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Born to Be Mild - Part I

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Born to Be Mild - Part I
E90 Scene 21.png
The people of Cappy Town confront Fang during his battle with Gus and Kirby.
First aired Japan July 12, 2003
NA June 25, 2005
Episode # 90
Episode # (US) 90
Copy Ability (Abilities) featured No
Monster(s) featured No
Character(s) featured Kirby, Gus, Tiff, King Dedede, Fang
Episode order
Tooned Out Born to Be Mild - Part II
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Born to Be Mild - Part I is the 90th episode of the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! series. In this episode, a gang of bikers led by Fang terrorize Dream Land in search of another biker named Steppenwolf. As they search, they run into trouble with Kirby and his friends, along with Gus, who used to be a member of their gang. To settle the matter, King Dedede has a speedway built and invites the contesting parties to race to see who will have their way. Before the race can start, however, Gus is kidnapped on Dedede's orders and locked in the dungeon, leaving his team without a leader as they face off against Fang in the race track. The proceeding race takes place largely in the following episode Born to Be Mild - Part II.

This episode and the next can be considered a sequel to The Kirby Derby - Part I and Part II. This episode marks the first time that Gus has served a leading role in a story.

The English name of this episode is a reference to the 1968 Steppenwolf song "Born to Be Wild". The band itself is directly referenced in the name of the biker the gang is looking for.


The following characters appear in this episode:

Cast of "Born to Be Mild - Part I"  
Character Selected quote
Primary characters
"Poyooo. Pooyooo?"
"One of them bikers is an old friend of mine. You see, I used to belong to a motorcycle gang."
"That biker gang could strike again at any time! We've got to have a plan to defend ourselves!"
"We gonna have a big race at the brand spankin' new DDD Speedway!"
"Nah, we're lookin' for a biker, not a porker!"
Secondary characters
"I had no idea we had a speedway!"
(no dialogue)
(no dialogue)
"Get on with the race!"
"Enemy intruders! Defend the castle!"
"Get your squid chips! Liver bowls! Sushi-dogs!"
"Just who do you bikers think you are?!"
(no dialogue)
(no dialogue)
"Yeah! Who do you think you are? King Dedede?"
(no dialogue)
"Soon as I rebuild my wreck, I'll go after 'em!"
"Don't worry, dear. I'm alright."
(no dialogue)
"Warp Star!"
"They're sprinkling like jewels!"
"Cappy Town is in danger! You have to do something!"
"What's wrong with you three lunatics?! How dare you drive so recklessly!"
"Sounds to me like the roar of an engine! Maybe two or three of 'em!"
(no dialogue)
"It looks like Fang's racing circles around Kirby and the rest of the Cappy crew! Can the friends defeat the gang without Gus? Find out next time, on Kirby: Right Back at Ya!"
"Now hold up, Highness! Have you considered beating them with a track having a race? Of course, you'll need a place to race! That's expensive, but Night Mare Enterprises could be the sponsor!"
(no dialogue)
"The name's Rip. Sorry to wake ya, officer!"
"We demand you bring that gang to justice!"
(no dialogue)
"Aren't the stars amazing, my dear?"
(no dialogue)
(no dialogue)
"Quit making excuses and start making arrests!"
"We're not gonna let you mess up Cappy Town!"
(no dialogue)
"My name's Turbo! Allow me to introduce our fearless leader: Fang!"
(no dialogue)


Plot synopsis[edit]

King Dedede becomes fast pals with a gang of bikers terrorizing Dream Land.

The episode begins on a clear night in the Dream Land countryside. Tiff's family is stargazing at a bridge with Melman while Tuff and Kirby are trying to catch fireflies. Their night-time activities are interrupted, however, when three unknown motorcyclists drive through the countryside causing a ruckus. Later on, they start to harass the people of Cappy Town at night, specifically making a mockery of Chief Bookem and Mayor Len before driving off. They soon arrive at Castle Dedede and storm it by jumping their bikes over the walls, giving the Waddle Dees a fright. After riding down the castle halls, they stop by King Dedede's room, but Dedede is not who they appear to be looking for either, specifying that they are searching for a biker. The gang then drives off, leaving King Dedede and Escargoon covered in soot. For this insult, King Dedede decides to try and chase them down using the Royal Racecar and follows them out into the countryside. Once they meet up on the road, however, the biker gang is impressed with King Dedede's car and brazen attitude, and the group enters friendlier terms. Fang tells King Dedede that his gang is looking for a guy named Steppenwolf, and will agree to help Dedede get rid of Kirby after they have located him.

The Cappies gather to try and determine what they can do about the biker gang, and suggest the King Dedede should do something about them, but the King quickly dashes their hopes when he and the bikers rush through town again and attack Tuggle's grocery store. Tiff, Tuff, and Kirby try to stop them, but they don't get far before the bikers rough up Kirby and then return to their joyride with King Dedede. Once they refuel at Gus's expense, the beleaguered gas station owner recognizes their leader and tells Tiff about him, explaining that he used to belong to their gang. Tiff asks Gus to go out and reason with them, but Gus refuses. Taking matters into her own hands, Tiff rallies several of the Cappies to build and repair their own vehicles so they can go after the bikers. After a long night of work, the team finishes by morning, having built several different vehicles. A short time later, as the biker gang continues to roam the countryside, Gus steps into his garage and prepares to unfurl his old motorbike, when Melman drops in on him and asks if he intends to go and drive off the bikers. Gus tries to deny his involvement with them, but is soon interrupted when the biker gang locates him. Fang tells Gus he's looking for Steppenwolf, and mentions he would be about Melman's age by now. As the bikers intimidate the tired old man, he tries to make a break for it, but ends up getting knocked aside by the bikers as they depart. Swearing vengeance, Gus decides to fight back after all, and unveils his motorcycle.

Gus goes after the biker gang he used to be a part of.

Seeing Gus fly past them on his motorcycle, Tiff realizes what he is doing and sends Kirby along on his Warp Star to lend a helping hand. The gang travels down a canyon while they harass Gus, and Kirby soon catches up with them. As Kirby lends Gus a hand, King Dedede and Escargoon watch from their monitor back in the castle and complain. The N.M.E. Sales Guy interjects, and tells the King he ought to set up a formal race to decide matters which Night Mare Enterprises will sponsor. Meanwhile, Kirby manages to stop the two lackey bikers by obscuring their vision and causing them to crash. He sets off to do the same to Fang, but the biker manages to catch him with a chain and drag him along the ground. Fang is soon stopped, however, when Tiff, Tuff, and the Cappies get in their way, proclaiming their intention to drive him out of town. Before much more can happen, however, King Dedede shows up in the Royal Racecar and announces that they should settle this by racing in the brand new DDD Speedway. King Dedede insists that no Warp Stars are allowed, and that if Fang wins, he gets to stay in Dream Land for good.

The great battle royale race begins.

A short time later, everyone gathers to take part in the race in a large coliseum. Gus prepares to enter the race, but he is captured by the Waddle Dees and taken to the dungeon to prevent him competing. Tiff and her team start to panic when they cannot find Gus, and conscript Gangu to take his place. As the race is set to begin, all of the contestants line up, including Chief Bookem, Mayor Len, Samo, Kirby, Fang, and Gangu. After preparing their vehicles and lining up, King Dedede drops the handkerchief to signal the start of the race. Fang gains an early lead, and the episode ends on a cliffhanger as Kirby and his friends try to catch up, leading into the next episode: Born to Be Mild - Part II.

Differences between versions[edit]

  • In the Japanese version, when Gus gets on his motorbike, an arrangement of "Cave Stage" plays.

Dialogue differences[edit]

  • In the Japanese version, Melman specifically identifies the sound of the motorbikes as those of a two-cycle engine and a single cylinder.
  • In the Japanese version, Fang explains to King Dedede that he already knows about Kirby and had come here to defeat him, but first wants to head after Steppenwolf.
  • In the Japanese version, when Melman is hit by the bikers, he comments that he is used to getting run over by this point. This references several previous episodes where Melman was run over by various vehicles.
  • In the Japanese version, when N.M.E. Sales Guy introduces the race, the Cappies yell at him and tell him to get lost.
  • In the Japanese version, there is no ending narration to remind the viewer to turn in to the next episode. Instead, there is a simple caption.


  • One of the vehicles that Tiff's team builds is based on the Wheelie Scooter.
  • The bells used to signify laps during the race resemble Kine.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 爆走!デデデス・レース 前編
Bakusō! Dededesu Rēsu Zenpen
Boom! Dedede's Race - Part 1
Brazilian Portuguese Nascido para ser Rápido - Primeira Parte Born to be Fast - First Part