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Dedede Stone

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Dedede Stone
Dedede Stone.png
Screenshot of Dedede Stone from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!
Debut episode Curio's Curious Discovery
Ability granted Stone
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Y'all can't toss me out like chewed-up chewing gum! I got a secret weapon: The Dedede Stone!
— King Dedede, regarding the monster in Curio's Curious Discovery

Dedede Stone is a monster that appears in the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! episode Curio's Curious Discovery. It is a giant stone statue of King Dedede which is capable of autonomous movement. Though it cannot be inhaled in whole by Kirby, pieces of it can grant him the Stone ability.


Dedede Stone chases after the Cappy villagers.

Dedede Stone initially takes on the form of an inert tattered gray stone sarcophagus which resembles King Dedede. The monster presumably was ordered from Night Mare Enterprises disguised as an ancient relic belonging to Dedede's family line, though this is never explicitly confirmed. When it awakes, the Dedede Stone grows exponentially in size, until it is comparable in scale to a small mountain. From there, it takes on its true form, which resembles King Dedede, though made of rock and with green glowing eyes. It also has more well-defined legs and knees than the King.

Dedede Stone attacks using its massive girth to crush its opponents. Despite its size and weight, however, it is not particularly dense, as Stone Kirby is capable of boring through the monster easily by pounding into its head. When Dedede Stone is defeated, it crumbles into a huge pile of well-shaped rectangular green bricks.

Engraved on the Dedede Stone artifact is a series of characters which resemble an epitaph. However, the text appears to be gibberish, and the characters used are from several different scripts.

Role in Curio's Curious Discovery[edit]

A close-up of the engraving on the Dedede Stone artifact.

Dedede Stone appears only in the episode Curio's Curious Discovery, as a surprise last resort by King Dedede to exact revenge on the citizens of Cappy Town for not respecting his rule. It emerges from one of the artifacts that Dedede had forged for Professor Curio to "find" at his excavation site. Once it appears, Kirby, Meta Knight, and Curio battle the monster, with Kirby dealing the final blow using the Stone ability.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese デデデストーン
Dedede Stone
Brazilian Portuguese Dedede de Pedra Rock Dedede