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Debut episode Hunger Struck
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Fryclops is a monster ordered by King Dedede in the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! episode Hunger Struck. He is a one-eyed creature with a mustache. Dedede orders him to make food for the Waddle Dees after they go on hunger strike. His special ability is cooking Chinese food that is loaded with the same chemicals used in the chips that Kirby and Dedede found irresistible, making them grow obese. As thanks for cooking food for them, the Waddle Dees begin to follow Fryclops's commands to attack Kirby.

Kirby (using the Cook ability) and Fryclops eventually have a cook off to see who makes better food. At one point, Fryclops cooks up a big turkey that makes the Waddle Dees grow huge. However, Kirby wins the competition by fixing up several Chinese food trays for the Waddle Dees that they and Waddle Doo like, prompting Fryclops to attack him. Kirby manages defeat him with a few strikes of his frying pan, cooking him.


  • Fryclops's name is a portmanteau of the words "fry" and "cyclops".