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Anime Watermelon.png
Kirby gulps down a Watermelon in Cappy Town's watermelon patch
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Watermelons are a recurring fruit within the anime series; Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. In this series, they are Kirby's favorite food, and he has no problem swallowing them whole. Other characters speculate that Kirby loves watermelons because they are round like he is. The word 'Watermelon' is one of the few words which Kirby is able to say, though he always uses the Japanese word スイカ ("suika"), even in the 4Kids English dub.

Role in Kirby: Right Back at Ya![edit]

Watermelon is a native fruit of Dream Land, and is grown in large patches by anonymous Cappy villagers outside of Cappy Town. Shortly after arriving in Dream Land, Kirby takes a liking to the fruit, and is seen gobbling them whole. His particular preference for this fruit is noted by the other characters of the show; his friends often give him watermelons to eat as a present, while his enemies use watermelons to lure him into traps.

In D'Preciation Day, King Dedede and Escargoon hatch a plan to hollow out a cartful of watermelons and place time bombs inside of them in order to trick Kirby into eating the explosives. This plan ends up working despite a few unforeseen hitches, and Kirby is sent rocketing off by a series of explosions going on inside his stomach. He survived this ordeal, but Tiff manages to fool King Dedede and Escargoon into believing that their prank ended up killing Kirby, which prompts the two to later deliver an untampered watermelon to his grave at his funeral out of remorse.

Other appearances[edit]

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In the Kirby video games, watermelons do occasionally appear as common Food items, though typically in slices. They do not play nearly as large a role, as Kirby's favorite food in the video games is the Maxim Tomato.


  • The reason why Kirby prefers watermelons in the anime is a pun: in Japanese, the word for watermelon, スイカ ("suika"), is pronounced very similarly to the word for "inhale", 吸い込み ("suikomi").