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Escargoon's mother

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Escargoon's mother
E25 Escargoon's mother.png
Screenshot of Escargoon's mother from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!
First episode Escargoon Rules
Main role Guest star
Relative(s) Escargoon (son)
Voice actor(s) Ted Lewis (English)
Keiko Yamamoto (Japanese)
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Escargoon's mother is a guest character in the anime series Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. Her actual name is not specified, though she is occasionally referred to by the characters as the Queen Mother. She makes her only appearance in the episode Escargoon Rules, where she visits her son who pretends to be the King of Dream Land for her sake and gets the whole town in on it.


Escargoon's mother looks nearly identical to Escargoon in terms of physical characteristics and body shape, though she is noticeably older and wears more clothing. She also wears small spectacles, carries an umbrella, and carries a purse which contains bags of cookies which she gives out to strangers who are courteous to her.

Escargoon's mother is sweet to the people of Cappy Town and gets along with them well. She is particularly fond of Kirby, who acts as her guide during her visit. She is overbearing toward her son, and bosses him around in public, but loves him very much. She is also very forgiving, and does not scold Escargoon for lying to her about being king. In the Japanese version, she explains that she figured the whole time he wasn't actually the king.

Role in Escargoon Rules[edit]

No one's going to listen to a king who slouches, now stand up straight! That's more like it! Please forgive my sonny, I did the best I could when he was growing up, but Junior's always been a slouchy slumper!
— Escargoon's mother, in Escargoon Rules

Escargoon's mother makes her only appearance in the episode Escargoon Rules, when she visits Dream Land for a day to check in on her son, who had claimed to have been made king. The people of Cappy Town play into this fib by hosting a celebration for her, but King Dedede attempts to ruin the festivities in order to get back at Escargoon for his disrespectful behavior during the act. When King Dedede sets a bunch of Drifter monsters to attack the guests at the dinner party, Escargoon admits to his mother that he isn't really king, and she forgives him for doing so.


  • In the Japanese version, Escargoon's mother has a habit of repeating the phrase "live and learn".
  • Although Escargoon's mother only appears in Escargoon Rules, she is mentioned in Prediction Predicament - Part II. In the episode, Escargoon intends to leave King Dedede and spend his final hours with his mother before Dream Land is destroyed by an asteroid, but Dedede does not allow him to leave and forces him to participate in pointless activities instead.