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Combat Kirby

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Combat Kirby
E99 Scene 10.png
Cook Kirby faces off against the invading Heavy Lobster on the Halberd.
First aired Japan September 20, 2003
NA December 2, 2006
Episode # 99
Episode # (US) 99
Copy Ability (Abilities) featured Cook, Ice
Monster(s) featured Heavy Lobster
Character(s) featured Kirby, Chef Kawasaki, Meta Knight, Sword Knight, King Dedede, eNeMeE, N.M.E. Sales Guy
Episode order
Cappy Town Down Fright to the Finish
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Combat Kirby is the 99th episode of the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! series, and continues the story from the previous episode: Cappy Town Down. In this episode, the Halberd and its crew prepare to infiltrate eNeMeE's Fortress, but their initiative is thwarted when King Dedede's cell phone gives their position away, and eNeMeE strikes first by throwing the monster Heavy Lobster at them. The monster proceeds to wreck the ship, but is stopped by Ice Kirby and Sword Knight before it can damage the main engine. From there, the attack on the fortress commences, but the entire Destroya fleet is mobilized to attack. All seems lost until some rogue Destroyas piloted by Kirby's allies come in and give the Halberd the cover it needs to plunge into the heart of the fortress and encounter eNeMeE directly.

This episode is the fourth part of the five-part finale to Kirby: Right Back at Ya! called Kirby: Fright to the Finish. It also marks the last appearances of the Cook and Ice Copy Abilities in the anime series.


The following characters appear in this episode:

Cast of "Combat Kirby"  
Character Selected quote
Primary characters
"I can make some spicy space chow!"
"We must attack at once! Full speed ahead!"
"Don't worry, she'll be fine. This ship's made to move at hyper speeds!"
"That Meta Nut done locked us up for collabor-izin' with you! I need you to get us out of here!"
"They are growing desperate! They realize I have them beaten! I was hoping they'd be foolish enough to attack, so I prepared a surprise for them!"
"Our tracking scopes have picked up some sort of ship coming out of a wormhole one light year away. It appears that Kirby and Meta Knight have decided to attack us with their puny little battle barge!"
Secondary characters
"Destroya-" *garbled* "-this way!"
"I'm lockin' you up as non-combatant detainees!"
"Rather dull up here. When I don't have any patients to see, I get rather impatient!"
"I wish we were arrested. We'd be entitled to a phone call and I could talk to my mommy."
"That engine's incredible! It's puttin' out a massive amount of energy, but it purrs like a kitten!"
"There's a monster on the engineering level and I need reinforcements, pronto!"
"I took over a Destroya and was hopin' you'd let me join your party!"
"I'm pumped up!"
"I feel like a dumbbell!"
"This is the first time I ever enjoyed Kawasaki's cooking!"
"We were able to raid the fortress and commandeer some Destrayer[sic] ships! We'll clear the way for you to fly into the fortress, so you and Kirby can challenge eNeMeE!"
(no dialogue)
(no dialogue)
(no dialogue)
"Do you remember me? I came along to help, too!"
"Kawasaki may not be bright, but he did help save the engine room."
"Some wormhole. I don't see no worms nowhere."
"Isn't there any place we can go to get away from you two?"


Plot synopsis[edit]

eNeMeE sends a welcome gift to the Halberd.

The episode begins with the Halberd and its crew preparing to jump through hyperspace. As they do so, the ship encounters turbulent eddies as it travels nine hundred light years in mere moments. Despite the bumpy ride, the Halberd concludes its jump through hyperspace with all systems and the crew intact, though exhausted from the experience. Sword Knight explains that they have arrived one light year away from eNeMeE's Fortress in order to avoid immediate detection, and Meta Knight instructs his crew to prepare for the fight ahead. Despite their attempt at secrecy, eNeMeE detects the Halberd's arrival and sends a capsule its way containing a surprise for the crew. As it travels, the Halberd crew take some time to become more acquainted with their ship. Later on, Kit Cosmos starts running weight lifting drills, and Mabel surprises everyone by lifting her massive weight first. Meanwhile, the stowaways King Dedede and Escargoon attempt to sneak around the ship looking for something to eat, and immediately blow their cover when Dedede burns his hands on one of Chef Kawasaki's hot plates. The two are immediately apprehended by the crew, and Dedede attempts to worm his way out by claiming to be on their side, but the crew does not buy it and locks him and Escargoon in a holding cell.

While in the cell, King Dedede receives a call from the N.M.E. Sales Guy, who informs him that he used the cell phone to track the Halberd's location and sent a monster its way to deal with them, and sends his most loyal customer one last farewell, assuming they are done for. Once King Dedede and Escargoon put two and two together, they begin to panic. A short time later, the capsule arrives and bores its way into the Halberd, allowing the monster Heavy Lobster to invade and start wrecking the ship from the inside. Kit Cosmos reports the intrusion right away, and Sword Knight proceeds to track its movements using the ship's radar system. Two teams are then sent to try and deal with the monster, but it proves to be much tougher than they anticipated, and starts to give them trouble. Soon, Kirby and his friends are cornered by it, but Chef Kawasaki steps in and tosses Kirby a frying pan so he can gain the Cook Copy Ability and defend them. However, due to Heavy Lobster's mechanical nature, Cook Kirby can do little against it, and he loses his ability almost immediately after taking a hit. The team is forced to pull back and think of a new way to stop the rampaging robot.

Heavy Lobster is defeated by shattering it with a missile after it was frozen by Ice Kirby.

Heavy Lobster soon makes its way down to the holding cell, and inadvertently sets King Dedede and Escargoon free by blasting the bars away. Meta Knight soon learns that Heavy Lobster is heading for the engine room in order to put the entire ship out of commission. The defenders move to the engine room to defend it, and as a last-ditch effort, Chef Kawasaki tosses Kirby some ice cubes to give him the Ice Copy Ability. Using his ice breath, Kirby quickly freezes Heavy Lobster in place, making it brittle enough for Sword Knight to finish off with a bazooka. Before the team has long to celebrate, Meta Knight orders everyone back to the bridge, as they are nearing eNeMeE's fortress. Once everyone is gathered on deck, King Dedede and Escargoon show up and accidentally give away the ship's position to the Sales Guy by lodging a complaint against him. Their cover blown, Meta Knight orders an all-out attack before they can be overpowered by the oncoming Destroya armada.

The Halberd finds a giant projection of eNeMeE deep in the fortress.

The Halberd is sent flying straight toward eNeMeE's Fortress as the defensive turrets open fire on the invading ship, landing a hit and causing a reduction in power. Despite this, the Halberd prepares its guns and fires back, eliminating many of the Destroyas on its tail. From there, the Halberd dives toward the fortress and activates a defensive energy shield to protect from further attack. As more and more Destroyas pour out of the fortress, the Halberd's shields begin to fail over sustained enemy fire, but a surprise assist comes from three rogue Destroyas who take out the others. A transmission reaches the main screen and Knuckle Joe reveals himself as one of the rogue pilots. He is then followed by Sirica and Sir Arthur and his men, who are piloting the other ships. Sir Arthur explains that he and the others are going to clear the way for the Halberd to enter the fortress so they can deal with eNeMeE directly.

Taking advantage of this help, the Halberd moves at full throttle into an opening in the fortress hull, and after dealing with one more defending Destroya, finds its way into a massive interior chamber. The chamber is still, with no enemy fire despite several turrets poised to shoot. This unnerving quiet starts to play with the crew's anxiety. Before long, however, eNeMeE himself appears before the Halberd as a giant apparition. eNeMeE then issues a taunt to Kirby and his band of allies, telling them that their situation is hopeless. The episode ends on a cliffhanger at this point, leading into the final episode: Fright to the Finish.

Dialogue differences between versions[edit]

  • In the Japanese version, while the Halberd is traveling at warp speed, King Dedede tries to work out how far 900 light years is while Escargoon explains how long a light-year is and what the speed of light is.
  • In the Japanese version, Sword Knight and Blade Knight explain that the Halberd's Combo Cannon can shoot beams that exceed 30,000 degrees Celsius, which is about on par with the temperature of a bolt of lightning.
  • In the Japanese version, after King Dedede and Escargoon are locked up in the Halberd's prison cell, Escargoon laments, saying (translated) "It's a revolution. Our destinies will vanish into dew on the guillotine."
  • In the Japanese version, Kirby shouts in English "Fry Pan Serve!" when trying to attack Heavy Lobster with the Cook ability.
  • In the Japanese version, Chef Kawasaki explains that he got the idea to give Kirby the Ice ability to defeat Heavy Lobster when he remembered that putting lobsters on ice extends their shelf life and makes them docile.


  • This is the only episode in the series in which none of the episode is set in Dream Land.
  • Despite their resolution to join the rest of the team in Cappy Town Down, Fololo & Falala are nowhere to be seen on the Halberd.
  • This episode marks the first actual appearance of Sir Arthur and his men. They were previously only known through figurines.
    • Notably, Sir Arthur calls the Destroyas "Destrayers" in the 4Kids version, which is closer to the way it is pronounced in the Japanese version.
  • This episode marks the first time that eNeMeE has been fully visible in the anime series.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 撃滅! ナイトメア大要塞
Gekimetsu! Naitomea Dai Yōsai
Destruction! Nightmare's Great Fortress
Brazilian Portuguese Kirby Combate Combat Kirby