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Island Sisters

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Island Sisters
E74 Island Sisters.png
Screenshot of the Island Sisters from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!.
First episode Caterpillar Thriller
Last episode Tooned Out (cameo)
Main role Guest stars
Voice actor(s) Tara Sands and Amy Birnbaum (English)
Yuko Mizutani and Madoka Akita (Japanese)
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We are the Island Sisters from the South Seas.
— Island Sisters, in Caterpillar Thriller

The Island Sisters are a pair of tiny twin fairies from Kirby: Right Back at Ya! who live with Mosugaba on the Embrya Island in the South Seas. They have a peculiar bond with the giant monster Mosugaba, and have the power to both summon and calm the giant insect using their singing. To take advantage of this, the Island Sisters are kidnapped by Night Mare Enterprises and forced to call Mosugaba to Dream Land for King Dedede. After causing a stir in the kingdom, Tiff, Tuff, and Kirby reunite the sisters with Mosugaba and they return to their island in peace.

The Island Sisters are based on the Shobijin from the film Mothra.


The Island Sisters are two tiny twin girls with sparkling eyes and tan skin. They wear a rough two-piece outfit and have long light-blue hair with blossoms on their heads, as well as orange hoop earrings. Their anatomy is similar to Tiff's, as they have defined arms and hands, but only two stubby green Kirby-like feet and no legs.

The Island Sisters either speak in unison or finish each-others' sentences, and only desire to live in peace on Embrya Island with Mosugaba. They have the ability to both summon and calm Mosugaba using their singing, which can be heard by the creature from extreme distances.

Mosugaba's song[edit]

Main article: Mosugaba's song

In the Japanese version, the song that the Island Sisters sing to Mosugaba has very peculiar lyrics. It is based upon "Mothra's Song", but unlike the original it is not in garbled Indonesian. On the contrary, the lyrics are substantially in coherent Japanese.

The song reappears in instrumental form in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, as "More Dig and Dash". Instrumental arrangements of the same song also appear in Kirby Mass Attack, as "Desert Scorcher" and "Lifted Upward," respectively.

Role in Caterpillar Thriller[edit]

The Island Sisters use their singing to calm Mosugaba after they are freed.
Main article: Caterpillar Thriller

In Caterpillar Thriller, the Island Sisters are kidnapped from their home on Embrya Island by Night Mare Enterprises. From there, they are sent through the Monster Delivery System in a cage to Castle Dedede, and King Dedede commands them to summon their guardian monster to Dream Land using their singing.

Later on, while Mosugaba is antagonizing Kirby, Escargoon decides he has had enough allergies and gives Tiff the key to the Island Sisters' cage. After being freed, the Island Sisters sing to calm Mosugaba down, ending the conflict. Kirby then delivers the Island Sisters to Mosugaba, and they fly home.


  • The light pattern in the Island Sisters' eyes is a reference to the symbol used to summon Mothra in the film Mothra.
  • The Island Sisters later cameo as posters in the episode Tooned Out.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ザ・ツインナッツ
Za Tsuin Nattsu
The Twin Nuts
This name is based on the music duo The Peanuts, who play Mothra's twin fairies in the film Mothra.