Air-Ride-in-Style - Part I

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Air-Ride-in-Style - Part I
E96 Scene 9.png
Kirby attempts to flee the barrage of the Destroya.
First aired Japan August 23, 2003
NA October 11, 2003
Episode # 96
Episode # (4Kids) 50
Copy Ability (Abilities) featured Xmark.png
Monster(s) featured Xmark.png
Character(s) featured Kirby, Meta Knight, Tiff, Tuff, King Dedede, N.M.E. Sales Guy
Episode order
Frog Wild Air-Ride-in-Style - Part II
Episode order (4Kids)
Kirby Takes the Cake Air-Ride-in-Style - Part II
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Air-Ride-in-Style - Part I is the 96th episode (50th in the 4Kids broadcast) of the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! series. In this episode, the N.M.E. Sales Guy tells King Dedede to find out where Kirby is keeping his Warp Star if he wants to get rid of him. To this end, King Dedede kidnaps Tiff to get the location from her, which ends up working due to Tuff's carelessness. Despite this, King Dedede is able to do little to Kabu, so Night Mare Enterprises sends the space ship Destroya to attack Kirby, and ends up damaging his Warp Star in the process. Kirby and the Warp Star are able to recover, but only slightly, and are forced to go out again when N.M.E. dispatches the Air Riders to finish Kirby off. The ensuing battle takes place in the next episode: Air-Ride-in-Style - Part II.

This episode is the first part of the five-part finale to Kirby: Right Back at Ya! called Kirby: Fright to the Finish. This episode was also meant to act as a tie-in with the then recently released game Kirby Air Ride, and features several Air Ride Machines from that game.


The following characters appear in this episode:

Cast of "Air-Ride-in-Style - Part I"  
Character Selected quote Notes
Primary characters
E96 Kirby.png
E96 Meta Knight.png
Meta Knight
"We do not have the strength to battle this thing ourselves! It is our only hope!"
E96 Tiff.png
"Let me go! What do you think you're doing?!"
E96 Tuff.png
"Uhh, that's easy. The Warp Star's inside Kabu!"
E96 King Dedede.png
King Dedede
"I ain't interested in thinkin'! I know everything there is to know about catchin' Kirby already!"
E96 Salesguy.png
N.M.E. Sales Guy
"As I was about to say, Sire, if he didn't have the Warp Star to come to his rescue, Kirby would be easy to get rid of!"
Secondary characters
E96 Air Riders.png
Air Riders
(no dialogue)
E96 Biblio.png
(no dialogue)
E96 Blade Knight.png
Blade Knight
*garbled* "-kidnap Tiff."
E96 Buttercup.png
(no dialogue)
E96 Cappies.png
Cappy villagers
(no dialogue)
E96 Waddle Doo.png
Captain Waddle Doo
"Dungeon? But Your Majesty, I don't have the Waddle Dee power! Kabu's too big to move!"
E96 Chef Kawasaki.png
Chef Kawasaki
(no dialogue)
E96 Chief Bookem.png
Chief Bookem
(no dialogue)
E96 Coo.png
(no dialogue)
E96 Doctor Yabui.png
Doctor Yabui
(no dialogue)
E96 Dyna Blade.png
Dyna Blade
(no dialogue) Appears only in the Japanese version.
E96 Chick.png
Dyna Chick
(no dialogue) Appears only in the Japanese version.
E96 Escargoon.png
"Yeah! Tell us where he's hidin' that Warp Star!"
E96 Fololo & Falala.png
Fololo & Falala
(Fololo) "Kirby!"
(Falala) "Are they okay?"
E96 Gengu.png
(no dialogue)
E96 Gus.png
(no dialogue)
E96 Hana.png
(no dialogue)
E96 Honey.png
(no dialogue)
E96 Parents.png
Honey's parents
(no dialogue)
E96 Iro.png
(no dialogue)
E96 Parents 2.png
Iro's parents
(no dialogue)
E96 Kabu.png
"The Warp Star will need time to recover."
E96 Lady Like.png
Lady Like
"I made zem[sic] with my own hands!"
E96 Mabel.png
(no dialogue)
E96 Mayor Len.png
Mayor Len Blustergas
(no dialogue)
E96 Butler.png
Mayor Len's butler
(no dialogue)
E96 Grandkids.png
Mayor Len's grandchildren
(no dialogue)
E96 Melman.png
(no dialogue)
E96 Nruff and Nelly.png
Nruff and Nelly
(no dialogue) Appear only in the Japanese version.
E96 Phan Phan.png
Phan Phan
(no dialogue) Appears only in the Japanese version.
E96 Pon.png
(no dialogue) Appears only in the Japanese version.
E96 Curio.png
Professor Curio
"Look! I've never seen that!"
E96 Rick.png
(no dialogue)
E96 Bikers.png
Rip and Turbo
(no dialogue)
E96 Samo.png
(no dialogue)
E96 Shepherd.png
The shepherd
(no dialogue)
E96 Sir Ebrum.png
Sir Ebrum
"My, what a tasty sandwich!"
E96 Spikehead.png
(no dialogue)
E96 Parents 3.png
Spikehead's parents
(no dialogue)
E96 Squirrel.png
The squirrel
(no dialogue) Appears only in the Japanese version.
E96 Sword Knight.png
Sword Knight
"That's weird."
E96 Tokkori.png
(no dialogue)
E96 Tuggle.png
(no dialogue)
E96 Waddle Dees.png
Waddle Dees
(no dialogue)
E96 Whispy Woods.png
Whispy Woods
(no dialogue) Appears only in the Japanese version.


Plot synopsis[edit]

Tiff is kidnapped by King Dedede to ascertain the Warp Star's location.

The episode begins in Castle Dedede, where King Dedede is once again complaining to the N.M.E. Sales Guy about how all the monsters he has sent so far were not up to the task of beating Kirby. The Sales Guy suggests that King Dedede change tactics and first try to stop Kirby from being able to use his Warp Star before trying to beat him. To accomplish this, King Dedede and Escargoon head out in the Royal Racecar and abduct Tiff while she is having a picnic with her family and Kirby. They then take her down to the castle dungeon and try to coax her with sweets while keeping her tied up, saying they will not let her go until she reveals where Kabu is keeping the Warp Star. Before long, however, Tuff and the others come in to try and save her, though he foolishly gives away the Warp Star's location in the process. Hearing this, King Dedede and Escargoon run off in an instant to head for Kabu Canyon. Tiff does not bother to chase them, since she is confident that there's little they two of them can do even if they find it. She then recaps the events of Dark and Stormy Knight to explain how she became the Warp Star's keeper, and also explains how she discovered Kabu's secret chamber in the first place before the events of the show. The two then speculate for a moment how Kirby's Warp Star fits so perfectly inside Kabu's secret chamber despite Kabu being around for so much longer.

Tiff and Kirby are knocked out of the air when the Warp Star is damaged.

Once King Dedede and Escargoon arrive at Kabu Canyon, they proceed to threaten the great sage to cough up the Warp Star, but Kabu remains silent. Dedede orders his soldiers to toss their spears at Kabu, but this proves ineffective. King Dedede then orders Kabu be tossed in the dungeon, but Captain Waddle Doo informs him of the impracticality of this command. As they bicker, a storm gathers over Dream Land, and just as Tiff reunites with her family back at the castle, the clouds part to reveal a massive alien ship that proceeds to bombard the castle with explosive rounds. These shots appear to be aimed at Kirby in particular, who makes a run for it. Meanwhile, the whole event is being watched by all of the Cappies in Cappy Town as King Dedede and Escargoon hurry back to Castle Dedede in a rush. They dial up Night Mare Enterprises to ask what the big idea is, and the Sales Guy reveals that his company has sent the giant warship Destroya to take care of Kirby once and for all. Seeing that Kirby is in danger, Meta Knight urges Tiff to call the Warp Star, despite Tiff's complaints that doing to will reveal its location to Dedede.

Kirby flies out to battle against the Air Riders.

Tiff calls for the Warp Star, but Kirby has difficulty getting on it due to continuously being harassed by Destroya's attacks. Meta Knight and his soldiers step in to deflect some of the volleys away, giving Kirby time to hop on. Kirby then attempts to fly toward Destroya to attack it but the ship merely changes focus and attacks Tiff instead, forcing Kirby to go and save her. While they try to get away, one of Destroya's bolts chips the Warp Star, causing it to fail momentarily and dropping Tiff and Kirby from the sky. Before they hit the water, the Warp Star recovers and picks them up, carrying them back to Kabu Canyon. Seeing all this, the N.M.E. Sales Guy informs King Dedede and Escargoon that Kabu acts as a sanctuary where the Warp Star and Star Warriors alike can heal, forcing them to come up with a fallback plan. Meanwhile, Tiff and Kirby's close friends manage to rendezvous inside Kabu's sanctuary, where the great sage tells them that the Warp Star needs time to heal.

Back at the castle, the N.M.E. Sales Guy informs King Dedede and Escargoon that he intends to send the Air Riders out to deal with Kirby before his Warp Star can recover fully. Sensing this danger, the Warp Star carries Kirby off and out of Kabu to fight them, though it is still somewhat shaky. As Kirby meets up with his new foes, the N.M.E. Sales Guy introduces each of them in turn, as King Dedede and Escargoon cheer for the Air Riders' success. The episode ends on a cliffhanger at this point, leading into the next episode: Air-Ride-in-Style - Part II.

Differences between versions[edit]

Japanese-exclusive scene showing the denizens of Whispy Woods Forest watching the attack of the Destaryer.

Dialogue differences[edit]

  • In the Japanese version, when Fumu is being held and interrogated, King Dedede threatens that if she does not call the Warp Star, she will have to stay in the dungeon and eat all the food and "get flabby".
  • In the Japanese version, Bun states that Kabu had been around for "tens of thousands of years", rather than "millions and millions of years" in the 4Kids version.
  • In the Japanese version, when King Dedede orders Captain Waddle Doo to move Kabu to the castle, Waddle Doo says that such an operation could take 30 years, and Doctor Escargon then chimes in saying it would be more like 100 years.
  • In the Japanese version, Customer Service explains that the Air Ride Machines that he is sending out are another kind of Warp Star.
  • In the Japanese version, Kabu calls out "Warp Star!" again when Kirby flies out of his mouth to face the Air Ride Machine Riders.
  • In the Japanese version, King Dedede and Escargon comment on the idea that while the Air Ride Machines are impressive, their riders do not look like much. Customer Service reassures them by saying that the riders do not matter as long as the machines perform.
  • In the Japanese version, Meta Knight comments that the Air Ride Machines being used by the enemy are Warp Stars that have been ridden by Star Warriors for generations.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワープスターの危機! 前編
Crisis of the Warp Star! - Part 1