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A screenshot of the main page

The Kirby Portal is an official Japanese website dedicated solely to Kirby and the Kirby franchise. It is owned and maintained by Warpstar, Inc., a joint venture between Nintendo and HAL Laboratory that manages the Kirby intellectual property. The site was originally created to celebrate Kirby's 25th anniversary along with a Twitter feed. After the turn of the 26th anniversary, they were both re-branded to remove the '25' motif, and have continued under general coverage of the Kirby franchise.


The website consists largely of seven main pages, all about different aspects of the franchise.


Top (トップ), is the main page, which consists of small sections pertaining to each of the other categories. These sections include a small biography on Kirby, recent news and events, recent and upcoming games, and links to pages such as the character pages and Kirby Café page. This page also has a link to a Copy Ability page that lists every Copy Ability, as well as various other special abilities from throughout the series and features various images and videos of them.


News (ニュース) is a page which contains every "news" article since the site's launch. A "news" item is usually a notification of a partnership with another company to produce Kirby-themed products, anniversaries or release of new games, occasions such as character birthdays, or new updates to the Kirby Café. Clicking on an article will open a pop-up with an image, a short description of the event, and often links to another site to purchase products.
The following pages contain all of the news items:


Character (キャラクター), is a page containing information on the four central characters of the Kirby franchise: Kirby, Waddle Dee, Meta Knight, and King Dedede. Clicking on a character will present a biography in the form of a side-scrolling artwork-filled slideshow, with small facts and tidbits about the character.

Series History[edit]

Series History (シリーズヒストリー) lists every Kirby game released in Japan, and details about them. Each game has a pop-up, containing a gameplay screenshot, release date and console, a description of the game, and links to its official website and any rereleases. As only games published in Japan are listed, Kirby's Avalanche is not on the list.


Goods (グッズ) lists official Kirby-themed merchandise, split up into nine categories:

  • Plush dolls · Hobby (ぬいぐるみ・ホビー)
  • Apparel · Accessories (アパレル・小物)
  • Food (たべもの)
  • Books · CDs (本・CD)
  • Kitchen (キッチン)
  • Miscellaneous goods (雑貨)
  • Stationery (ステーショナリー)
  • Prizes · Capsule toys (プライズ・カプセル玩具)
  • Other (その他)


Special (スペシャル) links to other pages that do not fit in the other categories. There are currently three items listed:

  • Kirby Personality Quiz (カービィのコピー能力診断) - A quiz where users are assigned a Copy Ability based on their answers to Kirby-themed questions.
  • Extra Artworks (エクストラ・アートワークス) - A list of some extra artwork pieces not found elsewhere on the site.
KIRBY Mystic Perfume
KIRBY Horoscope Collection
  • Original Photo Frame (オリジナルフォトフレーム) - An activity which allows users to upload an image, and then add a Kirby-themed frame to it.


Music (ミュージック) is a page which offers free downloads of sheet music of two arrangements from the Kirby 25th Anniversary Orchestra Concert: "Kirby's Adventure Medley" (for classical orchestras) and "King Dedede & Meta Knight Medley" (for wind ensembles, with two variants for small ensembles and large ensembles). This is the only part of the site available in English.

30th Anniversary[edit]

The 30th anniversary group artwork.

The Kirby Portal opened a teaser site for the series' 30th anniversary in early 2022. The site features unique artwork with 30 Kirbys representing different parts of the series, a download for a wallpaper featuring said artwork, and a redirect to the official Japanese website for Kirby and the Forgotten Land. This was expanded into a full mini-site later on, with news about the 30th anniversary and highlights for each of the 30 Kirbys. This mini-site would close on March 31st, 2023, with everything being replaced by a message detailing its closure, thanking the fans for their support and telling them to look forward to the future of the series.

The 30 Kirbys are as follows:

The 30 30th Anniversary Kirbys
# Name Image What Since... Music Notes
01 Ohirune Time
K30A tagline 1.png
Sleep Kirby 1992 "Green Greens" (Kirby Air Ride) "Ohirune Time" translates to "Nap Time".
02 Cleaning
K30A tagline 2.png
Cleaning Kirby 1998 "Ripple Field: Ocean Waves" (Kirby's Dream Land 3)
03 Harukaze to Tomoni
K30A tagline 3.png
Spring Breeze 1992 "Green Greens" (Kirby Air Ride) "Harukaze to Tomoni" translates to "Together with the Spring Breeze" (the Japanese name of the Spring Breeze mode).
04 Treasure Scramble
K30A tagline 4.png
Kirby with a Treasure Chest 2006 "Squeak Squad Appears!" (Kirby: Squeak Squad)
05 Hover
K30A tagline 5.png
Kirby hovering 1992 "Green Greens" (Kirby Air Ride)
06 Air Ride Machine
K30A tagline 6.png
Kirby on a Warpstar 2003 "City Trial: City" (Kirby Air Ride) References the Japanese box art for Kirby Air Ride.
07 Ripple Star
K30A tagline 7.png
Kirby with a Crystal Shard 2000 "Ripple Star: Stage Select" (Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards)
08 Feed Me
K30A tagline 8.png
Kirby initiating Face-to-Face 1992 "Green Greens" (Kirby Air Ride)
09 Tabi no Wakamono
K30A tagline 9.png
"Classic" Kirby 1992 "Welcome to Dream Land" (Kirby's Dream Land) "Tabi no Wakamono" translates to "Traveling Youth".
10 The Fountain of Dream
K30A tagline 10.png
Kirby with the Star Rod 1993 "Level 8 Demo" (Kirby's Adventure)
11 Friend Heart
K30A tagline 11.png
Kirby with a Friend Heart 2018 "Twinkle☆Stars" (Kirby Star Allies)
K30A tagline 12.png
Kirby with the Dreamstalk's flower 2014 "Hypernova Inhale" (Kirby: Triple Deluxe) "FLOWERED" is the acronym created by the names of each level in Kirby: Triple Deluxe
13 Nakama to Isshoni
K30A tagline 13.png
Kirby and Kine 1995 "Kine's Theme" (Kirby's Dream Land 2) "Nakama to Isshoni" translates to "Together with Friends".
14 Muteki no Candy
K30A tagline 14.png
Kirby with Invincible Candy 1992 "Green Greens" (Kirby Air Ride) "Muteki no Candy" translates to "Invincible Candy"
15 Akogare no Cake
K30A tagline 15.png
Kirby longing for cake 2017 "Apple Scramble" (Kirby Battle Royale) "Akogare no Cake" translates to "Longing for Cake".
16 Manpuku
K30A tagline 16.png
Full Belly Kirby 2017 "A 3D Adventure! Kirby's Blowout Blast" (Kirby's Blowout Blast) "Manpuku" translates to "Full Belly".
17 Game Over
K30A tagline 17.png
Kirby tumbled out 2000 "Balloon" (Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble)
18 Friend, Sunset, and...
K30A tagline 18.png
Wheelie Rider Kirby 1996 "My Friend and the Sunset" (Kirby Super Star Ultra) "Friend, Sunset, and..." is the Japanese name for "My Friend and the Sunset".
19 Hole in One!
K30A tagline 19.png
Kirby Ball 1994 "Finish" (Kirby's Dream Course)
20 Delicious Time
K30A tagline 20.png
Chef Kirby from Kirby Café 2016 "Fresh Green Café Terrace" (The Sound of Kirby Café) "Delicious Times, Precious Memories" is the slogan for the Kirby Café.
21 Mori wo Nukete
K30A tagline 21.png
Kirby with a Crackler 2011 "Four Adventurers: Cookie Country" (Kirby's Return to Dream Land) "Mori wo Nukete" translates to "Through the Forest".
22 Inhale
K30A tagline 22.png
Kirby inhaling 1992 "Green Greens" (Kirby Air Ride)
23 Kihon wa Maru
K30A tagline 23.png
Kirby with Tiff and Tuff dolls 2001 "Stadium: Kirby Melee" (Kirby Air Ride) "Kihon wa Maru" translates to "First You Draw a Circle".
24 Bouken no Hajimari
K30A tagline 24.png
Kirby with a knapsack 1992 "Green Greens" (Kirby Air Ride) "Bouken no Hajimari" translates to "The Adventure Begins".
25 Panic!
K30A tagline 25.png
Kirby panicking 1992 "Green Greens" (Kirby Air Ride)
26 Yakiimo Shooting
K30A tagline 26.png
Kirby with a Sweet Potato 1992 "Green Greens" (Kirby Air Ride) "Yakiimo Shooting" translates to "Sweet Potato Shooting".
27 Slide Attack
K30A tagline 27.png
Kirby sliding 1992 "Green Greens" (Kirby Air Ride)
28 Momodama Hasshin!
K30A tagline 28.png
Robobot Armor Kirby 2016 "Pink Ball Activate!" (Kirby: Planet Robobot) "Momodama Hasshin!" translates to "Pink Ball Activate!".
29 Cell Phone
K30A tagline 29.png
Kirby with his Cell Phone 2004 "Forest/Nature Area" (Kirby & The Amazing Mirror)
30 Discovery
Kirby 30th Anniversary logo.png
Kirby on a Warp Star 1992 "Green Greens" (Kirby Air Ride) Also used as the Kirby 30th Anniversary logo.
"Discovery" is part of the Japanese name for Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

In addition, a secret wallpaper featuring HAL Rooms could be unlocked during the operational life of the mini-site. To do so, the three letters "H", "A", and "L" needed to be collected, each referencing recurring ways of reaching HAL Rooms in the games:

  • H: The viewer had to choose all 30 Kirbys. Once done, a popup message acknowledging having chosen every Kirby would appear. Afterwards, the viewer could then scroll to the bottom of the page, and a new link would appear.
  • A: The viewer had to scroll to the bottom of the page, then back to the top, and then back to the bottom again, which would cause a secret door to appear.
  • L: The viewer had to wait without clicking or scrolling away for 86 seconds until the Moon map from Kirby's Dream Land appeared, and then click on the moon in the image.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 星のカービィポータル
Hoshi no Kābyi Pōtaru
Kirby of the Stars Portal

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