A Novel Approach

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A Novel Approach

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English name A Novel Approach
Japanese name 読むぞい! 驚異のミリオンセラー
First aired Japan June 29, 2002
NA June 21, 2003
Episode # 44 (38 for Japanese)
Copy Ability(Abilities) featured Cleaning
Monster(s) featured Broom King
Episode Order
Tourist Trap Snack Attack - Part I
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A Novel Approach is the 38th (44th in Japan) episode of Kirby Right Back at Ya!. This episode is the second appearance of the Cleaning ability in the Kirby series overall; the first appearance being Kirby's Dream Land 3. In this episode, there is a novel that makes the citizens of Cappy Town stop watching TV. The novel is called Pappy Pottey, written by a Cappy. King Dedede tries to read the novel too, but can't because he can't read. So, he takes drastic measures to understand the book. After that, Channel DDD begins a comedy show with King Dedede being a clown.

The monster of this episode is the Broom King.