby is assaulted by the Broom King.
First aired Japan June 29, 2002
NA June 21, 2003
Episode # 38
Episode # (4Kids) 44
Copy Ability (Abilities) featured Cleaning
Monster(s) featured Broom King
Character(s) featured Kirby, Tiff, King Dedede, Escargoon
Episode order
Watermelon Felon Escar-Gone
Episode order (4Kids)
Tourist Trap Snack Attack - Part I
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A Novel Approach is the 38th (44th in the 4Kids broadcast) episode of the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! series. In this episode, the people of Dream Land become enamored with a new best-selling book about a boy who goes to a school of magic. Annoyed that nobody is watching Channel DDD anymore, King Dedede and Escargoon investigate and procure a copy, but in the process, it is revealed that Dedede does not know how to read. In order to conceal his secret from the others and to get someone to read him the story, King Dedede confiscates all the copies of the book from Cappy Town and then invites the author Rowlin to read the book at Castle Dedede while also turning the castle into a magic school. However, this was a trick, and the Rowlin King Dedede invited turned out to be a monster in disguise called the Broom King. Meta Knight reveals this trick by introducing the real Rowlin to the crowd, and Kirby defeats the Broom King using the Cleaning Copy Ability.

This episode is very heavily inspired by the Harry Potter series of books, and features a stand-in for the author J.K. Rowling. It also marks the first speaking role of Biblio and the first appearance of the Cleaning ability in the anime.


The following characters appear in this episode:

Cast of "A Novel Approach"  
Character Selected quote Notes
Primary characters
"Poyo poyooh."
"Did you like the story too, Kirby?"
"Ah! Somebody stole all the pictures out of this here book! It's all gobbledygook here!"
"This could be an outbreak of best-seller-itis."
Secondary characters
"But I can't ignore infractions by every self-appointed dictator who waltzes in! Hey! Get back here!"
(no dialogue)
"I'll show you who's king! Attack!"
"We haven't even turned on the T.V. since we started reading it!"
"Give me a broom!"
"Anybody who wants to hear how the book ends or who wants free magic lessons is welcome to come in. By order of the King, this castle is now a magic school!"
"Free Pappy! Free Pappy Pottey!"
"Oh, this book is a real page-turner, I can tell you that!"
"But I gave up a golf game to read that book!"
*indistinguishable from crowd*
(no dialogue)
*indistinguishable from crowd*
(no dialogue)
(no dialogue)
"Pappy Pottey looks like Kirby!"
"I bet that's the old magic school!"
"No! I can't foresee the ending!"
"But I was just getting to the good part!"
"That's Broom King!"
"Per your request, it's my great pleasure to introduce...the author of Pappy Pottey!"
"It's wonderful to see so many Cappies suddenly enthusiastic about reading!"
"I knew that story would make me scads of money! Why else would I write it?"
"It's true some people write books hoping to make a lot of money, but that wasn't why I wrote mine. I wrote my book hoping to inspire my readers to live their dreams!"
*indistinguishable from crowd*
(no dialogue)
"This isn't a book about you, Kirby! You dunno anything about making magic!"
(no dialogue)
"You're wasting your time! That writer must get zillions of fan letters!"
*indistinguishable from crowd*
*singing*"Dedede! Dedede! Dedede! Dedede!" This dialogue is only present in the Japanese version. It also marks the first time the Waddle Dees have spoken in the series.


Plot synopsis[edit]

King Dedede examines the cover of "Pappy Pottey and the Fool's Stone".

The episode begins in Tiff's bedroom in Castle Dedede, where Tiff is writing a letter to the author of a book titled "Pappy Pottey and the Fool's Stone", praising the book and wishing to write as well some day. Tuff asserts that Tiff's letter will likely not be responded to by the author, as she gets "zillions" of letters, but Tiff does not mind this as long as the letter is received. Once she finishes the letter, Tiff resumes reading the book to Tuff and Kirby. Meanwhile, King Dedede is reviewing his questionable television performances on Channel DDD when Escargoon bursts in to his living room and reports that the channel's ratings have plummeted to zero. Demanding answers to this catastrophic drop in popularity, Dedede and Escargoon go spying out in the countryside and find all the Cappies reading Pappy Pottey instead, including the sheep. Seeing this, King Dedede becomes interested in the book as well, and heads to Biblio's book store to get a copy. Waltzing to the front of the line, King Dedede snatches one of the books on the waiting list and runs out with it, with Escargoon providing compensation despite the infraction.

After escaping Biblio, King Dedede and Escargoon have a look at the book. King Dedede sets to reading it, but becomes dismayed when he realizes there are no pictures inside. After some confusion, Escargoon realizes that King Dedede does not know how to read. After a brief moment of panic, King Dedede fervently denies this observation, but nonetheless lets Escargoon read the book to him instead. While Escargoon reads, King Dedede becomes frustrated when he does not read every sentence out loud, and antagonizes him over it. After a brief chase, Escargoon evades his aggressive King, prompting Dedede to search for anybody else who will read the story to him. He shortly discovers Tiff reading it to Kirby and the other kids in a park. Understanding that his presence might disturb Tiff, King Dedede sneaks in closer so he can overhear the reading. He briefly pokes his head out of a nearby bush which gets Kirby's attention, but he slips back in before anyone else notices and Kirby is scolded for making noise during the reading. Tiff finishes reading for the day and Tuff points out that nobody in Cappy Town has actually reached the end of the book yet, which gives King Dedede an idea. After the other kids leave, King Dedede snatches Tiff's book from her using a grabbing arm from the Royal Racecar and drives off with it. He then steals every other copy of the book he can find from the Cappies to prevent them from reading to the end, proclaiming officially that the book is banned from Cappy Town.

King Dedede and "Rowlin" address the gathered students in the new school of magic.

Back at the castle, King Dedede gloats about having the only remaining copy of Pappy Pottey to Escargoon, who points out that somebody will need to read it to him. Dedede proceeds to activate the Monster Delivery System, and through it comes Rowlin, the author of the book. King Dedede had requested her to read the book to him, but Rowlin insists that she only reads for large audiences, and recommends that Castle Dedede be transformed into a "magic school" to attract such an audience. Shortly after, the denizens of Cappy Town gather at the castle gate to protest King Dedede's earlier confiscations. Against their expectations, the drawbridge is lowered and Captain Waddle Doo tells them they can come in for "free magic lessons" and to hear how to book ends. At this news, everybody rushes in except for Tiff and Kirby, as Tiff believes it to be another of Dedede's tricks, but they are unheard, so Tiff and Kirby run in after them. In the courtyard, King Dedede and Escargoon greet the assembled crowd dressed as professors, and ask them to put on uniforms before entering the school.

The Broom King is destroyed by Cleaning Kirby.

As Meta Knight and his soldiers watch from a hidden alcove above, the people of Cappy Town enter the main hall and all sit at long tables. King Dedede soon greets them and introduces Rowlin to read the book to them. Rowlin starts by asking if anyone has questions for her, and Tiff rises to ask if she received her letter, but Rowlin explains that she cannot stand fan mail. Tiff then asks what Rowlin's motivation to write the book was and Rowlin answers that she was only interested in the profit. Tiff resigns with a fake smile and her hopes crushed, while the other kids insist she get on with the story. Rowlin then tells of the part when Pappy learns to play a ball game on a broomstick, and Escargoon brings out a bunch of brooms for the Cappies to practice flying on. Kirby tries to join in, but is specifically barred from doing so by Escargoon. Out in the courtyard, the Cappies take off on their brooms, and become entranced by them. Tiff notices this, but is unable to stop them from attacking Kirby and using him as the ball in their game. Tiff looks on in despair as Rowlin laughs at Kirby's misfortune, when another Rowlin shows up beside Meta Knight and accuses the first Rowlin of being an imposter. The Cappies on the brooms see this and are broken out of their spell as the real Rowlin clears up the misunderstanding and explains her motive to write the book, which inspires an ovation from those present. The fake Rowlin then attempts to attack her, but is stopped by Meta Knight. In response, she throws off her disguise and transforms into the monster Broom King. Broom King then takes control of the other broomsticks and sends them after the Cappies.

As the brooms attack, Kirby is sent to inhale one of them. He does so and gains the Cleaning Copy Ability. The rest of the brooms try to smother Kirby, but after a brief struggle, he brushes them off and sends them flying. Broom King then attacks by conjuring a wave of dust and garbage to toss at Kirby. Kirby is then set upon and smacked by Broom King for a moment, but he recovers and fights back, repelling another wave of dust. Broom King then attempts to flee by flying away, but Kirby chases after him using his broomstick and gives him one last smack, which causes Broom King to be launched away and to explode. Kirby returns and approaches Rowlin as the town asks to hear the rest of the story. After promising that everyone will get their books back, Rowlin reveals to Tiff that she came to Dream Land specifically because of her letter. King Dedede then storms in to request Rowlin's autograph, trying to pretend he was fooled by the Broom King. Rowlin grants his request, but Dedede finds he cannot read the autograph either. The episode ends as Escargoon chuckles and Cleaning Kirby is superimposed on the book's cover.

Differences between versions[edit]

Japanese-exclusive scene where King Dedede burns all of the books.
  • In the Japanese version, King Dedede burns all of the copies of Pappy Pottey that he steals from Pupu Village in a massive bonfire as the crowd watches in horror. This scene is not present nor mentioned in the 4Kids version.
  • In the Japanese version, a minor-key version of the Invincible Candy jingle plays while the Cappies are riding around on the broomsticks.

Dialogue differences[edit]

  • In the Japanese version, Cleaning Kirby shouts "Clean!" when he uses his broom to attack.


  • King Dedede's inability to read in this episode contradicts other episodes in the series where he is able to read.
  • For unknown reasons, this episode was skipped on the Kirby TV Channel.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 読むぞい! 驚異のミリオンセラー
Yomu zoi! Kyōi no Mirion Serā
Read it, zoi! The Wondrous Million Seller
German Zauberfieber Magic fever