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Mumbies Madness

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Mumbies Madness
E84 Scene 23.png
Kirby runs for his life from the nightmarish Mumbies.
First aired Japan May 31, 2003
NA December 11, 2004
Episode # 84
Episode # (US) 84
Copy Ability (Abilities) featured Bomb
Monster(s) featured Mumbies
Character(s) featured Kirby, Tiff, Tuff, Professor Curio
Episode order
Teacher's Threat A Sunsational Puzzle
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Mumbies Madness is the 84th episode of the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! series. In this episode, Professor Curio unearths a strange relic and starts to act strangely hostile toward everyone. Later on, he ends up summoning the monster Mumbies from the relic, which hunts down and attacks Kirby in the night and nearly succeeds in killing him, but is driven away by the rising Sun. Tiff and Tuff eventually learn that Curio was working from a book full of false information and stops him in a ritual involving the Mumbies, but Curio later explains that he was trying to correct his earlier misdeed by sealing Mumbies away. As Mumbies heads out to attack Kirby again the following night, King Dedede and Escargoon show up to gloat about how the whole scenario was planned by them, but King Dedede then foolishly tosses a bomb at Kirby, giving him a means to fight back in the form of the Bomb Copy Ability. After a tough fight, Kirby is eventually able to destroy Mumbies by using the Warp Star to carry it out into space, where it cannot avoid the rays of the Sun and is turned to dust.


The following characters appear in this episode:

Cast of "Mumbies Madness"  
Character Selected quote
Primary characters
"But...why would he act so mean?"
"Mr. Curio, did you see the monster?"
"It's none of your business! Get lost!"
Secondary characters
(no dialogue)
"Quittin' time: My most favorite part of the day! Hey! Somebody broke my--auugh!"
"Is there anything else you remember that could help me identify it?"
"Get your good-byes ready, kid. Your little friend is finished!"
"They stink! Time to hit the hay!"
"Somebody broke in already!"
"Kirby! You must be careful! That monster will never stop attacking you!"
"I'm givin' Kirby a good-bye gift!"
"Now, Tuff!"
"It crashed through my window and flew around the room screaming!"
"Kirby has to come back!"
"The book is a fake...written by King Dedede!"
"That scoundrel!"
"Are you insinuating that Curio is up to some sort of hanky panky? That's absurd!"
"A mummy?"
"You hear that weird noise over there? You go check it out and I'll go back to sleep!"


Plot synopsis[edit]

Professor Curio - under a strange spell - summons the monster Mumbies from its urn.

The episode begins at night at Kirby's House. A dense fog and ominous noise fills the area, so Tokkori wakes Kirby up and orders him to go check out the scene. Kirby walks into the forest and discovers a large hole in the ground. Approaching it, he sees Professor Curio digging out a relic. Kirby calls out to him, but Curio turns around with an evil look in his eye and shouts at Kirby, demanding he go away. Kirby runs off in panic, and Curio returns to his excavation while giving off an evil laugh. The next morning, Tuff and the Cappy kids are playing ball while Kirby sleeps nearby. Iro and Spikehead accidentally kick Kirby again, and he flies off and hits into Curio while he is carting the relic from earlier. Tuff apologizes to Curio and offers to help push his cart, but Curio uncharacteristically shouts him away. That night, Tuff tells Tiff and his parents about Curio's odd behavior, but they are hesitant to believe him. Meanwhile, deep within Curio's home, the Professor is engaging in a dark ritual, and summons the monster Mumbies from the relic he uncovered. Once freed, Mumbies proceeds to fly out of Curio's shop and antagonize the other residents of Cappy Town.

Soon, Mumbies finds its way to Kirby's House. Seeing Kirby, its eye changes color momentarily, and it proceeds to attack the pink Star Warrior in his sleep. Kirby tries to escape the monster by fleeing out into the countryside, where Mumbies pursues and attacks him with laser blasts from its eye. Kirby manages to run all the way to Kabu Canyon, where he is shortly blasted in by the pursuing Mumbies. After relocating Kirby, Mumbies hits him with a blast and then tries to carry him away in its mouth, but the sun rises, forcing Mumbies to flee before it can finish Kirby off. While Kabu warns Kirby about the monster that just attacked him, Mumbies returns to its urn to sleep, and Curio watches it uneasily. Meanwhile, Tokkori tells Tiff and Tuff about what happened to Kirby, accidentally revealing that he did not care to protect him in the process. Before Tiff can scold Tokkori for this, Kirby finds his way to their door - still covered in burn marks - and collapses in front of them. Later on, the Cappies report to Chief Bookem the monster they saw the previous night, as Professor Curio stands nearby looking very nervous. Tuff soon asks Curio about the monster, and in a panic, he denies any knowledge of it before running off. King Dedede and Escargoon are monitoring this situation from the castle, and gloat about how their plan is working out perfectly.

Mumbies breaks into Kirby's House to attack him a second time.

That evening, Tuff, Iro, and Spikehead head to Professor Curio's shop, having become suspicious of him. They find the broken window the Mumbies flew through earlier and sneak in through there. After finding Curio's manual, the kids head down into the basement and discover a secret entryway to the chamber where Mumbies is resting. They soon discover Curio in the deepest recesses of his basement engaging in further dark rituals. Tuff then reports back to Tiff, who is tending to a still-sleeping Kirby in his house, and gives her the manual he retrieved. The book explains that Mumbies is a good luck monster that will help those who find it recover treasure, and Tiff and Tuff decide to return to Curio's house to demand an explanation. They interrupt Curio just as he is about to pour a strange purple substance on Mumbies as it sleeps, and the creature escapes to go hunt for Kirby again. Meta Knight then joins the group and tells them the book was a lie planted by King Dedede, and the Mumbies is a monster that specifically hunts down Star Warriors and tries to kill them. Curio explains that the substance he brewed and tried to pour on Mumbies would have sealed it away again, but before they can get too far into this conversation, Meta Knight reminds them that Kirby needs their help.

Mumbies crumbles into dust after Kirby prevents it from escaping the Sun's rays.

Mumbies soon finds its way back to Kirby's House and attacks him like before, with Tokkori letting Kirby outside again. As the others catch up, Kirby leads Mumbies into the watermelon patch, buying himself some cover as Mumbies accidentally targets some of the watermelons. Kirby momentarily loses Mumbies in the field, but then accidentally gives himself away when he eats one of the fruit. Kirby then flees from Mumbies through Cappy Town, waking up all the Cappies in the process, who do not spare a second thought to help him. Kirby is eventually cornered by the monster, but Tiff and Meta Knight call out to him, and tell Kirby that he can defeat it if he stands his ground. However, Mumbies uses its hypnotic gaze to make Kirby grow tired, and then proceeds to bash him around. After being snapped back awake by Tiff, Kirby tries to inhale Mumbies twice, but ends up spitting him out and gaining no ability. King Dedede and Escargoon then show up in the Royal Racecar and mock Tiff and the others. After Kirby is sufficiently weakened by Mumbies' attacks, King Dedede decides to step in and toss a bomb at Kirby to finish him off. Escargoon tries to stop Dedede, but to no avail, and Kirby ends up inhaling the bomb to obtain the Bomb Copy Ability.

Once Kirby has transformed, Tiff calls for the Warp Star to give Kirby a further helping hand, while King Dedede is in his limousine, completely shocked on what has happened as Escargoon sarcastically congratulates his majesty for failing to realize the outcome of finishing him off would backfire. Kirby and Mumbies proceed to duel in the air, but despite Kirby's bombs, he is unable to overcome the monster, and it latches onto him again and tries to carry him away. However, the Warp Star swoops back in and pushes Kirby and Mumbies far out into space, where the light from the Sun hits Mumbies and causes it to start burning. Kirby holds on to Mumbies to prevent it escaping, and it shortly goes up in flames and then turns to dust. As Kirby returns to the ground, he proceeds to immediately fall asleep. Tiff, Tuff, and Curio comment on the mistakes they made to put Kirby in danger like that, and endeavor to do better in future. The episode ends as Tiff wishes Kirby sweet dreams.

Differences between versions[edit]

Japanese-exclusive scene where Mabel is frightened by Mumbies.
  • In the Japanese version, there is an extra scene where Mabel is frightened by Mumbies in the middle of the night after having an "ominous premonition".
  • In the Japanese version, the book that Tuff takes from Curio's house has symbols on the cover. In the international versions, the cover is blank.

Dialogue differences[edit]

  • In the Japanese version, when Gus turns off the television, he comments that he had seen Dedede's "Comedy Sketch" 204 times already.
  • In the Japanese version, the book makes no mention of Mumbies being able to help find hidden treasures; only that it was a monster that would bring good fortune.
  • In the Japanese version, King Dedede wrapped the bomb up in bandages to make Kirby believe it to be Mumbies and try to inhale it. In doing this, he completely forgot about the Bomb Copy Ability, which he had personally witnessed in previous episodes.


  • Meta Knight explains that the book given to Professor Curio was a forgery written by King Dedede. This contradicts the notion implied in several episodes (most notably the prior one Teacher's Threat) that King Dedede is illiterate and incapable of even writing his initials, let alone a book that could fool Professor Curio.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キュリオ氏の秘宝?
Kyurio-shi no Hihō?
Mr. Curio's Secret Treasure?
Brazilian Portuguese A Revolta das Múmias The Revolt of the Mummies