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Hero Door

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Hero Door
Hero Door.jpg
Kirby finding the first of many Hero Doors, which corresponds to Fighter
Type Stage prop
Function Changes characters before moving to a new room
Found Heroes in Another Dimension
Game(s) Kirby Star Allies
Similar to Door
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Duck inside a Hero Door to change Kirby's ability, or tag in a Dream Friend and keep going!
— Tutorial screen from Heroes in Another Dimension, in Kirby Star Allies

A Hero Door is a special variety of a Door that appears only in Heroes in Another Dimension. It is adorned with a lavish golden heart-shaped frame with a circular emblem inset, which showcases which Copy Ability or Dream Friend the player's character will transform into upon using the door. A short cutscene plays upon the door activating with a small light spark flying into the player's character. Once the spark hits, the character is transformed into the one symbolized by the corresponding emblem. From there, the new character enters the doorway into the next area.

In the case of Copy Abilities, once obtained through a Hero Door, the ability cannot be discarded until the next Hero Door is reached, or the boss rooms are reached.

List of Hero Doors[edit]

The following list mentions the Hero Doors encountered in each of the four main dimensions in order. The Final Dimension does not contain any Hero Doors.

Dimension I[edit]

Dimension II[edit]

Dimension III[edit]

Dimension IV[edit]