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Screenshot of Windwhipper from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!.
Debut episode One Crazy Knight
Ability granted Mirror
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Let's see you defeat this: Windwhipper!
— King Dedede introducing Windwhipper, in One Crazy Knight

Windwhipper is a giant windmill-shaped monster who appears in the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! episode One Crazy Knight. It is sent by King Dedede to attack and antagonize Sir Gallant. After the monster breaks Sir Gallant's will and spirit, Kirby steps in and defeats Windwhipper using the Mirror Copy Ability.


Windwhipper is a massive creature which resembles a wooden windmill, but with arms and Kirby-like red feet. Its arms have smaller turbines on them which can shoot rotor-shaped blades that can be steered in midair. Its main turbine can be used to create a reflective surface by spinning rapidly. This action can also cause a gust of wind to pick up, though this gust is not particularly strong.

Windwhipper resembles a monster from the Sir Gallant comic books that defeats the titular protagonist in combat. This fact is used to antagonize the role-playing Sir Gallant when it is sent after him.

Role in One Crazy Knight[edit]

King Dedede brings Windwhipper in to fight Sir Gallant.
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So, we meet again! You bested me last time, but this time I will prevail!
— Sir Gallant addressing Windwhipper in One Crazy Knight

Windwhipper is brought in by King Dedede in order to get revenge on Sir Gallant for attacking him earlier in the episode One Crazy Knight. It is unknown if it was ordered from Night Mare Enterprises specifically, but it is heavily implied. It attacks Sir Gallant by pelting him with its rotor blades, knocking him down. It then spins its mirror blades to show Sir Gallant his reflection, causing his delusion and his spirit to shatter catastrophically. Later, Kirby steps in to fight Windwhipper in Sir Gallant's stead. Kirby inhales Windwhipper's rotor blades to gain the Mirror Copy Ability. From there, Kirby uses various mirror techniques to confuse the monster, and then finishes it off by slicing it clean down the middle using a Mirror Cut attack.


  • Windwhipper is a reference to the classic novel Don Quixote, where the main character of that book fights a windmill - believing it to be a giant - and loses.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カザグルー
Clipped form of「風車」(kazaguruma, windmill)