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First episode Crusade for the Blade
Main role Minor character
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Sirica is a character that appears in episode 60, Crusade for the Blade, of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. Sirica's mother, Garlude, helped Meta Knight get what is considered the most powerful sword in the galaxy, Galaxia. So Sirica goes to kill Meta Knight because she believes Meta Knight killed her and stole Galaxia (in reality, her mother sacrificed herself to the Monster Kirisakin so Meta Knight could take Galaxia). Meanwhile, King Dedede is suspicious about Sirica, who just arrived in Dream Land. To track Sirica down, he orders Kirisakin from Nightmare Enterprises. At Kabu Canyon, Sirica confronts Meta Knight and steals Galaxia, believing she is its rightful owner. However, she is unable to wield it. Kirisakin arrives and Sword Kirby fights it. While Kirby and Meta Knight are distracted by the monster, Sirica tries to pull it again and the sword telepathically tells her she is not chosen to wield it, and that Meta Knight didn't kill Garlude, she willingly sacrificed herself. This redeems Sirica, and she tosses the sword to Meta Knight. He drops it again and Sirica gives it to Kirby this time. The latter takes it and turns into Master Kirby. After a relatively short battle, Sirica leaves Dream Land. In the penultimate episode, Combat Kirby, she makes a surprise reappearance, befriending Knuckle Joe, who had a similar plight, but with his father.