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First aired Japan June 28, 2003
NA June 11, 2005
Episode # 88
Copy Ability (Abilities) featured Hammer
Monster(s) featured Maimaigoon
Character(s) featured Escargoon
Episode order
Waste Management Tooned Out
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Shell-Shocked is the 88th episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. It comes after Waste Management and its successor is Tooned Out. In this episode, Escargoon loses his shell, and needs a replacement after King Dedede breaks the shell in his attempt to see what is underneath. This is also the first time the Maimaigoon appears, and the Hammer Copy Ability is seen after his transformation.


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While hunting for shells, Tiff teaches Kirby, Tuff and the young Cappies about how mollusks use their shell for protection. Meanwhile, at Castle Dedede, Escargoon tells his boss King Dedede that someone is making fun of him somewhere, but King Dedede tells Escargoon to ignore it and offers turban shell. Escargoon declines, and then King Dedede starts wondering about Escargoon's origins, and they get into a chase.

Tiff and her friends then see that King Dedede and his lackey are fighting again. She knows that the King and Escargoon lose their heads over even minor things, and then the kids leave for lunch. Dedede, after feigning losing his energy, manages to smash Escargoon's shell open, teaching the snail that turning your back against your foe is not a smart thing to do. Escargoon then runs to Dr. Yabui for diagnosis on his shell. Yabui, after doing his research on the problem, surmises that the shell's integrity has been comprimised, and it will continue breaking.

Tiff and her friends try to calm Escargoon down, but Escargoon does not see their knowledge of the importance of shells, and his attempt to calm down is interrupted AGAIN when King Dedede tries to check on Escargoon. Escargoon barricades the door, but his shell cracks, and Tiff and Yabui only spark King Dedede's curiosity by breaking the news of what will happen to Escargoon.

Escargoon eventually escapes, and Tiff tells King Dedede to fix Escargoon's shell, but the greedy Dream Land King instead consults with the N.M.E. Sales Guy.

Yabui tapes the shell back, but Escargoon believes that that hinders his movement, so Tiff orders that she and the others look for replacements. Kirby finds a Turban shell, which Escargoon likes, so he orders that everyone else fix his old shell, but King Dedede prepares to cook the new shell, which the kids find to their dismay. Kirbs saves Escargoon from King Dedede, preventing him from eating Escargoon. Tuff sprays Escargoon's charred body with a fire extinguisher, and King Dedede tries to see Escargoon's body AGAIN, only to get tired for real. Escargoon makes his getaway and locks himself in the throne room, and the N.M.E. Sales Guy, overjoyed to see his prime customer's friend, sends him the shell King Dedede ordered. Escargoon likes his new shell, which is made of gold and platinum, and gloats as to how it cannot be broken easily, but the shell suddenly engulfs him, destroying his sanity and resulting in his transformation into the Maimaigoon.

The Maimaigoon proceeds to attack and tries to use his tongue to devour Kirby. However, Kirby manages to escape and obtain King Dedede's hammer and gains the Hammer ability, and proceeds to use his newfound weapon to bash the monster. Kirby eventually destroys the Maimaigoon by hitting him with the Hammer Throw, and Escargoon reemerges and regains his old shell, which had been fixed with extra-strong glue. The kids are amazed, but King Dedede tries to see Escargoon's "secrets" for a third time. Escargoon, knowing his boss's intentions, makes a hasty getaway. Tiff then comments on how the monster is gone, but Tuff laments that it would have tasted good with garlic and melted butter.


  • This episode was supposed to air its English dub in 2005, but for unknown reasons was pre-empted by "This Week's Baseball". The episode was officially aired sometime in 2006 but was lost for many years, until YouTube user "Operation Hoshi no Kaabii" uploaded it to the site on September 26th, 2015.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Brazilian Portuguese A Concha The Shell