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Screenshot of Ebifryer from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!
Debut episode A Chow Challenge
Similar entities Crab Monster, Lobzilla
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Biggest trouble with cookin' up monsters is you end up with a dish that wants to eat you!
— King Dedede referring to Ebifryer in A Chow Challenge

Ebifryer[Japanese title] is a fried prawn monster which appears briefly in the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! episode A Chow Challenge. It emerges from a fried prawn prepared by Chef Nagoya and attacks Kirby, but is quickly defeated after Kirby gains the Cook Copy Ability.


Ebifryer is a large shrimp monster which emerges from a fried prawn prepared by Chef Nagoya for King Dedede after a liberal amount of hot sauce was added. The creature is covered in breading and has large claws as well as a single eye on its head and a mouth emerging from the center of its body. Ebifryer attacks using its claws and fire breath from its mouth.

Role in A Chow Challenge[edit]

Ebifryer menaces Kirby after emerging from the dish.
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Ebifryer appears very briefly in the episode A Chow Challenge. After being sent as a seemingly normal seafood ingredient by Night Mare Enterprises and cooked in a dish by Chef Nagoya, the monster emerges from its fried state and attacks Kirby using its claws and fire breath. Tiff tosses a soup ladle at Kirby to give him the Cook Copy Ability, and he uses the frying pan to reflect Ebifryer's fire breath and quickly defeat it.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese エビフリャー
Can be translated as "Shrimp Fry"