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Crusade for the Blade

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Crusade for the Blade
E60 Scene 23.png
Sword Kirby faces off against the formidable monster Kirisakin at Kabu Canyon.
First aired Japan December 7, 2002
NA February 7, 2004
Episode # 60
Episode # (US) 60
Copy Ability (Abilities) featured Sword, Galaxia
Monster(s) featured Kirisakin
Character(s) featured Kirby, Tiff, Meta Knight, Sirica
Episode order
The Meal Moocher Fitness Fiend
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Crusade for the Blade is the 60th episode of the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! series. In this episode, a rogue alien warrior named Sirica lands in Dream Land and attacks Castle Dedede in order to avenge herself against Meta Knight and reclaim his sword Galaxia, which she believes he betrayed her mother Garlude to obtain. After injuring Meta Knight, his friends carry him to Kabu Canyon in order to recover and avoid their attacker, and while there, Tiff learns of the history of the Galaxia and how important it is not to fall into the hands of eNeMeE. Despite this fallback, Sirica finds the group at Kabu Canyon and attempts to reclaim the sword, but it rejects her. At that moment, the formidable monster Kirisakin is sent to reclaim the sword and proceeds to overpower all of the swordsmen, including Sword Kirby. After trying to claim the Galaxia again, the sword informs Sirica of the true story of its retrieval, and she tosses it over to Kirby, who uses it to finish Kirisakin off with a Galaxia Sword Beam. Sirica then leaves Dream Land, having made peace with Meta Knight and his allies.

This episode would later be featured as one of the three episodes in the Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition bonus features, along with Kirby Comes to Cappy Town and Waddle While You Work. This episode also marks the final appearance of the Galaxia variant of the Sword Copy Ability.


The following characters appear in this episode:

Cast of "Crusade for the Blade"  
Character Selected quote Notes
Primary characters
"Poyo! Poyo! Bye-bye!"
"This is ridiculous! Meta Knight's a great Star Warrior, not a thief like you!"
"My sword knows I'm innocent."
"Hmph. Meta Knight inspires great loyalty...for someone so heartless!"
Secondary characters
"Intruder! Man your stations!"
"I think I'm gonna faint."
"My name is Galaxia. Only the most powerful of knights may wield my ancient magic. Meta Knight is the chosen one. Your mother Garlude knew well this truth. In sacrificing her life, Garlude made the ultimate sacrifice."
(no dialogue) Appears only in a flashback.
"I, Kabu - the All-Knowing - shall show. Let us travel back into a time long-forgotten! Thousands of years ago, when the universe was young, Photron - the mighty ruler of the fire people - began to forge a great sword! He called this sword Galaxia. This was no ordinary sword, for it was created with a will and life of its own, and glistened with great mystical powers. eNeMeE sent the monster Kirisakin to steal the Galaxia sword. It was hidden in a dark cave and a great beast guarded it for years. Much time passed. Meta Knight and Garlude found themselves in the cave of Kirisakin. The mighty warriors had been sent to retrieve the sacred sword. Meta Knight saved Galaxia, and the evil empire of eNeMeE no longer possessed the power to control the universe!"
*yawns* "I ain't seen no flyin' saucers here, I just wanna go back to bed!"
"With Kirby around, who needs a dishwasher?"
"Simmer down, boys. Now, tell me more about this alien."
"I say, every home should have a Kirby!"
"Forget it! It was probably just a shooting star!"
"Whoever it is, I hope it's not after Kirby!"
(no dialogue)


Plot synopsis[edit]

Sirica battles with Meta Knight and his soldiers.

The episode begins at Castle Dedede, where Kirby is having dinner with Tiff and her family. Shortly after Kirby finishes his hearty portions, a flash of light streaks outside which gets everybody's attention. It crashes down into the woods before coming to a stop, and reveals itself to be a rogue spaceship. Inside the ship, an incubation pod opens to reveal a mysterious alien soldier girl with a dour look in her eyes. Shortly thereafter, King Dedede and Escargoon investigate the crash site, only to be set upon by the spaceship's inhabitant. When the alien visitor finds out she is in Dream Land, she attacks the two with a flamethrower gun that ends up wrecking the Royal Racecar, then looks on to the castle, where Meta Knight and his apprentices are watching from a high tower. They see the Royal Racecar return a wreck and conclude that something dangerous is afoot. King Dedede shouts to his soldiers that the kingdom is under attack, and to man the battle stations. King Dedede considers ordering a monster to attack this new invader, but Escargoon informs him that Night Mare Enterprises will not send him anything until his debts are repaid.

At that moment, the invader arrives at the castle and scales the walls using a grappling hook gun and then attacks the Waddle Dees using a missile launcher. As the remaining guards attempt to mobilize, the invader spots Meta Knight in the castle halls and calls him out. Meta Knight does not recognize her, but she attacks him after proclaiming to be the daughter of a Star Warrior named Garlude. Sword Knight and Blade Knight distract the intruder and allow Meta Knight to get away. After a brief battle, the invader tethers over to another part of the castle to try and find her quarry, antagonizing Dedede and Escargoon again in the process. She soon catches Tiff, Tuff, and Kirby out in the halls and threatens them. Tiff questions the invader's motives, and she reveals herself as Sirica: a space-faring hunter who is looking to recover the sword Galaxia that Meta Knight wields. Sirica tells them the story of how Meta Knight betrayed her mother to recover the Galaxia from the den of the thieving monster Kirisakin, but Tiff and Tuff refuse to believe that their friend and protector would do something like that. At that moment, Meta Knight shows up again to defend his honor, and a battle ensues. In the fight, Meta Knight is knocked unconscious by a missile and wounded fairly badly, but the group manages to get him and themselves away from the attacker. Seeing Meta Knight's wounds, Kirby becomes determined to avenge his friend.

Sirica is rejected by the Galaxia when she tries to claim it.

Later on, after moving Meta Knight to a more secure location, Kirby and Tuff receive medicine from Sir Ebrum and Lady Like to use on Meta Knight, but they are spotted heading back and followed discretely by Sirica. Meanwhile, King Dedede dials up Night Mare Enterprises and tells them the situation. Realizing who the King is up against, N.M.E. sends the previously mentioned monster Kirisakin through the Monster Delivery System to deal with Sirica. As this happens, Tiff tends to Meta Knight's wounds from within the sanctuary at Kabu Canyon as Sword and Blade keep watch. Tiff asks Meta Knight about the story that Sirica told her earlier, and Meta Knight answers that the Galaxia proves his innocence. He then directs Tiff to listen to Kabu, who tells her about how the Galaxia was forged and what powers it contains. Before Tiff can follow up on what happened to Garlude, however, Sirica finds them and resumes her attack. Despite his injuries, Meta Knight stands to face her and pulls the sacred sword.

Kirisakin is cleaved in two by Galaxia Kirby.

After a rush of sword-swinging, the Galaxia is knocked out of Meta Knight's hand and falls to the floor. Sirica rushes to collect the sword, but Meta Knight warns her not to touch it. She does not listen and places her hand on the hilt, but she ends up receiving a nasty electric shock which knocks her away. After Meta Knight explains that the sword can only be wielded by those it deems worthy, the monster Kirisakin finds its way into the canyon and charges at the group. After overpowering Sirica, Sword, and Blade, Tiff sends Kirby in to gain the Sword Copy Ability from one of the discarded weapons and join the fight. Kirby manages to slice off one of Kirisakin's blade talons, but the monster grows it back almost immediately to Kirby's surprise. Sirica gets back up and sees Kirby struggling against the monster as the Galaxia is left unguarded. Seeing her moment, she rushes in and attempts to pull the blade once again. As she does so, the Galaxia speaks to her and tells her what really happened to her mother in the cave that day. Seeking to mirror her mother's noble sacrifice, Sirica tosses the Galaxia to Kirby just as his own sword is shattered by Kirisakin.

Kirisakin manages to catch the sword first, but Meta Knight uses Sirica's missile launcher to knock it out of the beast's mouth, allowing Kirby to claim it. After emanating an impressive amount of power, Sword Kirby rises into the air and launches a Galaxia Sword Beam at the monster, traveling clean through its blades and slicing Kirisakin in half, finally destroying it. Sirica looks upon the proud wielder of the Galaxia as she finally gains peace of mind over her mother's fate. As dawn breaks, Sirica returns to her space ship and takes off after bidding farewell to her new friends. The episode ends as her ship disappears into the sky while the group looks on.

Differences between versions[edit]

  • In the Japanese version, an arrangement of the "Revenge of Meta Knight (Map)" theme plays when Sirica first attacks Meta Knight and his soldiers.

Dialogue differences[edit]

  • In the Japanese version, when Sirica and Meta Knight meet, Meta Knight claims to recognize her face.
  • In the Japanese version, Kabu explains that the Galaxia was forged by the "Photoron", the people of light. There is no mention of a specific "Photron", king of the Fire People.
  • In the Japanese version, Sword Kirby calls out the names of his attacks as he uses them.
  • In the Japanese version, the Galaxia has a deep male voice, as opposed to a female voice in the English version.


  • During the flashback scenes with Meta Knight and Garlude fighting Kirisakin for the Galaxia, it is shown that Meta Knight used to wield a Spanish-style rapier.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 宝剣ギャラクシア!
Hōken Gyarakushia!
Sacred Sword Galaxia!
Brazilian Portuguese Em Busca pela Espada In Search of the Sword