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Royal Acadddemy of Arts

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Royal Acadddemy of Arts
E77 Scene 10.png
Screenshot of the exterior of the Royal Acadddemy of Arts from the episode Dedede's Monsterpiece.
First episode Dedede's Monsterpiece
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This article is about the art museum. For the elementary school, see Dedede Academy.
You all want a fancy-pants art museum?! Y'all got one!
— King Dedede, in Dedede's Monsterpiece

The Royal Acadddemy of Arts is an arts museum that was built by King Dedede for the people of Cappy Town in the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! episode Dedede's Monsterpiece. It was erected in mere moments by the Waddle Dees and established in response to accusations from the townsfolk that King Dedede did not appreciate the arts. Initially, Dedede invites the people of Cappy Town to fill the museum with their own artwork, but he quickly reneges on this idea and instead fills the museum with paintings and sculptures from "across the universe" which he rented at enormous cost from Night Mare Enterprises. As Tiff and the Cappies marvel at these famous art pieces, King Dedede becomes disgusted by them, and decides to have them vandalized by the monster Paint Roller to make them resemble him and Escargoon instead, forgetting that he needed to return the pieces unharmed. Shortly after, Kirby and Paint Roller battle, and when Paint Roller is defeated, the academy and every work of art inside is destroyed with him in a giant paint explosion.


This here modern ultra-luxurial[sic] buildin' is the perfect hangout for you creatish[sic] types to feast your peep-ils[sic] on more art than you can shake a paint box at!
— King Dedede, in Dedede's Monsterpiece

The Royal Acadddemy of Arts is a spacious facility with a marble facade which features a neo-classical look, similar to the real-world Smithsonian American Art Museum. The building itself features many Greek-style columns both in the interior and exterior, though it appears to be actually supported by steel girders. The interior is well-lit, with a pink-ish tinge to the walls and ceiling and a warm yellow tiled floor. It is not clear how many distinct rooms exist in the building, but most of the events that take place inside it are in the lobby and the main exhibit room. There is a separate room that is used to display King Dedede's painting.

King Dedede's painting[edit]

Composite image showing King Dedede's painting in its entirety.
Right there, that's me! Since I'm what you call the star of this here paintin', I'm sittin' smack dab in the middle! You'll note the per-spectacles and I put a big ol' impressionistic Sun up there, see? This here's my castle, and right next to it is Escargoon! Note the lack of depth! This here's the Mayor being chased by his sheep! And this here's Kirby! He's being chased by me! See I drawed[sic] him all lumpy to express his inner lumpiness!
— King Dedede describing his painting in Dedede's Monsterpiece

After becoming fed up with the alien art that is displayed in the museum, King Dedede directs the visitors' attention to his own large painting which is initially hidden behind a curtain and sitting in a separate exhibition room. While much larger than most of the other paintings, it features particularly shoddy technique and craftsmanship, with several parts of the canvas left unpainted or only partially covered around the edges. The painting is meant to depict Dream Land and features seven recurring characters from the show, though all of them are severely distorted and some miscolored:

  • King Dedede - in the middle and with his hat's pompom moved to the side.
  • Tiff - in the upper-right with a much larger head in proportion to her body.
  • Escargoon - in the top-left depicted with a bright green shell and his tongue sticking out. (he is depicted "pooping" in the Japanese version)
  • Chief Bookem - to the left depicted with slightly darker skin and his gun out.
  • Tuff - to the right with incorrect hair color.
  • Mayor Len Blustergas - to the lower-left being chased by a sheep.
  • Kirby - to the lower-right depicted as "all lumpy". (he is also depicted "pooping" in the Japanese version)

Additional elements of the painting include Castle Dedede in the upper-left with an "impressionistic" red sun above it. The remaining landscape is heavily distorted. In the Japanese version, King Dedede explains that the reason for this is because instead of bothering with perspective, he drew the painting while wearing bifocals.

List of famous paintings on display[edit]

Some of these art pieces have not been identified.
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The following is a list of every famous painting that is displayed in the Royal Acadddemy of Arts in order of appearance. It should be noted that many of the paintings were changed somewhat from their original appearances (even before Paint Roller vandalizes them all), and further changes were made in the 4Kids version. It should also be noted that this list may be incomplete, as several other paintings feature in the episode which are either too small to distinguish clearly, may be original illustrations, or both:

Paintings on display in the Royal Acadddemy of Arts  
Painting Title Artist Changes from original Further changes in 4Kids version Notes
E77 Mona Lisa.png
Mona Lisa
Leonardo da Vinci
Mona Lisa is flipped laterally, and the background is changed. Mona Lisa is given blonde hair with a pink bow inset and a pair of glasses. This painting is later vandalized to give it King Dedede's face.
E77 Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear.png
Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear
Vincent van Gogh
Van Gogh has a different color jacket, is flipped laterally, and has a different background. Van Gogh's hat is changed to resemble a knit snow cap and the background color is different.
E77 The Gleaners.png
The Gleaners
Jean-François Millet
The background is made simpler, and the colors are different. The background is simpler still with green grass, and the figure on the right is removed.
E77 Paul Cezzane.png
Self Portrait
Paul Cezanne
The background is made simpler. The painting is made largely monochromatic, and Cezanne's hat is much smaller with a different design.
E77 La belle jardinière.png
La belle jardinière
The color of La belle's shirt is changed to blue, and the background is simpler. The background and faces are changed, and Christian iconography is removed.
E77 Sculpture.png
(unknown) N/A This sculpture only appears in the Japanese version.
E77 David.png
(no changes) The sculpture is given a pair of overalls, and the head is missing.
E77 Venus de Milo.png
Venus de Milo
Alexandros of Antioch
(no changes) The sculpture has its breasts and part of the head covered by a larger robe.
E77 The Thinker.png
The Thinker
Auguste Rodin
The statue is made dark blue in hue. The statue has clown make-up on its face.
E77 Equestrian Statue.png
Equestrian statue of Gattamelata
Unclear, since the statue is far in the background. N/A This sculpture only appears in the Japanese version.
E77 The School of Athens.png
The School of Athens
The lighting is portrayed differently, and some of the figures have been moved around or removed. Plato is dressed as a wizard, and Aristotle is dressed as a cowboy. A large red and yellow drape is hung over the hall as well.
E77 The Creation of Adam.png
The Creation of Adam
Adam is given a pair of purple shorts, and the Christian God is portrayed without a shirt. The colors and proportion of the painting are slightly different. Adam is given an umpire's shirt, and God is given a sports T-shirt. This painting is later vandalized to give Adam Escargoon's face.
E77 Las Meninas.png
Las Meninas
Diego Velázquez
The colors are slightly different. Most of the background detail is removed.
E77 The Artist's Family.png
The Artist's Family
Hans Holbein The Younger
The daughter is made to face the other way. The painting features twin daughters instead of a daughter and son.
E77 Self-Portrait in a Gorget.png
Self-Portrait in a Gorget
Rembrandt is flipped laterally. Rembrandt is given a much goofier expression.
E77 The Star.png
The Star
Edgar Degas
The coloring is changed to be generally redder. The color of the ballerina's dress is changed to pink. This painting is later vandalized to make the dancer resemble Escargoon.
E77 Napoleon Crossing the Alps.png
Napoleon Crossing the Alps
Jacques-Louis David
The background is made simpler, and the coloring is changed, particularly for Napoleon's cloak. All of the colors are changed completely, making the painting more difficult to make out. This painting is later vandalized to give it King Dedede's face.
E77 Liberty Leading the People.png
Liberty Leading the People
Eugène Delacroix
The colors are changed and the dead bodies are obscured. All weapons have been removed as well. Liberty is given a pink dress that covers her more completely and is carrying a balloon instead of the French Tri-color flag.
E77 The Raft of the Medusa.png
The Raft of the Medusa
Théodore Géricault
The colors are changed. No further changes.
E77 Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies.png
Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies
Claude Monet
The coloring and shading are changed slightly. The bridge is moved down and the colors are duller.
E77 Light and Colour.png
Light and Colour (Goethe's Theory) – The Morning after the Deluge – Moses Writing the Book of Genesis
Joseph Mallord William Turner
The coloring is slightly different, and the painting is inverted laterally. No further changes.
E77 Unknown 1.png
(unknown) The flora is changed to green, and a giant leaf is placed over the figure to cover her. This painting is similar to Lucas Cranach the Elder's Adam and Eve.
E77 Bathers at Asnières.png
Bathers at Asnières
Georges-Pierre Seurat
The coloring is changed, and the background made simpler. The painting is also depicted with larger brush strokes. The painting is further obscured with a dot-hatching filter.
E77 The Dining Room in the Country.png
The Dining Room in the Country
Pierre Bonnard
The coloring is slightly changed, and the painting has overall less detail. The painting is made much simpler, and is barely recognizable. A close-up of this painting appears only in the Japanese version.
E77 Bather with Beach Ball.png
Bather with Beach Ball
Pablo Picasso
The coloring and design of the bather's clothes and the ball is changed, along with the background. The ball is removed.
E77 Still Life.png
(unknown) The background colors are changed, and the fruit is shown partially eaten. Due to being a still life — ubiquitous in the art world — this may simply be an original work by the show's illustrators.
E77 The Scream.png
The Scream
Edvard Munch
The colors are changed slightly, and the screaming figure's face is changed to resemble Doron's. The background is changed to a purple and blue swirl.
E77 The Weeping Woman.png
The Weeping Woman
Pablo Picasso
The image is inverted laterally, the colors are changed, and the image is made to look scratchier. The eyes and mouth are changed to make them look goofier.
E77 Self-Portrait with Seven Fingers.png
Self-Portrait with Seven Fingers
Marc Chagall
The painting is overall less detailed - particularly the canvas within. The face of the figure is different, and the canvas is even more obscured.
E77 Unknown 2.png
(unknown) The face is rearranged to make it more abstract, and the purple ribbon is missing. This painting has a style similar to that of Picasso.
E77 Marilyn Monroe.png
Marilyn Monroe series
Andy Warhol
The colors and arrangements differ from official renderings. Most of Marilyn's hair is removed, making her appear to be balding.
E77 Campbell's Soup Cans.png
Campbell's Soup Cans
Andy Warhol
The logo is changed to read "Dumbbell's" instead. The logo is completely removed.
E77 Girl in Mirror.png
Girl in Mirror
Roy Lichtenstein
The facial expression is changed slightly. The eyes are changed to resemble those of a Cappy.
E77 Unknown 3.png
(unknown) The Depsi Light logos are completely removed. Appears to be another Pop art piece referencing Pepsi Light.
E77 M-Maybe.png
Roy Lichtenstein
The figure's pose and the background are different, and the text in the speech bubble now reads "Woooo!!" The figure's eyes are changed to those of a Cappy, and the speech bubble is removed.
E77 Elvis I & II.png
Elvis I & II
Andy Warhol
Only the right side is shown, and is made more solid and blue. N/A This painting appears only in the Japanese version.
E77 No.5, 1948.png
No.5, 1948
Jackson Pollock
The painting is made slightly more monochrome. The painting is changed to a completely different one with a green coloration.
E77 Unknown 4.png
(unknown) The colors are inverted. This may be another Pollock painting.
E77 Senecio.png
Paul Klee
The painting is laterally inverted, given a third eye, and given a different color background. The painting is slightly distorted and the colors radically changed.
E77 Composition VIII.png
Composition VIII
Wassily Kandinsky
Elements of the painting have been rearranged. Further rearrangements and color changes are made.
E77 Grande Odalisque.png
Grande Odalisque
Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres
Not much of the painting is seen before it is vandalized by Paint Roller. The details that are not changed are generally simpler in this version. The face of the figure before Dedede's face is painted over is missing. This painting is vandalized to put Dedede's face and robe on the main figure of the image.
E77 Unknown 5.png
Portrait of Irène Cahen d'Anvers
Pierre-Auguste Renoir
There is generally less detail in the painting, particularly in the background, and it has a redder appearance overall. The head of the figure before Escargoon's head is painted over had headphones on. This painting is vandalized to put Escargoon's face on the main figure of the image.
E77 The Naked Maja.png
The Nude Maja
The painting is much simpler in detail, particularly on the figure's face, and the colors are altered. N/A This painting only appears in the Japanese version. This painting is vandalized to put King Dedede's face on the main figure of the image.
E77 Takashima Ohisa.png
Takashima Ohisa
Kitagawa Utamaro
The painting is simpler in detail, and the colors are altered. The colors are altered slightly further. This painting is vandalized to put Escargoon's face on the main figure of the image.


  • King Dedede's painting initially shows only one sheep chasing Mayor Len, but the close-up later shows two.