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Dedede's Monsterpiece

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Dedede's Monsterpiece
E77 Scene 34.png
Paint Kirby chases after Paint Roller inside the museum.
First aired Japan April 5, 2003
NA October 23, 2004
Episode # 77
Episode # (US) 77
Copy Ability (Abilities) featured Paint
Monster(s) featured Paint Roller
Character(s) featured Kirby, Tiff, King Dedede
Episode order
Fossil Fools - Part II Right Hand Robot
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Dedede's Monsterpiece is the 77th episode of the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! series. In this episode, Tiff encourages the people of Dream Land to create works of art as a means to improve the culture of the kingdom. Seeing this, King Dedede initially believes this activity to be rebellious in nature and shuts it down, but after learning the peoples' real intentions, he decides to try and one-up them instead by building an art museum and renting famous works of art to display in it. Tiff is overjoyed when she sees these works of art, but King Dedede comes to resent them, and orders a monster named Paint Roller to vandalize the pieces so they resemble him and Escargoon instead. Unbeknownst to Dedede, however, the paintings that Paint Roller produce come to life and attack, and Kirby ends up having to defeat the monster after gaining the Paint Copy Ability from him, destroying the museum in a paint explosion in the process.

This episode marks the beginning of Season 4, and also marks the only appearance of the Paint Copy Ability in the anime series.

For a list of all the famous works of art featured in this episode, go to the Royal Acadddemy of Arts page.


The following characters appear in this episode:

Cast of "Dedede's Monsterpiece"  
Character Selected quote
Primary characters
*angrily* "Poyo! Poyooo!"
"This is real art! I've never seen anything so breathtaking before! We have to tell everybody about 'em!"
"I got some of the artsiest art you ever seen beamed from a whole 'notha' planet right here in my museum!"
Secondary characters
(no dialogue)
"Where else can one go to look at art in Cappy Town?"
"After droppin' off your artwork, please note down your name, address, and telephone number in the sign-in book!"
"'Cause of you two, all our hard work is washed away!"
"No, Majesty! It's not ready, yet!"
(no dialogue)
(no dialogue)
"Majesty, have you forgotten you're supposed to return these paintings in perfect condition?!"
"Come on! Let's paint!"
"A contest?"
(no dialogue)
"My watercolor's waterlogged!"
(no dialogue)
(no dialogue)
"My sculpture's all soggy!"
(no dialogue)
(no dialogue)
"I'll show you who's ruler 'round here!"
"There isn't a museum or gallery to be found!"
"Y-yes... It's supposed to be the Bookems' house. I'm doing rather well if I do say so, myself."
(no dialogue)
(no dialogue)
(no dialogue)
"Whatever he paints comes to life: even the most dangerous things!"
"Original art can get kinda steep there, Big D! One alone could set you back a cool two mil'! Why not just order a monster who could paint for ya?"
"We don't have any culture!"
"Almost as lovely as you!"
(no dialogue)
"Yeah! I'm gonna enter my painting!"
(no dialogue)
(no dialogue)
"Since when does he have an understanding about anything?"
(no dialogue)
(no dialogue)


Plot synopsis[edit]

The Cappies' art exhibition is suppressed by King Dedede and his soldiers.

The episode begins in Cappy Town, where Tiff is overseeing Kirby and the Cappies as they attempt to draw and paint on canvases. Meanwhile, they are being spied on by King Dedede and Escargoon, who believe that the Cappies may be plotting a rebellion against the kingdom. They move in and interrogate some of the painters, who insist they are only trying to make art, and soon Tiff approaches to berate King Dedede and Escargoon for lacking artistic appreciation. They seem to go along with her at first, and tell her they will show up for the art exhibition the next day, but when this exhibition happens, King Dedede instead orders his Waddle Dees to hose down the proceedings and toss in smoke bombs, ruining everyone's artwork. When everyone complains to King Dedede and accuse him of being uncultured, he decides he will prove his appreciation of art by setting up the Royal Acadddemy of Arts on the spot, and invites everyone inside. However, he forgot to include any actual art to go with the museum, so Tiff recommends that a contest be held to fill the museum with paintings and sculptures from the Cappies. King Dedede agrees to this idea and offers a cash prize for the winner, which gets everyone more motivated much to Tiff's chagrin, as she believes art should be its own reward.

After everyone leaves, King Dedede and Escargoon confirm to each-other that they will not be exhibiting the Cappies' art, and instead head back to Castle Dedede to contact Night Mare Enterprises and ask for some paintings and sculptures for the museum. The N.M.E. Sales Guy tell them he cannot sell them that due to the expense, but can offer them a painting monster instead, though this is rejected by Dedede as he does not want another of N.M.E.'s "cheap creepos". To compromise, the Sales Guy allows King Dedede to rent some famous art instead, under the proviso that it be returned untarnished within three days, and Dedede agrees to this. After everyone finishes their own art pieces, they line up to submit it to the museum, and their pieces are accepted by Captain Waddle Doo at the front desk. Before long, however, King Dedede brings the rented paintings in on wagons and tells all the Cappies that their art is no longer needed. Dedede and Escargoon then invite Tiff, Tuff, and Kirby in to get a first look at the pieces along with them. The Waddle Dees reveal the art, causing King Dedede and Escargoon to recoil in horror at it, but Tiff becomes affixed, having never seen anything so beautiful before. After commenting on it, she demands that King Dedede allow everyone in to see the art, much to his consternation.

Tiff guides the assembled Cappies as they view the alien art on display.

A short time later, all of the Cappies gather to see the alien art on exhibition, as Tiff and Tuff guide the tour. During the tour, the Cappies are impressed at first, but start to lose interest as time goes on, and King Dedede and Escargoon take any opportunity they can to mock the stranger paintings along with the Cappy kids. Eventually, King Dedede becomes fed up with the tour, and directs everyone to look at his painting instead, shown in a special exhibition room. After unveiling the painting, everybody except Dedede steps back in revulsion, and as Dedede starts pointing out details in his crude illustration, Kirby becomes offended over Dedede's depiction of him, and the rest of the crowd starts to burst out in laughter, which makes Dedede extremely upset. Kirby's anger shortly subsides and he joins in laughing, and King Dedede in his outrage decides to order the monster the N.M.E. Sales Guy was peddling after all to "fix" all of the paintings in the museum. Through the Monster Delivery System comes Paint Roller, who proceeds to skate over to the museum and vandalize all of the paintings, changing their faces to resemble King Dedede and Escargoon. Tiff and the Cappies try to stop him, but they cannot catch up. King Dedede then comes in and gloats about the situation, but Escargoon reminds him that he was supposed to return the paintings in perfect condition. Remembering this, King Dedede stops Paint Roller and offers to "pardon" him for his vandalism if he paints King Dedede's portrait, which Paint Roller agrees to.

The Royal Acadddemy goes up in a paint explosion.

As Tiff, Tuff, and Kirby observe the damage done to the paintings, they try to clean them up, but the additions Paint Roller made come to life and stop them. Meanwhile, Paint Roller finishes King Dedede's portrait on a very large canvas, and the portrait proceeds to step off of the canvas and attack the King. Paint Roller then paints a laser gun that the portrait Dedede uses to fire at everybody in its vicinity. While the painting chases after and shoots at Kirby, Meta Knight appears with a lit torch and tosses it at the painting to destroy it. He then points out that everything Paint Roller paints comes to life, as Paint Roller gets busy painting a gigantic bomb. To stop him, Tiff sends Kirby to inhale, and Kirby catches Paint Roller's paintbrush, gaining the Paint Copy Ability. Gaining a pair of his own roller skates, Kirby then chases Paint Roller around the room to try and catch him, but Paint Roller outmaneuvers him and proceeds to paint a missile launcher which fires at Kirby, though he ends up missing. From there, Paint Roller proceeds to continue painting his original bomb. As everyone else flees, Kirby retaliates by painting a white rocket ship and then pointing it at Paint Roller as his bomb is set to go off. From there, the museum explodes in a massive colorful explosion which defeats Paint Roller. Kirby is launched out safely - though splattered in paint - as the paint from the explosion turns Cappy Town into a watercolor painting. The episode ends as everyone laughs and Kirby peeks through the end wipe.

Differences between versions[edit]

  • Several pieces of visible text throughout the episode were removed from the 4Kids version, which includes the words "KAWASAKI" on Chef Kawasaki's box, and "receipt" on the sign on Captain Waddle Doo's main desk.
  • In the Japanese version, there is a panning shot during the suppression of the Cappies' art exhibition showing a row of Waddle Dees carrying guns.
  • In the Japanese version, an arrangement of the Kirby Dance jingle plays when the Waddle Dees are setting up the art academy.
  • In the 4Kids version, many of the famous paintings displayed in the Acadddemy have been heavily altered, changing colors and other details, applying different clothing and hairstyles onto various human figures, and adding clothing to normally nude depictions.
    • Some logos resembling popular brands (like "Depsi Light" and "Dumbbell's") in some pop art paintings were completely omitted in the 4Kids version.
    • Additionally, several pieces of art are omitted from the 4Kids version entirely.
  • In the Japanese version, an arrangement of The Beginner's Room theme plays during part of the art exhibition.
  • In the Japanese version, King Dedede's painting has depictions of feces next to Escargoon and Kirby. Kirby is offended over this particular detail.
  • In the Japanese version, the rocket that Kirby paints to attack Paint Roller bears the Kirby series English logo, instead of a plain white rocket.

Dialogue differences[edit]

  • In the Japanese version, Tiff appraises Kirby's drawing as a piece of candy, rather than a flower.
  • In the Japanese version, Escargoon is hit by Dedede near the start because he agrees it would be a good idea to expose Dedede's stupid and thoughtless nature. In the 4Kids version, King Dedede seems to hit Escargoon for no reason at all.
  • In the Japanese version, Tiff cannot be heard when she is speaking to Tuggle while he paints.
  • In the Japanese version, after King Dedede ruins the Cappies' art exhibit, the Cappies insult Dedede by comparing him to Kirby, as both are accused of lacking appreciation for art.
  • In the Japanese version, when King Dedede is discussing his big painting, he mentions that instead of bothering with perspective, he drew it while wearing "bifocals".
  • In the Japanese version, King Dedede threatens to sentence everyone who laughs at his art to 10,000 years of torture.


  • Since its initial airing, there is no known surviving copy of the English 4Kids version of this episode which features the Paint Roller battle in its entirety. The unabridged fight can still be seen in the Japanese version, while the 4Kids version can be seen in archived versions from other languages, such as Brazilian Portuguese and Italian.
  • There is a small animation mistake during the scene where Tiff berates King Dedede and Escargoon for accusing her art class as a rebellious plot. King Dedede's eyelids are not colored in properly in the scenes where he and Escargoon are in the frame.
  • In addition to the scene where Doron mimics the expression in The Scream painting, King Dedede mimics the same expression when he realizes too late that the paintings he had vandalized were meant to be returned in perfect condition.


Japanese-exclusive scenes[edit]

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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ロイヤル・アカデデデミー
Roiyaru Akadededemī
Royal Acadededemy
Italian Un mostruoso capolavoro A monstrous masterpiece
Brazilian Portuguese O Museu do Dedede Dedede's Museum