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The following is a complete list of all of Escargoon's appearances in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, along with other information regarding his role in each episode:

Escargoon's appearances in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!  
Episode Image Role Role details Selected quote Notes
Kirby Comes to Cappy Town
E1 Escargoon.png
Primary character In this episode, Escargoon stops the crowd at the gate of the castle throne room to receive their complaints toward King Dedede, and acts dismissively towards them. Later on, he drives King Dedede to Kabu Canyon in the Armored Vehicle where they attempt to silence Kabu, but are interrupted when Kirby crashes into the kingdom in his starship. When King Dedede initially fails to get rid of Kirby, Escargoon comes up with the plan to take the starship to the castle and rig it with explosives. In the process, they find Kirby's Warp Star, but lose it shortly thereafter. Later on, after Octacon is defeated, Escargoon carries out his plan and detonates the explosives in Kirby's starship as he tries to depart, but all this ends up doing is causing the ship to crash into their Armored Vehicle and wrecking it, resulting in Escargoon being chased around angrily by Dedede and forcing Kirby to stay in Dream Land. "That's King Dedede!" (in response to the villagers describing the monster)
A Blockbuster Battle
E2 Escargoon.png
Secondary character In this episode, Escargoon follows King Dedede's lead as they play various tricks to sabotage Kirby's attempt to move in with any of the people in Cappy Town. Later on, he helps King Dedede strike a deal with Tokkori to make sure Kirby doesn't set up in the countryside either. After they destroy the treehouse that was built for Kirby, the two release the monster Blocky to attack him. When Blocky is eventually defeated, King Dedede lets out his frustration by abusing Escargoon. "If they find Kirby a place to live, pretty soon, every face in town will be pink!"
Kirby's Duel Role
E3 Escargoon.png
Secondary character In this episode, Escargoon accompanies King Dedede as they spy on Meta Knight's duel with Kirby in Kabu Canyon, and then head back to the castle to call the monster Bugzzy to finish the job. When they return to the canyon with the monster on tow, they are left to watch as Kirby eventually overcomes the monster using the Sword ability. When they confront Meta Knight and demand he finish the job, he knocks their car away "for their safety". "Keep your nose out of the King's business...if you even have a nose."
A Dark & Stormy Knight
E4 Escargoon.png
Secondary character In this episode, Escargoon does little more than tag along with King Dedede during his scenes, and drive the Armored Vehicle as usual. "You've been aiding an alien, you traitor!"
Beware: Whispy Woods!
E5 Escargoon.png
Secondary character In this episode, Escargoon accompanies King Dedede in most of his scenes and helps him spy on Kirby and the kids as they venture into Whispy Woods Forest, in hopes that they will lead them to Whispy Woods himself. This plan ends up succeeding, giving Dedede the opening he needed to cut down Whispy Woods and build a country club in his place. Escargoon gives the opening remarks to the unhappy crowd as Dedede lines up for his first shot, but this is foiled when Kirby coughs up the apples that end up rejuvenating Whispy Woods. The tree then takes action on King Dedede and Escargoon, snaring them with his roots and then forcing them to wander lost in the rejuvenated forest. "For too long, Dream Land suffered from the lack of a world-class golf facility, but once again our visionary King Dedede has taken wise, yet bold action! We now have this taxpayer-supported, closed-to-the-public, chemically-fertilized course where Whispy Woods once stood!"
Un-Reality TV
E6 Escargoon.png
Primary character In this episode, Escargoon takes the helm in directing the programming for the newly-set-up Channel DDD, as well as starring in many of Dedede's homebrewed shows. He also takes charge in the surveillance of all the Dream Landers through their TV sets. Later on, it is revealed that Escargoon was inside a rubber suit made to resemble a giant monster that was being used through the TV broadcast to fool the town into thinking that a monster was actually attacking the kingdom. With the help of Kirby, Tuff, and Meta Knight, Tiff exposes this ruse and Escargoon in front of the camera. "Here are the shows that'll keep ya stuck to your vinyl recliners! At 7, it's the adventures of that very heavyweight crime fighter 3-D Man! At 7:30, watch as contestants compete for cash and prizes on Wheel of Head Wounds! Then at 8, the staff of D R confronts an outbreak of hernias...bad ones! Next, the far east meets the old west when King of the Kitchen cooks beef jerky-aki! Then at 9:30, the Snail Hunter searches for my long-lost brother! At 10, the crew of the S.S. Dede-prise deals with some very intense motion sickness on Dededeep Space Nine! Tonight's late movie is Globzilla Destroys Guam and the late-late movie is King Klong Vs. the Houston Astros?!" *sigh* "Stay where you are, we'll be back after this..." *faints*
Kirby's Egg-Cellent Adventure
E7 Escargoon.png
Secondary character In this episode, Escargoon is forced to watch King Dedede as he watches birds, when the two of them encounter Dyna Blade passing by. Seeing this, the two hatch a plan to trick Kirby into eating Dyna Blade's egg, and this appears to succeed after they lure Kirby up the mountain to the nest and leave him to it. Later on, Escargoon drives the Armored Vehicle as King Dedede pours oil on the grass to paint an image of Kirby eating the egg for Dyna Blade to see. From there, they sit back and watch as Dyna Blade chases through the kingdom in pursuit of Kirby. When Tiff calls the Warp Star to help Kirby out, Dedede and Escargoon attempt to fire at it with their mounted gun, but this only incurs the wrath of Dyna Blade, who wrecks their car. "Ditch the decoy, I'm watching my waistline!"
Curio's Curious Discovery
E8 Escargoon.png
Secondary character In this episode, Escargoon accompanies Dedede during his various scenes, and occasionally mocks him when things don't go his way, particularly in the opening when nobody comes to the anniversary of his coronation. He drives King Dedede around in the Armored Vehicle as usual, and also helps him corner Tiff and Kirby when they try to infiltrate the presentation of Professor Curio's fake archaeological findings. Later on, when Dedede Stone starts attacking, King Dedede and Escargoon can be seen riding atop it, and end up being buried in the rubble when the monster is defeated. "Hear ye, citizens of Dream Land! All rise and salute his most miserly and right rancorous Majesty! The 17,052nd ruler in his line, his Highness King Dedede!"
The Fofa Factor
E9 Escargoon.png
Primary character In this episode, Escargoon tries to order Fololo & Falala to get King Dedede's fortune from Mabel, but is refused due to his and the King's insistence that only one of them go. Later on, when a Waddle Dee brings the fortune in their stead, Escargoon is promptly clobbered by Dedede when he reads the fortune back. Ignoring the fortune, King Dedede orders the monster Slice n' Splice from Night Mare Enterprises and decides to test it out on his snail assistant first. When Escargoon tries to flee, he gets mixed up with King Dedede, and then the two get "mixed up" by Slice n' Splice. Seeing their heads on each-others' bodies, the two decide to go out into the town and have some fun doing similar to the other Dream Landers. In the process, Escargoon gets his head attached to a sheep, but is eventually returned to normal in time to ferry Slice n' Splice to Kirby's position using the Armored Vehicle. After Kirby is split up, Escargoon assists in trying to corner Fololo & Falala while they try to keep the two separate Kirbys safe, but has little success. "Why'd you have to mix us all up with sheep? I know you like fleecing your subjects, but this is ridiculous!"
Hail to the Chief
E10 Escargoon.png
Secondary character In this episode, Escargoon accompanies King Dedede and drives him around in the Armored Vehicle, getting mixed up in the traffic incident that calls Chief Bookem's reputation into question. Later on, when the town rallies to defend their police chief, Escargoon ends up with a hornet's nest planted directly on his face by accident by Kirby, which causes him to panic and drive off with Tuff in tow in the Armored Vehicle, setting the stage for the episode's climax. After Chief Bookem and Tuff escape the Booma-Dooma Volcano, Dedede and Escargoon try to show up to fire Bookem one more time, but are stopped first by Kirby, and then by the bees' nest lodged in their car's cannon. "You could have been hurt in that crash, but luckily, your stomach acts as a built-in air bag."
The Big Taste Test
E11 Escargoon.png
Primary character In this episode, Escargoon delivers the news to King Dedede that the famous Chef Shiitake is coming to Dream Land, only to have the King think to prepare his snail assistant as the meal to impress the chef. To get Dedede off of him, Escargoon proposes that they hire a professional chef instead. They head down to Kawasaki's and hire the chef to come cook at the castle, much to his disbelief. Err long, however, Escargoon and King Dedede berate Kawasaki for his abysmal cooking, and decide to order a cookbook from Night Mare Enterprises to speed things up. When they see the entry about Zebon, Dedede and Escargoon hatch a plan to trick Kawasaki into thinking that Kirby is a Zebon, and he must cook him to impress his former master. With this deed done, King Dedede and Escargoon receive Shiitake and wait on him for the dinner. Escargoon's role for the remainder of the episode is merely as a bystander. "Assault with pepper!" *chuckles*
Escargoon Squad
E12 Escargoon.png
Primary character In this episode, Escargoon initiates the events by taking a picture of King Dedede with a new camera, only to find out that the picture contains the imprint of a ghost. Escargoon later drives King Dedede down to have his fortune read by Mabel, who confirms that a ghost is haunting King Dedede. The two try to play it cool, but then strange happenings start to occur around the castle as night sets in, and everyone comes to tell their own stories about them. At this point, Escargoon decides to part company with Dedede, and outright refuses to help him further with the ghost situation, but Dedede forces him to take part regardless after busting down the door to the snail's room with his hammer. Regardless, Escargoon disappears after King Dedede takes a bathroom break, leaving him to be haunted by the ghost. Later on, it is revealed that Escargoon was playing a series of pranks on King Dedede with the help of some of the kids and Kirby to get back at him for all the times the King scared him in the past. King Dedede feigns forgiveness to get his snail assistant's guard down, and then starts chasing him down threatening to whack him. As Escargoon makes a run for it, another ghost appears, but this time it is not one of Escargoon's tricks, and it forces King Dedede to pay his overdue bill to N.M.E. Despite this, King Dedede still proceeds to get his revenge on Escargoon. "The other night, I went to the library and he scared the Dewey Decimal outta me!"
Cappy New Year
E13 Escargoon.png
Primary character In this episode, Escargoon accompanies King Dedede and helps him plan his New Years fireworks show, all the while pleading with him to let him use his rocket to get rid of Kirby instead of spending more money on N.M.E.'s monsters. While they are discussing the rocket, King Dedede and Escargoon manage to capture Kirby and the kids spying on them, and use a robotic grabber arm to punish Kirby for this. Later on, as the battle between Kirby and Sasuke is underway, the monster makes use of Escargoon's rocket when its initial plan fails. When the rocket is in the air, Escargoon orders the soldiers to fire upon it in order to destroy Kirby, but this ends up too late. The remnants of the rocket come falling down and crush the Armored Vehicle while King Dedede and Escargoon are still inside. "Maybe now, you'll wise up! Why bankrupt yourself buying monsters when you got a genius like me workin' for ya?"
The Pillow Case
E14 Escargoon.png
Secondary character In this episode, King Dedede and Escargoon hatch a plan to get rid of Kirby by inducing nightmares about him into everyone in Dream Land via N.M.E.'s specialty pillows. Curious to see if they work, King Dedede and Escargoon themselves sleep on the pillows, and are later among the possessed mob. At the end of the episode, when Meta Knight reveals the trick of the pillows to everyone, King Dedede and Escargoon are more relieved to be free of the nightmares than disappointed. "Sire, they're from Night Mare Enterprises. When did anything that came from them ever work?"
Kirby's Pet Peeve
E15 Escargoon.png
Secondary character In this episode, Escargoon spends most of his screen time tending to King Dedede in various ways, whether that be driving him around in the Armored Vehicle or serving him dinner at the castle. He also assists Dedede in trying to kidnap Kirby's new Electronic Pet, and is later with Dedede when the pet self-destructs on them. "And so I says I'm not goin' skinny dipping!"
A Fish Called Kine
E16 Escargoon.png
Secondary character Escargoon does not have any significant appearances in this episode aside from his proximity to King Dedede. His main contribution comes in the form of occasional one-liners and piloting the submarine that King Dedede is using to bulldoze the Rainbow Coral Reef. "No offense, Your Majesty, but that get-up makes you look like a deep-sea doofus, and besides, you only need a snorkel outside the submarine, not inside!"
The Thing About the Ring
E17 Escargoon.png
Primary character In this episode, Escargoon is with King Dedede as he is spying on the kids, trying to make sense of their plans. Later on, after a Waddle Dee finds the ring that Kirby spat out the window, Escargoon confiscates the ring, hoping to add it to his secret jewelry collection. Before he does this, however, he takes it to Mabel so she can appraise it, but she tells him that the ring is a fake, made of glass, convincing him to part with it. Later on, when Sir Ebrum asks Escargoon about the ring, he points them toward Mabel and heads back to the castle to tend to his jewelry collection, shortly thereafter having to hide it when King Dedede comes barging into the room demanding to know where the ring is. When Escargoon answers in the negative, King Dedede orders the monster Honker Stomper to help him find it, and the monster proves his worth by immediately locating Escargoon's jewelry stash, much to the snail's horror. Escargoon's role for the remainder of the episode is incidental. "There you are, my twinkling little treasures! I bet none of you's made of glass! Little does King Greedede know I've been collecting you glittery goo-gahs for years!"
Flower Power
E18 Escargoon.png
Secondary character In this episode, Escargoon drives King Dedede and a Noddy down into town where the Noddy is sent after Kirby. When Kirby falls asleep after eating the Noddy, the two laugh and drive away. Later on, the two discuss the next part of the plan back at Castle Dedede as it is set in motion, and are not seen for the remainder of the episode. "So long, Cappy Town. Hello, Nappy Town!"
Here Comes the Son
E19 Escargoon.png
Secondary character Escargoon has an incidental role in this episode, as he does little more than accompany King Dedede and drive the Armored Vehicle. As usual, he has a few one-liners here and there. When Knuckle Joe shows up to attack Kirby, Escargoon apprehends Tiff and ties her up to prevent her calling the Warp Star, but is soon on the sidelines again after Meta Knight shows up. "Hey, wise guy! This is a king you're talkin' about! You can't insult him because he's fat, or because he's a big ignoramus, or because he's a tight-wad!"
Dedede's Snow Job
E20 Escargoon.png
Secondary character In this episode, Escargoon mainly sticks to King Dedede's side as the two banter, first about the heat, then about their plans to do away with Kirby. Later on, when the Ice Dragon is defeated, both King Dedede and Escargoon are buried by the icy remnants of the monster, and can later be seen sleeping in a pile on the ground when Dream Land's climate returns to normal. "Heh! He turned steamin' Dream Land into a winter wonderland!"
A Princess in Dis-Dress
E21 Escargoon.png
Secondary character In this episode, Escargoon is largely on the sidelines, sharing the spotlight with King Dedede where he can. His stand-out appearance is when King Dedede forces him to dress up as a princess in order to help him rehearse his proposal to Princess Rona. "Are you sure? He knows where all the hot spots are! He knows where you can get a pizza at 3 in the morning!"
Island of the Lost Warrior
E22 Escargoon.png
Secondary character In this episode, Escargoon's main role is to drive the amphibious assault vehicle which carries the Armored Vehicle onto the titular island, where he and King Dedede release the monster Tornadon to finish the job they started by stranding Kirby and the kids on the island in the first place. When Kirby defeats Tornadon using Tornado, he also tosses King Dedede and Escargoon out to sea, where they are attacked by a school of Joes. "According to my calculations, our storm should have washed them ashore here."
The Empty Nest Mess
E23 Escargoon.png
Primary character In this episode, Escargoon reveals to King Dedede an invention of his called "Insta-Monster Mixture", which he promptly demonstrates on a small garden caterpillar to turn it into a giant monster. The two then later hatch a plan to use the mixture on Dyna Blade's chick, and head to the nest to kidnap the baby bird, but they end up fumbling this attempt, allowing the bird to escape into the countryside. King Dedede and Escargoon then set out to recapture the chick, and are eventually successful, bringing it back to the castle as Kirby and the others pursue. Before Escargoon can inject the chick with the mixture, Dyna Blade shows up and knocks his giant syringe aside, and then punishes him and King Dedede by dropping them both from the sky. "Let me hang on! Maybe your belly'll break our fall!"
Ninja Binge
E24 Escargoon.png
Secondary character In this episode, Escargoon accompanies King Dedede as they are first harassed by the Cappies dressed as ninjas, and then they themselves play at being ninjas in the castle after stealing the ninja scroll that started the fad from Curio. Later on, Tuff and Kirby manage to steal the scroll back from Escargoon while he is sleeping, but the lot of them are witness to Benikage unsuccessfully trying to take the scroll back. Escargoon's role in the episode from this point on is incidental. "I shoulda known I'd take a plunge if I used plungers!"
Escargoon Rules
E25 Escargoon.png
Primary character Escargoon plays a leading role in this episode, starting by berating Kirby and his friends in the castle and lording his position over them, and then immediately changing his tune and begging them for help when he realizes that his mother is coming to visit. He begs them to help him pretend to be King of Dream Land for the day she's in town, and although Tiff is initially hesitant, her parents talk her into it for Escargoon's mother's sake. Just as Escergoon's mother arrives in town, Escargoon sends Kirby in to buy him some time and convinces the town to play in on the charade. When they meet up, they travel down the town in a precession on the Armored Vehicle as Escargoon wears a shoddy-looking crown and an unconvincing stern look on his face.

Eventually this precession arrives at Castle Dedede, where Escargoon's ruse is nearly broken by King Dedede, only for Tiff to save the situation by explaining that Dedede is the court jester, meant to say absurd things. Later on, Tiff manages to get King Dedede to play along with the ruse, but only until Dedede hatches a revenge scheme by telling Escargoon's mother all about the nasty monsters her son has sent upon the kingdom, and then compounding this by releasing a horde of Drifter monsters on the crowd to attack everyone. After Kirby deals with the situation and punishes King Dedede, Escargoon admits to his mother that the whole thing was a ruse, and that he is not really king, and his mother forgives him for it. After Escargoon's mother leaves the kingdom, Escargoon quickly drops his sympathetic act and reverts to his usual nasty temperament.

"Pipe down, peasants, or I'll have your tax returns audited!"
Hour of the WolfWrath
E26 Escargoon.png
Secondary character Escargoon only has an incidental role in this episode, sticking close to King Dedede and commenting on the situation as WolfWrath wreaks havoc in the castle. Later on, Escargoon uses his surveillance network in the castle to see how bad the fires have gotten, and reports this to Dedede, who relents and brings the castle out of lockdown, allowing WolfWrath to escape. "Ah. I don't think it's housebroken!"
The Flower Plot
E27 Escargoon.png
Secondary character In this episode, Escargoon accompanies King Dedede and helps him spy on Kirby and the kids using the Grasshopper Eavesdropper as they enter the forest. After gathering the intelligence they needed, the two then step in and steal Whispy Woods' flower Lovely under a smokescreen. When Lovely is returned to Whispy Woods - having been turned into a monster - King Dedede and Escargoon later return with their Armored Vehicle to monitor the situation and ensure things go to plan, but they are foiled when Kirby inhales the cannonball they shot at the tree and returns it to them. "The flower monster's suckin' all the life force out of Whispy just like we planned!"
Labor Daze
E28 Escargoon.png
Primary character In this episode, Escargoon helps to oversee the factory that King Dedede had built in Cappy Town to exploit cheap labor from the Cappies, handling the logistics and handing out the uniforms to the workers. Later on, King Dedede and Escargoon together pilot the Ice Dragon Robot that the Cappies had unwittingly helped them build. Shortly after revealing the robot, the two are roundly defeated by Kirby when he uses the Ice ability to critically damage the factory's boiler and cause a meltdown, destroying the factory and taking the robot with it. "There are your new uniforms...and wear some undergarments!"
A Spice Odyssey
E29 Escargoon.png
Secondary character In this episode, Escargoon plays an incidental role as he accompanies King Dedede in his scenes and helps him manage Monsieur Goan's restaurant, as well as partake in Goan's plan to defeat Kirby. Later on, after Monsieur Goan is defeated and his restaurant reduced to ash, King Dedede and Escargoon are publicly punished by Cappy Town by being forced to eat Chef Kawasaki's Toxic Atomic Curry, which reduces them to cinders. "But Majesty, we've got other choices: Instant noodles, cat food, crunchy liver-and-bacon-flavored dog treats, hmm?"
Hatch Me If You Can
E30 Escargoon.png
Secondary character In this episode, Escargoon helps King Dedede hatch a scheme to plant a Galbo egg in Kirby's nest and make him believe the egg is his. The two later taunt Tiff in relation to the plan when she is trying to figure out what is going on. Once they see that Kirby has bonded with the creature, King Dedede and Escargoon then initiate phase 2 of the plan by calling in the mother Galbo from the Night Mare Enterprises Teleporter to attack Kirby. They do not significantly impact the remainder of the episode after this point. "Reading up on egg-xistentialism?"
Abusement Park
E31 Escargoon.png
Primary character In this episode, Escargoon helps King Dedede announce the opening of an amusement park inside the castle, which everyone in Dream Land is invited to attend. Once everyone has arrived, King Dedede and Escargoon get out onto a float and start dancing to commemorate the start of the party. After this, Escargoon retreats to a control room where he proceeds to sabotage the rides that Kirby and his friends are on, which eventually throws them into the depths of the castle underground where they are beset by traps. Later, when this plan fails, Dedede and Escargoon order a monster from N.M.E., but all they end up getting is the harmless monster Walky. The N.M.E. Sales Guy tells them to host a karaoke event with it and lure Kirby up to the teleporter so he can be beamed over to N.M.E. and dealt with personally. Escargoon mocks this plan by getting up onto the "stage" and pretending to sing, but ends up becoming the demonstration when he is beamed away and then sent back in rough condition. Later on, after Mike Kirby foils this plan and destroys Castle Dedede, when he emerges from the rubble, he scares Walky away, and then Dedede and Escargoon run for the hills as well to get away from Kirby's singing. "Let me get this straight! All we have to do is get Kirby up here and have him sing a song?!" *mock-singing* "Iii-- ain't nothing but a pink blob; suckin' all the tiiime!" *gets teleported*
A Dental Dilemma
E32 Escargoon.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede takes Escargoon to have his teeth drilled by Doctor Yabui when it is revealed that he has cavities, and Dedede mocks every painful step of the process. After the procedure is over, Escargoon reminds Dedede to mind his own teeth, but Dedede laughs him off, insisting his teeth are in perfect shape. Escargoon is later prevented from purchasing toothpaste at Tuggle's store because Dedede wants to see him suffer more. Later in the castle, Dedede gorges himself on sugary snacks while Escargoon gives him a final warning regarding his dental hygiene, but Dedede continues to dismiss him. When, the next day, Dedede has manifested symptoms of tooth decay, Escargoon is quick to throw Dedede's treatment of him the previous day right back in his face, and drags his King off to Yabui's against his will.

After Dedede escapes the clinic, having avoided treatment and momentarily doused his pain with painkillers, he soon doubles over in agony when they eventually wear off. Escargoon's plan to rectify this is to smash Dedede's foot in with his own hammer, insisting that he won't care about his toothache anymore if he has pain somewhere else. Soon Dedede understands his assistant's intentions, and runs away to avoid further blows. Later on, Dedede turns right around and hides behind Escargoon after he realizes the dentist monster he ordered from N.M.E. operates "without anesthetic". Once this monster is taken care of, Escargoon and Tuff both swear to each-other to always brush their teeth going forward.

"You'll forget about your teeth if you have pain somewhere else!"
Junk Jam
E33 Escargoon.png
Secondary character In this episode, Escargoon does his best to keep the Armored Vehicle and King Dedede clean as more and more garbage fills up the kingdom, but is ultimately unable to do so. Aside from this, he is little more than a bystander in the proceedings. "His Highness loves littering, but this is ridiculous!"
A Recipe for Disaster
E34 Escargoon.png
Primary character In this episode, Escargoon bursts into King Dedede's throne room to tell Dedede that the real Chef Shiitake is visiting Dream Land, and the two quickly make plans to invite the chef to the castle to cook for them. Once this is done, the two set up a cooking show for Chef Shiitake to demonstrate his skills to the Dream Landers, with King Dedede and Escargoon sitting as part of the judging team. Later on, when Kirby has swallowed a container of "Gijira extract", he imagines Escargoon to be a plate of roasted escargot and chases after him and the others. Later on, when the monster Cobgoblin is defeated, Escargoon comments on the mound of popcorn that resulted. "With Kawasaki's cooking, I hope there's a doctor in the house."
The Kirby Derby - Part I
E35 Escargoon.png
Primary character In this episode, Escargoon and King Dedede are antagonized by Tuff when he rides them down using a go-cart in town, which is the impetus for the two to retreat to the castle and order a new car from N.M.E. in order to exact revenge. The two then announce a grand prix race in Dream Land and invite anyone to participate, hoping that Kirby will. They soon get their wish when they see that Meta Knight has repaired Kirby's Starship for this specific purpose. On race day, Escargoon joins King Dedede in the driver's seat for their new racecar and begins the race. The two then proceed to start setting off traps using the weapons on their car for the others. "Well it sure beats that tacky tank we used to drive."
The Kirby Derby - Part II
E36 Escargoon.png
Primary character Following from the previous episode, Escargoon continues to drive the Royal Racecar as part of a team with King Dedede, and helps the King set up traps and weapons to try and foil the other racers, Kirby in particular. With the help of these dirty tactics, Escargoon manages to keep the Royal Racecar in the lead for the majority of the race. Eventually, they all brake to watch as Kirby's vehicle plummets toward a crevasse, but Kirby manages to pull through and get his starship into the air, foiling Dedede's plans. Shortly thereafter, Kirby gains the Wheel ability and uses it to wreck the Royal Racecar, forcing King Dedede and Escargoon out of the race. During the closing ceremony, King Dedede and Escargoon try to challenge the winners to a rematch in their busted-up car, but this is doused when Kirby splashes it accidentally with champagne, causing the car to fall to pieces. "Kirby's slippery as an oil slick!"
Watermelon Felon
E37 Escargoon.png
Primary character In this episode, Escargoon helps King Dedede spy on Kirby and frame him for various "crimes" which he did not actually commit. While the framing is commencing, Escargoon mans the news station and also conveniently cuts to commercial whenever Tiff tries to mount a defense during the show-trial. Later on, after Tiff launches her own newspaper to counter the propaganda, Escargoon tries to interview the villagers to compound their narrative, but is rebuffed when he is shown Tiff's work. At the end of the episode, Escargoon is swept away along with Dedede by the tide of newspapers that pour out of Kirby's mouth as a punishment from the townsfolk for their actions. He later has to help Dedede dispose of the newspaper by shoveling them into the minster delivery system. "Dede-delightful spring morning air freshener! Whether you're sniffin' out crime or enjoying private time, it's Dede-delightful: cause everything else just stinks!"
A Novel Approach
E38 Escargoon.png
Primary character In this episode, Escargoon bursts into King Dedede's quarters to tell him the disastrous news that their channel's ratings have dropped to zero. To find out why, they set out into the kingdom and find that everyone is reading the same book instead. When Dedede storms into Biblio's book store and cuts the line to grab a copy, Escargoon pays Biblio as they leave out of courtesy. Once they get to a secure area, King Dedede tries to read the book, but complains about the lack of pictures, and Escargoon soon realizes that King Dedede cannot read. Dedede tries his best to hide this, but still insists that Escargoon read it. Once he starts reading, however, Dedede grows irritated that he isn't reading it aloud, and tries to chase him down, but Escargoon manages to get away. Later on, when King Dedede is confiscating all the copies of the book in the kingdom, he also takes Escargoon's copy, prompting the snail to go complain at him. Dedede then reveals that he is calling in the book's author through the monster delivery system, who will read it to an assembled audience, so they turn the castle into a magic school and invite everyone inside. Once everyone is there and in the school uniform, Escargoon invites them to partake in magical broomstick flying, but specifically bars Kirby from doing so. He largely sits on the sidelines for the remainder of the episode. "This is worse than your kingdom being invaded! Our ratings are down to zero!"
E39 Escargoon.png
Primary character In this episode, the monster Erasem implants itself into Escargoon while he is sleeping, and causes everyone else to forget who he is. Over the course of the next day, Escargoon gradually realizes this as everyone acts strangely dismissive of him, including King Dedede and all of the castle court. Initially believing this to be a prank at his expense, he heads out into town only to realize that nobody there remembers him either, and he soon falls into despair as he departs for the countryside. Eventually he runs into Kirby, and confuses his natural kindness towards strangers as him remembering him. Relieved to find one person who still cares, he takes Kirby to the beach and promises to turn a new leaf going forward, embracing Kirby, who is only confused at the situation. This moment is soon broken when Kine the sunfish shows up and asks Kirby who his "friend" is. A short time later, Tiff and Meta Knight rendezvous with Escargoon once they had pieced together what had happened, and promise to help remove Erasem from Escargoon's body. In order to do so, however, they have to subject him to immense amounts of pain, and the snail reluctantly agrees. After a long and excruciating session in the castle's torture chamber, the monster leaves Escargoon's body, and everyone remembers who he is. They then all chase the monster down into Cappy Town's central plaza, where Kirby inhales it and then everyone forgets who he is. "Look, Buster! I wasn't hatched yesterday, you know, so unless you want trouble with a capital T, I suggest you drop the amnesia act now!"
Monster Management
E40 Escargoon.png
Secondary character In this episode, Escargoon largely follows the other characters as they move between each situation that is thrown at them, and does little more than add his own thoughts to each situation. In particular, Escargoon makes a lot of comments at King Dedede's expense. "What are you laughin' at? Knuckle Joe just made you look like a knuckle-head!"
Prediction Predicament - Part I
E41 Escargoon.png
Primary character In this episode, Escargoon tries in vain to help King Dedede stay awake so that he cannot experience the nightmare he is suffering from. Each time this fails, King Dedede is startled awake and ends up whacking Escargoon in the process. Eventually, Escargoon gives up and retreats to a safe distance so he isn't whacked again. *singing* "Oh!
Grind up the bitty coffee beans;
boil up the water then...
Chug about eleven cups;
you'll never sleep again!"
Prediction Predicament - Part II
E42 Escargoon.png
Primary character In this episode, Escargoon is forced against his will to stay in the castle with King Dedede as the asteroid approaches Dream Land. He is also forced to partake in all of the impromptu last-day activities that Dedede gets involved with. Later on, the two start to confess to each-other all of the bad things they did, and when Escargoon reminds King Dedede of the broken promise he made to the Cappies, this prompts the King to make things right by building the playground in place of his golden statue. Escargoon is largely out of the way for the remainder of the episode. "You did it! You lovable lug, ya! You finally listened to your heart for once!"
E43 Escargoon.png
Secondary character In this episode, Escargoon assists King Dedede in his attempt to abduct Mayor Len's sheep for a barbecue. Helping him take advantage of the sheep uprising to lure them to the castle. He also plays a role in publicly shaming Tiff when she is trying to convince the Dream Landers about the hostile sheep. Near the end of the episode he gets punted off into the distance by Amon along with King Dedede for his role in the barbecue scheme. "When it comes to tellin' the truth, Tiff is like a broken calculator: You can't count on her!"
War of the Woods
E44 Escargoon.png
Secondary character In this episode, Escargoon accompanies King Dedede in his attempt to cut down Acore and turn the Eastern Forest into a country club, and shares in the retaliation foisted upon him by the woodland animals and Kirby's group of friends. "I'm afraid that we're both drifting apart! Can't you feel it, Sire?"
Scare Tactics - Part I
E45 Escargoon.png
Primary character In this episode, Escargoon helps King Dedede try to take over the Cappies' "spook-out" in the woods. To this end, he dresses up as a sheet ghost to be lifted and thrown about at the end of a fishing hook by King Dedede to try and scare the participants, but Kirby ends up nearly blowing his cover in the process. Later on, the two are subject to a counter-scare when Kirby dresses up in a jack-o-lantern and presumably driven away. "I almost gave away our whole scam! Kirby may be cute, but when you're not lookin', he'll scare the sheet off a' ya!"
Scare Tactics - Part II
E46 Escargoon.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede and Escargoon inadvertently wander into the haunted mansion set up by N.M.E. to do away with Kirby. After receiving a number of frights from the mansion's props, and later reenacting a famous movie scene together, the two get into cahoots with the N.M.E. Sales Guy and set themselves up as bait to lure Kirby and his friends into the basement. When this plan is ultimately foiled, Escargoon is left trapped inside the mansion as it burns down along with Dedede, and the two are left to walk out of the smoldering ruin covered in soot, where they promptly collapse from exhaustion. "We can finally bid adios to that airhead once and forever!"
Pink-Collar Blues
E47 Escargoon.png
Primary character In this episode, when the Waddle Dees start to get in Dedede's nerves, Escargoon is tasked with taking a head count of all of them, since it is unknown how many Waddle Dees there actually are. He loses count shortly after a thousand, frustrated in part due to accidentally counting Kirby at one point and then failing to get a number from Captain Waddle Doo. When King Dedede suggests they fire the lot of them, Escargoon avoids having to pick up the slack by suggesting they order a servant robot from N.M.E., which ends up working. However, this later comes to bite him when the robot steals all of Escargoon's hidden jewels and sends them to N.M.E. to force the repayment of the debt. After he relays this news to Dedede and accompanies him to his presumably cleaned-out treasury, he is left to try and survive the robot's attacks until the Waddle Dees return and save them with Kirby's help. "Why does this lousy kingdom have to be full a' so many ball-shaped bozos, anyhow?"
Tourist Trap
E48 Escargoon.png
Primary character In this episode, Escargoon helps King Dedede operate the tour bus taking the alien tourists through Dream Land, hurling verbal abuse at any of the residents who try to object. Later on, after a sleepless night at the castle, Escargoon hands off responsibility for guiding the tour to Tiff and Tuff. Later on, he accompanies King Dedede when he tosses Flame Feeder into the volcano, and later shares Dedede's fate of being buried in ice chunks that fall on them from Flame Feeder's defeat. "Go stand in the corner with the rest of the relics!"
Cartoon Buffoon
E49 Escargoon.png
Primary character In this episode, Escargoon helps King Dedede manage the animation studio they've set up to create a cartoon for N.M.E. to broadcast. He seemingly puts Tiff in charge of production, but secretly uses Waddle Dee labor to sabotage Tiff's plans without her knowing. Later on, during the airing, he voices himself in all of the impromptu scenes they added consisting of little more than him and King Dedede hogging the spotlight, much to Tiff's bemusement. Later on, he takes some abuse from Dedede when he tells him they weren't able to finish the script in time, and has to watch with the others as the cartoon devolves into chaos from there. Later on, he is forced to help draw the replacement cartoon that Dedede tries to run after the failure of the original one. "Don't get mad at the poor guy! He's only drawin' what he sees!"
Don't Bank on It
E50 Escargoon.png
Primary character In this episode, Escargoon helps King Dedede market his Dedede Dolls to the Dream Landers by running an advertisement on Channel DDD. Later on, he helps round up all of their money to be deposited in the DDD Bank, and is initially giddy with their success, until he notices how deathly tired King Dedede has become. He tries to remind Dedede to get Kirby's doll as well, but Dedede decides to put it off until later. The next night, Dedede decides out of spite to include Escargoon in the beat-down he gives everyone through the dolls. After this, Escargoon retaliates by smacking his doll, which reveals how King Dedede is connected to them. Later on, he watches from a safe distance after the DDD Bank has been cleaned out as King Dedede suffers more punishment through his dolls, sharing a moment of embarrassment with Tiff. "Your doll may vary. Do not operate heavy machinery while holding this doll. Offer void when prohibited by common sense."
Kirby Takes the Cake
E51 Escargoon.png
Secondary character In this episode, Escargoon spies on Tiff's plans to throw a surprise party for Kirby and perceives it to be a plan to overthrow King Dedede, so he frantically reports as such to the King. When the two scramble to find a way to deal with this perceived threat, they inadvertently contribute to Kirby's feeling that everyone is ignoring him by running past him and brushing him off. After the misunderstanding is revealed, Escargoon attends the party with King Dedede when he delivers his "present". Later on, Escargoon is launched into the sky along with King Dedede in a fireworks cannon as punishment. "This is gonna overthrow your waistline, huh, Sire?"
Snack Attack - Part I
E52 Escargoon.png
Primary character In this episode, Escargoon gets involved in the choco-capsule craze inadvertently started by Tiff, when he buys a sampling of his own. Escargoon tries to hide this from Dedede, but is unable to, quickly getting Dedede involved as well. Later on, Escargoon helps King Dedede advertise his own line of choco-figures which turn out to be monsters. "Plus, Bookem couldn't afford to keep the King locked up. He ate him outta house and jail!"
Snack Attack - Part II
E53 Escargoon.png
Secondary character In this episode, Escargoon starts out being beset by the choco-capsule monsters along with the other Dream Landers until they are called off by Dedede in order to arrange the colosseum match with Kirby against the Martial Arts All-Stars. Escargoon helps to "officiate" the matches, but is otherwise merely spectating the fights. After Kirby defeats the figures, Escargoon tries to help King Dedede find more, but is unable to. "We can't even win when we cheat!"
One Crazy Knight
E54 Escargoon.png
Secondary character In this episode, Escargoon is harassed by Sir Gallant along with King Dedede when the "knight" attacks them in their Royal Racecar. Later on, Escargoon finds out who Sir Gallant is trying to impersonate and clues King Dedede in when they watch a series of serialized movies about the character fighting a windmill and losing. From this, they get the idea to call in the monster Windwhipper and use it to break Sir Gallant's spirit. "Yeah, I can hear your armor rattlin' from way over here!"
Sweet and Sour Puss
E55 Escargoon.png
Primary character In this episode, Escargoon is the first to witness King Dedede's strange change of heart when he accidentally dumps a rose pot on Dedede's head and receives no punishment for it. After a moment of disbelief and some more tests, Escargoon realizes that something has truly changed about Dedede, and takes him to Doctor Yabui's to be checked up. When Yabui insists that nothing seems wrong with Dedede, Escargoon refuses to believe it. He takes Dedede into town and invites everyone to see how the King has changed. He invites them to punish the King, and see how he fails to react when they do. After this, he shows everyone Dedede's changed temperament over Channel DDD, as the kingdom plans on throwing a party in the King's honor. At the party, Escargoon finally learns what has happened to Dedede from the N.M.E. Sales Guy, and plans on taking advantage of the situation due to his incomplete understanding of the nature of the monster that possessed Dedede. Escargoon grabs a giant mallet and uses it to whack King Dedede relentlessly, punishing him for all the years of torment he went through, and this causes the monster to overload. After Kirby deals with the monster, King Dedede gets his revenge on Escargoon. Despite this, Escargoon is glad to have his old king back.

"Dedede's a rotten boss to work for;
that I can't deny!
He yells and screams and criticises;
no matter how I try!
I deserve a raise, but the King refuses;
all I ever get are bumps and bruuuuiseeees!
He's a grouch, he's a grump, but I stay;
maybe I'll be king one day!"

Dedede's Pet Threat
E56 Escargoon.png
Secondary character In this episode, Escargoon is left to watch in despair for the castle finances as King Dedede overfeeds and spoils his new pet Scarfies. When Escargoon eventually shows Dedede the bill, he decides he has had enough of the Scarfies and the two abandon them in the woods. Later on, when the Scarfies multiply and get out of control, Escargoon tries to help Dedede pacify them by feeding them the bones they came with, but this turns them into monsters that Kirby has to pacify using the Hammer ability. "How dare you guess the truth!"
A Half-Baked Battle
E57 Escargoon.png
Primary character In this episode, Escargoon runs a show on Channel DDD where he is having the Waddle Dees bake a pie for King Dedede, but things don't go as planned when the microwave used to cook the pie goes haywire and launches the pie into Dedede's face. Seeing this, Escargoon breaks into laughter along with all of the audience. Later on, he starts running replays of the clip of Dedede getting pied, which incurs the King's wrath and the two get into a pie-throwing fight. Escargoon later accompanies King Dedede into town when he tries to get revenge on the townsfolk for laughing at him by initiating a pie war. When this doesn't go as planned, Escargoon orders the Waddle Dees to fall back. Later on, he and Dedede return with the monster Belly Buster in tow. When Belly Buster goes amok, Escargoon is swallowed by the creature along with Kirby and Dedede in their car. When Kirby defeats Belly Buster, Dedede and Escargoon are left to plummet into the custard below. "Your pie monster ain't filled with brains..."
eNeMeE Elementary
E58 Escargoon.png
Primary character In this episode, Escargoon helps King Dedede set up the Dedede Academy, particularly by advertising the new school on Channel DDD. At the school proper, Escargoon is acting as "vice-principal", but in reality, simply sits back and watches as the teachers' abuse unfolds, egging things on in places. Later on, after Kirby defeats the monster Teacher Creature and blows up the school, Escargoon is thrown into the air along with Dedede and the school bell. "Hi! I'd like to welcome you to the Dedede Academy: Cappy Town's best - scratch that - only educational institution, where children will learn the three Ds: Discipline, Discipline, and Discipline! You'll receive a handy coupon for the purchase of textbooks, notebooks, and some snazzy up-to-the-minute pencil holders!"
The Meal Moocher
E59 Escargoon.png
Primary character In this episode, Escargoon helps King Dedede operate the impromptu cooking show and is forced to handle the logistics of handing out King Dedede's cash prizes to the people who serve him dinner. Later on, when Escargoon realizes how quickly this is draining the castle's treasury, he hatches a plan to sabotage the next meal so he can still receive a salary. He does this by tampering with the Bookems' crab dinner by adding copious amounts of powdered pepper to it, causing King Dedede to scorch his mouth upon eating it. When Escargoon is eventually found out, King Dedede punishes him by forcing him to eat his own spicy pepper. Later on, when Kirby defeats Garnie, Escargoon gets inadvertently trapped by the monster's falling claw. "So far, so good! Now let's see if their food is tasty or tasteless, like some of the kitschy furniture they got!"
Crusade for the Blade
E60 Escargoon.png
Secondary character In this episode, Escargoon helps King Dedede investigate a crash landing outside of the castle, only to be attacked by the alien visitor who emerges from it. When Dedede and Escargoon retreat to the castle, she follows them and proceeds to cause havoc in the castle. Escargoon accompanies Dedede to the throne room where they tell N.M.E. about the situation, and they send the monster Kirisakin to deal with it. Escargoon is largely out of the way for the remainder of the episode. "She's a little girl with a big ol' gun and a whole lot of attitude!"
Fitness Fiend
E61 Escargoon.png
Primary character In this episode, Escargoon tries to stop King Dedede from eating the fattening potato chips that were intended for Kirby, but to no avail. Eventually, he gives up and goes to bed, letting King Dedede grow into a giant ball overnight. The next morning, he finds King Dedede in his wretched state and takes him over to Doctor Yabui's for an examination while the whole town watches. After berating the doctor for not being much help, Escargoon takes Dedede back to the castle and helps him contact N.M.E. to send them a fitness instructor to make things right again. Escargoon then watches Max Flexer's exercise routine from a safe distance, but ultimately gets caught up in Mike Kirby's singing and the collapse of the castle. After the castle's collapse, Escargoon flees the scene along with Dedede when they see Kirby still has Mike. "Hey! You're a doctor, not a detective! Mind your own business, Yabui!"
Mabel Turns the Tables
E62 Escargoon.png
Secondary character In this episode, Escargoon is part of the crew that is airing Mabel's new fortune show. As the show progresses, Escargoon eventually receives a prediction from Mabel that he will receive a shock, and later gets shocked by the lights of the studio as a result of a prank orchestrated by the kids to help validate Mabel's fortunes. At this, he is made a believer in Mabel's "prophetic" visions along with the rest of the kingdom, and follows her to the sea where the ruse is eventually revealed. At this, he and Dedede try to attack Mabel for her "trick". but Tornado Kirby steps in and blows them both away. "Alright, Mabel. Dust off that crystal and do that voodoo you do!"
Something to Sneeze At
E63 Escargoon.png
Secondary character In this episode, Escargoon catches the cold along with most of the other Dream Landers, and when Dedede reveals his ignorance about the cold, Escargoon toys with him by suggesting that only intelligent people can get sick, and then promptly excuses himself. Later on, when Dedede gets himself dreadfully suck using the Head Cold Monsters, Escargoon is left to tend to him after the attempt to get Kirby to inhale the monsters fails. "Say it, don't spray it, Sire! You're buggier than Kawasaki's kitchen!"
The Kirby Quiz
E64 Escargoon.png
Primary character In this episode, Escargoon accompanies King Dedede to form the Treasure Team in the quiz show, as well as providing some commentary for the audience. He also helps organize the attempt to rig the game in their favor, but this plan ultimately fails, and he and Dedede are launched from a fireworks cannon as punishment for their attempt to cheat. "I think you oughta brush up on your trivia."
Masher 2.0
E65 Escargoon.png
Secondary character In this episode, Escargoon manages to take Knuckle Joe's medallion from Tuff and finds a chip inside which contains instructions to build a power-amplification gauntlet. Upon sharing this discovery with King Dedede, he orders Escargoon to build the gauntlet at once. Once this is done, Escargoon shows the gauntlet to Dedede and explains that a gem needs to be inserted into it to power it, so Dedede gets the idea to use gems from Escargoon's private jewel stash against his wishes. However, both the gauntlet and the gems are stolen by Tuff, Fololo & Falala to help Kirby and Knuckle Joe battle Masher 2.0. "This machine will increase the user's natural powers by more than a hundredfold!
The Chill Factor
E66 Escargoon.png
Secondary character In this episode, Escargoon is accosted by Tiff when the weather turns unseasonably cold again, but Escargoon proves that he and Dedede are not responsible by showing her their overdue bill to N.M.E. Later on, he and King Dedede watch as the Pengys begin to move into the countryside. He and Dedede are ultimately powerless to stop the eventual Pengy takeover, and are eventually forced into a role as janitors until they can rendezvous with Kirby and his friends. He sits largely to the side while they take care of the situation. "You two brats need to take a chill pill!"
The School Scam
E67 Escargoon.png
Secondary character In this episode, Escargoon accompanies Dedede as he plans to rebuild the Dedede Academy and then call in three transfer students in order to hatch a plan to torment Tiff and ruin her reputation, which appears to succeed after Tiff fails to handle them and then Escargoon conducts a hitpiece on her over Channel DDD. Later on, however, both he and Dedede return to the school to watch Kirby battle the transfer students when the combine into a monster, and are once again thrown into the air along with the school's bell when Kirby defeats it and blows up the school again. "This blue dude happens to be the King! At least pretend to respect him!"
Delivery Dilemma
E68 Escargoon.png
Secondary character In this episode, Escargoon steps into the story with an order of noodles he had received from Kawasaki's, and mocks King Dedede when he sees he'd been sitting waiting for his all night. Later on, he helps King Dedede make prank calls to Kawasaki's in order to sabotage his delivery service, and is largely out of the narrative from then on until the end, when he comments on the delivery that Kirby does eventually make to Dedede. "Ugh. Hey Sire, something tells me he's been sittin' on this slop since you ordered it!"
Trick or Trek
E69 Escargoon.png
Primary character In this episode, Escargoon helps King Dedede set up plans to sabotage Tiff's nature tour and use it to help get the equipment for building their country club hauled deep into the woods. Later on, the two hatch a plan to scare the tourists away so they can get to work, but when they attempt to retire to the castle for the night, Dedede ends up getting them both stranded. After wandering lost through the woods for a while, the two decide to build a smoke signal out of desperation, but this ends up causing a forest fire. The two try to flee, but are stopped by Whispy Woods, who plans on having them both go down with him, but they are all eventually saved by Tornado Kirby. As punishment for starting the fire, King Dedede and Escargoon are forced to replant the forest by hand. *chuckles* "I hope she keeps on buggin' everybody! Pretty soon, they'll hate her more than they hate us!"
Buccaneer Birdy
E70 Escargoon.png
Primary character In this episode, Escargoon tells King Dedede about the pirate treasure and Tokkori's connection to it, and the two hatch a plan to butter Tokkori up so that he will help them obtain it. This plan goes well, and the two are able to reach the treasure after dumping Tokkori before anyone else can catch up. However, they are unable to get away with the treasure when Tiff and her friends are in hot pursuit, and they are forced to dump it into the ocean. "Yep! Tokkori's ancestor used to sit perched up on his shoulder which must have been murder on his dry-cleaning bills!"
A Whale of a Tale
E71 Escargoon.png
Primary character In this episode, Escargoon accompanies King Dedede and helps him carry out his plan to capture the lost whale and turn it into a submarine. Despite a number of setbacks and some interference from Tiff and her friends, this plan seems to go swimmingly, but it is soon thwarted when Kirby and Kine manage to find the whale's lost mother and reunite them. From here, the mother whale punishes Escargoon and Dedede by blowing them out of her blowhole and into the ocean. "Why is it always our fault? If it wasn't for the whale, we wouldn't be down in the mouth, now would we?"
Waddle While You Work
E72 Escargoon.png
Secondary character In this episode, Escargoon is largely on the sidelines, and helps King Dedede with his scheme to sell the Waddle Dees to the Cappies. In particular, he hatches the scheme to entrap Kirby and sell him as a Waddle Dee. When the Waddle Dees are all gone, Escargoon goes into hiding to avoid King Dedede as he grows more and more desperate without his servants. "Who'd buy anything off of him? He'd cheat his mother!"
Dedede's Raw Deal
E73 Escargoon.png
Primary character In this episode, Escargoon helps King Dedede carry out his scheme to turn Kawasaki's restaurant into a revolving sushi bar, including advertising it on Channel DDD. He and Dedede are always seen together for the various turns of events that follow, and in particular share in making squid-based puns during the battle with Squishy. "Why, you! How dare you question His Majesty's integrity! Why, he's as honest as the day is dark!"
Caterpillar Thriller
E74 Escargoon.png
Secondary character Escargoon is largely on the sidelines in this episode, though he does play a few important roles. When Dedede's pollen scheme is underway, Escargoon berates him for using such a crude tactic. When Mosugaba appears in Dream Land, Escargoon reports on it through Channel DDD. When Mosugaba initiates its dandruff attack, Escargoon is the one who eventually gives in and gives Tiff the key to the Island Sisters' cage so that it can stop. *sneezes* "So all this sneezin' and wheezin' is your fault! You've done some extremely rotten things in your day, Sire, but this is sickening! You even had this food packed with pollen, didn't ya?"
Fossil Fools - Part I
E75 Escargoon.png
Primary character In this episode, Escargoon plays a supporting role, accompanying King Dedede for most of his scenes. In particular, he is the one who initially points out to Dedede that dinosaurs are extinct, and later is present when Doctor Moro is called in through the monster delivery system. There, the two aptly demonstrate to Moro that they are not competent research assistants, so they point Moro in the direction of Tiff and her friends. Later on, Escargoon joins the others on the dinosaur boating tour in the jungle. "Sire, what are you doin' in the library? The last thing you read was a coloring book! Eh? I'll say no more..."
Fossil Fools - Part II
E76 Escargoon.png
Primary character In this episode, Escargoon accompanies King Dedede and the others on the tour boat as it is beset by the Chimera Dinosaurs, and in particular is offended when he sees the dinosaur version of himself and how, just like him, it is abused by its King Dedede equivalent. Later on, when the group is fractured, he and King Dedede head back to Doctor Moro's lab and help him hatch a plan to capture Kirby to take his DNA. They then bring Kirby back out to the others just in time for all of them to witness the monsters gather along with the newly-spawned Kirbysaurus. After Kirby defeats all of these chimeras using Crash, King Dedede and Escargoon argue over what to do with the bones that were left behind. "I look like a deranged parade balloon!" Escargoon is referring to the Escar-saurus.
Dedede's Monsterpiece
E77 Escargoon.png
Secondary character In this episode, Escargoon is largely on the sidelines, and accompanies King Dedede during his harebrained scheme to build an art museum and fill it with alien art to prove he isn't an uncultured brute, but this plan ultimately fails, and Escargoon joins the others in mocking Dedede's own artistic ineptitude. Later on, when King Dedede has Paint Roller vandalize the art, Escargoon reminds him that he was supposed to return the art intact to N.M.E. Ultimately, little comes of this, as Escargoon escapes the museum along with the others when Kirby destroys it by defeating Paint Roller with a painted explosive. "He's not a cultural clod! He's a clod period!"
Right Hand Robot
E78 Escargoon.png
Primary character Escargoon has a leading role in this episode, as the plot revolves around him trying to build a robotic double of himself to take care of the King's needs in his stead. When his first model is reduced to scrap, he ropes Tiff in to help him rebuild it, spending a sleepless night in the process. Although he is successful, his fatigue causes him to make poor judgments in trying to preserve his robot, and it ends up getting wrecked by Dedede again. He manages to talk Tiff into helping him repair it a second time, but despite another all-nighter, the two are unable to finish in time, leaving Escargoon to have to don the robot's chassis himself and pretend to be it. King Dedede is initially fooled, but then sees through the disguise and decides to torment Escargoon by ordering him to attack Kirby. Not wanting his cover blown, Escargoon goes ahead with this and tries to take Kirby out with a bazooka, but Meta Knight stops him and Escargoon ends up hospitalized for a while.

When he comes out, he resorts to contacting N.M.E. to help him repair his droid, and they send him a part that is proported to give the robot a "heart". This seems to work as advertised at first, since the newly-rebuilt Escar-droid refuses to take any violent orders from Dedede, but then it is revealed that pressing one of the buttons on the back of the droid will turn it into a combat-oriented robot monster, and Dedede cannot help but press it. Escargoon is left to watch helplessly as his droid turns into a flying menace on the kingdom, and Kirby has to destroy it using the Bomb ability. Escargoon can do little but weep over the loss of his robot, but eventually this gives way to fatigue as his many sleepless nights finally catch up to him.

"The King's runnin' me ragged here! I wish he'd give me some time off to take a trip!" *trips*
Goin' Bonkers
E79 Escargoon.png
Secondary character In this episode, Escargoon accompanies Dedede as they initially discuss the wandering Bonkers who had entered the kingdom, and then try to figure out how to turn the ape's incredulous nature against Kirby and his friends. After a few frustrations and setbacks, the two decide to just kidnap Bonkers and have him turned into a monster by N.M.E. He and Dedede are later flattened when Bonkers falls on them after being pacified by Hammer Kirby. "He sounds like a bill collector which means he'll come here for the nine million we owe N.M.E.!"
Power Ploy
E80 Escargoon.png
Primary character In this episode, Escargoon is initially roped into King Dedede's antics when the two discover the Pump-Up D drink and Dedede can't get enough of it. Before long, Escargoon gets sick of the excess energy he has to deal with from the King, and decides to order the "antidote" drink from N.M.E. He then gives this drink to Dedede under false pretenses, which completely drains him of all his energy and conks him out. He also distributes this drink to the Cappies by having the vending machine in town replaced. "We all know your only priority is keepin' our bank account empty!"
A Trashy Tale
E81 Escargoon.png
Secondary character In this episode, Escargoon initiates the proceedings when he complains about the trash piling up in the throne room, and he and Dedede decide what to do with it. From there, however, he has little further input into the proceedings, and is largely just at Dedede's side, commenting on the various situations. Ultimately, when Trash Basher is defeated and the situation resolved, Escargoon tells King Dedede that he needs to be responsible for his own messes rather than foisting it on anyone else. "Boy would I like to wash that guy's mouth out with soap!"
Cooking Up Trouble
E82 Escargoon.png
Primary character In this episode, Escargoon helps King Dedede advertise the various components of SlicerDicer to the men of Cappy Town, and invites them to a cooking competition at the castle. Once everyone is there, and the robot is unwittingly assembled, he and Dedede jump into the cockpit to pilot the robot and use it to attack Kirby. However, Kirby is able to defeat it using the Spark ability, which ends up causing Dedede and Escargoon to be cooked to a fine golden-brown, though still alive. "You'd have to be a blockhead to fall for this-I mean to pass this up!"
Teacher's Threat
E83 Escargoon.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede and Escargoon set up the Dedede Academy one last time and volunteer to be students in the class under the tutelage of Mr. Chip. While in the class, they make continuous nuisances of themselves and in particular try their best to bully Kirby and get him into trouble, but this ends up amounting to very little. The two are eventually sent flying with the bell one last time when Kirby destroys the school after defeating the monster Rekketsu. "Kirby's tryin' to interrupt the class by saying "poyo" instead of "here"!"
Mumbies Madness
E84 Escargoon.png
Tertiary character In this episode, Escargoon is scarcely seen, showing up briefly on Channel DDD and also being seen alongside King Dedede in a couple of scenes. "Easy, Sire! This is a comedy show, not a reality series!"
A Sunsational Puzzle
E85 Escargoon.png
Secondary character In this episode, Escargoon initiates things by pointing out to King Dedede how sunburnt he'd gotten after laying outside for too long, and the two soon hatch a plan to take advantage of the UV conditions by selling skin cream and air conditioner units to the Cappies, the latter of which were provided by N.M.E. and rigged to make the situation worse by emitting CFCs into the atmosphere. When the mass hysteria gets to the point where all of the Cappies have turned nocturnal, King Dedede and Escargoon take advantage of the newfound quiet during the day by taking joyrides through the kingdom. Soon, however, they realize that N.M.E. was planning on having everyone in the kingdom done in by the ozone hole forming in the sky above, and they are left to watch as Kirby, Meta Knight, and his friends deal with the situation. "Uhh... Well, Sire, you look like a roast turkey whose timer never popped up."
A Chow Challenge
E86 Escargoon.png
Secondary character In this episode, Escargoon helps officiate the cook-off being held at the castle between Chef Kawasaki and Chef Nagoya. In order to ensure that Kawasaki loses the competition, Escargoon pulls the same trick he used in The Meal Moocher and covertly spices all of Kawasaki's dishes with copious amounts of red pepper. However, this ultimately fails, since Nagoya catches what Escargoon is trying to do and decides to resign in protest. Later on, both he and Dedede end up getting scorched when Ebifryer's breath is deflected by Cook Kirby. "Don't miss the great kitchen combat as Gourmet Nagoya challenges Kawasaki: the guy who put the "gas" in "gastronomy"!"
Waste Management
E87 Escargoon.png
Secondary character In this episode, Escargoon accompanies King Dedede as the two try to sort out their garbage problems, and ultimately resort to using an army of crows that they manipulate into dealing with the waste. Later on, when Crowemon gains the insta-monster mixture and starts possessing all the birds in the kingdom, King Dedede and Escargoon are there to watch Dyna Blade being attacked, but are ultimately knocked aside when Kirby defeats Crowemon using the Wing ability. "I haven't smelled anything this foul since I gave you a foot-rub!"
E88 Escargoon.png
Primary character Escargoon is the primary focus of this episode. Here, King Dedede gets a little too curious about what Escargoon may look like without his shell, and decides to antagonize him by trying to break his shell open with his hammer. Escargoon does his best to avoid this, but ultimately Dedede does manage to land a blow, severely damaging the shell. Tiff and her friends get involved and take Escargoon to Doctor Yabui's to see of they can do anything about it, but King Dedede shows up and deals the coup de grace, causing the shell to finally split open. Before he can see anything however, Kirby steps in and preserves Escargoon's dignity by holding the shell together, and Dedede is forced to withdraw.

Following this, Tiff and her friends agree to find Escargoon a replacement shell to use while they repair his old one. Most of the replacement objects found are found wanting, but Kirby manages to find a giant sea snail shell and this ends up working out well. While Escargoon is changing into his new shell, King Dedede tries to spy on him using the Grasshopper Eavesdropper, but Escargoon sees this and smashes the robot. Once changed into his temporary shell, he heads out into the castle, but is forced to try and hide in his shell when Dedede comes around. Thinking the shell to belong to a sea snail, King Dedede has it taken to his grill to be cooked, and this nearly does Escargoon in until Tiff and the others show up and extinguish the grill.

From here, Escargoon tries once more to get away from King Dedede, and flees into the throne room, where he is presented with a metal shell that Dedede had ordered for him from Night Mare Enterprises. Not knowing this, he tries the shell on, and although he finds it to be heavy at first, he soon grows strangely comfortable with it. When the others find him, he turns into a giant monster which Kirby has to fight using the Hammer ability. Using the Hammer Throw technique, Kirby is finally able to break the shell, reverting Escargoon to normal though forcing him to flee before anyone sees him without a shell on. Shortly after, he is able to slip back into his old shell which had been repaired by Tiff, and things seem to be back in order, but Dedede still wants to see him without his shell, and he chases him into the distance.

"Look at me! I'm a sheep! I'm a mess!"
Tooned Out
E89 Escargoon.png
Primary character In this episode, Escargoon accompanies King Dedede as the two try to set up another attempt to make a cartoon to sell to N.M.E., and they end up hiring a trio of freelance cartoonists to help them out. However, the three are soon shown to be a bit eccentric and obsessed with Tiff, and Escargoon soon grows doubtful of them. After the three animators get themselves in trouble with the Dream Landers, he and Dedede track them down and throw them into the castle dungeon until they are finished with the cartoon. He is largely not present to watch the battle with Anige, but he does show up again to watch the finished cartoon with the others. "I bet they don't have enough brains among the three of 'em to fill a pencil case."
Born to Be Mild - Part I
E90 Escargoon.png
Secondary character In this episode, Escargoon is largely at Dedede's side, and mainly just comments on the various situations. He rides with Dedede in the Royal Racecar as they get to know Fang's biker gang, and is also there to watch as the racing tournament is set up. "Yeah! Who do you think you are? King Dedede?"
Born to Be Mild - Part II
E91 Escargoon.png
Secondary character In this episode, Escargoon is among the crowd as they watch the racing tournament play out. He was involved to a certain extent with the plan to keep Gus out of the race by imprisoning him, but he is not directly seen carrying this out. He and King Dedede try to set up traps later on to thrwart Kirby and his friends, but these only end up causing Wheelie to slip up and destroy the arena. "That grease monkey must've got out!"
Hunger Struck
E92 Escargoon.png
Secondary character In this episode, Escargoon finds out how well the Waddle Dees are eating and reports this "outrage" to the King. The two then decide to do something about the food bill, after taking a moment to find out how Waddle Dees actually eat. Later on, when they hire Chef Kawasaki to make woefully inadequate "thin-wiches" for the Waddle Dees, Escargoon and Dedede are soon cornered and nearly overthrown by the angry soldiers, and they call in the monster Fryclops to help rectify the situation. Despite the fact that Kirby ends up defeating Fryclops, he and Dedede celebrate, since Kirby also managed to restore the status quo in the process. "We're busy snickering, here!"
D'Preciation Day
E93 Escargoon.png
Primary character In this episode, Escargoon accompanies King Dedede as he attempts to get his subjects to bring him gifts of appreciation. When nobody shows up, Escargoon rubs salt in the wound when he receives some appreciation from his mother through the mail, and starts to actively mock Dedede when his red carpet event turns out to be a flop. When Kirby shows up and gives Dedede the "gift" of a half-eaten watermelon, Escargoon cannot help but laugh at this unintended prank on the King. Later on, Escargoon helps Dedede get back at Kirby by rigging some watermelons with explosives and then tricking Kirby into eating them. This plan succeeds, but Tiff plays it to her advantage when she falsely informs the two that this stunt had killed Kirby, and she invites them to his "funeral". Having bought this ruse, the two become genuinely remorseful and bring an untampered watermelon to his grave, which ends up prompting Kirby to rise from it and reveal he wasn't dead after all. Despite this, the two are glad to see that Kirby is well and that things can go back to how they were before. "Forgive us, Kirby! That prank was His Majesty's idea, but I was the one who came up with the time bomb part! For once I wish I wasn't so brilliant!"
Cowardly Creature
E94 Escargoon.png
Primary character In this episode, Escargoon accompanies King Dedede as the two try to deal with the runaway monster Phan Phan, and chase him down to Cappy Town. When King Dedede needlessly antagonizes Phan Phan while using Escargoon as a shield, Kirby steps in and spits King Dedede's hammer back at them, knocking them both away. Later on, the two of them return with the monster Whippy in tow, forcing Kirby and his friends to deal with it. In the aftermath, King Dedede and Escargoon get a giant spiked ball thrown at their car, wrecking it. "My life is a nightmare..."
Frog Wild
E95 Escargoon.png
Primary character In this episode, Escargoon accompanies King Dedede as the two try to ascertain the situation with the Demon Frog-possessed Kirby, and are antagonized by him in the process. Later on, Escargoon is witness to the chaos being caused back at the castle by Kirby, when Tiff and the others show up and manage to snap Kirby out of it, causing the Demon Frog to switch over to King Dedede and possess him instead. When Heavy Anaconda shows up and eats King Dedede, Escargoon pleads with Kirby and his friends to help, much to Tiff's anger, but Kirby does step in regardless. After King Dedede is freed, he and Escargoon make a break for it to avoid Kirby's potential wrath. "Kirby's smashin' up Cappy Town like a pink wrecking ball!"
Air-Ride-in-Style - Part I
E96 Escargoon.png
Secondary character In this episode, Escargoon accompanies King Dedede as the two abduct Tiff and try to get her to cough up the location of the Warp Star. When Tuff inadvertently reveals it, he and Dedede head to Kabu Canyon and try to get Kabu to cooperate, but he gives them the silent treatment. Unable to do anything, the two retreat back to Castle Dedede, where they are later attacked along with the others by the Destroya sent by N.M.E. to deal with Kirby. After Kirby and Tiff are forced to retreat to the canyon, Escargoon and Dedede hear about Kabu's role as the keeper of the Warp Star from the N.M.E. Sales Guy, and are told that the Destroya is heading over there to pound Kabu into dust. "Yeah! Tell us where he's hidin' that Warp Star!"
Air-Ride-in-Style - Part II
E97 Escargoon.png
Tertiary character In this episode, Escargoon's only role is to provide commentary as he and Dedede watch Kirby battle the Air Riders. As this was merely a dream sequence, however, Escargoon's actual first appearance in the episode is near the end, when he and Dedede show up to watch the Destroya attack Kabu, but they are soon forced to pull back lest they get pulverized themselves. "I'd say that guy's a formula for disaster!"
Cappy Town Down
E98 Escargoon.png
Secondary character In this episode, Escargoon and King Dedede find out about Meta Knight's secret ship Halberd and his plan to use it to launch an attack on eNeMeE's Fortress. The two are tasked by the N.M.E. Sales Guy to sneak aboard the ship and plant a bomb inside, but the two just end up getting stuck inside the ship themselves as it takes off, becoming unwitting crewmates. "We weren't supposed to be on the ship, were we?"
Combat Kirby
E99 Escargoon.png
Secondary character In this episode, Escargoon and King Dedede try to sneak around the Halberd without being caught, but Dedede ends up blowing their cover and they are thrown into the brig. Later on, when the two try to contact N.M.E., the Sales Guy informs them that the Heavy Lobster is on its way and will destroy the ship with them inside. When the Lobster shows up, it breaks through the brig area, unwittingly freeing King Dedede and Escargoon in the process. After Heavy Lobster is destroyed, the two convene with the others on the main deck, where Dedede once again complicates things by unwittingly alerting N.M.E. to the ship's location. All of them together end up attacking the fortress and then worming their way into the interior where they face down with eNeMeE himself. "I wish we were arrested. We'd be entitled to a phone call and I could talk to my mommy."
Fright to the Finish
E100 Escargoon.png
Secondary character In this episode, Escargoon is largely on the sidelines until he and Dedede are possessed by eNeMeE and kidnap Tiff, taking her to the N.M.E. headquarters where the two finally see the Sales Guy in person. While Tiff and Kirby battle eNeMeE, Escargoon and Dedede are left to banter with the Sales Guy and taunt him by having Kawasaki show up and feeding him a nasty spinach dish. After Kirby is victorious over eNeMeE, everyone gets into the monster delivery system and gets warped back to Dream Land just before the bombs they planted in the fortress go off. Upon returning to Dream Land, Escargoon sees that despite the fact that Cappy Town was rebuilt, the castle is still in shambles. "Except for the's still a wreck."
Kirby 3D
E101 Escargoon.png
Primary character In this episode, Escargoon and King Dedede attempt to deal with Kirby by ordering the monster Lobzilla from N.M.E. In order to get Kirby into position to be attacked, Escargoon controls an RC car with a cake on top of it to lure him over. The two later watch as Kirby does battle with Lobzilla. When Lobzilla is eventually defeated, Escargoon cheers Dedede up by pointing out that at least the monster's showering remains taste good with some soy sauce. "Kirby's gone wild, and you're cacklin' like a gassed-up hyena!"