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Debut episode Sheepwrecked
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Amon is a monster and the main antagonist of the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! episode Sheepwrecked. His influence causes the sheep to decide that their former masters, the Cappies shall die for their actions.


When he was young, Amon was just some other sheep. However, a bad moment in his childhood (King Dedede tried to make a meal out of his flesh.) turned him into a vengeance-seeking maniac. He decided to turn against his former captors and kill them rather than try to reform them.

Amon himself says that he is like a wolf in a sheep's body.

Physical Appearance[edit]

Amon starts out as a normal sheep, covered in puffy wool. He has a much tanner colored face compared to how the normal sheep looks. He has small, curly horns, stubby grey feet, and a scowl. His monster form gives him a bigger frame, light grey wool, a pointier face, dark green eyes, drill-like horns, and larger feet with toes.

Amon can transition between both his forms at will.


Amon was once a normal sheep when he was young. He eventually suffered a moment in his childhood where King Dedede tried to eat him, causing Amon to run away from his home. He wandered the wilderness for days, eventually gaining the power of speech and sentience. Amon returned to his former home and lies to his race, stating that the Cappies only value them as their food. This causes the sheep to revolt against their former captors. The sheep force forces the Cappies into Castle Dedede, where Amon denounces the Cappies for their cruelty. Kirby, Tiff, and Tuff then pronounce that Amon was being delusional, which Amon gets enraged over. He proceeds to transform into a monster (a power he got along with sentience and speech) and attack, but Kirby inhales some spikes and transforms into Needle Kirby. Kirby launches his needles, but their quick speed is unable to get them through Amon's wool. Tiff, who believes Kirby needs help, blows the Shephard's whistle. Amon loses his control over the sheep flock, which causes him to reform and go back to his home in the desert.


  • Even though he is a monster, Amon is not technically all that evil. His transformation into a villain only occurred because King Dedede tried to eat him.
  • Amon is one of the few monsters that Kirby himself does not defeat.
  • Amon is one of the few monsters who can talk.
  • Amon may have earned his name from Amun (an Ancient Egyptian ram god) or a demon associated with wrath or hatred (due to his attitude toward the Cappies)
  • Amon's actions may have been referenced in the episode The Kirby Quiz in the final question, which asked which animal tried to take over Dream Land. One answer is sheep. Everyone gets the correct answer, but only King Dedede and Escargoon get the credit, since the others wind up having their answers changed to random wrong answers. However, King Dedede and Escargoon have their plot exposed. As punishment for their actions, the Captain Waddle Doo general launches King Dedede and Escargoon into the air via cannon.