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E43 Amon.png
Screenshot of Amon from Sheepwrecked
Debut episode Sheepwrecked
Ability granted Needle
Similar entities Crowemon
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Now that we howl like wolves, we will prowl like wolves! Go!
— Amon, in Sheepwrecked

Amon[Japanese title] is a monster sheep who makes his only appearance in the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! episode Sheepwrecked. Amon used to be a regular sheep until he escaped from Dream Land after King Dedede attempted to have him made into dinner and was then struck by lightning out in the wilderness, which Amon explains imbued him with the heart and mind of a wolf. Amon has two different forms: One resembles a regular sheep, while the other is much larger and has horns which can be fired like missiles and regrown. Amon attempts to rally the sheep of Dream Land in a revolt against Dream Land and its inhabitants, but he ends up giving up this struggle once he realizes he cannot help the other sheep after they give in to a blow of the shepherd's horn.

Amon is only given a proper name in Japanese, so that is the name used for this article. In the English version, he is only referred to as "the bad sheep".


Now you Cappies are the shuddering sheep, and the wicked wolves are in charge!
— Amon, in Sheepwrecked

Amon is very similar in appearance to the other sheep of Dream Land, but is distinguishable by his angry eyes and his gray-ish wool. He is the only sheep who is capable of speech, though he also appears to be able to be understood by the sheep when he addresses them. Amon has a wild and rebellious temperament, and frequently refers to himself as a wolf (a common predator of sheep). To reinforce this notion, he frequently howls like a wolf, and calls for his flock of sheep to do the same. It is hinted by Sword Knight and Blade Knight that Amon was given this temperament and his powers by Night Mare Enterprises.

Amon has a second more monstrous form which he can transform into at will. When he does so, he becomes much larger with dark-gray wool and a more elongated body. His eyes turn into an opaque dark green and his horns transform into straight long spikes that can be shot at opponents and regrown in seconds. These horn projectiles when launched are strong enough to pierce stone and deflect Needle Kirby's attacks.

Role in Sheepwrecked[edit]

Amon has Kirby and the rest of Dream Land's inhabitants rounded up and subjugated in Castle Dedede.
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There must be others like me. Others who yearn for freedom. I will seek them out, and perhaps one day I will lead a new flock.
— Amon, in Sheepwrecked

Originally, Amon was a regular lamb and part of Mayor Len Blustergas' flock until King Dedede requested him to be slaughtered and prepared for a meal at Castle Dedede. Just before he could be slaughtered, however, Amon escaped and ran deep into the wilderness. There, he was struck by lightning and transformed into a monster with the heart of a wolf. Some years later, he returns to Dream Land in the hopes of freeing his fellow sheep from captivity. To do this, he directs the sheep to attack those who enter the pen, and then allow the sheep to escape, where they are then directed to conquer and subjugate the Dream Landers. The sheep nearly succeed in doing this when they trap the Cappies in Castle Dedede and force them to "baa" in capitulation, but King Dedede tries to pull a trick on Amon so he can capture the sheep and slaughter them all for a banquet.

Meanwhile, Tiff and Kirby resist subjugation, which prompts Amon to assume his monstrous form and attack them. While attacking, Amon discovers King Dedede's trick and rams him after the castle to prevent him from slaughtering any sheep. From there, he attacks Kirby again and overpowers him despite inadvertently granting him the Needle Copy Ability. Just as Kirby is about to be rammed by Amon, Tiff intervenes by blowing the shepherd's horn, which prompts the other sheep to rally to the shepherd out of instinct. When Amon sees his sheep leaving him, he realizes he cannot help his fellow sheep and gives up the fight, returning to his normal form. Later on, Amon makes amends with Tiff and Kirby, then returns to the wilderness in hopes of finding others like him to lead instead.


  • Amon's name seems to be based on the ancient Egyptian god Amun, who is sometimes depicted with the head of a ram.
    • He may be a reference to the story Ringing Bell, which is about a sheep who trains to become a wolf after his mother is killed by one.
  • Amon is the first monster in the anime series who gives up fighting voluntarily instead of being defeated.
  • The crow monster Crowemon who appears in the later episode Waste Management is extremely similar to Amon. Both lead an army of their respective species to attack Dream Land, both are betrayed by King Dedede, and both turn into monsters but are later subdued and return to normal. Both are also voiced by Ted Lewis in English and Nobuo Tobita in Japanese.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アモン[1]