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The following is a complete list of all of Tiff's appearances in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, along with other information regarding her role in each episode:

Tiff's appearances in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!  
Episode Image Role Role details Selected quote
Kirby Comes to Cappy Town
E1 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff accompanies the angry Cappy villagers to Castle Dedede to demand answers from its king for the monster that seems to be taking refuge in his castle, but Dedede denies any wrongdoing. Tiff suspects something fishy about Dedede's new pet octopus, but cannot act on it. She and the others then head to Kabu Canyon to consult with its great sage, with Tiff leading the discussion. When Kabu foretells the arrival of a Star Warrior named Kirby, Tiff imagines him to be a gallant and handsome swordsman. This impression is shattered when Kirby comes crashing in on his Starship, revealing his small puffball nature. When King Dedede bats Kirby into a nearby chasm, Tiff makes off to try and rescue him, but while trying to scale down the ravine, she slips and falls. Kirby acts fast to save her from a gruesome death, and the two leave the ravine along with Tuff and Fololo & Falala and get acquainted.

From here, Tiff tries to introduce Kirby to the townsfolk, but runs into trouble when Kirby inhales the entire banquet, making the townsfolk believe he might be the monster who ate the sheep. She tries to hide Kirby in an old barn, but they are discovered by Meta Knight and his men. Instead of attacking Kirby, however, Meta Knight instructs Tiff to help him find the monster, and they soon discover it attacking the castle. Along the way, Tiff finds Kirby's Warp Star, which had been previously stolen by Dedede. Using the power of the star, Tiff helps Kirby battle and defeat the monster Octacon. The next day, she prepares to say good-bye to Kirby as he is set to leave the planet on his starship, but due to Dedede's sabotage, Kirby is "forced" to stay, and he and Tiff celebrate the prospect of spending more time together.

"Impossible, Falala! Warriors are big and strong, not pink and puffy!"
A Blockbuster Battle
E2 Tiff.png
Primary character One day, when playing a game with Kirby, a storm kicks up forcing Tiff and the children to take shelter, and Tiff then realizes that Kirby has no home. She and the others set out to get him situated with someone in Cappy Town, but Dedede and Escargoon repeatedly foil this by playing tricks to make Kirby seem incompetent. Instead, Tiff decides they will build Kirby a new home, with their first attempt being a large treehouse, but Dedede destroys this as well, and then sends to monster Blocky to try and crush Kirby. Tiff helps Kirby beat the monster using a tip from Meta Knight, and then after the crisis has passed, she and the others build Kirby a second home, this one being the more permanent dome house that he shares with Tokkori. "Do what you want to, but you're not gonna run Kirby out of Cappy Town!"
Kirby's Duel Role
E3 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff and her cohorts try to warn Kirby about a new plot from Dedede when they learn that Meta Knight has challenged Kirby to a duel. Tiff accompanies Kirby to the site of the duel - Kabu Canyon - and initially tries to talk Kirby out of fighting, but Meta Knight shows up and forces the issue. After watching Kirby struggle, Tiff interrupts the fight by pushing a boulder down and then pulling Kirby out in the confusion. They go to Kabu to learn more about Kirby's origins, and then try to ferry Kirby home, but are interrupted when Dedede brings the monster Bugzzy to finish the job. During the fight, Tiff instructs Kirby to inhale Bugzzy's sword, which he does, allowing him to win the fight. Tiff then reconciles with Meta Knight, having caught on to his secret double-role as Dedede's "loyal servant". "The creature must be...Kirby!"
A Dark & Stormy Knight
E4 Tiff.png
Primary character The episode starts with Tiff being confronted by King Dedede about her involvement with Kirby, but she evades him and heads down to Kirby's House to warn him about Dedede's intentions, but is distracted by Tokkori's bullying of Kirby. The monster Kracko shows up and attacks Kirby, and Tiff tries to keep up with him, but is separated when Dedede shows up in his Armored Vehicle and disrupts things. Tiff and her cohorts go looking for Kirby, but fail to find him, and instead head to Kabu to seek advice. Kabu invites Tiff into his sanctuary, where they find Meta Knight, who tells Tiff more about Kirby, the Star Warriors, and Night Mare Enterprises. Later on, Tiff and the others find Kirby, and Tiff calls upon the Warp Star to help Kirby battle and defeat Kracko. Tiff then tells Kirby to let her know whenever he needs his Warp Star again. "Kirby...just let me know when you need the Star treatment!"
Beware: Whispy Woods!
E5 Tiff.png
Primary character Tiff takes Tuff, Tokkori, and Kirby out on a field trip in the countryside, and then has to chase Kirby into Whispy Woods Forest when he is distracted by another of Dedede's schemes. Unable to find Kirby in the thick woods, Tiff and her cohorts find themselves lost, and have to set up camp for the night. They happen to pitch their tent in the center of the woods under Whispy Woods himself, and they manage to find Kirby there, but also anger the tree, who attacks them due to a misunderstanding planted by Dedede. Once Whispy Woods has used up his only means of defense, Dedede shows up and cuts down the whole forest, dragging Tiff and the others along with him. Later on, when Dedede is presenting his new country club in the place of the forest, Tiff and Tuff show up with signs to protest, but are barred by the Waddle Dees. Kirby is eventually able to save the day by coughing up one of Whispy's apples to regrow the forest, and he and Tiff enjoy more apples while Dedede is punished by the rejuvenated woods. "I never really thought about where all the food and stuff that Kirby sucks up goes. The only thing I can think of is that it goes into another dimension!"
Un-Reality TV
E6 Tiff.png
Primary character This episode starts with Tiff writing and showing her friends a journal she is keeping about Dream Land and its inhabitants, but she is interrupted by the news that Dedede has given everyone in town TV sets with government-approved programming. Tiff watches in dismay as everyone in the kingdom - even people she thought would know better - become glued to their TV sets. Before she can do anything about it, Dedede uses the TV programming to convince the town that a monster is attacking and that Kirby is responsible. Using hypnosis, he turns the town into an angry mob to go after Kirby, but Tiff manages to keep Kirby safe by redirecting the mindless crowd. Later on, Tiff and her cohorts sneak into the Channel DDD set and uncover the hoax on live broadcast. Tiff concludes the episode by writing about the events in her journal. "WE USED TO HAVE LIVES BEFORE TELEVISION!!"
Kirby's Egg-Cellent Adventure
E7 Tiff.png
Primary character Tiff first appears in this episode along with the others to assess the damage caused by Dyna Blade and to learn about this legendary bird. Later on, she is informed about King Dedede's plan to trick Kirby into eating Dyna Blade's egg and shows up at the nest only to see what appears to be confirmation that the plan succeeded. She tries to protect Kirby from the enraged bird, but with little success, as her friends tell her that if Kirby did indeed eat the egg, he must be responsible for the consequences. Later, she and the others find Kirby with the chick, having not eaten the egg after all (despite his initial intentions). "I think it was Dyna Blade's egg! Kirby must have came along and ate it!"
Curio's Curious Discovery
E8 Tiff.png
Primary character The episode begins with Tiff helping Professor Curio at his archaeological dig site, when she discovers a buried coffin that Curio seems strangely nervous about. When she gathers the town to open the coffin, only to discover an "ancestor" of King Dedede. Dedede himself then shows up to gloat about what this means for the history of the kingdom, which seems to contradict Curio's theories. After the hubbub is over, Tiff tries to comfort Curio, reminding him that the truth is more important than a good-sounding theory. Later on, however, Tiff becomes unsure about the situation and of Curio's strange behavior, and decides to investigate. She discovers that night that Curio was secretly planting artifacts glorifying Dedede at the site, and confronts him about it. Curio reveals that Dedede had bribed him to do this, and Tiff pressures him to come clean about it, which he does, despite Dedede's attempt to keep Tiff out of the situation by having her roped up and kept captive. From there, after being freed by Meta Knight, Tiff calls on the Warp Star for Kirby so he can clean up the subsequent chaos. "Remember what you always say. The most important thing isn't to show your theories right, but to dig all the way to the truth!"
The Fofa Factor
E9 Tiff.png
Secondary character In this episode, Tiff confides with Fololo & Falala when Dedede tries to order them to split up, and gets them wondering about where they may have come from. Later on, when Slice n' Splice is amok, Tiff gets involved when Rick and Tokkori show up having had their bodies swapped. Tiff and company help keep Kirby safe after he'd been split in two, and then witness Kirby defeating the monster when he is restored to one again. "King Dedede sticks his beak into everybody's business, doesn't he?"
Hail to the Chief
E10 Tiff.png
Secondary character Tiff only plays a small part in this episode. She is first seen telling Tuff that Chief Bookem's claim about being a member of the "Rough Rangers" is dubious, but this does not affect Tuff much. She later scolds Tuff for trying to cause trouble for the chief to solve. When Tuff is later taken to the Booma-Dooma Volcano, Tiff tries to intervene by getting Kirby to help save him in place of Bookem, but Meta Knight tells Tiff to let Bookem try. When Bookem runs into trouble in the volcano, Tiff calls the Warp Star so that Kirby can come in and save both him and Tuff. "I'm reading all about Cappy history, and the chief's story doesn't make sense! We never even had a war!"
The Big Taste Test
E11 Tiff.png
Secondary character In this episode, Tiff is more or less uninvolved until Chef Kawasaki invites Kirby to "help" him in the kitchen at Castle Dedede. There, she figures out that Kawasaki is trying to cook Kirby, and gets Meta Knight to help stop Kawasaki, but they appear to be too late, only afterward discovering the doctored cookbook Kawasaki was given. Later on, when Kirby is revealed to be alive and the monster Popon appears, Tiff watches as Kirby defeats the monster. "Wow! Somebody actually taught you to cook like this?"
Escargoon Squad
E12 Tiff.png
Secondary character Tiff is not much involved in this episode, but during the proceedings, she recounts a ghostly experience she had in the castle when the others are talking about the possibility of a ghost following Dedede. Later on, she observes the final scenes of the episode at a safe distance. "But I saw it, too! I heard footsteps, like somebody was following me!"
Cappy New Year
E13 Tiff.png
Secondary character Tiff does not play a huge role in this episode, and spends most of the runtime counseling and helping the Cappies with their festival planning. She also accompanies Kirby, helping him investigate King Dedede's plans, and then calling the Warp Star for him during the battle with Sasuke. "We can create our own celebration. We can do whatever we want to!"
The Pillow Case
E14 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff tries in vain to warn the people of Dream Land about King Dedede's newest scheme to distribute nightmare-inducing pillows to them. At Meta Knight's request, she tries one of the pillows to see if they are really dangerous, and is beset by nightmares about Kirby, which nearly succeed in turning her against him, but she quickly snaps out of it after waking. When she sees that most of the Dream Landers failed in this, she heads quickly to Kirby's House to protect its napping resident from the townsfolk, where Meta Knight snaps them out of it by revealing what was in the pillows. "I'm not gonna listen to King Dedede make fun of my friend Kirby!"
Kirby's Pet Peeve
E15 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff berates the other kids for treating Kirby so roughly in their play, and decides to get Kirby a smaller playmate. She and her family go to Gangu's toy store and get Kirby an robotic toy dog, which they fail to realize is a trap delivered from Night Mare Enterprises. Later on, Tiff learns about the strange features of the toy and becomes concerned. She tries to separate Kirby from the toy, but a mix-up with King Dedede - who wants the toy as well and kidnaps it - only increases Kirby's resolve to stay by its side. From there, Tiff can only follow exasperated as the rest of the events play out, and the Electronic Pet destroys itself instead of killing Kirby as originally programmed. Tiff is left to observe from a distance as Kirby mourns the loss of his toy. "Just cause you look like a ball doesn't mean they can kick you around!"
A Fish Called Kine
E16 Tiff.png
Primary character Tiff takes a starring role in this episode. It begins with her scouring the beach for shells when she encounters a golden specimen with writing in an ancient language in it. When she takes it back to the castle library to decipher it, she realizes it's a letter addressed to her specifically from a secret admirer, who requests they meet back at the beach that evening. She heads there, only to find out her secret admirer is the ocean sunfish Kine. Kine professes his attraction to her, but she brushes him off, pointing out in particular that she can't date a fish due to not being able to breathe underwater, nor could he breathe on land.

Later on, Tiff is startled to find Kine brought in by King Dedede and Escargoon in a fish tank with a speaking horn attached to it. She is still disturbed at the idea of dating a fish, but Kine's effort to make the date happen as well as the egging of her friends pressure her into doing it. She and Kine travel through Dream Land as the Cappies gawk at the awkward couple and make jokes at their expense. The date quickly goes awry, however, as Kine is subjected to numerous accidents and near-death experiences. Eventually, they ditch the fish tank and Tiff finally gets Kine to understand the folly of this endeavor. In the process, Kine reveals to them the deal he made with Dedede to get the tank in the first place, and they realize that Dedede is up to no good.

They set out after him to the Rainbow Coral Reef, where Dedede is bulldozing the place. Arriving in a makeshift submarine, Tiff and her friends release Kirby who teams up with Kine to stop Dedede. After this is done, Tiff and Kine meet up at the beach again to make their farewells, but Kirby shows up with a snorkel, suggesting that Tiff could use it to go on an underwater date in return. Tiff shouts at Kirby for making Kine realize this as the episode ends.

"See those are my lungs working, Kine, but they don't work very well underwater! We're from such totally different worlds that we don't even breathe the same way!"
The Thing About the Ring
E17 Tiff.png
Secondary character Tiff acts as little more than exposition in this episode. She starts by informing the main characters about Sir Ebrum and Lady Like's anniversary, and then later join Kirby and co. when they help Ebrum locate his missing wedding ring. Tiff later backs Kirby up when he battles Honker Stomper for the ring, and then appears with Kirby at Kawasaki's restaurant when they finally recover it. "How come you always act so weird on your anniversary? I don't get it! It's the same thing every time!"
Flower Power
E18 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff endeavors to follow Tuff and Fololo & Falala in secret into the Babagahara jungle to watch over them and keep them safe, while also preventing Tuff from becoming jealous and haughty with her interference. With assistance from Meta Knight, Tiff manages to secretly help the trip avert disaster several times, and backs them up when they eventually convene and fight the Pukey Flower. "His heart's in the right place, but I wonder where his brain is."
Here Comes the Son
E19 Tiff.png
Secondary character In this episode, Tiff gets involved when she sees Knuckle Joe wreaking havoc in Castle Dedede, looking for the "Star Warrior". When King Dedede implies that Kirby is his target, Tiff quickly heads to Kirby's House to try and get Kirby to hide, but Knuckle Joe eventually finds him and proceeds to attack. As the battle proceeds, Tiff has a few key things to say to help dissuade Knuckle Joe, but aside from that has little further to do with the story. "Knuckle Joe. What we do makes us monsters...and look what you've done to Kirby!"
Dedede's Snow Job
E20 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff is witness to one of King Dedede's schemes as she watches the climate change rapidly from tropical summer to freezing snowy winter, atypical for their environment. While the other Dream Landers take advantage of the unusual weather to have some fun, she remains suspicious, and her suspicions are eventually confirmed when a strange snowman named Chilly appears and seemingly befriends Kirby only to try and assassinate him multiple times. Despite these attempts, Kirby is none the wiser, and defends his new friends from Tiff's beratements. Later on, Tiff follows Kirby to try and keep an eye on him, and witnesses the battle with the Ice Dragon causing the unnatural winter. At the end of the episode, Tiff collects Kirby from the sea on a log boat after he tries in vain to save Chilly from melting when the climate returns to normal. "I should have known all along! When moisture freezes, it crystallizes and becomes snow!"
A Princess in Dis-Dress
E21 Tiff.png
Primary character Tiff begins this episode by reading a fairy tale to Kirby and Tuff, and is quickly thereafter given the news that a space princess and her entourage are coming to visit Dream Land. Later on, as the guests are eating at Castle Dedede, Tiff develops a crush on the princess's escort, Commander Vee. They shortly begin to converse, and later, Vee agrees to accompany Tiff and her friends into town after some misadventures in the castle. In the process, Tiff becomes more enamored with Vee, particularly as Vee shows his interest in the common folk, and in Kirby in particular. During this trip, after Vee saves Kirby from a rampaging sheep, Tiff checks in on them and accidentally knocks Vee's helmet off, revealing the "commander" to be the true princess in disguise. Later on, Tiff accompanies the princess back to the castle, and watches as she and Kirby foil Dedede's ambitions and then fell the monster Susshi. "Is that so? Well before I met Commander Vee, I thought boys were like you! But now I know they can be gallant and handsome!"
Island of the Lost Warrior
E22 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff and her friends are washed up on a small desert island and she starts planning how they will proceed. Her plans are soon frustrated by the presence of Kit Cosmos, who initially attacks them, believing them to be monsters, and then when the misconception is cleared up, starts to boss them around and treat them like military trainees. Tiff tries to talk Kit Cosmos out of his delusions, but with little success. This only changes when he realizes the kids are affiliated with Meta Knight. Tiff spends the remainder of the episode doing little more than accompanying the others as Kirby does battle with the monster Tornadon, and then the group is able to take Dedede's amphibious assault boat home. "I'm thinking! It takes time to come up with great ideas!"
The Empty Nest Mess
E23 Tiff.png
Secondary character In this episode, Tiff joins partway into the proceedings to help Kirby and Tokkori search for Dyna Blade's missing chick after telling off King Dedede and Escargoon for their attempts to mask their intentions with the chick to the people. Later on, after another brief run-in with Dedede, Tiff calls the Warp Star for Kirby to use to aid in rescuing the chick. After Dedede's plans are foiled, Tiff commends Kirby for his heroism. "Well,'re the hero again! I know Dyna Blade's real grateful!"
Ninja Binge
E24 Tiff.png
Secondary character Tiff does not play much of a role in this episode until she appears partway in to comment about how silly the kingdom's current ninja fad is. When she complains about this to Meta Knight, he informs her that ninjas were part of the Star Warrior army, and tells her about the traitorous Yamikage. Later on, Tiff is among those who see Benikage being apprehended by Kirby and tries to escape, but fails due to his incompetence. Tiff is the one who mainly questions Benikage about his motives, and oversees him trying to improve his skills with Tuff and Kirby. She is largely on the sidelines when Yamikage shows up and battles Kirby, and is part of the group that bids Benikage farewell afterwards. "That's true, but you don't think it was a ninja who tried to steal that scroll?"
Escargoon Rules
E25 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff and company help Escargoon pretend to be the king of Dream Land while his mother is visiting. Tiff is initially hesitant to play along, but her father implores her and the others to do it for the sake of Escargoon's mother. As the charade commences, Tiff helps to back Escargoon up, reassuring him where needed, and then dealing with King Dedede by explaining that he is the court jester and it's his job to claim to be king. Tiff then tries to get Dedede to play along as well, though this ultimately does not go well. After the ruse is broken and the Drifters dealt with, Tiff is among those that see Escargoon's mother off at the end of the episode. "It's his job to act crazy! Dedede's the court jester!"
Hour of the WolfWrath
E26 Tiff.png
Secondary character Tiff is trapped with the others in the castle while the monster WolfWrath is attacking. After the monster immobilizes Meta Knight, Tiff fears for Kirby's safety, and tries to prevent him from battling the monster. Later on, while the group is recuperating from this first encounter, Tiff is told the backstory of Sword Knight and Blade Knight while she patches them up. Eventually, an opening is presented to battle the beast again, and Kirby jumps into the fray against Tiff's wishes. With no other option, she calls the Warp Star to help Kirby defeat the monster. "Really? So how come you didn't keep your promise to him to protect Kirby?"
The Flower Plot
E27 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff and co. help Whispy Woods protect a small flower that has grown in his clearing, which Tiff names Lovely. However, their efforts are ultimately thwarted when King Dedede and Escargoon kidnap the flower and turn it into a monster. Unaware of this second step, Tiff recovers Lovely from the castle and returns it to Whispy, where it thereafter grows into a hideous beast and drains the old tree's life force. Tiff tries to get rid of Lovely when she sees what is happening, but Whispy prevents her from doing so, having become too attached to it. When Lovely attempts to finish Tiff off, however, Whispy steps in to defend her, giving Kirby an opening to defeat the monster flower using the Cutter ability. After this, Tiff and the others return to Whispy at a later time to see the monster Lovely replaced with a dense patch of harmless flowers. "Let's see. What's a good name for a flower...? Hey! Why don't we call it Lovely?!"
Labor Daze
E28 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff accompanies the residents of Cappy Town as they get roped into King Dedede's scheme to bring the "industrial revolution" to Dream Land by building a large factory and inviting them all to become laborers in exchange for household appliances. Tiff does not partake in the work herself, and immediately questions its purpose, later learning in horror that not only are the laborers becoming hypnotized by the monotonous work, but the pollution from the factory is rapidly ruining the ecosystem of the kingdom by creating acid rain. After confiding with Kirby, Curio, and Meta Knight about the situation, Tiff decides to infiltrate the factory the next day, pretending to be interested in working, but she instead gets a small group together to infiltrate the secret areas of the plant, discovering the Ice Dragon Robot which the Cappies were unwittingly building. Too late to stop its completion, Kirby engages the robot in combat, but is unable to directly damage it. Tiff instructs Kirby to target the factory's furnace instead, which he does, critically damaging it and causing the factory to go up in flames, taking the robot out with it. After these events, Tiff leads the efforts to monitor and aid the local ecosystem's recovery from the pollution. "We all learned that you shouldn't mess around with nature, right Kirby?"
A Spice Odyssey
E29 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff helps counsel Chef Kawasaki in his efforts to win back the customers who are now heading to Monsieur Goan's restaurant instead of his. She watches as this inadvertently turns into a spiciness war between the two establishments. Later on, however, Tiff notices a change in tactics at Monsieur Goan's when they start serving round pink sorbet, but is unable to dissuade Kawasaki from completing his "Toxic Atomic Curry". Tiff later learns that the sorbet was dosed with a drug that hypnotizes those who eat it into wanting more pink round things, and thus desiring to eat Kirby. Tiff is unable to dissuade them, and in this moment, is left to watch as Kirby battles Monsieur Goan directly, defeating him with the help of Kawasaki's curry. "Maybe Kawasaki could wash dishes here..."
Hatch Me If You Can
E30 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff tries to check in on Kirby one night after a day of play, only to see to her bemusement that he prefers the nest in the tree as opposed to his actual bed. The next day, when Kirby appears to have laid an egg, Tiff has a look at it and then tries to identify it using the castle library, only to discover that it was almost certainly a plot hatched by King Dedede and Escargoon. Later on, Tiff and the others discover Kirby sleeping atop the egg, incubating it out in the countryside, where it hatches to reveal a baby Galbo. She watches as Kirby starts to gather food for his "baby". When this starts to cause trouble, Tiff tries to intervene by telling Kirby that he needs to give it some discipline when it behaves poorly, but is soon interrupted when King Dedede and Escargoon bring the giant mother Galbo to attack Kirby. When the mother Galbo fries the baby for choosing Kirby over her, Kirby turns on the monster and gains the Fire ability. Tiff calls the Warp Star to help Kirby defeat it. "Stay up there, then! You can turn into a bird, for all I care!"
Abusement Park
E31 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff heads to Dedede's amusement park along with the rest of the Dream Landers, intent on finding out what the King's scheme is this time, and keeping a close watch on Kirby to keep him safe. After gawking at some of the attractions, she and her friends are soon thrown about by some rides that were hijacked and deposited in the subterranean complex under the castle, where they need to avoid various traps designed to do them in. After escaping these traps, Tiff and her friends try to convince the Cappies to leave the park, but is unable to when a karaoke contest is announced. Tiff is left to watch as the contest commences, and then Mike Kirby destroys the castle. "Papa, isn't it suspicious that the King's acting so nice all the sudden?"
A Dental Dilemma
E32 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff observes most of the proceedings from a safe distance, and comments on various situations. In the first scene, when the other kids are engaging in schadenfreude over Escargoon's dental woes, she asks them to have a little sympathy, to little effect. Later on, when Tuff is revealed to have poor dental hygiene, she insists that he brush his teeth, but he brushes her off instead. When it is later revealed that Tuff has painful cavities, Tiff drags her brother directly to Yabui's along with their parents. When the situation deteriorates from there, Tiff stays a safe distance from the proceedings. "Your teeth are totally disgusting, Tuff! Go and brush them right away!"
Junk Jam
E33 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff takes a leading role in investigating the garbage problem in Dream Land as it progressively worsens, eventually burying the entire countryside. After going out for an investigation in the middle of the night to catch the culprit, she finds out first-hand that space aliens are dumping their trash there after being swept along a tidal wave of garbage. When she reveals this information to the Dream Landers, they become fearful of what the aliens might do if they try to stand up to them. Later on, when King Dedede sets the monster Fire Lion loose on the countryside, Tiff calls the Warp Star to help Kirby deal with it. After this, when the aliens return to dump more trash, Tiff personally berates them and asks them to dump it somewhere else, which they agree to do, albeit in their own way. "Pretty soon, Cappy Town will be totally buried under garbage!"
A Recipe for Disaster
E34 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff accompanies Chef Kawasaki as they reckon with Chef Shiitake, initially confusing him for the monster Popon, and then later contending with his domineering behavior over his former student. During the cooking show, Tiff is among those invited to try out Shiitake's cooking, and she grows suspicious when she notices how much better it is despite being fundamentally the same as what Kawasaki would have prepared. Following this idea, she heads into Shiitake's personal quarters in the castle and finds the hidden "Gijira extract" that he is supposedly using to power up his dishes. After deliberating with Kawasaki about this find, she publicly accuses Shiitake of dosing his meals to make himself seem like a superior chef, but this is soon interrupted when Kirby swallows the entire container, and then has to battle Cobgoblin. Tiff is later present to learn what Shiitake's true intentions were along with Kawasaki and the others when he leaves Dream Land that evening. "But Tuff, Kawasaki serves all this stuff in his restaurant! I wonder why this tastes so much better?"
The Kirby Derby - Part I
E35 Tiff.png
Primary character Tiff makes her first appearance in this episode being harassed by Tuff as he drives her by using one of Gangu's go-karts in Cappy Town. When Tiff later goes to berate him for this, she and the others are made aware of King Dedede's plans to host a "grand prix" race. Tiff immediately smells a rat and tries to keep Kirby from entering the race, fearing for his safety, but Meta Knight steps in and convinces Tiff to let him enter so he can hone his skills piloting his Starship. Thwarted in her initial goals, Tiff decides to join Tuff as his navigator in the race so that she can keep watch over Kirby. When she sees that Meta Knight is joining the race as well, she grows suspicious of him. "This dumb race is just a scam! So...I'm tagging along to watch out for Kirby!"
The Kirby Derby - Part II
E36 Tiff.png
Primary character Following from the previous episode, Tiff serves as Tuff's navigator in the race, though she has little desire to win, instead trying to keep watch over Kirby. When she sees King Dedede using weapons from the Royal Racecar to try and cause Kirby to crash, she attempts to scold Meta Knight for letting Kirby enter the race, but Meta Knight ignores her. This makes her believe that Meta Knight is aiding King Dedede against Kirby. She does what she can to try and clean up the mess, including sweeping up the cal-trips that King Dedede later drops on the track. Later in the race, Tiff watches helplessly as Kirby's vehicle is sent careening towards a deep crevasse, his brakes having been sabotaged at Meta Knight's orders, but this was a situation deliberately set up to give Kirby the chance to take action, and he soon learns to fly his starship. Seeing this, Tiff apologizes to Meta Knight for doubting him, and then they all get back into the race. After King Dedede is defeated by Wheel Kirby, the race finishes with Tiff and Tuff taking third. "I'm sorry I doubted you, Meta Knight! I shoulda known you were trying to help Kirby!"
Watermelon Felon
E37 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff gets involved in the proceedings when Tokkori and Tuff tell her about King Dedede's attempts to spy on Kirby and frame him for something, but Tiff initially brushes them off when she reminds them that Kirby is well-behaved. Her optimism is quickly shattered when King Dedede manages to frame Kirby on Channel DDD and turn the gullible townsfolk against him. Tiff is later involved in a show-trial to speak on behalf of Kirby and tries to bring in witnesses in his defense, but has little success due to more tricks from Dedede and his minions. Left in despair, she tries to urge Meta Knight to intervene on Kirby's behalf, but Meta Knight wisely turns her down, and instead instructs her that "the pen is mightier". Reading his meaning correctly, Tiff and company decide to counteract Dedede's propaganda by producing and distributing a newspaper that successfully exonerates Kirby to the Dream Landers. "But it's our word against theirs! I sure could use a little bit of help right now, Meta Knight! You've always helped me before, but now, I don't know if I can fight!"
A Novel Approach
E38 Tiff.png
Primary character Tiff begins this episode by writing a letter to the author of a recent best-selling book, praising her for her writing and hoping to write as well someday. From there, she reads the book aloud to Tuff and Kirby. Later on, when Tiff is reading the book to more of the children, she is spied on by King Dedede, who later confiscates her book out of jealousy, along with all other copies of it in the kingdom. When Tiff and the others head to the castle to demand their books back, they are let in to participate in a "magic school" featuring the author of the book herself, but this turns out to be a monster in disguise, who Kirby has to battle and defeat. Later on, Tiff manages to convene with the real author, who personally acknowledges the letter she sent at the start of the episode, bringing Tiff great joy and admiration. "The trick I wanna learn is how to make those two disappear!"
E39 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff does not make an appearance until well into the proceedings, when she and Meta Knight are talking by a river in Dream Land discussing a monster that King Dedede must have called in the night before. When a strange and distraught snail-man they've never seen before runs past them and insists that everyone has forgotten who he is, Tiff tries to comfort him by insisting otherwise, despite not recognizing him either. Despite this, Escargoon overhears what Tiff says afterward and runs off, giving her an idea of what may be happening. After getting more clues from King Dedede, Tiff and Meta Knight realize that the monster is Erasem - a creature who makes everyone forget about its target - and they go to find Escargoon and explain the situation to him. After the monster is painfully forced out of Escargoon and everyone remembers him, Tiff and the others chase Erasem into town, where she tells Kirby to inhale it. When Kirby does so, everyone immediately forgets who he is, including Tiff. "Escargoon, you're so silly! In our family album, we have this picture of you and Kirby playing!"
Monster Management
E40 Tiff.png
Secondary character In this episode, Tiff mainly just follows the other characters around as they try to deal with the mini-monster horde and then try to talk down Knuckle Joe when he has seemingly turned traitor. When Masher shows up and puts Kirby down for the count, Tiff can only watch in horror, unable to intervene on Kirby's behalf. When Knuckle Joe then double-crosses N.M.E. and helps Kirby destroy Masher, Tiff and the others praise him for dealing this blow to the company. "You were like a double-agent, Joe!"
Prediction Predicament - Part I
E41 Tiff.png
Primary character Tiff enters the plot of this episode when she witnesses King Dedede consulting Mabel for his fortune and then rejecting her advice. She consults with Mabel and then Samo to learn more about Dedede's nightmare and Mabel's fortune-telling, which Samo reveals is actually a disguised counseling service. Shortly after Tiff gets Mabel to admit this to her, they both head to Castle Dedede to try and find out what is causing Dedede's nightmare, and use an old abandoned telescope in the castle to discover a red star in the sky, which they determine to be the cause. When Dedede is eventually shown this object through the telescope, he is able to snap out of his paranoia, despite Mabel telling him it was an asteroid headed straight for Dream Land. When Tiff asks about this, Mabel insists that it's no big deal, though N.M.E. soon changes this. "Well...Dedede buys lots of expensive toys, but then he always gets sick of 'em!"
Prediction Predicament - Part II
E42 Tiff.png
Primary character As the episode progresses, Tiff catches on to various portents of doom as the asteroid from the previous episode hurtles close and closer to Dream Land. As this happens, she studies in the castle library to try and find any method at all to divert the asteroid's course while nearly everyone else panics and prepares for the end. She is dismayed to find so few people willing to help her, but she does at least get assistance from Meta Knight, his apprentices, and Fololo & Falala. They hatch a plan to use the castle's cannons to fire at the asteroid and divert its course via Newtonian mechanics. As the asteroid makes its closest approach, Tiff and the others fire the cannons, but they are pushed back by the gale winds produced by the approaching body. At that moment, Tiff spots Kirby being carried aloft by the winds and calls the Warp Star for him, so he can inhale the errant cannonballs and then spit them at the asteroid to divert its course by the slimmest margin. "If I can figure out exactly how fast it's going and where it's coming from, we can fire at it and throw it off course!"
E43 Tiff.png
Primary character Tiff plays a central part in this episode when, after telling the other kids the fable of The Boy Who Cried Wolf, is subject to a similar situation when a rogue sheep antagonizes Kirby repeatedly, but nobody believes her when she tries to tell the others about the incidents. This escalates to the point where Tiff is publicly humiliated on Channel DDD for her accounts, so Tiff decides to investigate the sheep in order to exonerate herself. Shortly thereafter, she and her friends are caught up in the sheep revolution and fail to stop them from overtaking the kingdom. Once they and the Cappies are rounded up in Castle Dedede, Tiff tries to dissuade the sheep from further violence, but is rebuffed when she and Kirby refuse to "baa" in submission. Later on, while Kirby is struggling to battle the monster sheep, Tiff gets an idea and blows the shepherd's horn, which causes the other sheep to instinctively get back into line and abandon their leader, bringing an end to the conflict. "I guess the point of the story is: Don't go around telling people lies if you want people to believe you when it really counts!"
War of the Woods
E44 Tiff.png
Secondary character Tiff does not get involved with the central conflict of this episode until after Coo informs her of what is going on in the Eastern Forest. She heads there in time to berate Tuff and his friends for antagonizing the animals that lived in Acore, and they soon correctly surmise that King Dedede may pose a threat to the old tree. They head back just in time to stop Dedede from cutting the tree down, and then help the animals who live in Acore protect their home from a windstorm and then a flash flood caused by Dedede. "Kirby's pretty powerful, but not even a Star Warrior can stop nature!"
Scare Tactics - Part I
E45 Tiff.png
Primary character Tiff has a central role in this episode, since the focus is largely on her, Tuff, and Kirby navigating the "spook-out" which is being held by the people of Cappy Town, which she entered in part to get back at Mayor Len for jump-scaring her with a pop-up puppet. As the event commences, however, they soon run into more trouble, as King Dedede and Escargoon are trying to hijack the event for their own amusement, but with Kirby's help, Tiff and company foil their efforts. With everyone else scared off for one reason or another, Tiff, Tuff, and Kirby reach the graveyard and receive their prize for completing the event, but a sudden cloudburst forces them to try and take shelter, and they find it in the form of an abandoned mansion that happened to be nearby. Once inside, however, they are locked in and realize the place is haunted, leading into the next episode. "Well, Tuff, I guess Kirby doesn't have enough imagination to think about ghosts and ghouls attacking us in these woods."
Scare Tactics - Part II
E46 Tiff.png
Primary character Continuing from the previous episode, Tiff and her closest friends are locked inside a haunted mansion, which is later revealed to have been set up by Night Mare Enterprises in order to get rid of Kirby. As Tiff and Kirby keep close and avoid the various traps in the mansion, Tuff manages to get out and get help from Meta Knight, while King Dedede and Escargoon also enter the mansion. Once Tiff and Kirby are reunited with Tuff and Meta Knight, they begin to piece together their situation, and manage to give King Dedede and Escargoon a good scare in the process. Eventually, they are all led down into the basement, where Kirby has to battle Gabon and then inadvertently causes the mansion to go up in flames, prompting everyone to evacuate as it burns down. "Wow! You did great, Kirby!"
Pink-Collar Blues
E47 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff takes the lead in trying to learn more about the Waddle Dees and their intentions after she fails to dissuade King Dedede from firing the lot of them and forcing them to leave the castle and gather at the beach. She and her friends, along with Professor Curio and Chief Bookem investigate them at the beach and, when initially rebuffed by the Waddle Dees, they hatch a plan to send Kirby into their cave disguised as one of them with a camera, but despite Kirby getting a shot of a large crate they are protecting, they ultimately do not learn or accomplish much. Later on, when the Waddle Dees return to Castle Dedede to battle the Domestic Servant Robot that replaced them, Tiff follows along to watch the remaining events play out. "Huh? You mean they travel in flocks like birds do?"
Tourist Trap
E48 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff gets involved in the proceedings when she tries her best to stop a group of interstellar tourists invited by King Dedede from wrecking the kingdom, though she can ultimately do little better than try to pick up the pieces, and even has to sleep outside for the night when the tourists take her bed in the castle. The next day, she is roped into becoming a tour guide for the group, and she decides to try and get back at Dedede by deliberately making the tour so boring that the tourists do not want to stay, but this is interrupted when Dedede releases the monster Flame Feeder to spice up the tour a bit. Tiff calls the Warp Star to help Kirby fight it, and later gets the tourists to give Kirby a hand by tossing him their ice so he can get the Ice ability and use it to defeat the monster. Despite all the commotion, Tiff is ultimately successful at dissuading further tourism into Dream Land. "Kirby's a warrior, not a garbage collector!"
Cartoon Buffoon
E49 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff gets involved in King Dedede's harebrained scheme to produce an animated cartoon series, and is tasked with coming up with a story and scenario, as well as managing the team. When she comes up with a premise that makes Kirby the hero, however, Dedede and Escargoon hatch a scheme to sabotage and repurpose her work to make them the main characters instead. As production continues and the team progressively lose more and more sleep due to a time crunch, it becomes clear that the team's lack of experience or talent is resulting in a shoddy product, which is confounded when the sabotage takes place. When it comes times to air the show, Tiff interrupts most of her voice lines with outrage over how the cartoon had been tampered with behind her back, and later just starts riffing on it with the others as it devolves into incomprehensibility. "They got rid of my whole storyline! All they do now is talk to each-other!"
Don't Bank on It
E50 Tiff.png
Secondary character In this episode, Tiff is among those who receives a Dedede doll, and despite her initial skepticism, is eventually swayed enough by King Dedede's attempts at hypnosis to inadvertently put her savings into the doll and then walk to the DDD Bank with it, but is shortly stopped and brought back to her senses by Meta Knight. The trick is confirmed when Tiff places the doll into a drawer for the next night and is unaffected by it. Later on, she is seen outside the bank watching King Dedede suffering vicariously through the abuse of his dolls, commenting on the absurdity of the whole situation with Escargoon. "Now that's embarrassing!"
Kirby Takes the Cake
E51 Tiff.png
Primary character Tiff takes a leading role in this episode, since she is responsible for organizing the town to help prepare for Kirby's anniversary. However, in an effort to keep the party a surprise, Tiff inadvertently alienates Kirby and makes him believe that nobody cares about him anymore, and this secretive behavior also makes King Dedede believe that the town is preparing for a revolution. After setting Dedede straight, Tiff wonders where Kirby had wandered off to, and finds out through Tokkori's hurtful remarks that Kirby is preparing to leave Dream Land, so she orders Tokkori to find him and clear things up. This done, Kirby returns to town, where Tiff is able to initiate the surprise party. After King Dedede's present in the form of the monster Dangerous Bomb is averted, Tiff embraces Kirby, reassuring him that everyone is happy that he is in Dream Land. "Happy first anniversary, Kirby! We're all very happy that you came to Dream Land! Kirby, we love you!"
Snack Attack - Part I
E52 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff catches Gangu and Tuggle trying to dump their unsold products in the countryside, and gives them an idea to repurpose their wares rather than litter with them. She later comes to regret this action, when the new combination product becomes a fad in Dream Land which all of the townsfolk obsess over. She is particularly incensed when the shopkeepers use Meta Knight's likeness for one of the figures, but the real masked swordsman only laughs this off when she complains to him about it. As the craze continues, however, Tiff eventually succumbs to her curiosity and buys a figure from one of the new sets, but becomes suspicious when she learns that Dedede and Escargoon are gloating about them, rather than participating. She soon learns that Tuggle and Gangu received these new figures "from the sky", and berates them for accepting such a shady product. She tries to warn everyone about the new toys, but they brush her off. Later, when exposed to moonlight, the toys come to life, grow in size, and start antagonizing the kingdom, leading into the next episode. "I stopped them from dumping their old stuff on Cappy Town, but now they're dumping this new stuff on Cappy Town."
Snack Attack - Part II
E53 Tiff.png
Primary character When the capsule figures come to life and start attacking everyone in Dream Land, Tiff realizes that Kirby is in danger and rushes to his house after dealing with the figures in her own. When she gets there, King Dedede has managed to rally all of the monsters and uses them to pressure her and the townsfolk into forcing Kirby to enter a battle tournament on their behalf. On the day of the battle, as she watches Kirby enter the coliseum, she begins to regret all of the things she did that helped lead to this point. Before each of the fights, Tiff helps Kirby prepare as appropriate, but aside from that, is merely a spectator. Despite this, Kirby is still victorious, and Tiff and the others watch as King Dedede struggles to find any more useful figures in his collection. "I was only trying to help Tuggle and Gangu. This is all my fault."
One Crazy Knight
E54 Tiff.png
Secondary character In this episode, Tiff is witness to the crashing of Sir Gallant's spaceship, and helps to get it out of the crevasse it fell into. When Sir Gallant emerges from his ship, he mistakes Tiff and her friends as monsters and tries to fend them off, ignoring her pleas toward reason, only being subdued after realizing how hungry he is, prompting Tiff to take him to Kawasaki's. After another incident and learning more about Sir Gallant's lack of skill in swordplay, Tiff agrees with Meta Knight that Sir Gallant should leave Dream Land quickly before he gets into any more trouble. Tiff tries to keep tabs on him, but quickly loses control of the situation when Sir Gallant confuses Mabel for the fictional Princess Zaia. She is left largely to the sidelines as the remainder of the episode plays out. "Mabel! How did it feel to be a real-life princess?"
Sweet and Sour Puss
E55 Tiff.png
Secondary character In this episode, Tiff is largely on the sidelines, since the focus is mainly centered around King Dedede and Escargoon. She is present with the rest of the Dream Landers when they observe King Dedede's strange passivity, though Tiff is among the few who do not participate in whacking the King with mallets. Later on, Tiff manages to find the monster manual that confirms what King Dedede is suffering from, but is too late to do anything about it. When the monster Togeira emerges from King Dedede, Tiff calls the Warp Star to help Kirby defeat it. "I bet Kirby's cheerful outlook finally showed the King that it's more rewarding to be nice!
Dedede's Pet Threat
E56 Tiff.png
Secondary character In this episode, Tiff is left to do little more than comment on the situation surrounding King Dedede's pet Scarfies. When the situation gets out of hand, Tiff tries to berate the King for his irresponsibility to little avail. When the Scarfies turn into monsters, Tiff instructs Kirby to inhale Dedede's hammer so he can deal with them. "How can you stand there and laugh? You set those Scarfies free, didn't you?!"
A Half-Baked Battle
E57 Tiff.png
Secondary character Tiff enters the story of this episode along with the other Dream Landers as they all laugh at King Dedede getting a giant pie blasted into his face on live TV. Later on, when the pie-throwing battle commences in Cappy Town's central plaza, Tiff tries to intervene by scolding King Dedede for wasting food, and has to be protected from being pied herself by Kirby, who gobbles any pies thrown her way. When King Dedede pulls back for the moment, the Cappies decide to have some fun throwing pies at each-other, much to Tiff's bemusement. Regardless, she helps them set up fortifications to prepare for Dedede's inevitable revenge. When he shows up with the monster Belly Buster, Tiff soon learns that Kirby will not eat the pies this monster throws when she gets one straight to the face, and tastes how terrible it is. This proclamation among others makes the monster very angry, eventually revealing its true form and swallowing up the Royal Racecar, with Dedede, Escargoon, and Kirby inside. When Kirby defeats Belly Buster from within, Tiff and Tuff rush to catch him as he falls. "Dedede! Pie throwing isn't just a waste of time, it's a waste of food! You should be ashamed of yourself!"
eNeMeE Elementary
E58 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff is among those who get enrolled in the Dedede Academy when it gets set up in Dream Land. Tiff and the other classmates are soon subject to unusual cruelty by the instructors when they put on the teacher's hat. In one instance, she has to stop Mayor Len from demonstrating a nuclear bomb in the "chemistry" class. As the lessons continue, Tiff finds that the cruel treatment of the class is having its intended effect of making the other kids more docile to King Dedede's propaganda. To investigate, she and Kirby manage to find the instruction manual for the academy, but before Tiff can use it to learn the secrets of the teacher's hat, she dozes off while trying to read it overnight. Despite this, the next day, she is eventually able to piece it together, particularly after the hat lands on her head and makes her hyper-aggressive for a while. After the hat is removed from her head, it transforms into the monster Teacher Creature, giving Kirby the opportunity to defeat it and destroy the school in the process. Tiff ends the episode by commenting on how much nicer their more informal education system is when attending one of Buttercup's classes after the fact. "Listen up you ratty bunch of hooligans! If you think you can get away with that kind of behavior in my class, you've got another thing comin'!"
The Meal Moocher
E59 Tiff.png
Secondary character Tiff does not play a huge role in this episode, left largely on the sidelines to comment about the situation. She does grow gradually more upset over King Dedede's attempts to manipulate the people of Dream Land, and when King Dedede's antics eventually get him pinched by Garnie, a crab monster whom he had hoped would be dinner, Tiff gets him to agree to cancel his new home cooking show in exchange for letting Kirby save him. "Not even Kirby gets hungry enough to gobble up a giant monster for dinner! Kirby! NOOO!!"
Crusade for the Blade
E60 Tiff.png
Primary character Tiff gets roped into the proceedings of this episode when she is caught Castle Dedede while it is being attacked by Sirica. Tiff tries to get information out of this invading warrior, who tells her that she is after Meta Knight's sword Galaxia and wishes to avenge her mother who presumably died due to Meta Knight's treachery. When Sirica later attacks and wounds Meta Knight, Tiff and her friends manage to get him to safety and get some medicine for him, fleeing to Kabu Canyon for protection. There, Tiff manages to get more information from Meta Knight and Kabu about how the Galaxia was forged, but before they can get to how Garlude died, Sirica shows up and interrupts them. Sirica is shortly followed by the monster Kirisakin, who Tiff instructs Kirby to fight using the Sword ability. She is largely on the sidelines for the remainder of the episode. "I didn't know your sword was so powerful...but there's one thing that still bothers me. What really happened to Garlude?"
Fitness Fiend
E61 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, when King Dedede swells up to massive proportions on potato chips, Tiff is among those who escort him to Doctor Yabui's to be checked on. Following the doctor's suspicions, Tiff uses her chemistry set to investigate the chips, finding they are laced with a dangerous (albeit fictional) substance named "pufferzine". From this, she is able to determine that NME was responsible for them, but is too late to stop Kirby from snacking on the remaining chips and blowing up in size as well. When she confronts Dedede over this situation, she ends up witnessing Max Flexer's fitness routine, and is among those dancing to his music. When Kirby is inadvertently returned to his normal size, Tiff instructs him to inhale Max Flexer's headset, allowing Kirby to defeat him using the Mike ability. "This situation is extremely dangerous for both you and Kirby. If you get any bigger, you'll burst!"
Mabel Turns the Tables
E62 Tiff.png
Secondary character In this episode, Tiff is mostly on the sidelines, but does show up later to berate Samo and the kids for scheming to make Mabel's predictions come true, particularly since these pranks are leading to several Dream Landers being severely injured. Tiff convinces Samo to come clean to Mabel, but despite this, the plan to make her predictions seem prophetic continues, with Mabel now in on it. "I know exactly what you're doing! Samo, you should be ashamed of yourself!"
Something to Sneeze At
E63 Tiff.png
Secondary character Tiff does not have a huge role in this episode, partly due to the fact that she, along with most of the other Dream Landers, have been stricken by seasonal colds. At one point during the story, in order to protect Kirby's dignity, she passes him off as sick as well in order to trick King Dedede - who believes that only intelligent people can get the cold - into thinking that Kirby got sick as well, and therefore could not be stupid. Later on, when King Dedede ingests the Head Cold Monsters to becomes sick, he gloats to Tiff that he got the cold as well to "prove" his own intelligence, leaving her bewildered. "We better get you to bed, Kirby. Somebody as smart as you needs a lot of rest, cause those cold germs won't wanna leave your head!"
The Kirby Quiz
E64 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff joins the quiz show, partnering with Kirby to form the "Star Team". Due to her knowledge and experience, her team ends up winning the show despite King Dedede's attempts to sabotage them. "I get shivers just thinking about that thing."
Masher 2.0
E65 Tiff.png
Secondary character In this episode, Tiff is among those who try to help Knuckle Joe recover from his wounds when he is forced to flee to Dream Land from his battle with Masher 2.0, and during this, she hears of the incident from him. Later on, when Knuckle Joe re-engages the monster, Tiff is there to watch from a safe distance, and calls for the Warp Star so that Kirby can assist. She does little but watch as the rest of the battle plays out. "You're in trouble, aren't you Joe?"
The Chill Factor
E66 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff is at the forefront to investigate the sudden change in climate caused by the arrival of the Pengy tribe. After ruling out Dedede, she later finds out that the Pengys keep a giant air conditioning unit inside their iceberg, but is unable to warn the others before the Pengys trap her and her friends, and then proceed to overthrow the kingdom, throwing Tiff and many of the senior Dream Landers into the Police HQ's jail cell. While in the cell, the Cappies devise three disguises for Tiff, Tuff and Kirby to use so they can escape and rendezvous with Meta Knight at Castle Dedede. Later on, the group picks up King Dedede and Escargoon and together, they try to confront Master Pengy in the throne room. When Kirby is unable to overpower the Pengy leader using the Ice ability, Tiff calls for the Warp Starso that Kirby can take a bottle of NME's hot sauce over to the Booma-Dooma Volcano and pour it in, causing the volcano to erupt and shift the climate of Dream Land back to its natural state. After the Pengys are forced to leave, Tiff finishes the episode by preventing King Dedede and Escargoon from wasting energy on AC units outside, since their wasteful use of energy was part of what drove the Pengys in in the first place. "Just yesterday, it was warm enough to go swimming, then all of a sudden you came and it got cold! How could the weather change so quickly? I think it's quite peculiar."
The School Scam
E67 Tiff.png
Primary character Tiff is the main focus of this episode, when she is roped into becoming a teacher at the rebuilt Dedede Academy and given a set of three delinquent students to try and work with, though this was ultimately a trap set by King Dedede in order to torment her and ruin her reputation with the townsfolk. She nearly succumbs to this trap, but Meta Knight steps in and teaches her self-defense techniques so that she can ward off the attacks from the delinquent students, who later decide to retaliate by forming together into a monster that Kirby has to defeat, which once again results in the school being destroyed. Tiff ends the episode by teaching in her impromptu outdoors classroom, relieved that she no longer has to deal with Dedede's antics despite still having difficulty with her students. "Maybe...but teachers are supposed to solve problems with their heads, not their hands. I wish I could figure out a way to reach even those three guys. To help 'em see learning's really interesting. When you goof off in school, you could be missing something really great and never even realize it. The most important job of the teacher is to help your students want to learn. It's really sad when you don't succeed. There are so many great things to discover in this world. School gives you the tools that can help you learn. But the most important tool of all is the curiosity inside us. Promise me that you guys will never give up trying to learn new things. Promise! That's...all, I guess."
Delivery Dilemma
E68 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff helps Chef Kawasaki's ailing business by volunteering to help him set up a delivery service. As both she and the restaurant start to get overwhelmed by the unexpected success of this plan, she is forced to send Kirby along as one of the delivery boys, and reminds Kirby very clearly not to eat the food he is delivering, but when Kirby does not return for a while, she becomes concerned for him. She is unable to follow up, however, because both she and Kawasaki are swamped by new orders, most of which end up being revealed as pranks made by King Dedede in order to sabotage their efforts. When this succeeds and business dries up, Tiff is finally able to get some time to go look for Kirby. She finds him out on the road where he had been sitting for over a day, and apologizes him for setting him up to fail, but then congratulates Kirby when she finds that he managed to resist eating the food, despite still not having delivered it. Tiff's last contribution to the episode is to instruct Kirby to run away when the Delivery Man attacks him. "Kawasaki. I'm...I'm sorry my business plan didn't work out so well."
Trick or Trek
E69 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff starts things off by catching various Dream Landers in the act of dumping their trash illegally in the countryside, and later decides that they need to be given an "eco-tour" in order to educate them about the natural world that surrounds them. When King Dedede learns of this plan, he decides to take over the tour for himself as a ruse to gain an opportunity to set up the equipment he needs to cut down the forest and build his country club. Against Tiff's wishes, she has to tolerate Dedede's presence on the tour, and scolds the tour group repeatedly when they continue to litter and do other things that damage the environment, making the group annoyed with her nagging. Later on, Tiff and the others end up lost in the woods after King Dedede and Escargoon play some tricks on them, and the group has to convene and find a way to get back home safely, and it is here that Tiff lightens her strict rules a bit so that the group can maximize their chances of survival. As the group makes their way along a river, they are eventually trapped by a giant forest fire inadvertently started by Dedede, leaving Kirby to save them using the Tornado ability. At the end of the episode, Tiff leads the project to repair the damage to the forest by planting new trees, forcing Dedede and Escargoon to do the brunt of the labor due to their central part in the damage. "That isn't true! It's even more fun because it's educational!"
Buccaneer Birdy
E70 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff tries to confront Tokkori about his generally antagonistic mood, but is unable to make much headway until after Curio reveals that Tokkori is descended from a royal bird that belonged to a dread pirate, whose treasure is said to be hidden somewhere in Dream Land. From here, Tiff can do little but follow the anxious crowd as they all scramble to find the treasure. When they all convene in a cave at the coast, they are too late to stop King Dedede and Escargoon from making off with the treasure, but Tiff manages to pursue them out to the rocky seaside, where Joe the shark forces King Dedede to drop the treasure, and Kine helps Tiff recover a shining gold hand mirror from the remaining hoard. She promptly heads back into the cave and tosses the mirror to Kirby, who inhales it and uses the Mirror ability to defeat Moggy that Dedede had brought in as a diversion. Later on, Tiff helps Tokkori out by doctoring a picture kept by the pirate to ensure the townsfolk continue to believe that Tokkori is the descendant of that pirate's bird. "I guess Tokkori will always be Tokkori after all!"
A Whale of a Tale
E71 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff and her friends are the first to find the whale in Dream Land's harbor, who they believe to be looking for its missing calf. When the rest of Dream Land shows up, they all board King Dedede's whale watching ship. When Dedede reveals that his intention is actually to capture the whale, Tiff tries to stop him, but is too late to do anything about it. Regardless, Dedede's plan is foiled momentarily when the entire ship is eaten by the whale with everyone inside. While inside the whale, Tiff manages to convince the whale - using Kine as a mediator - that if it lets them out, they'll clean up all the junk that had accrued inside the whale's stomach, and it agrees to this. Tiff seemingly gets the others to agree to help, and entrusts them to carry it out, but while she was busy cleaning, she discovers to her dismay that Dedede used that time to dismiss the Cappies and then strap a submarine-like harness to the whale's back. Tiff and her friends can do little but hang on as Dedede uses the apparatus to haphazardly steer the whale around, but ultimately damages the apparatus in the process. Shortly thereafter, it is revealed that the whale Tiff and her cohorts were dealing with was actually the missing calf, and the much larger mother shows up and punishes Dedede. "This isn't a tour boat! It's a whaling ship!"
Waddle While You Work
E72 Tiff.png
Primary character Tiff enters the thick of the proceedings as soon as she hears word from both Tokkori and a Channel DDD advertisement that the Waddle Dees are being sold to the villagers. She tries to tell the Cappies off for treating the Waddle Dees as property, but is deflated when they correctly tell her that they treat the Waddle Dees better than Dedede ever did. Tiff later heads to the castle to directly appeal to the Waddle Dees to not let themselves be sold like slaves, but they respectfully decline her concerns and continue to fill up the vending machines voluntarily. Later on, when Kirby is captured and sold as a Waddle Dee, Tiff and Tuff try to go looking for him, but are unable to find him until after he and the Waddle Dees rally to save Dedede from his own foolish mistake. *sighs* "Looks like the Waddle Dees are here to stay."
Dedede's Raw Deal
E73 Tiff.png
Secondary character In this episode, Tiff bears witness as Chef Kawasaki's restaurant is bought by Dedede and transformed into a revolving sushi bar. She and her friends decide to visit the bar on its opening day, and express their disappointment in Kawasaki for "selling out", but to little avail. The next day, when Dedede discovers that his customer-base has already dried up, Tiff tells them directly that the town overspent on the first day, and are not interested in becoming regulars. Later on, when Dedede turns the entire town into a revolving sushi bar, Tiff discovers his plan to handicap Kirby by giving him the hiccups with a particular "sweet potato sushi" dish, she frantically tries to find it along the belt before it reaches Kirby's House, but is too late. She is left to watch as Kirby is attacked by the monster Squishy and is unable to inhale due to his hiccups. She comes up with a plan to get rid of Kirby's hiccups by scaring them out of him, and succeeds by telling Kirby that if he doesn't lose them, he'll never be able to eat again. "Kirby! Listen up! If you don't get rid of those hiccups, you'll never be able to eat again!"
Caterpillar Thriller
E74 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, when everyone starts to get cold symptoms, they try to swarm Doctor Yabui's clinic, but Tiff shows up and tells them that this is all being caused by excessive pollen in the air. Later on, when Mosugaba is being called from its home island, Tiff and Tuff manage to hear the singing of the Island Sisters, and later catch up to see the giant caterpillar approach the castle and encase itself in a silk cocoon. When King Dedede threatens to burn the cocoon, Tiff tries to stop him, but is unable to. Despite this, the cocoon still hatches, and the mature moth Mosugaba emerges and starts shedding its scales, making everyone dreadfully sick. Tiff calls the Warp Star to help Kirby deal with the situation, but this doesn't help him much. Eventually, Escargoon relents and gives Tiff the key to the Island Sisters' cage, so she and Tuff and go free them and resolve the situation peaceably. "I only wish we could come up with a cure for those two!"
Fossil Fools - Part I
E75 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff and her friends manage to find a fossil of a giant carnivorous dinosaur in Dream Land, which Professor Curio helps them to excavate. When everyone in town sees this, a dinosaur craze sweeps the kingdom. When King Dedede gets involved, he has to be told by Tiff that all the dinosaurs went extinct a long time ago, but he refuses to believe this, and soon hatches a plan to try and convince everyone that "dinosaur is alive". While this is happening, Tiff and her friends continue the excavation when they run into Doctor Moro, who recruits them to help recreate living dinosaurs in his laboratory deep in Babagahara. Tiff is enamored by this opportunity to conduct real scientific and genetic work for a change, but when, the next day, she finds that Moro has vanished along with the eggs being experimented on, she soon grows suspicious that she might have been tricked. She and her friends make their way back to Dream Land, and soon discover that Dedede has set up a dinosaur theme park in their absence. They enter the park and get on the tour boat, and soon discover that there are living dinosaur-like creatures lurking in the woods, which proceed to attack the tour. *reading* "Lots of folks say that dinosaurs is extunct[sic], but I say the proof is in the pictures." *laughs*
Fossil Fools - Part II
E76 Tiff.png
Primary character After recounting the events of the previous episode, Tiff is left on the tour boat with the others while they are harassed first by flying syringes that stick them and then fly off, and then dinosaur copies of themselves. When she realizes that Doctor Moro must be responsible for this, she and her friends split up from the others and try to find their way back to the laboratory, narrowly avoiding the dinosaurs in the process, though also losing track of Kirby. Despite the setbacks, they do eventually reach the laboratory and find a way in, bumping into Chef Kawasaki along the way who joins them. After being attacked by a "Kawasaki-raptor", however, the group realizes they are not safe inside and get back out, where they regroup with the other tourists. They are all soon cornered when Doctor Moro rounds up the dinosaurs and reveals his ultimate creation: the Kirby-saurus. Tiff calls the Warp Star to help Kirby battle this monstrosity, and he eventually defeats all the monsters using the Crash ability. "A big bite; that's just what they took! Those weird suckers that stuck us in the tunnel: Moro sent them to get DNA samples from everybody!"
Dedede's Monsterpiece
E77 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff leads a group activity in Cappy Town, where she encourages everyone to try making some art, but this activity is soon soiled when King Dedede comes in and "suppresses" it, believing it to be revolutionary plotting. When the town scolds him for this, he decides to try and save face by setting up an art museum in town. When he shows this empty gallery to the people, however, they continue to heckle him, and Tiff suggests he let them fill it with their art. This seems to work at first, but Tiff is left disappointed when the villagers seem to be motivated by cash prizes rather than the passion to create. This ends up being irrelevant, however, since Dedede had already decided to disregard the villagers and order art from across the universe to display in the museum instead. When Tiff sees this art, she becomes immediately enamored with it, and decides to set up a tour of the exhibit in the museum, though nobody else seems to be taking it seriously. Dedede in particular is disgusted with the art, and instead directs everyone to view his own handcrafted "masterpiece", which everyone just ends up laughing at. Outraged, Dedede calls in the monster Paint Roller to vandalize all the alien art, and Tiff tries her best to repair the damage, but is repulsed when the vandalized portions come to life and attack. It is left to Kirby to deal with the situation, who ends up destroying the museum along with the monster. "What could possibly be subversive about an art lesson? Here! It's just a sketch pad!"
Right Hand Robot
E78 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff takes pity on Escargoon when she sees him trying desperately to get out from under Dedede's thumb by building a robot replacement that ends up getting trashed by the King. She agrees, with some cajoling, to help him repair and upgrade the robot so that it can withstand Dedede's abuse, but this first attempt is ultimately unsuccessful. At the behest of her parents, Tiff agrees to spend another all-nighter helping Escargoon fix it again, but are unable to repair it in time, leaving Escargoon to don the mantle and pretend to be his own droid. When this fails, Tiff refuses to help any further when she finds out that Dedede had ordered Escargoon to attack Kirby and he had complied in fear of blowing his cover. Later on, when the droid is turned into a flying monster via parts provided by N.M.E., Tiff calls for the Warp Star to help Kirby battle it, and watches as the robot is reduced to scrap. "You tried, Escargoon. Maybe you can't build a robot that can survive Dedede."
Goin' Bonkers
E79 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff gets involved when she hears through misinformed gossip that an ape man has arrived in town to attack Kirby, and tries to intervene on his behalf. When she encounters Bonkers, however, she finds the confused ape to be much more passive than she was led to believe, but is unable to make much progress before they are interrupted By King Dedede and Escargoon, who only exacerbate the situation. After Bonkers attacks Dedede and drives him off, Tiff tries as best she can to convince the ape that Kirby is in no position to teach him to be a Star Warrior, but Bonkers is undeterred, particularly when Dedede shows up again and plays into the misunderstanding. Later on, when Bonkers is captured and turned into a monster by N.M.E., he abducts Tiff and carries her up the castle. While this is happening, Tiff calls for the Warp Star and then bites Bonkers' hand so that Kirby can get a hold of his hammer and use it to pacify the ape. With this done, Bonkers returns to normal, and the group is able to set the record straight. "Kirby's in big trouble if that gorilla can track him down before we do."
Power Ploy
E80 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff observes the latest craze in town for a new energy drink and decides to have Professor Curio help her analyze it. They conclude that the drink is dangerous, but despite this, Kirby ends up taking a strong dose inadvertently, causing him to rampage through town with the Stone ability, as Tiff and Tuff make chase. They eventually find him collapsed in the woods and try to take him home. When they return to town, Tiff is soon informed that a monster is coming to attack Kirby while he is out of energy. Tiff thinks to give him some more of the energy drink to perk him back up, but inadvertently feeds him the "antidote" instead, making him even weaker just as the monster shows up. After calling the Warp Star, Tiff and her friends manage to find leftovers of the drink in the form of Kawasaki's experimental cooking and feed it to Kirby just before he is finished off, allowing him to turn the tables and defeat the monster. "Glu-gly-cero-poly-carbo-phosphate... This health drink is totally unhealthy!"
A Trashy Tale
E81 Tiff.png
Secondary character In this episode, Tiff does not get involved until she sees Tuff and his friends trying to get Kirby out of the Bookems' house, only to find the copious amounts of junk stored therein. When the Bookems return, they try to hide, but are eventually found, and soon learn the situation. When King Dedede shows up and exploits the situation, Tiff tries to explain to the villagers why there is so much trash in the Bookems' house, but to little avail. Tiff sits largely on the sidelines for the remainder of the episode, and watches Kirby defeat the monster Trash Basher using Cleaning. "I guess even Kirby won't eat garbage!"
Cooking Up Trouble
E82 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff and Tuff receive a rare dinner prepared by their father while their mother is away. When the meal ends up a success, this creates a chain of gossip and events that eventually leads all of the men of Cappy Town into a cooking contest at Castle Dedede, where they'd been duped into buying food processors from King Dedede. Tiff tries to dissuade everyone from treating cooking like a competition in this way, and eventually has to step in to defend her father's dignity when it is revealed that he is not the master chef everyone thought he was. From there, she watches as Kirby fights and defeats the SlicerDicer robot formed from the various food processors. "Listen everybody! You're going about this thing the wrong way. Those machines can't cook for you because the most important ingredient is missing. You can't make great food unless you use your heart. Cooking isn't about using all the latest technology. Your food will always be mediocre unless you care about what you make."
Teacher's Threat
E83 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff meets up with a wandering teacher named Mr. Chip, who she becomes quickly enamored with. She soon enrolls in a class at the recently-rebuilt Dedede Academy under his tutelage, where they have to put up with the constant trouble being caused by King Dedede and Escargoon. During this process, Tiff only grows more attached to Mr. Chip, particularly at his ability to remain calm in the face of Dedede's juvenile behavior. Before long, however, Tiff is faced with some dissonance when her praise of Mr. Chip is met coldly by him, and then Meta Knight tries to warn her that something is amiss with him. It is later revealed that Mr. Chip was sent by N.M.E. to attack Kirby, but that he couldn't bring himself to actually go through with it. After Kirby deals with the replacement teacher - the monster Rekketsu - and destroys the school for a third and final time, Tiff and Mr. Chip part ways on good terms. "Well of course I do! If Mr. Chip could stay here in Cappy Town, I'd be the happiest girl alive! Mr. Chip is a wonderful man!"
Mumbies Madness
E84 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff becomes involved in an investigation to try and track down the cause of the monster Mumbies who is antagonizing the town every night and trying to hunt down Kirby in particular. With Tuff's help, she manages to find the monster's den inside an urn in Professor Curio's basement, and learns that Curio had been tricked by Dedede into believing the urn and the monster inside would bring good fortune. Believing Curio to be in on the plot, Tiff and Tuff inadvertently stop him from performing a ritual that would have sealed the monster away, and when they learn this, Tiff and the others run out to assist Kirby against the escaped monster. When Kirby fails to defeat Mumbies using an inhale, Tiff calls for the Warp Star to assist him. After a close and harrowing battle, Kirby manages to overcome the monster, and Tiff convenes with the others to be more careful in future, to better ensure Kirby's safety. *reading* "Mumbies are a good luck monster! Whoever finds one will become rich! Mumbies dwell underground by day, and know where many fabulous treasures are buried!"
A Sunsational Puzzle
E85 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff observes as everyone falls for King Dedede's latest advertising blitz and gets them to buy his sunscreen and air conditioner units, then feeds into their paranoia regarding sunburns and UV radiation, culminating in most of the Dream Landers adopting a nocturnal schedule to avoid the Sun entirely. Before long, Tiff and the others figure out that the AC units everyone bought were deliberately rigged by N.M.E. to create an ozone hole above Dream Land, out of which a monster called Ozomashii appears to keep it open and weaken Kirby by burning his skin. With Meta Knight's help, Tiff sets off on a hot air balloon up to the hole, where they manage to ascertain the situation, and then have Kirby defeat the monster using the Bomb ability. "Switching night and day around isn't going to solve the real problem. I think something weird is happening here!"
A Chow Challenge
E86 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff gets directly involved when she agrees to help Chef Kawasaki shape up his cooking so that he can impress his traveling colleague Chef Nagoya. This initially goes well, but things soon get out of hand when Kawasaki gets roped into a cooking competition, under fear of banishment if he loses. In order to give Kawasaki a chance at success, Tiff continues to assist him in secret, though this is foiled by Escargoon's sabotaging of Kawasaki's dishes. Later on, when the monster Ebifryer shows up, Tiff tosses Kirby a soup ladle so that he can gain the Cook ability and defeat the monster. "Wonder if he cooks like Kawasaki?"
Waste Management
E87 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff and her cohorts manage to capture King Dedede in the act of littering and force him to account for this. Later on, Tiff is disturbed by the presence of all the castle garbage being piled into the courtyard, where Dedede has called on a gang of crows to deal with the garbage. Tiff protests, but is unable to stop the proceedings, and instead observes the crows after pulling Kirby out of the trash. Later on, when the birds start to run amok and attack Dream Land, Tiff and the others are forced to flee. They soon discover that the leader crow has turned into a giant monster, and Meta Knight reveals to Tiff that the leftover monster mixture from The Empty Nest Mess is responsible. Tiff concludes that they will need Dyna Blade's help to stop this attack, but the crows are already a step ahead of her and attack Dyna Blade. Tiff instructs Kirby to inhale the feathers flung about during the attack, causing him to gain the Wing ability, which he uses to defeat the leader crow. Once this crow returns to normal size, Tiff convinces him to take his crow army to a new land, away from King Dedede and his schemes. "The one with the mark on his eye must be the leader!"
E88 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff gets involved on behalf of Escargoon when she learns about Dedede's voyeuristic attempts to get a peek under his shell. When Dedede damages Escargoon's shell, Tiff takes the snail to Doctor Yabui's to try and find a remedy, but to little avail. When the shell beaks in two, Tiff and her friends help Escargoon find a temporary replacement while they get to work gluing his original one back together. After repairing the shell, Tiff is left to watch the remainder of the episode play out, particularly as Kirby is forced to use Hammer to defeat the monstrous Maimaigon. "I guess you can't judge a slug by his cover!"
Tooned Out
E89 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff is subject to harassment and spying by three freelancer animators named Biggy, Boney, and Sleepy, who'd been hired by King Dedede to make him a cartoon, but who decided to stalk Tiff to make that cartoon about her instead. When Tiff becomes privy to their attempts to gather info on her, the town organizes to capture the interlopers and then interrogate them. Tiff tries to get the animators to come up with a more original idea instead of using her likeness, but to little avail, as the three manage to get away. Later on, Tiff manages to find them again, locked up in King Dedede's dungeon. She scolds the King for treating them so poorly, and reveals to him that they aren't making the cartoon he wants them to. From here, Tiff is witness to Dedede calling in the famous animator "Dis Walney", who later is revealed to be the monster Anige in disguise. Once Anige is defeated, Tiff checks back in with the animators, who managed to finish their cartoon. When she sees how they portrayed her, however, she loses her temper and attacks them with Dedede's hammer. "Yeah, I'm short alright...AND SO'S MY TEMPEEER!!"
Born to Be Mild - Part I
E90 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff is among those who are directly harassed by the motorcycle gang who came into Dream Land to find someone named "Steppenwolf". After failing to stop them wrecking the town, Tiff Tand the others work tirelessly to build their own vehicles to try and chase the bikers off. Later, she hears more information about the bikers from Gus, who explains that he used to be a member of the gang. When Gus vows to get revenge on them, Tiff sends Kirby off on his Warp Star to help, but this ends up getting everyone roped into a race organized by King Dedede to settle the matter. On the day of the race, however, Tiff is shocked to discover that Gus is nowhere to be found, and assumes foul play. While she looks for him, she taps Gangu to take Gus's place on the track. "That biker gang could strike again at any time! We've got to have a plan to defend ourselves!"
Born to Be Mild - Part II
E91 Tiff.png
Primary character Carrying on from the previous episode, Tiff sets off to find Gus when Melman reveals that he had indeed been apprehended. With Meta Knight's help, she manages to find Gus locked up in the castle dungeon and frees him, but is having difficulty convincing him to enter the race against Fang. Melman steps in and convinces Gus to enter the race, so Tiff returns to watch the proceedings. When the stadium eventually starts to crumble after Fang is defeated, Tiff and the others make their escape. She soon learns that Melman was Steppenwolf this whole time, and promises to keep this a secret. "Mr. Melman was Steppenwolf all the time, and Gus never even knew!"
Hunger Struck
E92 Tiff.png
Secondary character In this episode, Tiff is little more than an observer in the proceedings, first stepping in to watch the auction for the job of feeding the Waddle Dees for cheap, and is horrified to learn what the winner's meal plan is, but is unable to talk Chef Kawasaki out of his greed-driven stupor. Later on, when the Waddle Dees mutiny, they capture everyone else in the castle and tie them up, but Meta Knight steps in to free Tiff and her friends. Once the monster Fryclops shows up to regain the Waddle Dees' loyalty, Tiff hatches a plan to give Kirby the Cook ability so he can combat the monster and set things right. "Okay, but you better serve healthy meals or the Waddle Dees'l let you have it!"
D'Preciation Day
E93 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff watches as King Dedede tries to set up his own appreciation day after growing jealous when he sees the mayor getting one. When nobody comes to appreciate Dedede, though, he starts to break down, which causes Tiff to feel sorry for him for the first time in her life. In hopes that it might help him turn a new leaf, she sends Kirby with a watermelon to the castle as a present for the King, but Kirby botches this due to having hollowed out the watermelon in advance, causing Dedede to grow furious. When Dedede decides to turn everyone's subsequent appreciation days into "diss-days", Tiff berates the townsfolk for going along with it. Later on, she hears of a plan hatched by the King to get back on Kirby for the watermelon incident by stuffing watermelons with time bombs, and is too late to stop Kirby from eating them and then rocketing off into the distance when the bombs go off inside his stomach. To get back at Dedede for this, she fools him into thinking that he'd killed Kirby and invites him to his "funeral". This draws out genuine remorse from the King for the first time, but it is later revealed that Kirby was not dead after all. The remainder of the episode plays out with Tiff on the sidelines. "I know Dedede can be mean and nasty and selfish, but deep down, he really just wants to be loved. If we gave him a present, maybe he'd feel loved, and change his ways."
Cowardly Creature
E94 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff shows up along with the other Dream Landers when they are disturbed by the commotion of Phan Phan running through the countryside, and watches as King Dedede antagonizes the poor creature, and then Kirby steps in to defend it. Later on, Tiff is among those who try to help Kirby gain the trust of Phan Phan, and this initially seems to go well after a few hiccups in the process. Before long, however, King Dedede shows up again and sends the monster Whippy to take control of Phan Phan using a magical whip, and then sends it rampaging through town again. Tiff watches from a safe distance as Kirby deals with the situation, eventually apprehending and removing Whippy from the picture and punishing King Dedede once again. "I wish I knew why Phan Phan's so frightened all the time. I've never seen a monster act like this before."
Frog Wild
E95 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff initially loses track of Kirby while they are out playing, but then find him again by a pond. She then escorts Kirby over to Hana's house to help her do her laundry, but fails to notice that something is wrong with Kirby. While her back is turned, Kirby starts to uncharacteristically cause pandemonium by wrecking Hana's laundry and then running into town to smash up more of the Cappies' things. When she manages to catch up with Kirby she sees him antagonize King Dedede by stealing his car and crashing it. Later on, Tiff and her friends find out what happened by eavesdropping on a conversation with N.M.E.; that Kirby had been possessed by a Demon Frog. Before they can find Kirby, though, he launches an attack on the castle. Once Tiff finds him, she is able to call out to Kirby and cause the Demon Frog's grip on him to weaken enough for Dedede to snatch it away and implant it on himself. Shortly thereafter, the monster Heavy Anaconda shows up and eats Dedede since he had the frog on him, forcing Kirby to save him despite Tiff not wanting him to. Meta Knight tells Tiff to contain her anger, since there are greater enemies to be concerned with. "There has to be some misunderstanding... Kirby's a Star Warrior, not a juvenile delinquent!"
Air-Ride-in-Style - Part I
E96 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff is having a picnic with her family when she is kidnapped by King Dedede and Escargoon in order to find the whereabouts of the Warp Star. She refuses to tell them, but when Kirby and Tuff come to save her, they accidentally give the secret away. Later on, when the Destroya comes to attack Dream Land, Tiff is forced to call the Warp Star so that Kirby can try to deal with it, but in the process, the star is damaged, so Kirby and Tiff are forced to fall back to Kabu's sanctuary. Shortly thereafter, Tiff is left in the sanctuary as Kirby is forced to deal with the Air Riders sent to attack him in this moment of weakness. "Of course it's weird! Everything about Kabu is weird!"
Air-Ride-in-Style - Part II
E97 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff spends most of the proceedings on the ground in Kabu Canyon, watching Kirby battle the Air Riders and commenting on the situation, giving Kirby advice where she can. After the Air Riders are defeated, Tiff takes a moment to congratulate Kirby for his victory, but this celebration is cut short when the Destroya attacks Kabu. However, it is shortly revealed that this entire sequence had been a dream collectively shared between Tiff and Kirby and imposed upon them by Kabu, to prepare both of them in the art of using the Air Ride Machines. From here, Kirby has to go out and deal with the Destroya for real, and makes short work of it using the Crash ability. "They may be faster, but Kirby's way smarter!"
Cappy Town Down
E98 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff is forced to send Kirby out to destroy another Destroya attacking Dream Land, but they are too late to stop Cappy Town from being burned down by the Destroya's fire. When Tiff and Kirby approach the town, the distraught Cappies try to blame Kirby for inviting all this danger, but Tiff steps in to defend him, placing the blame on King Dedede, and instructing the Cappies to come with her to the castle so that Meta Knight can address them. Once assembled, the group collectively head down into a secret underground hangar where Meta Knight is keeping his battleship Halberd, revealing it now that it is ready to mount an attack on N.M.E. From here, Tiff agrees to come with Meta Knight and help him man the ship, and after some difficulties, particularly with some additional Destroyas, they set off into deep space. "I'm proud of you, Kirby!"
Combat Kirby
E99 Tiff.png
Secondary character In this episode, Tiff is among the crew as they fly toward eNeMeE's Fortress, first apprehending the stowaways King Dedede and Escargoon, then dealing with the Heavy Lobster sent to wreck their ship from the inside, then mounting the attack and infiltrating the fortress. Tiff's particular role in these proceedings is not very decisive, though she is present in most scenes. "Kawasaki may not be bright, but he did help save the engine room."
Fright to the Finish
E100 Tiff.png
Primary character In this episode, Tiff is abducted from the Halberd crew shortly after the ship is disabled, first by King Dedede and Escargoon under possession, and then by eNeMeE directly, serving as bait for Kirby to follow. Once they are inside his personal chamber, Tiff is made to watch as eNeMeE absorbs Kirby's attempt to attack him, and then lulls him to sleep. eNeMeE then drags Tiff into Kirby's dreams so she can watch as he torments him, but Tiff manages to gain the upper hand when she tells Kirby to inhale his Warp Star, giving him the Star Rod ability and allowing him to destroy eNeMeE. From here, Tiff and Kirby reunite with the others using a Winged Star, and then manage to pile up into the Night Mare Enterprises Teleporter to be taken back to Dream Land just before eNeMeE's Fortress is destroyed. Tiff provides the closing remarks of the series when she watches a new dawn arrive over Dream Land with Tuff and Kirby. "So Kirby saved the galaxy, and proved himself to be the greatest Star Warrior of all...and life in Dream Land went back to normal! But I suppose with Kirby around, life will always be an adventure! Isn't that right, Kirby?"
Kirby 3D E101 Tiff.png Primary character In this episode, Tiff gets involved when Tuff tells her about the monster Lobzilla, and she drives Mayor Len's car to Castle Dedede to find out more about it. Once they arrive and find Kirby already engaged with the monster, Tiff calls the Warp Star to help Kirby deal with it. After seeing Kirby struggle against Lobzilla, unable to defeat the monster using the Fire ability, Tiff gets an idea and tells Kirby to inhale the mini-lobsters being fired at him, which gives him the Kabuki ability. Using this, Kirby is able to defeat the monster. In a short vignette after the episode, Tiff is among those who pose with Kabuki Kirby on the stage. "Kirby! Suck up the babies!"