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King Dedede (anime character)/filmography

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The following is a complete list of all of King Dedede's appearances in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, along with other information regarding his role in each episode:

King Dedede's appearances in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!  
Episode Image Role Role details Selected quote Notes
Kirby Comes to Cappy Town
E1 King Dedede.png
Primary character King Dedede is introduced in the anime series as a selfish and brash tyrant who turns a blind eye to his peoples' suffering, tacitly allowing his pet monster Octacon to eat Mayor Len's sheep at night. When the people of Cappy Town turn to Kabu for guidance, King Dedede threatens to destroy this challenger to his authority, when he is interrupted by Kirby's crash landing in Dream Land. King Dedede reacts to this by batting the confused alien visitor into a ravine with his hammer, and has his troops confiscate Kirby's ruined starship, taking it to his castle to tinker with it and have it trapped with a bomb. Later on, King Dedede nearly makes off with Kirby's Warp Star, which was kept in the starship, but drops it when his pet Octacon grows hostile and attacks the castle. After the monster is defeated by Kirby, King Dedede has the bomb planted in Kirby's Starship detonated when the pink puffball attempts to fly away in it, but all this does is cause the ship to crash into the King's Armored Vehicle and force Kirby to stay in Dream Land for a while longer. "Good one, Escargoon. There's more than one way to skin a Kirby!"
A Blockbuster Battle
E2 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede schemes to undermine Kirby by sabotaging all his attempts to find a role within Cappy Town, forcing Kirby out of every job he attempts to take up. When it is planned to build Kirby a house outside of town instead, King Dedede shows up again to destroy the house, and then sends the monster Blocky to finish the job by squishing Kirby into a pulp. Blocky is ultimately defeated, however, leaving the King to sulk over his expensive failure. "Well if I can't get rid of Kirby the sneaky way...I'll just have to do it the freaky way!"
Kirby's Duel Role
E3 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede orders Meta Knight to go and defeat Kirby. When it becomes clear that the masked swordsman is too "incompetent" to do this job, Dedede orders the monster Bugzzy to take care of business. Kirby defeats Bugzzy, however, and Meta Knight adds insult to injury by kicking King Dedede's vehicle down a steep slope with him and Escargoon still in it. *laughs* "That's one ugly bug! Now go get Kirby, beetle boy!"
A Dark & Stormy Knight
E4 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede confronts Tiff about her relationship to Kirby, and threatens to sabotage his Starship again. Instead, he orders the monster Kracko to go after the pink Star Warrior. While Kirby is being chased by this irate cloud, King Dedede double-teams by harassing Kirby with his Armored Vehicle on two different occasions, but both times is accidentally zapped by Kracko in the process. King Dedede tries to get a refund from N.M.E. for this, but is flatly turned down. "I'll show them kids! If I can't earn respect, I'll just buy it...from Night Mare Enterprises!"
Beware: Whispy Woods!
E5 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede hatches a scheme to trick Whispy Woods into apprehending Kirby and his friends, thereby leaving the tree helpless while Dedede personally uses a saw to fell him, and then proceeds to cut down the entirety of Whispy Woods Forest and build a country club in its place. This is met with unanimous disapproval from the Dream Landers, but King Dedede dismisses them and prepares to use Kirby as a golf ball. At that moment, however, Kirby coughs up one of Whispy's apples that he'd eaten earlier, allowing Whispy Woods to rapidly regrow and punish King Dedede for his actions, regrowing the entire forest in mere moments and undoing his plans. King Dedede is subsequently punished by being made lost in the regrown woods at night. "Who gives a double-bogey about that as long as I've got my golf course!"
Un-Reality TV
E6 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede hatches a scheme to set up his own television network called Channel DDD, installing TV sets in every home in Dream Land and subjecting his subjects to propaganda while simultaneously spying on them all through cameras built into the TVs. The scheme progresses when King Dedede uses his TVs to mind control the captivated Cappies into turning against Kirby by faking a monster attack on the town and blaming it on the pink puffball. This nearly works, but Tiff manages to safeguard Kirby and then foil King Dedede's plans by crashing his TV studio during a live broadcast. "Would you rather lather with a dope soap? Bathe like a king!"
Kirby's Egg-Cellent Adventure
E7 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede lures and then tricks Kirby into disturbing the nest of the giant bird Dyna Blade and presumably eating her egg, then directs the enraged bird to exact revenge on Kirby for the deed. As Kirby is being harassed by Dyna Blade, King Dedede and Escargoon attempt to blast Kirby with their Armored Vehicle's cannon while he is distracted, but this only gets Dyna Blade's attention and she destroys their vehicle, taking Dedede out of commission for the rest of the episode. "Look at all the variety! There's shy birds, fly birds, blue birds, two birds, crazy birds, and lazy birds!"
Curio's Curious Discovery
E8 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede becomes furious when nobody attends the anniversary of his coronation, so he hatches a scheme to gain more royal legitimacy. He does this by forging "ancient" relics of his ancestors to convince the people of Dream Land that his family line has ruled the kingdom for ages, and bribes Professor Curio to "uncover" these relics at his archaeological dig site. This appears to work at first, but Tiff later learns of Curio's deception and pressures him to come clean, which the professor does during an exhibition that everyone is attending. Enraged at this betrayal, King Dedede orders the monster Dedede Stone to attack everyone at the exhibition, prompting both Curio and Kirby to fight back. After Kirby defeats this monster, King Dedede is buried in the rubble left behind. "My unworthy subjects; I'm tickled turquoise to see so many of you good for nothings come to kiss up to your king!"
The Fofa Factor
E9 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede receives a fortune from Mabel warning him against looking for trouble, and defies this by ordering the monster Slice n' Splice to cause mischief in Dream Land by swapping various denizens' heads with others' bodies. Later on, he orders the monster to slice Kirby into bits, but only manages to slice Kirby into two before Fololo & Falala step in to safeguard him. As Slice n' Splice gives chase to finish the job, King Dedede is momentarily split in two himself, though he later becomes one again off-camera. He is not seen again after that point for the rest of the episode. "Them Cappy-ccinos need half-and-half'in!"
Hail to the Chief
E10 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede gets into a car crash with Mayor Len, and proceeds to threaten to fire Chief Bookem when the old officer had been snoozing while on traffic duty. Later on, when Dedede attempts to carry out this threat, he is interrupted when Kirby accidentally plants a wasp's nest on Escargoon's face, causing him to panic and drive away with Dedede and Tuff in tow. Even later on, after Chief Bookem risks his life to save Tuff from a volcano he got stuck in, King Dedede tries one more time to fire Bookem, but the town stands resolutely against this, and Dedede is later chased away by the same wasps from before. "Them bees are going bee-serk! Step on it 'fore that swarm catches us!"
The Big Taste Test
E11 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede makes plans to treat the visiting Chef Shiitake to an exquisite meal at Castle Dedede in order to put his kingdom "on the map", and eventually settles on a plan to recruit Chef Kawasaki to prepare Kirby as a meal for his former master. Though coming close, Chef Kawasaki ultimately refuses to serve Kirby in this way, and later learns that the visiting Shiitake is in fact a monster sent by N.M.E., which Kirby defeats using the Cook ability. King Dedede decides to sample this cooked monster and, enjoying it, decides to have Kirby replace Kawasaki as the castle's chef (though this does not persist into future episodes). "Kirby will be out of our hair and into his stomach! What a perfect recipe!"
Escargoon Squad
E12 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede is subject to a number of pranks at Castle Dedede pulled by his assistant Escargoon as revenge for all the times the King scared the "Dewey decimal" out of him. These pranks cause King Dedede to believe he is being haunted by ghosts, and runs terrified at night through his castle until he finds out the trick, preparing to exact revenge on his assistant for this. Before he can do so, however, he is beset by a real ghost who was sent by N.M.E. to collect payment from the King, and proceeds to make off with several coin sacks from the royal vault. "But maybe this is all a mistake! Maybe there's some logical expli-cation of the whole situation!"
Cappy New Year
E13 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede orders a discount monster called Sasuke who helps him prepare a lavish fireworks show in anticipation of the New Year, while also plotting to use the occasion to blow up Kirby. He announces his intentions to hold a fireworks show to the Cappies, who seek to defy him by setting up their own light and float parade. When the festival commences, King Dedede sends Sasuke after Kirby in a robotic suit made to resemble a Dedede float, and after a lengthy battle, Sasuke is defeated by Kirby and Dedede is crushed by a falling rocket. "I'm the King of Dream Land and I dreamed up this here shin-dig, so you losers can either show up or ship out!"
The Pillow Case
E14 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede is given a set of nightmare-inducing pillows from N.M.E. and instructed to distribute them to the Dream Landers, which he does using Channel DDD to promote them. Curious to see if the pillows work as described, Dedede decides to try one out for himself, and is subsequently possessed along with the others to try and get rid of Kirby, but this spell is quickly broken by the light of dawn and Meta Knight revealing the Noddys that were placed in the pillows, which are subsequently scattered. "When you nestle your weary noggin on this magical D-lightful Dreams Pilla', sweet visions of sugar buns will be dancing in your head, right, Kirby?"
(miming a Kirby puppet) "-Uh-huh."
Kirby's Pet Peeve
E15 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede does not appear until halfway in, where he notices Kirby with his Electronic Pet and, growing jealous, plots to steal the toy from Kirby for himself. After stealing the toy, however, King Dedede learns of its power when the Electronic Pet breaks out of its cage and tries to reunite with Kirby. Despite this, Dedede sends his Waddle Dees to try and reclaim the robot. When the Electronic Pet is about to self-destruct (having initially been made to destroy Kirby), it instead chooses to detonate on Dedede when he swings by to catch it in his net. "That's one of them computer canines! I want one of them, too, where he get it?!"
A Fish Called Kine
E16 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede learns of Kine's crush on Tiff and decides to offer the sunfish a deal, to grant him the means to meet up with Tiff on land in exchange for the secret location of the rainbow coral reef, which Dedede intends to demolish in order to build an underwater resort. Later on, the others learn of this deal, and plan to stop Dedede, who is in the process of demolishing the reef in a submarine with extendable arms. After a brief struggle, Kirby manages to defeat Dedede using the Tornado ability, and the King is subsequently chased off by Joe the shark. "I know folks say that opposites attract, but I never saw a couple that was this opposite!"
The Thing About the Ring
E17 King Dedede.png
Primary character After learning of the ring that everyone in Dream Land is attempting to recover, King Dedede decides to order the monster Honker Stomper in order to attempt to claim the ring for himself, along with all the other jewelry in the kingdom. When Honker Stomper is thwarted by Kirby and his friends, King Dedede punishes the monster by whacking him far into the distance using his hammer. "Stick a sock in it, slug-mug! We gotta find out why today's so special!"
Flower Power
E18 King Dedede.png
Secondary character In this episode, King Dedede tricks Kirby into inhaling a Noddy, causing Kirby to fall into a coma. Later on, King Dedede elaborates on how this was part of a plan to get Kirby and his friends eaten by the Pukey Flower in Babagahara, though Dedede himself plays no further role in the episode. "Heh! Looks like Kirby's all conked out!" This is the first episode where King Dedede is not a leading character in the plot.
Here Comes the Son
E19 King Dedede.png
Secondary character In this episode, King Dedede is attacked by Knuckle Joe, and after learning of the kid's intentions, directs him toward Kirby. From there, King Dedede largely stands to the side as he watches the remaining events play out. "Sorry to interrupt your snack, but we got a surprise for you!"
Dedede's Snow Job
E20 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede orders the monster Ice Dragon in order to counteract the intense summer heat, turning tropical Dream Land into a winter paradise in the process. While outwardly running a ski resort, in the new climate, King Dedede secretly sends out another monster called Chilly to befriend and then betray Kirby by trying to get him killed, but this ultimately fails, and Chilly turns coat and becomes Kirby's friend, helping him defeat the Ice Dragon. Upon the monster's defeat, King Dedede and Escargoon are showered in ice, and they are later seen snoozing in a puddle when the climate returns to tropical summer. "This weather ain't gonna be done with 'til Kirby's on ice, but Chilly's too much of a chump to do it!"
A Princess in Dis-Dress
E21 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede learns that a princess from another planet will be visiting his world for ambassadorial purposes, and decides he must marry her. After several failed attempts to woo the princess Rona, Dedede is told off by her commander Vee, who is disgusted by the King's behavior. Not knowing that Vee and Rona have in fact switched roles, King Dedede challenges the "commander" to a sword duel, but she beats him soundly. Enraged at this, Dedede sends out the monster Susshi to kill her, but Kirby steps in and helps Rona defeat the monster, leaving Dedede laying under a pile of sushi cut from the monster's tail, thoroughly humiliated. (singing) "I wanna make you miiiine! Oh yeeeah, babyyy! How's about we get hitched, honey?"
Island of the Lost Warrior
E22 King Dedede.png
Secondary character More than halfway through this episode's runtime, it is revealed that King Dedede was responsible for stranding Kirby and his friends on the titular island by using the monster Tornadon to blow them out to sea. At this point, Dedede and Escargoon show up on the island via a landing craft carrying their Armored Vehicle in order to finish the job, sending Tornadon after Kirby and his friends once more. Kirby later defeats this monster using the Tornado ability and throws Dedede and Escargoon out to sea, where they are chased off by a pack of Joes. "We'll stuff that little pink turkey and mash him like a potato!"
The Empty Nest Mess
E23 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede attempts to steal the Dyna Chick in order to turn it into a monster using Escargoon's insta-monster mixture, but botches the attempt, causing the chick to become lost in the countryside. As Dyna Blade searches furious for her chick, Dedede later recaptures it from Kirby and his friends, who have to move quickly to the castle to stop the operation from being carried out. They arrive just in time to knock away the syringe that would have injected the chick with the formula, and Dyna Blade proceeds to punish King Dedede and Escargoon by dropping them from a great height. "This is all your fault, and if I don't survive, you're fired!"
Ninja Binge
E24 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, when King Dedede learns of the ninja scroll held by Professor Curio, he swaps it out with a fake scroll obtained from Gangu in an attempt to hoard the "secret ninja knowledge" for himself, but doesn't get very far with this idea before the scroll is reclaimed by its rightful owner Benikage. Despite the scroll actually being that ninja's failed report card, Dedede hires another ninja called Yamikage to go and retrieve the scroll, but this ultimately fails when Kirby defeats this foe using the Ninja ability. "Bunch of juvenile delinquencies!"
Escargoon Rules
E25 King Dedede.png
Primary character Halfway into the proceedings of this episode, King Dedede nearly blows Escargoon's ruse to his mother when their "royal" procession arrives at the castle, but Tiff convinces Dedede to play along for the moment. However, as the event proceeds, Dedede becomes fed up with the farce and proceeds to humiliate his "king", and then send an army of Drifters to attack everyone in attendance. Kirby steps in and defeats the Drifters using the Parasol ability, then punishes King Dedede by tossing him into a fireworks cannon using the Circus Throw technique. After being launched into the sky, King Dedede tries to follow Kirby's example by opening up his last Drifter for a gentle descent, but the drifter catches fire from the fireworks around them, and Dedede plummets ungracefully out of the castle grounds. "I ain't no gesture!" King Dedede is trying to say "jester".
Hour of the WolfWrath
E26 King Dedede.png
Secondary character In this episode, King Dedede orders the monster WolfWrath from Night Mare Enterprises in order to once again try to get rid of Kirby. In the process, the monster proceeds to wreck the castle, as Dedede tries his best to ignore the issue while watching the monster do its work. Eventually, he is forced to let the monster escape before his castle goes up in flames, where it is subsequently hunted down by Kirby and his friends. "I don't care nothin' about its temperature! All I want it to do is get rid of that pink pest Kirby!"
The Flower Plot
E27 King Dedede.png
Primary character After learning of Whispy Woods' infatuation for a small flower in his grove named Lovely, King Dedede hatches a scheme to steal the flower and secretly turn it into a monster before having it returned to him. After successfully pulling this off, King Dedede later arrives at the scene in the forest when Whispy Woods is succumbing to Lovely's draining embrace and prepares to finish the old tree off, but Kirby steps in and stops Dedede by spitting the volley from Dedede's cannon back at him. He is not seen again for the remainder of the episode. "You're through, Whispy Woods! I'm flattening your forest once and for good this's I can finally build my very own deluxe country club!"
Labor Daze
E28 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede orders a factory kit from N.M.E. and proceeds to "industrialize" Dream Land, tricking the residents of Cappy Town into becoming mind-controlled factory laborers. In the process, they end up building for him an Ice Dragon Robot, which is eventually stopped by Kirby when he uses the Ice Ability to critically damage the factory's main boiler, destroying the facility and the monster. *laughs* "Look at em' simpletons stampede!"
A Spice Odyssey
E29 King Dedede.png
Primary character After becoming fed up with Chef Kawasaki's lackluster cooking, King Dedede decides to order the chef monster Monsieur Goan to establish a rival restaurant in town with the express purpose of forcing Kawasaki to close his business, in addition to providing him with an opportunity to get rid of Kirby. After a lengthy spice war and an attempt to mind control the Cappies using pink sorbet, this scheme ultimately fails when Chef Kawasaki helps Kirby defeat the monster chef and burn down his restaurant. King Dedede and Escargoon are later publicly punished by the townsfolk, who force the two to eat Kawasaki's Superspicy Curry. "Kawasaki, ain't you got nothin' digestion-able in this here dump?!"
Hatch Me If You Can
E30 King Dedede.png
Secondary character In this episode, King Dedede hatches a scheme to plant a monster egg in Kirby's nest to trick the pink puffball into believing it to he his, and then, after the baby Galbo hatches and Kirby becomes attached to the creature, Dedede follows this up by calling the mother Galbo in from N.M.E. and sending it after Kirby, who would be hesitant to fight the beast that resembles his "baby". Despite being the main driver of the conflict, Dedede himself is not present for most of the proceedings. "Well lookie here! Little Miss Brainy's got 'er nose stuck inside another book!"
Abusement Park
E31 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede turns his castle into an amusement park and invites everyone to come and attend. Using this even as cover, he then directs Kirby and his friends into a series of dangerous rides designed to dispatch them, but these rides end up failing. Learning of this, King Dedede proceeds to a different plan, wherein he holds a karaoke contest and has Kirby teleported straight to eNeMeE's Fortress when he takes the "stage". This plan nearly succeeds, but Mike Kirby's singing defeats all the monsters waiting to gang up on him on the other side of the portal and forces the N.M.E. Sales Guy to send Kirby back before he brings the whole fortress down. King Dedede and the others are left to face Mike Kirby's singing, which causes the castle to collapse into a pile of rubble. King Dedede and Escargoon proceed to run away from Kirby, to get away from any more of the pink puffball's singing. "When Kirby takes the stage, he'll be singin' the blues!"
A Dental Dilemma
E32 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede taunts Escargoon while he is forced to go to Doctor Yabui's to get a root canal done. Later on, King Dedede himself ends up with severe tooth decay and Escargoon, relishing the irony, has Dedede chained up and forced to go to Yabui's for a similar procedure. Before Yabui can get to work, however, Dedede bails out of the clinic after swallowing an entire jar of pain relief pills. When these wear off, King Dedede resorts to calling in a dentist monster from N.M.E. called Hardy, but when the King learns that the monster operates "without anesthetic", Dedede panics and runs from his dentist again. Hardy is ultimately defeated by Kirby before Dedede can have any work done on his teeth, forcing him to return to Yabui and endure his dentistry instead. "I'd rather dive head-first into the Booma-Dooma Volcano!"
Junk Jam
E33 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede and his subjects are left to deal with a large pile of garbage left in the kingdom by an unknown litterer, who try to foist the responsibility for cleaning it up on each-other. Later on, when the trash continues to accumulate and bury the kingdom, Dedede learns that N.M.E. designated Dream Land as an intergalactic dumping site due to the King's unwillingness to pay his bills. To counteract this, King Dedede hacks into N.M.E.'s monster delivery system to obtain the monster Fire Lion, who he orders to burn up all the garbage. After Kirby takes care of the monster and Tiff takes care of the aliens who were dumping the trash, King Dedede attempts to take credit for solving the trash problem, but to no fanfare. "We gonna hack into their system and get a trash burnin' monster!"
A Recipe for Disaster
E34 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede learns that the real Chef Shiitake is visiting Dream Land, and invites the famous chef to his castle to host a cooking show, with many of the Dream Landers attending the studio. After a misunderstanding between Kawasaki and Shiitake involving a food additive Shiitake brought to his student, Kirby ends up swallowing this additive and is drugged into thinking everyone around him is food, thus threatening to eat everyone in attendance including King Dedede, who Kirby sees as a big roast turkey. Dedede calls N.M.E. for an emergency monster to stop Kirby, which succeeds at snapping the pink puffball back to reality, but he still later defeats the monster using the Cook Ability, leaving King Dedede to sulk over how much money he just wasted. "I paid Night Mare Enterprises a heap a' money so they could send me a heap a' popcorn?!"
The Kirby Derby - Part I
E35 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede obtains a new Royal Racecar from N.M.E. to replace his old Armored Vehicle. Enamored with his new car, he challenges Kirby and others to a Grand Prix race around Dream Land, where Dedede intends to use several dirty tricks to do Kirby in. Despite the clear danger, Kirby joins the race on Meta Knight's insistence, and the contestants line up at the starting line on the big day. After the race begins, Dedede predictably starts to attack Kirby and the others using various weapons from his vehicle along with traps set on the road, which leads into the next episode. "Good! This here car's exactly what I need to put my plan into overdrive!"
The Kirby Derby - Part II
E36 King Dedede.png
Primary character Following from the previous episode, King Dedede continues to race against Kirby and the other Dream Landers in his Royal Racecar, and tries on several occasions to sabotage or attack them using various means. Eventually, all of these methods fail, and Dedede is ultimately taken out of the race by Wheel Kirby, who wrecks his car in the process of overtaking him. After the race concludes, Dedede tries to salvage his reputation by challenging the victors Mayor Len and Hana to a rematch, but Kirby humiliates him accidentally when he splashes champagne on his wrecked car, causing it to fall to pieces. "Looks like we ain't been playin' dirty enough!"
Watermelon Felon
E37 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede hatches an elaborate scheme to frame Kirby for a number of crimes which the pink puffball did not actually commit, and through a blitz of propaganda, nearly succeeds in turning public opinion against Kirby. This ultimately fails when Kirby's friends counter by distributing newspapers that exonerate him, and Dedede tries to keep the pressure on when he sends out his own newspapers, which turn out to be mostly advertisements. Sick of Dedede's spam newspapers, the town turns on him and has Kirby "return" all of Dedede's papers to him, flooding the castle in the process. King Dedede then sends all these papers through the monster delivery system to N.M.E. to try and get rid of them. "Oh yeah? Well I demand you quit your yackin'!"
A Novel Approach
E38 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede tries to get involved with his subjects' obsession with a new fantasy book, but is foiled by his inability to read. To try and cover this embarrassing fact up and to spite the townsfolk, he steals all their copies of the book and then lures the people to his castle, where he claims to have gotten the book's author to come visit and turn Castle Dedede into a magic school. This turns out to be a trap to try and dispatch Kirby, which fails when Kirby gains the Cleaning ability and uses it to defeat the monster that was impersonating the author. When the real author shows up, Dedede tries to sweep his actions under the rug and get her autograph, but he accidentally reveals his inability to read to the whole town when he is unable to decipher the signature he receives. "Course I know how to read, you dummy! I learned how to 'fore I got expelled from kindergarten!"
E39 King Dedede.png
Secondary character In this episode, as a result of Erasem's influence, King Dedede forgets who Escargoon is and angrily evicts his snail assistant from the castle. Later on, Dedede is looking through some old photos and finds Escargoon in several of them. Confused and outraged, he calls up N.M.E. to explain the situation, having forgotten about the monster he'd ordered. Near the end of the episode, after Erasem is ejected from Escargoon's body, King Dedede immediately remembers who Escargoon is and joins in the chase after the monster before it gets away, only for it to end up inside Kirby. The episode ends as everyone, including Dedede, immediately forget who Kirby is. *laughs* "I sure am Dede-delightful-lookin'! I bet I could even be one of them stupor-models!" King Dedede is attempting to say "supermodel".
Monster Management
E40 King Dedede.png
Secondary character In this episode, King Dedede is shocked to learn of monsters pouring out of the delivery system without his approval, and learns that Knuckle Joe has been hired on by N.M.E. as part of a new marketing strategy. From this point onward, Dedede takes a backseat role as Knuckle Joe steps in to direct these monsters, and then the giant Masher to attack Kirby, only later to reveal his true intentions and help Kirby defeat Masher. King Dedede is left to sulk as he realizes all these monsters will be added to his bill. "So this here Masher's real strong, huh?"
Prediction Predicament - Part I
E41 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede has a nightmare about a giant demonic version of Kirby engulfing him in flames, and proceeds to develop an intense fear of the pink puffball. In desperation, he heads to Mabel's parlor to get his nightmare interpreted, but she uses the opportunity to pressure the King into building a playground for the Cappy children, as he had apparently promised to do in the past. Rejecting this, Dedede returns to the castle and endeavors to try and never fall asleep again, so he can avoid having that same nightmare a second time, but this fails. As a last resort, he calls for an ice monster from N.M.E. called Fridgy to try and counteract his fiery vision of Kirby, but seeing Fire Kirby defeat this monster only appears to confirm his nightmarish portent. Mabel snaps Dedede out of his paranoia by showing him through the royal observatory a red star that had recently appeared in the sky, which she claims is the true source of his nightmare. She warns him that the star will crash into Dream Land if he does not meet his obligations to the townsfolk, but Dedede predictably brushes her off, merely glad to know that Kirby is not the source of his nightmare, finally able to get some peaceful sleep. "Quiet! Can't you see she's crystallizin'?"
Prediction Predicament - Part II
E42 King Dedede.png
Primary character Following from the previous episode, the star that Mabel warned King Dedede about proceeds to head toward Dream Land. As this is happening, Dedede reveals a new construction in Cappy Town which the villagers had hoped would be the playground he promised, but instead turns out to be a giant golden statue of himself, which abhors the townsfolk. Mabel once again berates Dedede for his hubris, and warns him of the approaching red star. Dedede at first denies this threat, but later comes to accept it when the star outgrows the Sun in apparent size in the sky. Accepting his fate along with most of the remaining Dream Landers, he proceeds to roller skate through the castle along with an unwilling Escargoon, who the King had pressured into staying. Later on, King Dedede - after initially denying any wrongdoing he may have enacted in his life - comes to accept that the statue he built earlier was not the right thing to do, and, to clear his conscience before the end of the world, has it demolished so he can build the playground as he'd promised. Moments before the star is set to crash into Dream Land, King Dedede takes Kirby to see the playground he had built, and the two have a sentimental moment on the swings shortly before being picked up by intense winds caused by the approaching star. While being flung around in the air, Dedede tries to keep hold of Kirby, but is separated from him, and later ends up hanging by his overcoat from the tallest spire of the castle. When Kirby manages to successfully redirect the star before it crashes, it briefly flies just above the castle, coming just close enough to Dedede to singe him before departing. As the danger passes, the townsfolk are left to laugh at Dedede for his hubris, as Mabel's prediction had come true in a sense. *singing* "Swing away...swing away. Save your cares f'another day. Save 'em for another day..."
E43 King Dedede.png
Secondary character In this episode, King Dedede seeks to take one of Mayor Len's sheep to make into a barbecue, and in the process helps exacerbate the idea that Tiff has gone crazy when she notices the sheep starting to turn hostile. Later on, when the entire kingdom is overrun by the sheep, led by the sheep monster Amon, King Dedede plays along with the takeover in order to gain an opportunity to have his sheep barbecue. When Amon learns of the King's true intentions, he personally buts Dedede out of the castle and the episode. "This ain't what it looks like!" *nervous laughter as he holds a fork and knife*
War of the Woods
E44 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede plots to cut down Acore, but is stopped by the animals of the Eastern Forest who make the old tree their home. Later on, Dedede takes advantage of a misunderstanding between those same animals and the kid of Dream Land which forces the animals to run off for the moment, and proceeds to move in to try and cut the tree down again. This time, however, he is stopped by Cutter Kirby, but tries one more time by flooding the forest. This too fails, and Dedede is driven out of the forest for a third time. "We've been Dedede-vided!"
Scare Tactics - Part I
E45 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede invites himself into the "spook-out" being thrown by the Cappies in order to one-up them by scaring them all. When Tiff and her friends learn of this interloping, they hatch their own plan to give Dedede a taste of his own medicine and scare him and Escargoon away. "I ain't gonna give up this here scheme 'til I turn them turkeys into chickens!"
Scare Tactics - Part II
E46 King Dedede.png
Primary character Following the events of the previous episode, King Dedede and Escargoon follow Kirby and his friends into the haunted mansion they found in the graveyard, which is later revealed to have been planted there by Night Mare Enterprises as a trap for Kirby. Though not initially privy to the plan and themselves being tormented by the mansion for a while, King Dedede and Escargoon agree to act as bait to lure Kirby and his friends into the basement of the mansion where they intend to have Kirby teleported to eNeMeE's Fortress once again. When this fails, King Dedede tries to escape the mansion after Fire Kirby sets it alight, but fails, and later on only exits the mansion covered in soot after it had burned down. Instead of further threatening Kirby and his friends, he and Escargoon fall asleep from exhaustion as day breaks. "I'll just imagine how my subjects must feel!"
Pink-Collar Blues
E47 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede grows frustrated with his Waddle Dees when they do not perform as he wishes, and decides to try and get a head count of them to determine how much they may be costing him. Though he does not get an exact number, he nonetheless decides to replace his Waddle Dees with a servant robot from N.M.E. to cut down on labor cost, and subsequently evicts all of the Waddle Dees from the castle. This later backfires when Dedede learns that the robot had been secretly stealing all objects of value from the castle and sending them back to N.M.E. in order to forcefully collect his overdue payments. When Dedede tries to stop this, he is subdued by the robot, prompting Kirby and the Waddle Dees to rush back to the castle and help him. They defeat the robot, and a humbled King Dedede decides to re-hire them all as thanks for doing this and safeguarding his treasury. "Listen, Waddle Doo! I've decided to forgive you for quittin' your job!"
Tourist Trap
E48 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede hatches a scheme to make Dream Land into an intergalactic tourist destination in order to drum up revenue for his ailing kingdom. In the process, he sets up a tour guide and the tourists proceed to litter and vandalize important locations in the kingdom. After the tourists complain about how boring the tour is, despite being tossed off a mountainside by Dyna Blade during the proceedings, Dedede decides to spice things up by throwing the monster Flame Feeder at them. Kirby is left to deal with this monster using the Ice ability, which turns out to be the only thing the tourists end up appreciating about their trip. Dedede is ultimately rejected by N.M.E. to continue offering tour packages to Dream Land when the reviews come in. "Let them folks toss away. It's free money!"
Cartoon Buffoon
E49 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede plots to generate revenue by starting up an animated television series to be broadcasted on N.M.E.'s intergalactic network. In order to produce the show, he hires everyone in town to help him create the cartoon in a tight production schedule, and continually buts heads with Tiff about what the cartoon should be about, ultimately in the end sabotaging her efforts to make the story be about Kirby. When the cartoon is set to air, Dedede and Escargoon initially gloat about their successful hijacking of the show's plot and proceed to voice their indulgent self-insert characters, but soon turn to despair as the cartoon's low production value starts to dog the airing, culminating with the film burning on the reel after Kirby's particularly crude contributions are shown. Dedede is left indebted to N.M.E. when they point out in the contract that the show had to be "of professional quality". Dedede is subsequently forced to produce more episodes of the show without the town's help as part of the payment. "Kinda stuffy in here! Hey, where am I? Heh heh heh! I am a super Star Warrior! Heh!"
Don't Bank on It
E50 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, Dedede hatches a particularly convoluted scheme to raise revenue by distributing Dedede Dolls to the townsfolk. Using a form of mind control through these dolls, he compels the townsfolk to deposit money into the dolls in their sleep, and when they wake up, the townsfolk believe that money had appeared in the doll. Later on, Dedede opens up a bank and convinces the people to deposit the money from their dolls into his vaults, with the intent of simply stealing the money given to him. Due to Dedede's repeated sleepless nights in his attempts to perform the mind control, however, he grows delirious and spiteful, and takes his anger out the following night by compelling the Dedede Dolls to attack his subjects. This causes them to turn on the idea of the dolls and the bank, and they withdraw all their money before Dedede can get to it. Dedede shortly thereafter learns to his horror that any violence visited upon the Dedede Dolls will be done to him as well, and starts to feel the effect of this immediately when Kirby starts to play with his doll. Dedede tries to retaliate by having the doll attack Kirby, but this ultimately leads Kirby to inhale the doll, causing Dedede in turn to be stranded in Kirby's stomach dimension. "Dedede is tired! I ain't gettin' no rest! If I can't sleep, then neither can you fools! WAKE UP!"
Kirby Takes the Cake
E51 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede is led to believe by Escargoon that the Cappies are plotting a rebellion, when in fact, they are planning to celebrate Kirby's 1st year in Dream Land. Dedede does not learn this until after placing an advance order of a monster from N.M.E. and then breaking up the assembled Cappies in the town plaza and ruining their decorations with fire hoses. After being sufficiently shamed by the Cappies, Dedede decides he'll instead one-up them by giving Kirby the best present of all, having apparently forgotten about the monster he ordered. Dedede later inadvertently delivers the monster to Kirby's party, disguised as a giant cake. After Kirby defeats the monster, King Dedede and Escargoon are punished by their own soldiers for crashing Kirby's party and are launched out of a cannon. "Wait 'til them Cappies get a load of the icin' on this cake!"
Snack Attack - Part I
E52 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede jumps into the latest craze sweeping through Cappy Town involving collecting toy figures inside chocolate capsules. In the process, he uses armed force to try and confiscate all of the capsules from Gangu's store, and later attempts to steal one of the Cappy kids' rare figures, only to end up jailed by Chief Bookem for the act. After being let out of jail early due to being too much of a burden on Bookem to keep locked up, Dedede hatches a plan to get revenge on the Cappies by selling his own line of choco-capsule figures, this time with monster toys inside, which later come to life and cause havoc in town. "You liar! You gonna keep it for yourself! I bet you was stakin' out that house hopin' for a robber to come along!"
Snack Attack - Part II
E53 King Dedede.png
Primary character Following from the story of the previous episode, King Dedede issues a challenge to Kirby, saying he will call off the monsters attacking Dream Land if Kirby agrees to duel his five most powerful toy figures in a public coliseum setting. Kirby agrees to the fight, and manages to best each of the toys using the Fighter ability, foiling Dedede's plans in the process and leaving him with a load of capsules that he cannot sell. "I'll never collect nothin' again!"
One Crazy Knight
E54 King Dedede.png
Secondary character In this episode, King Dedede gets involved in the antics of the visiting knight Sir Gallant when the crazy knight attacks his Royal Racecar and forces it to crash. Later on, Dedede and Escargoon learn of the Sir Gallant comic books and decide to get their revenge on the cosplaying knight by ordering the monster Windwhipper to subdue him and break his spirit. After this point, King Dedede is not seen for the remainder of the episode. "Your comic book fantasy is over, Sir Phony!"
Sweet and Sour Puss
E55 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, a monster called Togeira implants itself inside King Dedede's head and starts to siphon away his anger, causing Dedede to become totally passive. The other Dream Landers are incredulous at this drastic change of character, not knowing what is causing it, and test Dedede's sincerity by subjecting him to all manner of punishment, to which the King reacts only with sedate forgiveness. To celebrate the King's total change of character, the Cappies host a party for him at his castle, though they still insist on whacking the King about the head with hammers and subjecting him to Chef Kawasaki's worst meals to further test his sincerity. This eventually backfires as the monster in Dedede's head reaches its limit and explodes out of him to attack everyone. After Kirby deals with the monster, King Dedede returns to his usual self and proceeds to get revenge on Escargoon, who had in particular exploited the King's passivity to punish him. "When your neighbor does you a bad turn, don't go get mad at 'im! Instead of losing your temper, show a little kindness in return! Even when they treat ya like a pile of dirty laundry, or paint your face, or kick your limo, or play jokes on ya, tell 'em you forgive 'em, and soon, the love in your heart will make the world as sunny as a flower garden!"
Dedede's Pet Threat
E56 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede orders four pet Scarfies and proceeds to spoil them rotten by feeding them far too much. His infatuation with his pets soon wears off, however, and Dedede decides to abandon them in the woods after realizing how much they were costing him food-wise. A short time later, the Scarfies multiply and run amok, eating whatever they can come across. When Kirby leads them back to Castle Dedede to try and escape them, King Dedede remembers the shipments of snacks that came with the Scarfies and, thinking those might calm them down, feeds the Scarfies the bones, but these only cause the Scarfies to turn fully into monsters. Kirby is left to pacify the Scarfies using the Hammer ability, and Dedede is forced to reckon with them. He tries to sell them all back to N.M.E., but part of his contract stated that they could not take the Scarfies back if they'd multiplied, leaving Dedede to deal with the hundreds he now has. "Stay away, you one-eyed Cappy eatin' freaks!"
A Half-Baked Battle
E57 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede is hosting a cooking show where Escargoon and the Waddle Dees are preparing for him a giant custard pie. A microwave mishap causes the pie to be launched from the oven straight at King Dedede, causing everyone watching to laugh at the King's misfortune. Furious at this humiliation, King Dedede declares a pie war on everyone in Dream Land, and initiates a battle in Cappy Town, but is frustrated when Kirby only ends up eating all the pies thrown his way. To counteract this, King Dedede orders the monster Belly Buster, whose pies are so disgusting that even Kirby will not eat them. This seems to work at first, but when everyone starts to complain about how nasty the pies are, Belly Buster grows furious at the insult and proceeds to engulf Dedede, Escargoon, and Kirby within itself, intent on digesting them. Not wanting to suffer this fate, King Dedede gives Kirby a bomb so he can use the Bomb ability to get them all out. After Belly Buster's defeat, King Dedede and Escargoon are left to plummet into the thick layers of custard on the ground for one last humiliation. "Ah! That's three more! That makes four "poyos": A four-pie offense!"
eNeMeE Elementary
E58 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede becomes outraged when the children of Dream Land vandalize his castle walls, and in response, seeks to civilize them by setting up a formal elementary school in the kingdom, the blueprints and materials of which were sent by N.M.E. The Cappies agree to send their kids to this new school in the spirit of educating them, but it soon becomes clear that Dedede is intent on punishing the students (Kirby in particular) rather than teaching them, using a mind-controlling teacher's cap to make anyone who wears it into an abusive instructor. As this continues, Tiff eventually uncovers the plot, and after Kirby defeats the monster which emerges from the teacher's cap, the school is destroyed, sending King Dedede and Escargoon flying away in the blast. *chuckles* "Must be the spirit of creativi-tude takin' over!"
The Meal Moocher
E59 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede discovers that Kirby is being invited to the Cappies' houses for free meals and grows jealous, having been subsisting on cup ramen in the meantime. To rectify this, King Dedede hatches a scheme to start a television program where he visits the homes of various Cappies and incentivizes them to make him an exquisite meal in exchange for a potential cash prize, which he uncharacteristically actually follows through with after each visit. This causes the royal treasury to deplete rapidly, resulting in Escargoon sabotaging one of the meals in order to preserve his own salary, but King Dedede finds out what Escargoon did and punishes him by forcing him to swallow the same ultra-spicy powder that Escargoon had sabotaged the meal with. Still craving the crab dinner that was denied to him, King Dedede orders one from N.M.E., which naturally turns out to be a giant monster that wants to eat Dedede instead. Kirby steps in and uses the Cook ability to cook the monster to perfection, but at this point, Dedede has no more interest in such things, and settles back into his old eating habits, leaving Kirby the crab. "I've had it with all this fancy food! I'm gonna go grab myself a hamburger!"
Crusade for the Blade
E60 King Dedede.png
Secondary character In this episode, King Dedede is not the main threat to Dream Land, instead being among those attacked by the vengeance-driven alien warrior Sirica who is looking for Meta Knight. After she wrecks the castle, King Dedede reports the situation to N.M.E., who sends him the monster Kirisakin to clean up the invader. Dedede is not seen again for the rest of the episode after this point. "Wake up, y'all! We got an emergency! Close up them gates and head for your battle stations! We got a war on here! Hey Meta Knight! Get the lead out, you helmet head! Do some defendin' or somethin'!"
Fitness Fiend
E61 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede orders several boxes of potato chips from N.M.E. which were intended to be fed to Kirby in order to make the pink puffball balloon into morbid obesity. However, King Dedede soon finds he cannot resist these chips, and in addition to fattening up Kirby, himself becomes bloated to several times his own size. Escargoon intervenes and takes King Dedede to Doctor Yabui to be looked at, his procession to the clinic requiring many Waddle Dees to cary him and making the ordeal a public spectacle. Yabui concludes that Dedede must not eat any more chips or he will suffer a heart attack, but Dedede starts to go into withdrawal and demands a quicker solution. To fix him up, N.M.E. sends the monster Max Flexer, who subjects both Kirby and Dedede to a torturous dance and fitness program. Although this program is cut short by Kirby when he uses the Mike ability to defeat Max Flexer and destroy Castle Dedede as a side-effect, Dedede does somehow manage to return to his original size, though he must soon escape from Kirby's continued singing. "Don't you laugh at me! I'm a chip-a-holic!"
Mabel Turns the Tables
E62 King Dedede.png
Secondary character In this episode, King Dedede enlists Mabel to participate in a new Channel DDD program where Mabel gives the viewers fortunes which, through a series of contrivances, end up coming true, causing everyone in the kingdom, Dedede included, to start to believe that Mabel has genuine clairvoyant powers. Getting annoyed by the way the townsfolk start to treat her, Mabel hatches a scheme to trick Dedede and everyone else into believing that Dream Land is about to be destroyed, and urges them to follow her to the sea, where Kirby helps her part the water as part of the spectacle. At this moment, Mabel berates everyone for being so superstitious and reveals the ruse. Dedede is outraged at this, and tries to attack Mabel, but Kirby stops him and tosses him about using the Tornado ability. "Ah! Why'd I ever go into the television business?!"
Something to Sneeze At
E63 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, a seasonal cold sweeps through Dream Land, but King Dedede ends up not getting sick. He gloats about this at first, but an annoyed Escargoon decides to play a prank on Dedede by convincing him that only smart people can catch the cold, implying that Dedede would be proven an idiot if he did not catch it. This misunderstanding is capitalized upon by the N.M.E. Sales Guy, who uses it to sell King Dedede some Head Cold Monsters in order to make the king sick, thus validating his mistaken belief. After his initial joviality at catching the cold, however, Dedede wishes for it to end, and demands N.M.E. send him a cure. Instead, they send him a shrink ray and instruct Dedede to use it on Kirby and then swallow the pink puffball so that Kirby can inhale all the bugs from within Dedede's body. He follows through with this, and the plan nearly works, but Dedede accidentally sneezes Kirby out of his body and ends up retaining the virus, having to work through his cold the hard way after everyone else had already gotten over it. "You can't blackmail me! It don't matter how much I owe cause I ain't never payin' it back anyhow!"
The Kirby Quiz
E64 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede and Escargoon host a quiz show along with the N.M.E. Sales Guy to celebrate the new year, and participate as one of the contestant teams. Later on, after their team starts to fall behind, Dedede and Escargoon attempt to cheat at their own show. After this is revealed, the Sales Guy disqualifies them, though he does offer a "consolation prize" to them, which is revealed to be having Dedede and Escargoon launched from a fireworks cone. "Here it is! A spankin' new year! Who knows, maybe this year, I'll turn over a new leaf and treat folks more nice-like!"
Masher 2.0
E65 King Dedede.png
Secondary character In this episode, King Dedede is not directly involved with the proceedings, but he and Escargoon momentarily get hold of Knuckle Joe's locket and discover the microchip inside that was left behind by Knuckle Joe's father for his son. Escargoon decodes the chip and learns that it contains schematics to build a power amplification gauntlet, and after building this gauntlet, the two learn that it can only be powered by a sufficient gemstone. Dedede gets the idea to steal Escargoon's secret jewelry collection to see if any of the gems therein would work, but ultimately, the gauntlet, locket, the gems are stolen by Tuff and Fololo & Falala in order to help Knuckle Joe defeat Masher 2.0. "We could turn harmless critters into super bad monsters!"
The Chill Factor
E66 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede and the rest of the kingdom are greeted by unusually cold weather, similar to the events of Dedede's Snow Job, but this time, the King is not responsible. Later on, it is revealed that the weather is being caused by a tribe of wandering Pengys who have a giant air conditioner installed in their iceberg, offsetting the climate. When Tiff and her friends threaten to uncover this plot to keep Dream Land permanently frozen over, the Pengys reveal their true intentions and forcefully take over the kingdom, dethroning King Dedede and forcing him into a humiliating janitor role instead. When Kirby and company manage to escape their captivity and enter the castle, they regroup with Dedede and confront Master Pengy in the throne room, but the battle does not go well at first. Dedede decides to contact N.M.E. and have them send something to deal with the situation, but since he cannot afford a monster, they just send him some super hot sauce, which Kirby uses to make the Booma Dooma Volcano erupt and restore the climate to how it once was, forcing the Pengys to leave. "That little pink pest ain't so bad after all. I oughta ease up on that little meatball."
The School Scam
E67 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede tries for a second time to set up the Dedede Academy, this time inviting three delinquent monster students to do the abusing after they trick Tiff into trying to teach the classes, only for her and Kirby to get roundly abused by the monster students. Dedede and Escargoon take advantage of the situation to smear Tiff as an incompetent teacher. Despite all this, Tiff does not give up, and, after learning some self-defense techniques, teams up with Kirby to take down the monster students, destroying the school in the process and causing Dedede and Escargoon to be launched by the explosion for a second time. "A while back, we celebrated the inauguration of Dream Land's first school: the Dedede Academy. It was dedicated to the noble cause of making all the kiddies behave right! With a little help from Night Mare Enterprises, the school was up and runnin', with lots of classic classes like: how to pitch a pipsqueak, and advanced sledge-hammin'! Things really got rollin' once we got our schoolyard set up. Them brats had loads of fun when I combined gym and detention into one theory! But it all blew up in my face, thanks to that killjoy, Kirby! No matter what I do, that little pink runt wrecks everything!" *bawls*
Delivery Dilemma
E68 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, after learning about Chef Kawasaki's new delivery service, King Dedede orders a bowl of ramen to be delivered to his castle, but Tiff foolishly sends Kirby to do the delivery, and he fails to bring the noodles to Dedede in a timely manner. Stubbornly convinced that his food would arrive at any moment, Dedede waits all night for his delivery, and soon learns of its failure the next day. He decides to order a delivery monster from N.M.E. to get the noodles delivered for him in a jiffy, and hunt down Kirby on the side, but Kirby ultimately defeats this monster using the Jet Ability, and then finally completes his noodle delivery to the King. Given that the noodles are over a day old and have gone stale, however, King Dedede no longer wants them, and lets Kirby have them. "I shoulda' known it was Kirby, that nasty pasta poacher! I'm gonna get me my own delivery dude so there ain't no more mess-up!"
Trick or Trek
E69 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff attempts to host an eco-tour to increase the environmental awareness of the Dream Landers, but King Dedede appropriates the tour in order to gain the cover he needs to survey the woods so he can chop them down and build his country club. As the tour progresses, King Dedede carelessly antagonizes Tiff to the point where she demands control of the tour, and, having already accomplished what he set out to do, complies and lets her lead the tour group away. King Dedede and Escargoon stay behind in order to set up their construction camp, and ensure Tiff's group doesn't catch on by having Dedede dress up as a bear and chase them away. This works, and after finalizing their preparations, King Dedede and Escargoon prepare to set off back to the castle to further their plans, but Dedede's carelessness on a rickety bridge causes the two to plummet into the river below, and they are swept deep into the woods and become lost. While trying to find their way out, Dedede and Escargoon decide to set up a smoke signal to mark their location to the others, but they add too much fuel to it and cause a massive forest fire instead, trapping everyone inside the burning woods. Dedede and Escargoon make a run for it, but are caught dead in their tracks by Whispy Woods, who intends to punish them for their carelessness by holding them fast while the flames engulf them all. Before this can happen, though, Kirby uses the Tornado ability to create a big rainstorm and put out the fires. The others decide to punish Dedede and Escargoon by forcing the two to replant all the trees that were lost. "Yeah, that kid's pricklier than a hive a' hornets!"
Buccaneer Birdy
E70 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede and Escargoon join in the hunt for the treasure rumored to have been buried in Dream Land by a pirate long ago whose bird is claimed to be Tokkori's ancestor. They try to gain an advantage in the hunt by bribing Tokkori and treating him like royalty, but this ends up not working out, since Tokkori has no clue where the treasure is and does not care to find out. After the Cappies learn of the treasure's true location from Kabu, Escargoon relays this information to Dedede, and they take Tokkori to the cave on the coast, beating the others to the treasure room and leaving Tokkori behind after his usefulness had come to an end. Dedede and Escargoon soon uncover the treasure, just as the others rush into the room, and Dedede makes good his escape after distracting everyone with a monster he had ordered in advance. Before they can get away with the treasure, though, they are stopped by a Joe in the water who causes them to accidentally dump most of the treasure into the sea. Dedede and Escargoon try to reclaim it, but Joe drives them away. "Ain't nothin' in the whole world I treasure more than treasure!"
A Whale of a Tale
E71 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, when Dedede learns of a lost whale in Dream Land's harbor, he attempts to capture it using a whaling ship that was initially disguised as a cruise ship, but the whale ends up swallowing the ship whole, stranding everybody inside for a while. While inside the whale, the group learns that the whale's stomach is full of discarded junk, and agree to clean the whale out in exchange for being let go. During this process, King Dedede and Escargoon secretly devise a new vessel and attach it to the whale, gaining control of it using spurs and harnesses. Befpre they can get very far, however, Kirby and Kine manage to locate the whale's mother, who was initially mistaken to be an island due to her massive size. The whale's mother frees her calf and punishes King Dedede by blasting him away. "Listen here, whale! I didn't come all this way just to watch you swimmin', so do some flips, ya hear? Jump, Blubba'!"
Waddle While You Work
E72 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede decides to raise revenue and cut costs by selling off his Waddle Dee servants to the people of Dream Land. Thinking he would never run out of Waddle Dees to sell, he accelerates the pace, eager to collect the earnings from the vending machines he was stuffing them into. However, he later learns that all of the money in the machines was siphoned off directly to N.M.E. to pay down his debt, and he soon discovers that all of his Waddle Dees are now gone. With nobody to look after the castle and everyone else hiding from the King, Dedede becomes disheveled and lonely, soon becoming a wandering bum begging the people of Cappy Town to give him some food, but they all turn him away. Dedede soon grows mad with hunger and attempts to eat the Dyna Chick, which incurs the wrath of Dyna Blade. This danger gets the attention of the Waddle Dees, who rush away from their new owners in order to save him. They all soon return to the castle, but Dedede is punished for his deeds by being forced to pay for his own tea instead of having it served to him. "I never been so low in my whole entire life. I sure do miss my faithful little Waddle Dees! Who'd'a thought I'd miss those little egg-heads so." *weeps*
Dedede's Raw Deal
E73 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, after learning about conveyor belt sushi from the N.M.E. Sales Guy, Dedede gets an idea to convert Kawasaki's restaurant into a revolving sushi bar in order to raise revenue from the townsfolk, turning Kawasaki into an indentured servant in the process. This plan ends up backfiring, however, as nobody wants to pay as much for the sushi as they did on opening day, causing Dedede to fear that he may not be able to make back his investment. He decides to issue a royal decree requiring everyone in the kingdom to eat his revolving sushi and nothing else, and sends the conveyor belt through everyone's homes in order to enforce this. Still, nobody wants to eat the sushi, particularly as it rots while it travels along the miles of conveyor belt in the hot sun, except of course for Kirby who gobbles every plate that comes through his house. Dedede takes advantage of this by placing a Sweet Potato sushi roll on the belt, which causes Kirby to have uncontrollable hiccups when he eats it, leaving him unable to inhale, and thus vulnerable to attack from the monster Squishy that is sent after him. Dedede and Escargoon drive up to watch Kirby get attacked by Squishy, but Kirby soon gets over his hiccups and defeats the beast, leaving King Dedede to bewail his expensive failure. "You'll get a small raise when my investment's paid off. At this rate, that should only take about ten or twenty years!"
Caterpillar Thriller
E74 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede hatches a convoluted scheme to kidnap two twin fairies from a distant island so their giant moth guardian will show up in Dream Land and, by shedding its scales, cause Kirby to have hay fever so he cannot inhale anymore. When Mosugaba shows up in larval form and then spins itself a giant cocoon on Castle Dedede, King Dedede tries to get rid of it by burning the cocoon, but this only ends up accelerating the metamorphosis, turning Mosugaba into its final moth form. As hoped, Kirby does indeed start to sneeze uncontrollably, but so does King Dedede, thus foiling his plans to get the upper hand on Kirby in this moment of weakness. Kirby's friends soon find out about the fairies and return them to Mosugaba so that the passive monster can return home, foiling Dedede's plans. "Come back here, you!" *sneezes* "I can't beat Kirby 'less you stay and turn him into a sneezeball!" *sneezes*
Fossil Fools - Part I
E75 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede becomes obsessed with dinosaurs after a complete fossil skeleton is found by Curio and his team at their dig site. Refusing to believe that dinosaurs have gone "extunct", King Dedede becomes obsessed with trying to convince the people of Dream Land that there are still dinosaurs in the world, but his various schemes (including pounding giant footprints into the road to imitate those of a sauropod) are found out. Dedede then decides he will hire someone from N.M.E. who can make him dinosaurs, and receives Doctor Moro, a mad scientist who sets up a genetics lab in the wilderness of Babagahara and grabs some volunteers from Dream Land to help him, hiding his true motives. Later on, Dedede sets up a dinosaur-based theme park in those same woods and invites everyone in the kingdom to participate. He grabs many of the most prominent characters, including Kirby and his friends for a boat ride down the Babagahara river, where they are all soon attacked by creatures that resemble dinosaurs but also have the appearance of some of the characters, implying some horrific genetic splicing. "It feels just like we livin' in pre-hysterical times![sic]"
Fossil Fools - Part II
E76 King Dedede.png
Primary character This episode follows from the previous one as Dedede and his boat crew are soon attacked by the Chimera Dinosaurs created by Doctor Moro. After a short time, the group is separated into smaller teams, and Dedede and Escargoon soon find their way to Doctor Moro's laboratory, where they are shown by the doctor the results of his work. Dedede and Escargoon then agree to help Moro get a sample of Kirby's DNA so they can create the ultimate hybrid, the Kirby-saurus. This succeeds, and soon the Kirby-saurus appears alongside the monster Moro and the remaining dinosaurs in order to devour the tour group, but Kirby manages to defeat all of them using the Crash ability, reducing the dinosaurs to fossils and vaporizing the doctor. Seeing these remains, King Dedede tries to cut his losses by claiming the fossils to make an exhibit with. "Escar-saurus sure is a dino-wimp I'd say!"
Dedede's Monsterpiece
E77 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, Dedede learns of potentially seditious activity taking place in Cappy Town, and attempts to suppress the people with fire hoses, when in reality they were just trying to make paintings and drawings. When the people accuse Dedede of being a brute who doesn't appreciate the arts, he attempts to prove them wrong by setting up an art museum, but when it's pointed out that the museum is empty, he invites the people to submit their art to be displayed in the museum. Later on, however, he decides to one-up the Cappies instead by ordering alien art from N.M.E. for exhibition. When he reveals this art in his museum, Tiff is captivated by the pieces, but Dedede finds them to be disgusting and abhorrent, instead directing the people to his own painting, which is so shoddy that they all mock him openly for it. Enraged at this, King Dedede orders the monster Paint Roller to come to the museum and vandalize all the alien art so that it resembles him and Escargoon, forgetting that he was supposed to return the art unblemished. Kirby later battles Paint Roller using the Paint Ability and defeats him, taking the art museum with it. Dedede and the others note as the resulting paint explosion turns the background of Dream Land into an impressionistic painting. "Right there, that's me! Since I'm what you call the star of this here paintin', I'm sittin' smack dab in the middle! You'll note the per-spectacles and I put a big ol' impressionistic Sun up there, see? This here's my castle, and right next to it is Escargoon! Note the lack of depth! This here's the Mayor being chased by his sheep! And this here's Kirby! He's being chased by me! See I drawed[sic] him all lumpy to express his inner lumpiness!"
Right Hand Robot
E78 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede abuses Escargoon to the point where the snail assistant creates a robotic duplicate of himself to take over in his stead. This robot fools Dedede for a moment, but after realizing what he is dealing with, Dedede decides to take advantage by ordering the robot to attack Kirby, which causes it to get wrecked. Escargoon repairs the robot, only for King Dedede to end up wrecking it again due to overburdening it with chores. Unable to fix the robot in time, Escargoon dons its outer casing and pretends to be the robot for a while, but King Dedede sees through this disguise and, playing along, orders his "robot" to attack Kirby again, which Escargoon complies with as not to blow his cover. After consorting with N.M.E., Escargoon is able to repair his droid and shows it again to Dedede, who stress-tests it by commanding it to make him a ten course meal in under a minute, which it succeeds at. Then, he orders it to attack Escargoon, but it refuses, as it was not programmed to fight. At this moment, the N.M.E. Sales Guy chimes in and informs Dedede about the upgrades made to the droid, along with the two buttons that he should not press. Of course, Dedede presses them, turning the droid into a flying death bot that proceeds to terrorize the countryside. Kirby eventually stops the droid and destroys it, but Dedede remains insensitive to Escargoon's hard work and dedication, and just tells him he can build a new one. Tiff scolds Dedede for this, but it hardly matters, as Escargoon is so exhausted that he just falls asleep on the spot. "I hate it when you tell me "Don't!" That means I gotta do! Let's see!"
Goin' Bonkers
E79 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede learns about the arrival of Bonkers in Dream Land, though he initially takes Bonkers to be a debt collector for N.M.E. and plans to have him captured and tossed in the dungeon. Later on, though, he learns of Bonkers' intentions, and tells a lie to the ape, saying that he should attack Kirby to prove his merit as a warrior. Bonkers goes along with this for a while, and Dedede and Escargoon try to take this opportunity to crush Kirby with a big boulder, but this fails to pan out when Bonkers saves Kirby from the falling rock. Furious at this, Dedede abducts Bonkers and takes him to the monster delivery system in the castle, where N.M.E. transforms Bonkers into a monster. When Bonkers is eventually defeated, he falls off the castle roof and flattens King Dedede and Escargoon before returning to normal. "You dog-gone dirty ape!" This line is a reference to Planet of the Apes.
Power Ploy
E80 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede receives a shipment from N.M.E. of a special energy drink called Pump-Up D, which has a profound energizing effect on anyone who drinks it. After testing it out on the Cappies, King Dedede takes some for himself, turning into a super athlete and dragging Escargoon along with him on his energy-filled escapades. Later on, King Dedede, still pumped up, is boxing his Waddle Dees, and Escargoon, tired of his antics, petitions N.M.E. for an antidote drink, and they send him a tank of Power-Down E. King Dedede continues to rave on his energy well into the night, hosting a late night dancing program on Channel DDD, but soon runs out of energy and needs to refuel. Escargoon gives Dedede some Power-Down E without telling the King what it is, and after drinking it, Dedede ends up passing out in the throne room. For the remainder of the episode, King Dedede has a pale blue complexion and is unable to move on his own, being ferried around by Escargoon to watch Kirby battle and defeat the Red Viper that was sent by N.M.E. to take advantage of the situation. "Yo! Wake up, you slumberheads! Goin' to sleep is for wimps! Let's stay up and party all night long! You snoozers are losers! Upwardly-mobile folks like Yours Truly drink down lots of Pump-Up D to keep ourselves movin' and shakin' twenty five hours a day! From now on, nobody in this here kingdom be drinkin' nothin' but Pump-Up D! Pump-Up D will make ya like me!"
A Trashy Tale
E81 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede's littering in the castle prompts an argument with Escargoon, who is seeking to keep the castle clean. After some bickering, they decide to dump the trash through the Night Mare Enterprises Teleporter, which earns them the ire of the N.M.E. Sales Guy. Later on, King Dedede drops by the police headquarters to recover a lost item, when he barges into the Bookem household to discover just what a mess it is in there. Hypocritically, he mocks the Bookems for their untidiness and broadcasts this fact to the whole town via Channel DDD. As this is happening, however, Dedede soon learns that his castle is filling up with garbage while he's been away, and rushes back to assess the situation, which turns out to be the work of the monster Trash Basher. This monster was sent by N.M.E. as revenge for Dedede's trash dumping earlier. Soon, Trash Basher escapes into the town and starts fouling the place up, prompting Kirby to go and stop it. When Trash Basher is eventually defeated, Kirby uses the Cleaning ability to clean up the town and fix the situation with the Bookems, but does not clean up Castle Dedede, leaving the King to take care of the mess himself. "If Kirby don't eat up Muck-Mouth quick, this whole town gonna be buried under one humongous heap a' slimy slop!" *spits* "It's downright sickening!"
Cooking Up Trouble
E82 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede overhears of the recent desire of the male Cappies to learn to cook and decides to take advantage by having N.M.E. ship "cooking utensils" to sell to them. King Dedede later hosts a gentlemens' cook-off, prompting all the buyers to bring their utensils to the show, where they are then combined into the robot SlicerDicer which King Dedede and Escargoon pilot in order to attack Kirby. Using the robot's ability to process food, they are able to distract Kirby with a meal and then strike him during the distraction. With Meta Knight's help, Kirby gains the Spark ability and uses it to defeat SlicerDicer, causing King Dedede and Escargoon to be cooked as if they were in a microwave oven, and left seared on a plate with garnish after the robot explodes. "I have been a little slow to pay. I'll settle my bill when the economy picks up!"
Teacher's Threat
E83 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede rebuilds the Dedede Academy for the third and final time in an effort to give himself an education, so he can finally outsmart Kirby and his friends. To this end, he recruits the effort of a traveling teacher called Mr. Chip to offer lessons, but Dedede shows himself to be uninterested in learning, instead causing trouble in class and bullying Kirby. Mr. Chip later discovers that Dedede's unwillingness to learn stems from the idea that an x-ray scan of Dedede's head shows it to be completely empty. After being thoroughly humiliated in class after failing a test, Dedede consults with the N.M.E. Sales Guy to send a replacement teacher, and learns that Mr. Chip was supposed to be the monster, but failed to attack Kirby as he was ordered to. Dedede returns to the school and reveals this fact to the students, then reveals the new teacher monster Rekketsu who gets right down to business attacking Kirby. Rekketsu is defeated, however, blowing up the school for the last time and trapping Dedede and Escargoon when the school bell lands on them. "Escargoon, I done founded not one but two schools here in Cappy Town! They was phony schools, a'course, set up to get rid a' Kirby! Well even though I deserved a' A for effort, every time I tried to teach that pink fake a lesson, I failed! Them schools was[sic] a great idea, but for some reason, they didn't do the job! Kirby's still kickin'!" *weeps*
Mumbies Madness
E84 King Dedede.png
Secondary character In this episode, it is eventually revealed that King Dedede had been the one to plant the relic containing the monster Mumbies in Curio's possession, forcing him to take responsibility for it. Later on, when Kirby is trying to fight Mumbies, King Dedede shows up in the Royal Racecar and foolishly tosses a bomb at Kirby, hoping to finish the pink puffball off, but instead giving Kirby the Bomb ability and the means to fight back. "I'm givin' Kirby a good-bye gift!"
A Sunsational Puzzle
E85 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede becomes badly sunburned, and demands an explanation from N.M.E., who tell him about ultraviolet rays and offer to sell him some sunscreen, which Dedede takes advantage of to earn a profit from the Cappies. Along with the sunscreen, Dedede also sells special air conditioner units to help the Cappies beat the heat, but in reality, these units were deliberately designed to emit copious amounts of CFC gases which rapidly deplete Dream Land's ozone layer, forcing everyone in Dream Land to become nocturnal to avoid the UV rays. Dedede takes advantage of his subjects' change of schedule to go joyriding through the countryside in his Royal Racecar, but soon discovers a hot air balloon piloted by Meta Knight, Tiff, and Tuff, and heads back to the castle to determine how to stop them. He calls up N.M.E. again, who explain to him that an ozone hole has formed over Dream Land, and that Kirby and Meta Knight are to blame. While Kirby is fighting the monster holding the ozone hole open, King Dedede attempts to shoot him out of the sky using a bomb blasted from a cannon, but Kirby sees this coming and swallows the bomb to gain the Bomb ability, and uses that to defeat the monster. Later on, King Dedede tries to enjoy another sunbath, but Kirby and Tuff show up to disturb him by dumping sand in his face. "Yeah! Gives you wrinkles, blotches, and scabby-lookin' sores that make ya even uglier than usual!" *laughs* "But your worries is[sic] over if you buy this here stuff! DDD Sun Potion blocks them nasty UV rays, plus it instantly D-juvenates your skin and makes it all smooth and silky-like! Looks like a baby's behind!"
A Chow Challenge
E86 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode after learning of wandering Chef Nagoya's arrival in Dream Land and hearing of his skill, King Dedede invites Nagoya and Kawasaki to a cooking contest at the castle, where the loser will be forced to cede Kawasaki's restaurant to the winner, intent on driving Kawasaki out of town for good. As part of the ingredients on offer, King Dedede orders "fresh seafood" from N.M.E., which is to be used in the last dishes. During the contest, King Dedede sits as one of the judges and tries the meals from each chef, thoroughly enjoying Nagoya's cooking while suffering from the severe spiciness from Kawasaki's food, despite Kawasaki not putting so much spice in his cooking. It is later revealed by Nagoya that Escargoon had tampered with Kawasaki's dishes to ensure that Kawasaki would lose the contest, and Dedede decides to call the tournament off so that Nagoya can be his personal chef instead. From there, the seafood prepared as the last dish turns into the monster Ebifryer and Kirby has to defeat it using the Cook ability, causing its severed claws to drop and trap King Dedede and Escargoon. "Biggest trouble with cookin' up monsters is you end up with a dish that wants to eat you!"
Waste Management
E87 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede is caught at night trying to dump his trash into a river out in the countryside. Later on, King Dedede piles the trash into the castle courtyard and invites a murder of intelligent crows to come in and pick apart his refuse. King Dedede soon loses control of these crows when he runs out of trash to feed them, and they start to terrorize the kingdom for more food. The Cappies and King Dedede then decide to drive the crows off by attacking them with projectiles, embittering the crows. Later on, the crow leader Crowemon turns into a monster and gains control of all the birds in Dream Land, compelling them to attack the ground dwellers. King Dedede and Escargoon urge Kirby and his friends to stop this attack, despite it ultimately being their fault, and later on, are knocked aside while watching Kirby and Dyna Blade battle the monster Crowemon. "Thanks for flyin' in, boys! Pick what'cha want and chow down!"
E88 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede becomes a little too curious about what Escargoon might look like without his shell, and attempts to forcefully smash the shell open with his hammer. Escargoon tries his best to evade this attack, but his shell is critically damaged when the King hits it. Later on, King Dedede shows up at Doctor Yabui's clinic, where Escargoon had been taken to try and find a solution to his cracking shell, to finish the job, and successfully breaks Escargoon's shell in two, but Kirby steps in to prevent Dedede from seeing inside. After being appropriately shamed, King Dedede backs off, and plays along by saying he'll get Escargoon a new shell, but instead orders a shell from N.M.E. that will turn his snail assistant into a monster. In the mean-time, Kirby and friends find a temporary shell for Escargoon to wear, and Dedede tries to get a peek in while Escargoon is in a changing room using the Grasshopper Eavesdropper, but Escargoon spots this attempt and smashes the bot. After putting on a sea snail shell that Kirby found, Escargoon heads off into the castle, but upon seeing Dedede, attempts to hide in his shell. Dedede doesn't recognize Escargoon inside the shell, and proceeds to carry him to the grill to be cooked, and Escargoon, not knowing what is going on, starts to heat up. Tiff and Kirby step in just in time to save Escargoon from being cooked, but Dedede still insists on seeing what his assistant looks like without his shell. The resulting chase leads everyone into the throne room, where Escargoon tries on the shell from N.M.E. and turns into the monster Maimaigon, which Kirby has to defeat using the Hammer ability. Even after all this, and with Escargoon putting back on his old repaired shell, Dedede still insists on seeing what he may look like without one, and chases Escargoon down the hall and out of sight of the others. "With my new remote-controlled spy fly, I'll get me a real bug's eye view!"
Tooned Out
E89 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede tries a second time to make an animated cartoon series to sell to N.M.E., but this time, he hires a team of professional animators to do the job. Dedede tries to give his pitch to these animators, but they instead decide they'd rather make a cartoon about Tiff. King Dedede loses track of them for a while, but soon rounds the animators up when it is revealed that he only has two days left to make the cartoon, and locks them up in his dungeon in order to get the cartoon finished without further interruption. When Dedede learns that they are still not making the cartoon he wants, however, he turns to N.M.E. again and asks them to send a new animator, so they send him the famous "Dis Walney". Dis Walney sets up Dedede and Kirby in a motion capture chamber so they can make computer-generated cartoons, but this is quickly revealed to be a trap, as Dis Walney uses the capture pins on their bodies to compel Dedede to attack Kirby relentlessly, and then reveals himself to be the monster Anige. Before he can finish the job, however, Kirby's motion capture pins fall off him, allowing him to gain the upper hand using the Spark ability and defeat the monster, freeing Dedede as well. After this ordeal, Dedede decides he does not care what the cartoon is about, and agrees to broadcast the animators' work just in time for the airing, only to be horrified along with the others at the result. "Whoever said "the show must go on" didn't know us!"
Born to Be Mild - Part I
E90 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede is initially disturbed along with the others by the arrival of the motorcycle gang sent by N.M.E. to deal with Kirby, but soon joins forces with them to terrorize the countryside. When the townspeople learn of this betrayal, they take matters into their own hands and build their own vehicles to counteract the biker gang, and after a brief battle, King Dedede proposes a more formal settlement by means of a race in the coliseum between the gang's leader Fang and the people of Cappy Town. To improve Fang's odds, King Dedede has Gus secretly locked away in the castle dungeon, then proceeds to adjudicate the race as it starts. "Ow! Ow! Ow! You hit the volume-izer by mistake!"
Born to Be Mild - Part II
E91 King Dedede.png
Secondary character Following from the events of the previous episode, King Dedede continues to watch the race from his seat and makes occasional comments. When Fang transforms into Wheelie, King Dedede attempts to intervene to help the monster out by throwing cal-trips onto the course to trip Kirby up, but this only ends up popping Wheelie's tire and causing the monster to crash into the walls of the racetrack, collapsing the whole structure. "That punk jockey ain't got a chance of beatin' Fang now!"
Hunger Struck
E92 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede learns about how much better his Waddle Dees are eating than him and, outraged at the disparity along with the cost of food, tries to instigate a program to slash the cost of feeding his servants. He ultimately settles on Chef Kawasaki's proposal to serve the Waddle Dees "thin-wiches" which are sandwiches cut so thin they are translucent. At this lack of sustenance, the Waddle Dees start a revolution and threaten to overthrow King Dedede. In desperation, the King contacts N.M.E., who sends him a chef monster called Fryclops to sate the Waddle Dees and have them turn on Kirby instead. King Dedede watches as Kirby and Fryclops duel, and when Kirby emerges victorious, King Dedede is pressured to return things to the way they'd been. "Them Waddle Dees gets one meal a day...just the same as I do!"
D'Preciation Day
E93 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede spoils a celebration the Cappies are having to honor their mayor, believing it to be another revolt in the making. When he is scolded for this and told what they were actually doing, King Dedede decides that he ought to have an appreciation day as well, but nobody is willing to give him such a thing, not even his Waddle Dees. Despite this, King Dedede proceeds to announce the creation of a new holiday commemorating himself over Channel DDD and demands that people give him gifts. Still, nobody shows up, and the King starts to despair over his unpopularity, drawing sympathy from Tiff, who decides to have Kirby at least show up with a present, in the hopes that it will make the King less of a villain. Kirby shows up at the castle with a watermelon for a present, but this backfires when it is revealed that Kirby had already eaten the flesh of the fruit, leaving Dedede with just the shell. Embittered, King Dedede decides to reverse the idea of an appreciation day, instead announcing that everyone is to be given a "diss day", and oddly enough, the town goes along with this when the first day is assigned to Chef Kawasaki (who is also fairly unpopular).

As this is happening, King Dedede decides to get revenge on Kirby for "snubbing" him, and tricks Kirby into eating a cart full of watermelons with bombs placed inside them. After Kirby rockets away from the explosions, Tiff retaliates by telling King Dedede that his stunt actually killed Kirby (when really it did not). The town proceeds to hold a fake funeral for Kirby in order to fool the King, which succeeds, drawing sympathy from him. Dedede is genuinely broken up about having killed Kirby, despite that having been his goal for the whole show up to this point, but Kirby later reveals himself not to be dead after all when he pops out of his coffin to eat the watermelon that Dedede had brought. Against everyone's expectations, Dedede is relieved that Kirby is not in fact dead, and embraces the puffball, saying he "needed an enemy". Dedede then presents another gift for Kirby which he had ordered from N.M.E., which of course turns out to be a monster that Kirby swiftly defeats. Despite everything, Dedede is still left back where he started, when the people of Cappy Town celebrate Kirby instead of him.

"It was dull bein' ruler of Dream Land before you came along! I need me an enemy!"
Cowardly Creature
E94 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede has a nightmare about a clown-like monster attacking him, and wakes up in the night only to find that the monster delivery system has activated on its own to send an elephant-like creature wearing a clown mask into the kingdom. Dedede later learns that this monster is an unintentional escapee from N.M.E.'s monster training program, and goes out to try and apprehend it. He is stopped however, when Kirby shows up and realizes the monster Phan Phan means no harm, defending it from Dedede by spitting the King's hammer back at him. Later on, King Dedede reports to N.M.E. that he found their escaped monster, so they send the clown monster Whippy in order to regain control over Phan Phan. Dedede and Escargoon then deliver Whippy to Phan Phan, where Kirby has to subsequently deal with his friend-turned-enemy by the clown. After Whippy is defeated and Phan Phan freed, the elephant retaliates against Dedede by tossing a spiky metal ball at his car to wreck it. "A Star Warrior ain't supposed to be protectin' no monster!"
Frog Wild
E95 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede steps into Cappy Town while Kirby is wrecking the place, possessed by the Demon Frog. Not knowing why Kirby is behaving in this way, Dedede tries to intervene, but Kirby gives him a fright and chases him and Escargoon off after hijacking the Royal Racecar. Dedede retreats to the castle and contacts the N.M.E. Sales Guy to explain the situation, and he reveals what has happened to Kirby along with offering sending in the monster Heavy Anaconda to finish Kirby off. Before he can get much further though, King Dedede is attacked by Kirby, the attack only relenting when Tiff manages to snap Kirby out of his possession. The Demon Frog then transfers from Kirby to King Dedede, turning the King into a monster who proceeds to attack Kirby in turn. At that moment, however, the Heavy Anaconda arrives and swallows King Dedede, since he is the one under now under the influence of the frog. After some hesitation due to Dedede's actions, Tiff calls for the Warp Star so that Kirby can defeat Heavy Anaconda and set Dedede free. After emerging from the snake's body, King Dedede is thoroughly traumatized by the situation, and runs in fear when Tiff suggests that Kirby take his revenge on the King for his actions, but Kirby refuses, letting Dedede get away. *laughs* "He sees it's more fun to be a heel than a hero!"
Air-Ride-in-Style - Part I
E96 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede gets the idea from the N.M.E. Sales Guy that he should stop Kirby from being able to use the Warp Star in order to defeat him. To do this, King Dedede and Escargoon head out and abduct Tiff, taking her back to the dungeon in order to force her to tell them where the Warp Star is kept. She tells them nothing, but Tuff accidentally spills the beans when trying to rescue her. King Dedede and Escargoon then head immediately to Kabu Canyon where they threaten to lock up Kabu if he does not cough up the Warp Star, to little effect. At that moment, King Dedede is forced to return to the castle when a Destroya sent by N.M.E. emerges and starts to bombard the kingdom. They watch from the throne room as the Destroya manages to damage Kirby's Warp Star, forcing him to retreat to Kabu Canyon, where the Destroya can follow and finish him off. Dedede and Escargoon are summarily introduced to the Air Riders who will be sent to attack Kirby in this moment of weakness. "That there's a fallen Star Warrior!"
Air-Ride-in-Style - Part II
E97 King Dedede.png
Secondary character In this episode, King Dedede and Escargoon watch from their throne room as Kirby fights the Air Riders. When this fight sequence is revealed to be a dream induced by Kabu, it is shown that King Dedede had actually driven back to Kabu Canyon with the Royal Racecar to direct the Destroya there, but is forced to retreat when the big spaceship begins its bombardment. "Destroya! Let's show Kabu and the rest of 'em who's boss!"
Cappy Town Down
E98 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede is tasked to keep an eye on Kirby and Meta Knight by N.M.E., and is sent a cell phone with a live camera in it to maintain contact and film any secret plots. Shortly thereafter, King Dedede is informed that Meta Knight has taken the Cappies through a hidden entryway in the courtyard deep under the castle, so Dedede and Escargoon take their chairlift down into the deep depths and discover that Meta Knight was hiding the giant battleship Halberd down there. Using the phone, Dedede relays this information back to N.M.E., who prepares an armada of Destroyas to decimate the entire kingdom of Dream Land in response. From here, Dedede reveals himself to Meta Knight's group and demands to see the inside of the ship, which Meta Knight agrees to. Shortly thereafter, the bombardment of Dream Land begins, and the majority of the group return to the surface in a panic. King Dedede is particularly upset because his castle is among the things being attacked, and complains to N.M.E. when his monster delivery system is destroyed in the bombing. The Sales Guy then tells Dedede that he'll get a free replacement teleporter and a free monster if he destroys the Halberd, which Dedede agrees to. He and Escargoon sneak back down to the ship, intent on planting a bomb inside, but end up trapped inside the ship as it takes off, dealing with the Destroyas over Dream Land and then heading to eNeMeE's Fortress. "That sword-swingin' two-timer can't mess with me."
Combat Kirby
E99 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede and Escargoon attempt to sneak around the Halberd as it travels through space. They avoid detection for a while, but Dedede blows their cover when he wanders into the mess hall looking for something to eat, drawn in by the pre-made rations that Kawasaki was cooking up. Shortly thereafter, Dedede and Escargoon are tossed into the brig as stowaways for sneaking on board. While in the cell, King Dedede dials up the N.M.E. Sales Guy, and in the process, reveals the ship's location in space. The Sales Guy thanks him for doing this, and kindly tells Dedede that he will be destroyed along with the ship before signing off. A short while later, the Heavy Lobster sent by N.M.E. to destroy the Halberd busts into the brig and inadvertently sets King Dedede and Escargoon free by destroying the walls of their cell. After Heavy Lobster is defeated, King Dedede and Escargoon join the others on deck against their wishes, now looking to get revenge on N.M.E. for trying to get their "loyal customers" killed. Dedede pulls out his phone again and complains to him, inadvertently giving away the Halberd's position again as they are about to assault the fortress. Despite losing the initiative, the Halberd manages to make its way into the fortress interior, where it attempts to confront eNeMeE directly. "That Meta Nut done locked us up for collabor-izin' with you! I need you to get us out of here!"
Fright to the Finish
E100 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, after the Halberd is forced to dock, King Dedede and Escargoon goad Kirby into attacking the Air Riders assaulting the ship, which he agrees to against Tiff's wishes. Later on, Dedede gets a call from the N.M.E. Sales Guy, and through the phone, eNeMeE himself appears and mind controls both Dedede and Escargoon, compelling them to kidnap Tiff and take her to the command center of the fortress. Once they reach it, eNeMeE grabs Tiff and flies away to lure Kirby toward him, leaving Dedede and Escargoon to parlay with the N.M.E. Sales Guy, who they are seeing now in person for the first time. Later on, King Dedede gets hungry and orders a liver dish from Chef Kawasaki using the command center's intercom, and Kawasaki inexplicably arrives in a flash to deliver it to him. After having some, Dedede then forces some of the dish into the N.M.E. Sales Guy's mouth, mocking him in the process. After Kirby defeats eNeMeE and the bombs are planted, the remaining crew of the Halberd arrives at the command center in order to take the monster delivery system back to Dream Land before the fortress explodes. Once there, Dedede is relieved to be back home, but is sullen to still see his castle so heavily damaged. As a final note, Meta Knight hands Dedede the phone that N.M.E. gave to him and which he'd dropped earlier, but opens it to see only static on the screen, disappointed that he can no longer order any monsters. *laughs* "That liver sure made you shiver!"
Kirby 3D
E101 King Dedede.png
Primary character In this episode, King Dedede orders the monster Lobzilla to go after Kirby, getting a demonstration of the monster's powers when it uses its frost breath on him. After Kirby is lured into the castle and is attacked by Lobzilla, Dedede complains about how the battle is wrecking his castle. After Kirby defeats Lobzilla, King Dedede is left to sulk about his debt to N.M.E., but cheers up when he tries the raining remains of the monster. "You crusty creep! Look at this! This here's the guy you're after!"