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Honker Stomper

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Honker Stomper
Honker Stomper.png
Screenshot of Honker Stomper from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!.
Debut episode The Thing About the Ring
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This big guy can sniff out a stone with the best of 'em! His name is...Honker Stomper!
— N.M.E. Sales Guy, regarding the monster in The Thing About the Ring

Honker Stomper is a monster that appears in the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! episode The Thing About the Ring. He is a moderate-sized creature defined by his gargantuan nose, able to sniff out treasure and inhale objects similar to Kirby, but through his nostrils instead.


Honker Stomper stands atop a pile of treasure that he sniffed out.

Honker Stomper is a green-ish tan in color, with a body plan similar to that of Kirby. Instead of a mouth, however, he has a massive nose which is able to bend in the direction of scents he picks up. His eyes are also noticeably small in comparison, and spread far apart. He has brown feet and wears a backwards linen cap with shoelace-like strings tied at the top.

Honker Stomper has the ability to sniff out objects at great distance, particularly things of value such as jewelry and ancient artifacts. Once he finds his target, Honker Stomper can then inhale through his nostrils to collect the treasure, and deposit it elsewhere. His inhale is comparable in power to that of Kirby's, though he is unable to copy abilities, nor does his internal storage reside in another dimension. He is also vulnerable to nasal irritants like ground pepper.

Honker Stomper does not speak in the English dub, but in the Japanese version, he repeats the phrase "I'm Noseman!" in English, in reference to his Japanese name.

Role in The Thing About the Ring[edit]

Honker Stomper shows off his skills to King Dedede.
You nosy creep!
— Escargoon, in The Thing About the Ring

Honker Stomper is one of the few monsters called by King Dedede to do something other than fight Kirby. Instead, his task is to sniff out and return the emerald engagement ring which Sir Ebrum had lost and the town was convinced was an ancient Cappy civilization artifact due to a lie Professor Curio told to try and keep the ring for himself. However, Honker Stomper goes overboard, and steals all of the precious objects in Cappy Town, resulting in King Dedede being unable to find the specific ring he wanted within the pile of treasure.

Once Kirby and the kids catch up with the thieving monster, Honker Stomper and Kirby engage in an inhale duel, which is then interrupted when Tuff tosses a full pepper shaker into Honker Stomper's nose, causing him to sneeze out the treasure he hoarded, including Doron who had been buried in the pile and was holding on to the ring the whole time. From here, King Dedede dispenses with the failed monster by smacking him out of Castle Dedede like a golf ball. Honker Stomper is not seen again after this point.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ノーズマン