King Dedede (anime character)

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King Dedede
Artwork of King Dedede from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!
First episode Kirby Comes to Cappy Town
Last episode Kirby 3D
Main role Leading character and secondary villain
Other appearance(s) his video game counterpart
Voice actor(s) Ted Lewis (English)
Kenichi Ogata (Japanese)
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This article is about King Dedede as he appears in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. For King Dedede as he appears in the games, see King Dedede.
Quote1.png I'll show them kids! If I can't earn respect, I'll just buy it...from Night Mare Enterprises! Quote2.png
— King Dedede

King Dedede is one of the principal characters and supporting villains of the anime series Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. He is a large blue portly bird-like man who proclaims himself the king of Dream Land and resides with his court in Castle Dedede. He claims jurisdiction and authority over the people of Cappy Town, but they often ignore him in this regard. This behavior prompts Dedede to try and force their attention by calling monsters into Dream Land using the Night Mare Enterprises monster delivery system, though placing him in perpetual debt to N.M.E. in the process while his monsters are bested by Kirby.

King Dedede is voiced by Ted Lewis in the 4Kids dub of the show and by Kenichi Ogata in the Japanese version. In the Japanese version, he often ends his sentences with "zoi", which does not actually mean anything.

Physical Appearance[edit]

King Dedede appears mainly the same as he does in the games; with a blue body, yellow feet, defined arms, a beak, a red robe, a gilded hat topped with a puffball, and a sash across his waist. He does not wear the yellow kimono that King Dedede from the game series wears in later installments. King Dedede is also not typically seen with his hammer, though he can pull it out whenever he gets sufficiently angry. As expected in a cartoon series, King Dedede is quite expressive, though this usually manifests in outrage or in gloating.


King Dedede is defined by his vanity, selfishness, greed, and ignorance. Nearly every problem in Dream Land is caused by him in some form or another, as he pursues his whims and ambitions to the detriment of his subjects' well-being. Despite his well-known intemperance, King Dedede manages to hold on to a vast fortune which he uses to maintain his castle and purchase equipment and monsters from Night Mare Enterprises, though it is strongly implied that he would go bankrupt if he were ever forced to pay his debt to N.M.E. in full. King Dedede's attention is often focused on efforts to get rid of Kirby however he can, as Dedede is intensely jealous of the pink Star Warrior and continually outraged at the puffball often foiling his plans to ruin Dream Land in one way or another. However, due to his incompetence, he always ends up failing either partially or completely at whatever scheme he is pursuing.

King Dedede has a short temper, which causes him to regularly abuse his closest assistant Escargoon. Despite this abuse, Escargoon is the only character who is willing to stand close to him under normal circumstances. Dedede is also defined by his bad habits, particularly when it comes to overeating and dental hygiene, which comes to haunt him in A Dental Dilemma. Despite his royal status, he is not above screaming or bawling like a toddler when the situation encourages it. Despite all his bad qualities, King Dedede does have a softer side, which sometimes comes out when greater threats comes to Dream Land; a prime example being in Prediction Predicament - Part II where he decides to build Kirby and the Cappy kids a playground before the world ends.

One of King Dedede's more notable personality traits is his extraordinary ignorance. He has a habit of mis-mashing words together when he speaks, which is likely meant to serve as a sign of his inadequate vocabulary. In several episodes - such as A Novel Approach - it is also shown that King Dedede cannot read, which acts as a point of embarrassment for the King, though this is not always a consistent trait of his. He is also shown to be very bad at math, as in eNeMeE Elementary, he cannot solve the equation '1 + 1' without assistance from Escargoon. An explanation for this lack of knowledge appears in the episode Teacher's Threat, where Mr. Chip examines an x-ray image of King Dedede's head showing there to be no brain inside his skull.


Due to King Dedede's nature, basically none of the characters he interacts with like him, though due to his status as king, they must respect him as such to some degree. Despite this animosity, King Dedede is sometimes able to have genuine moments of growth with other members of the cast.

  • Kirby - Kirby is the primary target of King Dedede's ire throughout the series, as the king constantly tries to dispatch monsters from N.M.E. to get rid of him. It becomes clear throughout the series that the main reason for this is because King Dedede is intensely jealous of Kirby's power and relationships, and sometimes, even he is moved by Kirby's carefree child-like nature. Kirby in return does not mind King Dedede much, despite being attacked by him constantly.
  • Escargoon - Escargoon is King Dedede's most loyal servant, and as such, receives the most amount of abuse directly from the king. Despite his loyalty, Escargoon resents the king in secret, and relishes in any misfortune that comes Dedede's way.
  • Meta Knight - King Dedede views Meta Knight as an incompetent soldier due to his perceived inability to deal with Kirby, and as such, often disregards him. Meta Knight in return has no respect for the king, but enjoys his ability to operate under the king's radar.
  • Waddle Dees - Despite the king's cruelty, the Waddle Dees of the castle work tirelessly to tend to his every need in exchange for having a place to live. King Dedede comes to realize their importance after he sells them all off to help pay his debt to Night Mare Enterprises in the episode Waddle While You Work.
  • Residents of Cappy Town - The inhabitants of Cappy Town are always wary of King Dedede's abusive behavior and openly defy him on many occasions despite his threats. Instead of their supposed king, Cappy Town's people consult with the great Kabu for leadership and guidance.
  • N.M.E. Sales Guy - King Dedede is tied down by Night Mare Enterprises due to an enormous debt he owes them from all the monsters he ordered. The Sales Guy in particular seeks only to worsen this situation by buttering the king up with new monster deals, with no compassion toward Dedede's predicament, often directly mocking him when the monsters don't perform as Dedede had hoped.


The following is a complete list of all of King Dedede's appearances in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, along with other information regarding his role in each episode:

King Dedede's appearances in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!  
Episode Image Role Selected quote Notes
Kirby Comes to Cappy Town
E1 King Dedede.png
Primary character "Good one, Escargoon. There's more than one way to skin a Kirby!"
A Blockbuster Battle
E2 King Dedede.png
Primary character "Well if I can't get rid of Kirby the sneaky way...I'll just have to do it the freaky way!"
Kirby's Duel Role
E3 King Dedede.png
Primary character *laughs* "That's one ugly bug! Now go get Kirby, beetle boy!"
Dark and Stormy Knight
E4 King Dedede.png
Primary character "I'll show them kids! If I can't earn respect, I'll just buy it...from Night Mare Enterprises!"
Beware: Whispy Woods!
E5 King Dedede.png
Primary character "Who gives a double-bogey about that as long as I've got my golf course!"
Un-Reality TV
E6 King Dedede.png
Primary character "Would you rather lather with a dope soap? Bathe like a king!"
Kirby's Egg-Cellent Adventure
E7 King Dedede.png
Primary character "Look at all the variety! There's shy birds, fly birds, blue birds, two birds, crazy birds, and lazy birds!"
Curio's Curious Discovery
E8 King Dedede.png
Primary character "My unworthy subjects; I'm tickled turquoise to see so many of you good for nothings come to kiss up to your king!"
The Fofa Factor
E9 King Dedede.png
Primary character Them Cappy-ccinos need half-and-half'in!
Hail to the Chief
E10 King Dedede.png
Primary character "Them bees are going bee-serk! Step on it 'fore that swarm catches us!"
The Big Taste Test
E11 King Dedede.png
Primary character "Kirby will be out of our hair and into his stomach! What a perfect recipe!"
Escargoon Squad
E12 King Dedede.png
Primary character "But maybe this is all a mistake! Maybe there's some logical expli-cation of the whole situation!"
Cappy New Year
E13 King Dedede.png
Primary character "I'm the King of Dream Land and I dreamed up this here shin-dig, so you losers can either show up or ship out!"
The Pillow Case
E14 King Dedede.png
Primary character "When you nestle your weary noggin on this magical D-lightful Dreams Pilla', sweet visions of sugar buns will be dancing in your head, right, Kirby?"
(miming a Kirby puppet) "-Uh-huh."
Kirby's Pet Peeve
E15 King Dedede.png
Primary character "That's one of them computer canines! I want one of them, too, where he get?!"
A Fish Called Kine
E16 King Dedede.png
Primary character "I know folks say that opposites attract, but I never saw a couple that was this opposite!"
The Thing About the Ring
E17 King Dedede.png
Primary character "Stick a sock in it, slug-mug! We gotta find out why today's so special!"
Flower Power
E18 King Dedede.png
Secondary character "Heh! Looks like Kirby's all conked out!" This is the first episode where King Dedede is not a leading character in the plot.
Here Comes the Son
E19 King Dedede.png
Secondary character "Sorry to interrupt your snack, but we got a surprise for you!"
Dedede's Snow Job
E20 King Dedede.png
Primary character "This weather ain't gonna be done with 'til Kirby's on ice, but Chilly's too much of a chump to do it!"
A Princess in Dis-Dress
E21 King Dedede.png
Primary character (singing) "I wanna make you miiiine! Oh yeeeah, babyyy! How's about we get hitched, honey?"
Island of the Lost Warrior
E22 King Dedede.png
Secondary character "We'll stuff that little pink turkey and mash him like a potato!"
The Empty Nest Mess
E23 King Dedede.png
Primary character "This is all your fault, and if I don't survive, you're fired!"
Ninja Binge
E24 King Dedede.png
Primary character "Bunch of juvenile delinquencies!"
Escargoon Rules
E25 King Dedede.png
Primary character "I ain't no gesture!" King Dedede is trying to say "jester".
Hour of the WolfWrath
E26 King Dedede.png
Secondary character "I don't care nothin' about its temperature! All I want it to do is get rid of that pink pest Kirby!"
The Flower Plot
E27 King Dedede.png
Primary character "You're through, Whispy Woods! I'm flattening your forest once and for good this's I can finally build my very own deluxe country club!"
Labor Daze
E28 King Dedede.png
Primary character *laughs* "Look at em' simpletons stampede!"
A Spice Odyssey
E29 King Dedede.png
Primary character "Kawasaki, ain't you got nothin' digestion-able in this here dump?!"
Hatch Me If You Can
E30 King Dedede.png
Secondary character "Well lookie here! Little Miss Brainy's got 'er nose stuck inside another book!"
Abusement Park
E31 King Dedede.png
Primary character "When Kirby takes the stage, he'll be singin' the blues!"
A Dental Dilemma
E32 King Dedede.png
Primary character "I'd rather dive head-first into the Booma-Dooma Volcano!"
Junk Jam
E33 King Dedede.png
Primary character "We gonna hack into their system and get a trash burnin' monster!"
A Recipe for Disaster
E34 King Dedede.png
Primary character "I paid Night Mare Enterprises a heap a' money so they could send me a heap a' popcorn?!"
The Kirby Derby - Part I
E35 King Dedede.png
Primary character "Good! This here car's exactly what I need to put my plan into overdrive!"
The Kirby Derby - Part II
E36 King Dedede.png
Primary character "Looks like we ain't been playin' dirty enough!"
Watermelon Felon
E37 King Dedede.png
Primary character "Oh yeah? Well I demand you quit your yackin'!"
A Novel Approach
E38 King Dedede.png
Primary character "Course I know how to read, you dummy! I learned how to 'fore I got expelled from kindergarten!"
E39 King Dedede.png
Secondary character *laughs* "I sure am Dede-delightful-lookin'! I bet I could even be one of them stupor-models!" King Dedede is attempting to say "supermodel".
Monster Management
E40 King Dedede.png
Secondary character "So this here Masher's real strong, huh?"
Prediction Predicament - Part I
E41 King Dedede.png
Primary character "Quiet! Can't you see she's crystallizin'?"
Prediction Predicament - Part II
E42 King Dedede.png
Primary character *singing* "Swing away...swing away. Save your cares f'another day. Save 'em for another day..."
E43 King Dedede.png
Secondary character "This ain't what it looks like!" *nervous laughter as he holds a fork and knife*
War of the Woods
E44 King Dedede.png
Primary character "We've been Dedede-vided!"
Scare Tactics - Part I
E45 King Dedede.png
Primary character "I ain't gonna give up this here scheme 'til I turn them turkeys into chickens!"
Scare Tactics - Part II
E46 King Dedede.png
Primary character "I'll just imagine how my subjects must feel!"
Pink-Collar Blues
E47 King Dedede.png
Primary character "Listen, Waddle Doo! I've decided to forgive you for quittin' your job!"
Tourist Trap
E48 King Dedede.png
Primary character "Let them folks toss away. It's free money!"
Cartoon Buffoon
E49 King Dedede.png
Primary character "Kinda stuffy in here! Hey, where am I? Heh heh heh! I am a super Star Warrior! Heh!"
Don't Bank on It
E50 King Dedede.png
Primary character "Dedede is tired! I ain't gettin' no rest! If I can't sleep, then neither can you fools! WAKE UP!"
Kirby Takes the Cake
E51 King Dedede.png
Primary character "Wait 'til them Cappies get a load of the icin' on this cake!"
Snack Attack - Part I
E52 King Dedede.png
Primary character "You liar! You gonna keep it for yourself! I bet you was stakin' out that house hopin' for a robber to come along!"
Snack Attack - Part II
E53 King Dedede.png
Primary character "I'll never collect nothin' again!"
One Crazy Knight
E54 King Dedede.png
Secondary character "Your comic book fantasy is over, Sir Phony!"
Sweet and Sour Puss
E55 King Dedede.png
Primary character "When your neighbor does you a bad turn, don't go get mad at 'im! Instead of losing your temper, show a little kindness in return! Even when they treat ya like a pile of dirty laundry, or paint your face, or kick your limo, or play jokes on ya, tell 'em you forgive 'em, and soon, the love in your heart will make the world as sunny as a flower garden!"
Dedede's Pet Threat
E56 King Dedede.png
Primary character "Stay away, you one-eyed Cappy eatin' freaks!"
A Half-Baked Battle
E57 King Dedede.png
Primary character "Ah! That's three more! That makes four "poyos": A four-pie offense!"
eNeMeE Elementary
E58 King Dedede.png
Primary character *chuckles* "Must be the spirit of creativi-tude takin' over!"
The Meal Moocher
E59 King Dedede.png
Primary character "I've had it with all this fancy food! I'm gonna go grab myself a hamburger!"
Crusade for the Blade
E60 King Dedede.png
Secondary character "Wake up, y'all! We got an emergency! Close up them gates and head for your battle stations! We got a war on here! Hey Meta Knight! Get the lead out, you helmet head! Do some defendin' or somethin'!"
Fitness Fiend
E61 King Dedede.png
Primary character "Don't you laugh at me! I'm a chip-a-holic!"
Mabel Turns the Tables
E62 King Dedede.png
Secondary character "Ah! Why'd I ever go into the television business?!"
Something to Sneeze At
E63 King Dedede.png
Primary character "You can't blackmail me! It don't matter how much I owe cause I ain't never payin' it back anyhow!"
The Kirby Quiz
E64 King Dedede.png
Primary character "Here it is! A spankin' new year! Who knows, maybe this year, I'll turn over a new leaf and treat folks more nice-like!"
Masher 2.0
E65 King Dedede.png
Secondary character "We could turn harmless critters into super bad monsters!"
The Chill Factor
E66 King Dedede.png
Primary character "That little pink pest ain't so bad after all. I oughta ease up on that little meatball."
The School Scam
E67 King Dedede.png
Primary character "A while back, we celebrated the inauguration of Dream Land's first school: the Dedede Academy. It was dedicated to the noble cause of making all the kiddies behave right! With a little help from Night Mare Enterprises, the school was up and runnin', with lots of classic classes like: how to pitch a pipsqueak, and advanced sledge-hammin'! Things really got rollin' once we got our schoolyard set up. Them brats had loads of fun when I combined gym and detention into one theory! But it all blew up in my face, thanks to that killjoy, Kirby! No matter what I do, that little pink runt wrecks everything!" *bawls*
Delivery Dilemma
E68 King Dedede.png
Primary character "I shoulda' known it was Kirby, that nasty pasta poacher! I'm gonna get me my own delivery dude so there ain't no more mess-up!"
Trick or Trek
E69 King Dedede.png
Primary character "Yeah, that kid's pricklier than a hive a' hornets!"
Buccaneer Birdy
E70 King Dedede.png
Primary character "Ain't nothin' in the whole world I treasure more than treasure!"
A Whale of a Tale
E71 King Dedede.png
Primary character "Listen here, whale! I didn't come all this way just to watch you swimmin', so do some flips, ya hear? Jump, Blubba'!"
Waddle While You Work
E72 King Dedede.png
Primary character "I never been so low in my whole entire life. I sure do miss my faithful little Waddle Dees! Who'd'a thought I'd miss those little egg-heads so." *weeps*
Dedede's Raw Deal
E73 King Dedede.png
Primary character "You'll get a small raise when my investment's paid off. At this rate, that should only take about ten or twenty years!"
Caterpillar Thriller
E74 King Dedede.png
Primary character "Come back here, you!" *sneezes* "I can't beat Kirby 'less you stay and turn him into a sneezeball!" *sneezes*
Fossil Fools - Part I
E75 King Dedede.png
Primary character "It feels just like we livin' in pre-hysterical times![sic]"
Fossil Fools - Part II
E76 King Dedede.png
Primary character "Escar-saurus sure is a dino-wimp I'd say!"
Dedede's Monsterpiece
E77 King Dedede.png
Primary character "Right there, that's me! Since I'm what you call the star of this here paintin', I'm sittin' smack dab in the middle! You'll note the per-spectacles and I put a big ol' impressionistic Sun up there, see? This here's my castle, and right next to it is Escargoon! Note the lack of depth! This here's the Mayor being chased by his sheep! And this here's Kirby! He's being chased by me! See I drawed[sic] him all lumpy to express his inner lumpiness!"
Right Hand Robot
E78 King Dedede.png
Primary character "I hate it when you tell me "Don't!" That means I gotta do! Let's see!"
Goin' Bonkers
E79 King Dedede.png
Primary character "You dog-gone dirty ape!" This line is a reference to Planet of the Apes.
Power Ploy
E80 King Dedede.png
Primary character "Yo! Wake up, you slumberheads! Goin' to sleep is for wimps! Let's stay up and party all night long! You snoozers are losers! Upwardly-mobile folks like Yours Truly drink down lots of Pump-Up D to keep ourselves movin' and shakin' twenty five hours a day! From now on, nobody in this here kingdom be drinkin' nothin' but Pump-Up D! Pump-Up D will make ya like me!"
A Trashy Tale
E81 King Dedede.png
Primary character "If Kirby don't eat up Muck-Mouth quick, this whole town gonna be buried under one humongous heap a' slimy slop!" *spits* "It's downright sickening!"
Cooking Up Trouble
E82 King Dedede.png
Primary character "I have been a little slow to pay. I'll settle my bill when the economy picks up!"
Teacher's Threat
E83 King Dedede.png
Primary character "Escargoon, I done founded not one but two schools here in Cappy Town! They was phony schools, a'course, set up to get rid a' Kirby! Well even though I deserved a' A for effort, every time I tried to teach that pink fake a lesson, I failed! Them schools was[sic] a great idea, but for some reason, they didn't do the job! Kirby's still kickin'!" *weeps*
Mumbies Madness
E84 King Dedede.png
Secondary character "I'm givin' Kirby a good-bye gift!"
A Sunsational Puzzle
E85 King Dedede.png
Primary character "Yeah! Gives you wrinkles, blotches, and scabby-lookin' sores that make ya even uglier than usual!" *laughs* "But your worries is[sic] over if you buy this here stuff! DDD Sun Potion blocks them nasty UV rays, plus it instantly D-juvenates your skin and makes it all smooth and silky-like! Looks like a baby's behind!"
A Chow Challenge
E86 King Dedede.png
Primary character "Biggest trouble with cookin' up monsters is you end up with a dish that wants to eat you!"
Waste Management
E87 King Dedede.png
Primary character "Thanks for flyin' in, boys! Pick what'cha want and chow down!"
E88 King Dedede.png
Primary character "With my new remote-controlled spy fly, I'll get me a real bug's eye view!"
Tooned Out
E89 King Dedede.png
Primary character "Whoever said "the show must go on" didn't know us!"
Born to Be Mild - Part I
E90 King Dedede.png
Primary character "Ow! Ow! Ow! You hit the volume-izer by mistake!"
Born to Be Mild - Part II
E91 King Dedede.png
Secondary character "That punk jockey ain't got a chance of beatin' Fang now!"
Hunger Struck
E92 King Dedede.png
Primary character "Them Waddle Dees gets one meal a day...just the same as I do!"
D'Preciation Day
E93 King Dedede.png
Primary character "It was dull bein' ruler of Dream Land before you came along! I need me an enemy!"
Cowardly Creature
E94 King Dedede.png
Primary character "A Star Warrior ain't supposed to be protectin' no monster!"
Frog Wild
E95 King Dedede.png
Primary character *laughs* "He sees it's more fun to be a heel than a hero!"
Air-Ride-in-Style - Part I
E96 King Dedede.png
Primary character "That there's a fallen Star Warrior!"
Air-Ride-in-Style - Part II
E97 King Dedede.png
Secondary character "Destroya! Let's show Kabu and the rest of 'em who's boss!"
Cappy Town Down
E98 King Dedede.png
Primary character "That sword-swingin' two-timer can't mess with me."
Combat Kirby
E99 King Dedede.png
Primary character "That Meta Nut done locked us up for collabor-izin' with you! I need you to get us out of here!"
Fright to the Finish
E100 King Dedede.png
Primary character *laughs* "That liver sure made you shiver!"
Kirby 3D
E101 King Dedede.png
Primary character "You crusty creep! Look at this! This here's the guy you're after!"


  • In Curio's Curious Discovery, Escargoon says that Dedede has been on the throne for 300 years and is the 17,052nd ruler in his line, though this claim is very dubious.
  • King Dedede fancies himself a golfer, and can often be seen "practicing" using his hammer, though this usually just serves as an excuse to whack other characters instead.
  • The N.M.E. Sales Guy has several pet names for King Dedede. These include, but are not limited to: "Triple D", "Three D", "D-Man", "D-Meister", or simply "D".
  • King Dedede is one of the five recurring characters who appears in every episode of the main anime series. The other four are Kirby, Tiff, Tuff, and Escargoon.