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E39 Scene 26.png
Escargoon recoils in horror as Erasem threatens to make everyone forget him again.
First aired Japan July 6, 2002
NA March 8, 2003
Episode # 39
Episode # (US) 36
Copy Ability (Abilities) featured No
Monster(s) featured Erasem
Character(s) featured Kirby, Escargoon, Meta Knight, Tiff, Erasem
Episode order
A Novel Approach Monster Management
Episode order (US)
Watermelon Felon Monster Management
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Escar-Gone is the 39th (36th in the 4Kids broadcast) episode of the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! series. In this episode, King Dedede orders a tiny monster called Erasem from Night Mare Enterprises which ends up possessing Escargoon and making everyone forget who he is. Escargoon proceeds to have a mental breakdown as he searches for even one person who remembers him, and ends up rendezvousing with Kirby who treats him like a friend despite being a stranger to him. Tiff and Meta Knight end up working out what happened based on a number of clues and prior knowledge of Erasem, and - though still not remembering who he is - fetch Escargoon to explain the situation to him. Using a painful procedure, they eject Erasem from Escargoon and then remember who he is, then try to chase down the monster before it possesses anybody else. Kirby ends up inhaling it and is shortly after forgotten by everyone, but Erasem leaves him through the ending wipe of the episode.


The following characters appear in this episode:

Cast of "Escar-Gone"  
Character Selected quote Notes
Primary characters
"Oh please let me run into one person in this loony-skew universe who knows who Escargoon is!"
"Tiff ehh...have you ever met that snail before?"
"Never! I was just being nice to him 'cause he seemed so upset."
"Beware of Erasem! I'm fearsome, but you won't remember! Whoever is attacked by destined to be forgotten forever!"
Secondary characters
"Was that a firefly?"
"Hey, who's the snail?"
"Must be from outta town."
"Maybe he's a tourist."
"I dunno, he looks shifty to me!"
"He seemed a bit unstable, Your Majesty!"
"Hah! I get slack from regulars, but a first-timer complaining about my cooking?"
"Just doin' my job! What's your name, sir?"
(no dialogue)
"Hey! There goes Escargoon!"
"Get inside! Get inside!"
(no dialogue)
(no dialogue)
"Hey, Kirby! Who's that guy?"
"It's adios, amoeba for you, stranger! Where are my guards?!" King Dedede is attempting to say "amigo".
"Who was that?!"
"I'm very sorry. Maybe you're confusing me with the mayor of another town."
"Yes! Our records show you received a monster last night called Erasem."
"And look at this one! Here we are fossil hunting, but I sure don't remember it!"
"Ehh...I've never met the chap!"
(no dialogue)
"What was that light?"
"Who's that? It looks like a reject from a kickball factory!"
"None of us ever saw you before!"


Plot synopsis[edit]

Erasem enters Escargoon's body in his sleep.

The episode begins on an ominous night at Castle Dedede. King Dedede is perusing Night Mare Enterprises' monster catalogue in the throne room and decides to pick one that is "super dangerous". The Monster Delivery System whirs into life and produces a tiny ghost-like creature called Erasem. As King Dedede looks on with disappointment and confusion, the creature phases through the throne room door and flies down the hall past Sword Knight and Blade Knight who notice it and get out of the way. Erasem then flies into Escargoon's bedroom and plants itself inside of the snoozing snail. This causes Escargoon to wake in a startle, but he fails to notice what particularly happened and goes back to sleep. The next morning, Escargoon wakes and goes through his morning routine, including brushing his teeth and washing his face. A short time later, Escargoon greets King Dedede in the throne room, but right away something is amiss, as King Dedede does not appear to recognize Escargoon at all despite their long history. It is then explained by Erasem to the audience that it attacks its victims by making them "forgotten forever".

Escargoon initially assumes King Dedede to be pulling another prank on him, but it soon becomes clear that Dedede is not joking, and he demands Escargoon leave the castle at once. Unable to comprehend this situation, Escargoon resists, which prompts Dedede to call Captain Waddle Doo and the Waddle Dees to evict him. Escargoon is outraged when he sees the Waddle Dees are "going along" with the act and proceeds to escort himself out in a huff. As Escargoon leaves, he passes by Sir Ebrum and Lady Like and rants to them about the situation, but they do not recognize him either. After leaving the castle, Escargoon goes to visit Mayor Len at his villa in hopes of gaining a new job in town. However, the mayor also fails to remember him, insisting that the two have never met. Escargoon begins to think it might be him that has a problem, but he still accuses Mayor Len of being in cahoots with the King to pull a prank on him, and his angry outburst causes the sheep to ram him, launching him through the air and into Cappy Town proper.

Tiff and Tuff reach out to Escargoon after they realize what has happened.

After landing in town, Escargoon soon sees that nobody there recognizes him either. Escargoon then breaks down in tears as the rest of town looks on in concern and confusion at this eccentric stranger in their midst. Escargoon tries to get Chief Bookem to arrest all of town for "conspiring against him", but after a lengthy misunderstanding, Bookem reveals that he does not recognize Escargoon either, which prompts the distraught snail to run out of town in a panic. Just out of town on a bridge, Tiff and Meta Knight are talking about how King Dedede ordered a monster the night before, but that they do not know what has become of it. Escargoon shows up at the bridge and desperately calls out to them for assistance, explaining that King Dedede is conspiring against him. Tiff and Meta Knight take pity on him and pretend to remember who he is, but then step aside for a moment to try and put together the situation. Despite trying not to upset him, Escargoon overhears them and realizes they have also forgotten him and runs off into the countryside. Tiff and Meta Knight begin to wonder if the monster was responsible for this, but fail to notice Escargoon leaving and lose him.

Kirby inhales Erasem to protect Escargoon, and is then forgotten by everyone.

Desperate to find even one person who remembers him, Escargoon runs into Kirby out in the fields. Escargoon then confuses Kirby's natural kindness toward strangers as him remembering him and is overjoyed to have one friend in the world. Out on the beach, Escargoon has an existential moment as Kirby looks on with curiosity. Escargoon then promises to turn over a new leaf and be a good guy from then onward, as Kirby grows more and more confused. Kine then shows up out of the water to greet Kirby and asks who Escargoon is, causing the melodramatic snail to faint. Meanwhile, back in Cappy Town, the Cappies notice that the strange snail that came through earlier is in a lot of their photographs, and initially conclude that the pictures were forged. King Dedede is meanwhile looking at his own photo-book at the castle and notices Escargoon is in there as well. Dedede then consults with N.M.E. to explain the situation, insisting that he never ordered a monster, but the N.M.E. Sales Guy insists that he did. Meta Knight and Tiff then learn about the monster's presence, and Meta Knight is able to identify it as Erasem based on the clues available. They then put two and two together and track down Escargoon at the beach with Kirby.

Tiff and Tuff play nice to Escargoon and invite him to the castle for tea and cookies, using a picture they found of him to persuade him to come. While at the tea table, Escargoon gets them to admit they still don't remember him, but they are making an effort to. Meta Knight then tells Escargoon that he has been attacked by the monster Erasem, and that unless he goes through a painful procedure, he will remain forgotten. Escargoon agrees to let Meta Knight spin him around violently using a grabber arm in the castle dungeon until Erasem is forced out, and the group then immediately remembers who he is. After King Dedede barges in and inadvertently confirms remembering Escargoon, the group spots Erasem trying to get away and chases after it. As Cappy Town remembers Escargoon as well, Erasem passes through the main plaza as the group continues to make chase. As everyone watches, Tiff tells Kirby to inhale Erasem, and he does so. From there, everyone proceeds to forget who Kirby is and gather around him curiously. The episode ends as Kirby desperately tries to call out to the crowd, and Erasem escapes from Kirby after he struggles with the ending wipe which also seems to have forgotten him.

Differences between versions[edit]

Japanese-exclusive scene where Kirby tends to Escargoon during his painful procedure.
  • The establishing shot of Castle Dedede at the very beginning of the episode is not present in the Japanese version.
  • In the Japanese version, an arrangement of "My Friend and the Sunset" plays when Escargoon runs into Kirby out in the countryside.
  • In the Japanese version, the scene where Escargoon is tortured in the dungeon is longer, and includes being strapped down and shocked by an electric current, punched repeatedly in the face by a boxing glove, and having his limbs stretched out while Kirby towels him off and gives him water.

Dialogue differences[edit]

  • In the Japanese version, Escargoon's breakdown at the beach with Kirby is different in tone. He spends a lot more time bewailing his fate of being forgotten, and takes solace in the fact that Kirby is the only one who will treat him like a friend.
  • In the Japanese version, Kirby repeats the phrase "Let's eat!" (translated) with the rest of the tea party guests.
    • Additionally, he shouts his name while trying to get the others to remember him at the end of the episode.


  • This episode makes heavy use of fourth wall-breaking gags. Not only does Erasem break the fourth wall by addressing the audience, but Tokkori does so as well when he shows up at the end and complains about his own minor role. Kirby's struggle with the ending wipe is also an example of this.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 忘却のエスカルゴン
Bōkyaku no Esukarugon
Forgotten Escargon
German Das Monster in Escargoon The Monster in Escargoon