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Kirby of the Stars ending skits

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At the end of the later episodes of the Japanese version of Kirby: Right Back at Ya! exclusively, several ending skits play, starting with Episode 72: Waddle While You Work, and ending with Episode 100: Fright to the Finish. These skits last roughly two to five seconds and play right after the end of the episode, but just before the Kirby ☆ Step! credits.


The sound effect that plays during each of the skits.

Each of the skits take place in an abstract setting and usually involve either Kirby, King Dedede, or both. Typically, the skit involves King Dedede attempting to prank or attack Kirby, but results in his plan backfiring, usually by being blown up by a bomb. There is no sound in these skits aside from a specific cartoonish sound effect which is used to mark the transition toward the credits theme.

List of skits[edit]

The following is a list of each skit that appears in the anime, along with information regarding the origin episode, a brief description, and other notes as appropriate:

List of ending skits in Kirby of the Stars  
Episode Image Description Notes
Waddle While You Work
E72 Ending Skit.png
Kirby is about to eat a watermelon, but King Dedede pushes him out of the way and grabs it. The watermelon ends up being a bomb and explodes in his face.
Dedede's Raw Deal
E73 Ending Skit.png
King Dedede uses his hammer to bat a sleeping Kirby away like a golf ball. A bomb then rolls in from the right and explodes at King Dedede's feet.
Caterpillar Thriller
E74 Ending Skit.png
Kirby is eating watermelons in a field. King Dedede walks over and picks a watermelon for himself, but it turns out to be a bomb, which explodes in Dedede's hands after Kirby flees.
Fossil Fools - Part I
E75 Ending Skit.png
King Dedede and Escargoon are plotting to give Kirby a watermelon bomb while he is chasing a butterfly. Kirby runs off to the right off the frame, leaving King Dedede with the bomb, which explodes in his hand.
Fossil Fools - Part II
E76 Ending Skit.png
King Dedede places Kirby in a cannon which is set to go off. After putting him in, King Dedede checks the inside of the cannon - having apparently lost Kirby - and the cannon ends up blasting him in the face.
Dedede's Monsterpiece
E77 Ending Skit.png
King Dedede is chasing Kirby and trying to hit him with his hammer. Kirby manages to escape, and a bomb rolls in which King Dedede accidentally whacks instead, causing it to explode.
Right Hand Robot
E78 Ending Skit.png
Kirby runs up to a watermelon bomb and tries to eat it, but falls through a trap door in the floor which throws the bomb behind King Dedede, where it explodes.
Goin' Bonkers
E79 Ending Skit.png
Kirby and King Dedede are sitting with bomb fuses on their heads. King Dedede uses his hand to ignite Kirby's fuse, but Dedede's fuse lights as well, causing both of them to explode.
Power Ploy
E80 Ending Skit.png
King Dedede holds a watermelon in his hands and kicks Kirby away who is trying to reach it. In the process, he trips and drops the watermelon, and then a bomb lands on his gut from above and explodes.
A Trashy Tale
E81 Ending Skit.png
King Dedede is laying under a pile of bombs, waiting impatiently for them to explode while he stares at the audience. The bombs then go off.
Cooking Up Trouble
E82 Ending Skit.png
King Dedede runs up with Kirby in his hand and then rolls him off to the left like a bowling ball. A bomb then rolls in from the right and explodes at King Dedede's feet.
Teacher's Threat
E83 Ending Skit.png
King Dedede is ordering his Waddle Dees to march in formation with spears. A walking bomb enters in line with the Waddle Dees and explodes when it nears King Dedede.
Mumbies Madness
E84 Ending Skit.png
King Dedede is holding a hot drink while looking up at the moon. The moon turns into a bomb and explodes, knocking Dedede away.
A Sunsational Puzzle
E85 Ending Skit.png
King Dedede and Kirby are floating down using parasols. King Dedede's parasol suddenly inverts, causing him to plummet off-frame, where he later crashes as Kirby watches and flinches.
A Chow Challenge
E86 Ending Skit.png
King Dedede drives up to Kirby using his Royal Racecar and attempts to whack him with his hammer as he runs, but Kirby stops to admire some flowers, leaving King Dedede to careen off-screen and crash, wrecking his car.
Waste Management
E87 Ending Skit.png
King Dedede is attempting to use a toilet, when a countdown starts and the toilet launches like a rocket, taking King Dedede with it.
E88 Ending Skit.png
Kirby and King Dedede are bouncing up and down on a trampoline, and King Dedede attempts to grab Kirby, but misses. After another drop, Kirby rises again by himself, and then notices that King Dedede has missed the trampoline and crashed through the floor.
Tooned Out
E89 Ending Skit.png
King Dedede is lounging out in a field when two bombs come rolling in. King Dedede jumps up in shock, and then the motion of him and the bombs freeze as the camera swivels all the way around Dedede. King Dedede then looks toward the camera in midair as his sunglasses glint, then the bombs explode. This skit references the famous camera effects from the movie The Matrix.
Born to Be Mild - Part I
E90 Ending Skit.png
King Dedede prepares to whack Kirby with his hammer, but Kirby just stares at him and smiles. The camera then pans down, showing that King Dedede is not standing on any ground and Kirby is standing at the edge of a sheer cliff. When he realizes this, Dedede falls, with his eyes trailing behind after briefly looking at Kirby before crashing at the bottom of the cliff.
Born to Be Mild - Part II
E91 Ending Skit.png
King Dedede is examining some bombs with the word "TNT" painted on them, while Kirby is looking at some detached bomb fuses. Kirby puts one of the fuses on his head and transforms into an inanimate bomb version of himself while the fuse lights. The Kirby bomb then explodes in King Dedede's face.
Hunger Struck
E92 Ending Skit.png
King Dedede is running for his life. Behind him is Escargoon who is following close behind and whose shell has been replaced with a green bomb. The bomb shortly goes off afterward as he panics.
D'Preciation Day
E93 Ending Skit.png
A silhouette of Kirby runs into the stage followed by a silhouette of King Dedede who pounds Kirby flat with his hammer. King Dedede then starts stomping on the flattened Kirby, but Kirby turns into a hole which King Dedede ends up falling into.
Cowardly Creature
E94 Ending Skit.png
King Dedede attempts to ride Kirby's Warp Star, but it ends up carrying him uncontrollably into the sky. He vanishes for a moment, then comes flying back down and crashing right into the camera.
Frog Wild
E95 Ending Skit.png
King Dedede dribbles Kirby like a basketball and then tosses him into a hoop. Once King Dedede lands, Kirby is replaced with a bomb, which blows up in his face.
Air-Ride-in-Style - Part I
E96 Ending Skit.png
King Dedede uses a see-saw to launch Kirby high into the air. Shortly after, King Dedede is crushed when Stone Kirby lands on him.
Air-Ride-in-Style - Part II
KRBaY E097 Ending Skit screenshot.png
Kirby is in the process of inhaling something. The camera turns around to reveal that Kirby is dragging the moon toward him.
Cappy Town Down
E98 Ending Skit.png
King Dedede starts to panic as the camera pulls away from him to reveal that he is standing on a giant bomb floating out in space. The bomb shortly explodes.
Combat Kirby
E99 Ending Skit.png
King Dedede and Kirby are hoisted onto a stage on strings attached to them like puppets. They then collapse onto the floor before the curtain closes. An explosion then happens behind the curtain.
Fright to the Finish
E100 Ending Skit.png
Kirby is sleeping in his nest, and proceeds to dream about floating in space with lots of different food items.