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Labor Daze

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Labor Daze
E28 Scene 27.png
Kirby faces off against the Ice Dragon Robot inside King Dedede's factory.
First aired Japan April 20, 2002
NA December 7, 2002
Episode # 28
Episode # (US) 26
Copy Ability (Abilities) featured Ice
Monster(s) featured Ice Dragon Robot
Character(s) featured Kirby, Tiff, Tuff, King Dedede, Escargoon
Episode order
The Flower Plot A Spice Odyssey
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Labor Daze is the 28th (26th in the 4Kids broadcast) episode of the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! series. In this episode, King Dedede and Escargoon trick the residents of Cappy Town into becoming hypnotized assembly line workers at a new factory he has built in order to produce a giant Ice Dragon Robot monster, while the factory rapidly ruins the ecosystem of Dream Land in the process. After failing to snap the Cappies out of it, Tiff goes undercover and forces Dedede to reveal the robot, and Kirby - using the Ice Copy Ability - destroys the factory and the robot by critically damaging the main furnace with his frost breath after the Cappies escape.


The following characters appear in this episode:

Cast of "Labor Daze"  
Character Selected quote
Primary characters
"These look like prison uniforms!"
"Oh don't be such a spoilsport! This factory thing sounds like fun!"
"A---ttention citizens and everybody else living here! Thanks to me, Cappy Town's finally gonna join up with the Industrial Revolution!"
"Put your eyes back in your heads and belly up to the belts, would ya?!"
Secondary characters
"A no-nonsense garment! Oh!"
(no dialogue)
"So, I see the troublemaker's back!"
(after hearing "factory" for the first time) "It must have something to do with facts!"
"Hmph! I'd like to know what they're building!"
(Fololo) "Hey, we wanna try, too!"
(Falala) "Yeah, let us have a chance!"
(no dialogue)
(no dialogue)
"You must have respect for nature!"
(no dialogue)
"It's a smoke factory!"
"Yo, Mr. Escargoon! Is there a lunch break in our future?"
"This place'll give a big boost to Cappy Town's economy!"
"So...what is a factory, Tiff?"
"This kind of destruction is caused by...acid rain."
"It's the ultra-cool hyper-industrial factory starter kit you ordered, D-Meister!"
"Telling the truth can be a very lonely business, Tiff, especially when nobody wants to hear it."
"Talk about fast food!"
*coughs*"I say, this smoke is horrid!"
(no dialogue)
"Hey Kirby, wake up! Wait 'til you get a load of this thing!"
"Dedede's buildin' something pretty big!"
(no dialogue)


Plot synopsis[edit]

Escargoon oversees the new Cappy laborers.

The episode begins out in the grasslands around Cappy Town, as Tiff and Professor Curio walk together down a road discussing work/life balance, while Tuff and Kirby follow behind. Meanwhile, at Castle Dedede, an unusual shipment arrives through the Monster Delivery System creating a large pile of mechanical pieces in the throne room. After some confusion, King Dedede is reminded by the N.M.E. Sales Guy that he had ordered a "factory starter kit" which - once assembled - would allow him to use Cappy labor to complete a "secret project". A short time later, the Waddle Dees clear away a small section of forest just outside of town to make way for the factory's building site as Dedede oversees construction. Most of the residents of Cappy Town gather to watch the proceedings, murmuring about what scheme the king may be up to this time. King Dedede and Escargoon drive forward in their Armored Vehicle to greet the crowd and address them, explaining that an "industrial revolution" is coming to Cappy Town, and that the Cappies are invited to show up tomorrow to "witness the future". Having never seen a factory before, the villagers jump at the chance and throw on the uniforms provided to them. Naturally, Tiff has doubts about the operation, but is unable to dissuade the others and goes along for the moment.

The next day, the Cappy Town residents awake to discover in shock that the factory is already complete and is creating a massive cloud of pitch-black smoke in the air above its site. Shortly after, the factory siren begins to sound, and the villagers rush to the entrance to check it out. Once assembled and in uniform, Escargoon lets the crowd in and they inspect the factory floor in awe. Dedede then appears on a television screen in the room and orders them to work. Escargoon acts as taskmaster to the Cappies as the assembly line whirs into life. Kirby, Tuff, and Fololo & Falala join in too, seeing the whole thing as a game. Tiff runs in to try to get them to stop, but is unsuccessful, and instead complains to Escargoon and Dedede about the questionable ethics of this situation, but they predictably brush her off. As the work continues, the smoke pouring from the factory begins to smother the surrounding countryside.

Kirby and Tiff leave the factory in disillusionment.

As the Cappies continue to work, they begin to become hypnotized by the repetitive labor. In an effort to keep them perpetually at the assembly line, automated food trays are brought in to keep the Cappies fed as they work. Due to Kirby's particular food requirements, the tray bots near him break down, causing him to be thrown onto the assembly line and knocked unconscious. Tiff pleads futilely to get him out as he continues down the line, while dangerous machine parts just barely avoid hitting him. Tiff pulls the master lever on the factory floor to shut everything down, and Kirby is ejected from the assembly line relatively unharmed. Tiff then tries to get everyone to stop working, but they refuse to listen to her. Utterly dejected, Tiff and Kirby leave the factory, but just before they go home, the factory shift ends and the villagers leave with the appliances they were promised. Back home, Tiff is unable to get through to her parents about the factory conditions, since Tuff brought them his appliances and told them he had fun. At that moment, another siren sounds and many of the same Cappies return for the night shift, foregoing sleep in the process.

The factory is left in a smoldering, smelly ruin.

After another failed attempt to get the Cappies to their senses, Tiff runs into Curio, who has managed to avoid the hypnosis. After dissuading Tiff from her current tactics, Curio mentions how polluted the rain has become as a result of the factory smoke. Tiff runs a chemical analysis on the rain and confirms his suspicions. She runs out and finds the forests and meadows around town have all withered away in the choking pollution. Tiff begins to despair when Meta Knight shows up and explains he saw this coming, but did nothing so the Cappies could learn their lesson the hard way. He also warns Tiff that they are unknowingly assembling something sinister in the factory. With this information, Tiff re-enters the factory pretending she is here to work. Once at the assembly line, she rouses Tuff's curiosity about the parts he is working on and the two of them along with Kirby and Fololo & Falala sneak into the factory's inner workings to find out. Once in the back room, they discover a giant robotic monster being completed. King Dedede and Escargoon step into the Ice Dragon Robot's cockpit, intent on piloting it to destroy Kirby. In anger at being tricked into building such a thing, Tuff runs after it, not knowing that it is about to activate.

Seeing Tuff run in, King Dedede decides to test the robot out on him. Tuff however manages to slip inside a crane and use a girder to knock the robot around. Dedede retaliates by using the robot's frost breath to freeze the crane solid, but Tuff manages to escape. While trying to catch the kids, King Dedede mistakenly crashes through one of the factory walls, revealing the robot to the Cappies at the assembly line, snapping them out of their stupor. As the Cappies escape, Kirby duels with the robot, inhaling its ice breath to gain the Ice Copy Ability. After failing to subdue the robot directly with his ice breath, Tiff instructs Kirby to target the factory's furnace instead. He does so, causing the furnace to shatter as the kids get away. King Dedede and Escargoon are left to sizzle for a moment in the resulting fire that spreads through the factory floor until they are launched off into the distance by a massive explosion that destroys both the factory and the robot. Some time later, Tiff and company are monitoring the local ecosystem as it recovers from the pollution. Kirby picks one of the flowers to admire it, but the episode ends anecdotally with Kirby being stung by a bee resting inside; a micro-example of why it is not wise to mess with nature.

Differences between versions[edit]


  • The ruins of the factory after the explosion are shaped somewhat like a coiled mound of dung.
  • The "industrial revolution" aspects of the episode share the satirical viewpoint and visual images of Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times. In particular, the episode evokes the images of the Little Tramp stuck in a giant machine and being fed corn by automatic machines.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 恐怖のデデデ・ファクトリー
Kyōfu no Dedede Fakutorī
King Dedede's Factory of Fear
German Die neue Fabrik The new Factory