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Dyna Chick

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Dyna Chick
E7 Chick.png
Screenshot of Dyna Chick from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!
First episode Kirby's Egg-Cellent Adventure
Last episode Cappy Town Down
Main role Minor character
Relative(s) Dyna Blade (mother)
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Dyna Chick is a large baby bird which is seen occasionally in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. It is Dyna Blade's chick, and its mother guards it jealously, often enacting furious revenge on Dream Land whenever it goes missing. Despite its size compared to most other characters, it is largely helpless and flightless, though it does have a good deal of curiosity.

Professor Curio explains that the Dyna Chick matures very slowly, taking up to 100 years to become an adult, which explains why it does not age much over the course of the show. In Kirby's Egg-Cellent Adventure, Kirby has to look out for it for a while after initially trying to eat it when it was still in its egg. In The Empty Nest Mess, King Dedede and Escargoon kidnap the chick in hopes of transforming it into a monster using a chemical concoction called insta-monster-mixture. Both times, the chick is eventually safely returned to its mother.


The following is a complete list of all of Dyna Chick's appearances in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, along with other information regarding its role in each episode:

Dyna Chick's appearances in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!  
Episode Image Role Role details Selected quote Notes
Kirby's Egg-Cellent Adventure
E7 Chick.png
Tertiary character In this episode, Dyna Chick is not seen until close to the end of the episode, when it is revealed that Kirby did not eat the chick after all. Kirby feeds the chick a banana in front of its mother, which causes Dyna Blade to cease her attack on Kirby. The chick then returns to its mother and all is well. (no dialogue)
The Empty Nest Mess
E23 Chick.png
Primary character Dyna Chick is the central focus of this episode, when it gets lost in Dream Land after King Dedede and Escargoon attempt to kidnap it from its nest but fumble its cage and lose it. Kirby, Tokkori, and others try to look after the chick and get it to return home with little success as it proceeds to run amok in Cappy Town. Before long, the chick ends up falling into the river after King Dedede and Escargoon try to recapture it with a net. After drifting down the river with Tokkori for a while, King Dedede and Escargoon catch up and capture the chick, taking it to the castle. They intend to use an "insta-monster mixture" on the chick to turn it into a monster, but Dyna Blade and Kirby arrive just in time to stop them. After King Dedede and Escargoon are punished, Dyna Chick returns to its nest with its mother. (no dialogue) This marks Dyna Chick's only leading role in an episode.
Prediction Predicament - Part II
E42 Dyna Chick.png
Tertiary character Dyna Chick is only briefly seen in this episode, being sheltered by Dyna Blade in their nest while the asteroid approaches Dream Land. (no dialogue)
Tourist Trap
E48 Chick.png
Tertiary character In this episode, Dyna Chick is briefly seen when the tour group goes to the nest. The tourists disturb it too much with their flash cameras, causing Dyna Blade to attack them. (no dialogue)
Waddle While You Work
E72 Chick.png
Tertiary character In this episode, Dyna Chick appears down in Dream Land, running around freely in the evening air. When King Dedede sees it, he hallucinates the chick to be a walking roast chicken and tries to eat it, earning the wrath of Dyna Blade. Kirby and the Waddle Dees step in to save King Dedede and return the chick to its nest. (no dialogue)
Waste Management
E87 Chick.png
Tertiary character In this episode, Dyna Chick is taken hostage by Crowemon and forces Dyna Blade to take his attacks. Both Dyna Blade and the chick are saved by Kirby using the Wing ability. (no dialogue)
Air-Ride-in-Style - Part I
E96 Chick.png
Tertiary character In this episode, Dyna Chick is briefly seen at its nest with its mother watching the Destroya approach Dream Land. (no dialogue) Appears only in the Japanese version.
Cappy Town Down
E98 Chick.png
Tertiary character In this episode, Dyna Chick is again seen at its nest with its mother watching the Halberd depart from Dream Land. (no dialogue)


In Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra, Dyna Blade has three chicks, which Kirby helps to raise at the end of the Dyna Blade chapter. These chicks are the basis of Dyna Chick's appearance in the anime, though they are portrayed differently.


  • Although Dyna Chick does not have proper lines, its cries are voiced by two different voice actors between the Japanese and the English versions.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ダイナベイビー
Dyna Baby