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Princess Rona

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Princess Rona

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Screenshots of Princess Rona from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!.
First episode A Princess in Dis-Dress
Main role Guest star
Relative(s) Elder Pipi (grandfather)
Similar characters Commander Vee, Princess Marona
Voice actor(s) Tara Sands (English)
Yuko Sasamoto (Japanese)
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Princess Rona is an alien princess from Planet Pipi who appears exclusively in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. She has a starring role in the episode A Princess in Dis-Dress, where she spends most of the episode disguised as her personal bodyguard and lady-in-waiting Commander Vee. On a diplomatic mission to Dream Land, she gets to know Kirby, Tiff, Tuff, and the residents of Cappy Town, and also engages in combat with King Dedede and his fish monster Susshi.


That's right! You have no idea the kind of terrible life a princess has to lead! It's like no life at all! I'd trade a princess's life for yours any day!
— Princess Rona, while disguised as Commander Vee

Princess Rona, like the rest of her kind, have a vaguely humanoid appearance, though her head is elongated and cone-shaped, and her hands resemble oven mitts. She has a lavender skin complexion with curly hair, red eyes, and a green gemstone on her forehead. She is distinguished in this way from her bodyguard Commander Vee, who has a more pink skin tone and has green eyes. Aside from these differences, her physique is similar to that of Tiff and her family, though despite being the same height as her grandfather Elder Pipi and the guards he arrives with, she is not much taller than Tiff, who is still young.

Princess Rona does not take well to the ceremonial duties of being royalty, and has disguised herself on many occasions prior to her role in A Princess in Dis-Dress in order to escape the pomp and circumstance of her visits. Instead, she prefers to engage in activities with common folk, who she has a better rapport with. She is skilled in swordplay, as demonstrated during both her duel with King Dedede and with the monster Susshi. Due to Kirby's simple nature, she and him immediately get along well.

Role in A Princess in Dis-Dress[edit]

Princess Rona's cover is blown while she is out with Kirby and the kids.
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Yes, the princess Rona! She's making a tour of Dream Land and she's scheduled a short visit with us!
— Sir Ebrum, from A Princess in Dis-Dress

Princess Rona debuts and stars in the episode A Princess in Dis-Dress. Here, she comes to visit Dream Land, but has swapped with her lady-in-waiting Commander Vee in secret so she can slip out and have fun in the countryside, while King Dedede tries to propose marriage to the false princess. After meeting with Kirby, Tiff, and Tuff, she is accompanied by them into Cappy Town, where she can mingle with the townsfolk and try their simple foods and customs. Before her identity is revealed, Tiff develops a crush on Rona, who she believes initially to be a boy. Her cover is blown, however, when her helmet falls off after rescuing Kirby from a rampaging sheep.

From here, Princess Rona explains everything to the kids, including the fact that she will be made queen of Planet Pipi after returning home, which will restrict her from ever having an opportunity like this again. The kids agree to keep her secret for the time being, but she ends up being challenged to a duel by King Dedede after she prevents him from proposing to the fake Princess. Here, she reveals her skill in swordplay by decisively defeating King Dedede in a one-on-one fight, and then - with Sword Kirby's help - defeating his backup monster Susshi. After this, Elder Pipi and his guards arrive on the scene and Rona reveals her secret to the assembled Cappy crowd. Before leaving the planet, she gives Kirby a gentle kiss on the forehead as thanks for his efforts, and flies off in her spaceship.