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Kirby's Dream Land 2

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Kirby's Dream Land 2

KDL2 Box.png

KDL2 PC Box.jpg

KDL2 JP Box.jpg

KDL2 DE Box.jpg

KDL2 AU Box.jpg

Box art of Kirby's Dream Land 2 in various regions.
Developer(s) HAL Laboratory
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Designer(s) Shinichi Shimomura
Release date(s) Game Boy
Japan March 21, 1995
NA May 1, 1995
Europe July 31, 1995
Australia July 31, 1995

Virtual Console (3DS)
Japan February 15, 2012
Europe May 17, 2012
Australia May 17, 2012
NA August 1, 2013
South Korea April 20, 2016[1]

Nintendo Switch Online
Japan March 16, 2023
NA March 15, 2023
Europe March 16, 2023
Australia March 16, 2023
Platform(s) Game Boy
Nintendo 3DS (Virtual Console)
Wii (Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition)
Nintendo Switch Online
Supported languages Japanese, American English
Rating(s) ESRB: Kids to Adults / Everyone
PEGI: 3+
CERO: All Ages
Game chronology
Kirby's Avalanche Kirby's Block Ball
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Kirby's Dream Land 2 is a platforming game for the Game Boy. It is the third game in the main Kirby series and a direct sequel to Kirby's Dream Land. Like its predecessors, it was developed by HAL Laboratory and published by Nintendo. It is notable for introducing three of Kirby's Animal Friends: Rick, Kine and Coo.

Although released for the same system as the original Kirby's Dream Land, Kirby's Dream Land 2 was designed with the Super Game Boy adapter cartridge for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in mind. When played using this hardware, the game makes use of the Super Game Boy's features to provide select enhancements to the game's presentation. Certain scenes appear in more colors than is normally possible, unique palettes are assigned to all the areas explored by Kirby, the SNES's S-SMP audio chip is used to provide ambient sound effects on various maps, enhanced sound effects when equipping the Animal Friends, and applause on the title screen, and a custom border is added around the screen depicting Kirby and the animal friends on a green and white checkerboard pattern.[2]

Compared to more famous titles in the series, re-releases of Kirby's Dream Land 2 are much more limited in scope. It has only been re-released three times: twice in 2012, as one of the games in Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition and via the Nintendo 3DS' Virtual Console, then once in 2023 as part of Nintendo Switch Online. It has sold 1.49 million copies in Japan, making it more successful than the original Kirby's Dream Land in that country.[3]


Dark Matter flees from Dedede's body.

Prior to the start of Kirby's journey, the rainbows that connect the Rainbow Islands of Dream Land have been stolen by Dark Matter, who wants to turn the land into a dark world. He has taken control of King Dedede in order to realize his plans. Thus, Kirby and his friends set out to save Dream Land.[4] In order to do so, they must not only overcome the mind-controlled king and his henchmen but also recover the Rainbow Drops hidden on each island.

If Kirby fails to collect the Rainbow Drops, he walks back home in the rain after the climactic battle with Dedede, his Animal Friends following close behind. Kine eventually stops to cast a troubled look towards the sky, hinting at the fact that Dark Matter's presence is still in the air above and that Dream Land is not yet saved from the cosmic menace.

If Kirby succeeds in finding all of the Rainbow Drops and beats Dedede in battle on the roof of his Dark Castle, the drops combine to form the Rainbow Sword as Dark Matter escapes from the defeated king's body. Using the powerful sword, Kirby is able to fly high into the sky for a duel with Dark Matter himself. After emerging victorious, he briefly loses the weapon and starts plummeting to the ground in exhaustion as his friends and King Dedede watch him. However, he soon becomes fully awake again and regains the Rainbow Sword, using it to restore the rainbows that Dark Matter had stolen.


Kirby in the first stage of the game.

Like the original Kirby's Dream Land, Kirby's Dream Land 2 is a traditional side-scrolling platformer. Kirby can walk, jump, swim and, by puffing himself up, fly through the levels, as well as using his trademark inhaling ability (which, under normal conditions, does not work while flying or swimming) to suck in weak opponents. Upon doing so, he can either spit them out in the form of stars to cause damage to other enemies or crouch to swallow them. Like in Kirby's Adventure and most future games of the Kirby series, swallowing certain foes lets Kirby copy their abilities; his current ability being displayed in the bottom-right corner of the Heads-up display. Kirby cannot inhale while possessing an ability, and he keeps it until he takes damage or discards it. If this happens, the ability can be recovered by inhaling and swallowing the Ability Star that appears when it is lost. Unlike in most other games of the series, Kirby may use any of his copied abilities underwater.

Defeating enemies, as well as inhaling Star Blocks, adds to the player's score, which is displayed at the bottom of the screen but does not influence gameplay. Touching something harmful reduces Kirby's health (or that of his Animal Friend), which can be restored by collecting certain items. Losing all of his health makes Kirby lose a life, forcing him to restart at the beginning of the section. Once he runs out of lives, he has to restart from the last saved game.

The Island Selection screen. On the Super Game Boy, the selected island is displayed in color.

The game is divided into seven levels in the form of islands, which can be reached from the Island Selection screen by using a Warp Star. Each island itself is divided into different stages accessible by entering the doors in the level's Stage Selection screen, which, like in Kirby's Adventure, is presented in a side-scrolling environment. Levels, as well as individual stages, have to be completed in a set order, but Kirby may return to them as many times as he wishes even after their completion. When Kirby is in a stage he has already completed, he may leave at any time by pausing the game with the Start button and selecting "EXIT". Once all the numbered stages are completed, the level's boss door opens up, leading to a room that contains a strong opponent. Emerging victorious from the ensuing battle makes the next level appear on the world map, granting Kirby access to it. Unlike regular stages, boss doors can only be re-entered once per game session, which lets Kirby play a bonus game. The nature of this game varies between levels, but always involves collecting small stars and ends when Kirby takes damage or after a set amount of time. Finishing the bonus chance with all the small stars and without taking damage awards Kirby a 1-Up and adds to the overall completion of the game.

In addition to finishing all of the game's levels, Kirby also has to recover the Rainbow Drops hidden away in each of them. Every island contains one Rainbow Drop, which is located in a special room in one of the stages and always requires a certain Copy Ability to obtain. As levels can be re-entered at any given time, it is not necessary to collect all of the drops in a single run; however, Kirby cannot fight Dark Matter and complete the game without them. Rainbow Drops that have already been collected are shown on top of the island's picture on the Island Selection screen.

Kirby and Kine exploring an underwater section.

A major addition to Kirby's Dream Land 2 not seen in previous games are Kirby's Animal Friends: Rick, who resembles a hamster, Coo, who resembles an owl, and Kine, who resembles an ocean sunfish. They can be found in certain locations and always start out trapped in a large bag hanging from the ceiling, which knocks Kirby back if he collides with it. To free the friend, Kirby has to clear the screen of enemies or defeat a Mid-Boss. When he touches a rescued Animal Friend, he automatically hops on and takes a ride, allowing the player to take control of the animal buddy. Each Animal Friend possesses unique strengths and drawbacks, and combining Copy Abilities with friends allows for completely new attacks. Kirby's friend accompanies him until his life meter, which is separate from Kirby's, hits zero, or Kirby chooses to send him away. Touching a Propeller Bomb enemy also causes the friend to disappear. Once lost, a friend cannot be reacquired except by freeing him from a bag once more.

Kirby's progress is saved automatically after completing a stage, using one of three save slots that can be selected using the File Select menu accessed from the title screen. Unlike in previous games, Kirby's score, health meter, number of lives, Copy Ability, and current friend are stored in addition to the status of completion. Once the player completes the game 100%, a sound test and Boss Endurance mode become available from the File Select screen, as well as a mode that allows the player to replay all of the bonus chances in the order they appear in the game.


Kirby's moveset
Move Image Controls
Fly KA Kirby Flying artwork.png
Enter Door KA Kirby Door artwork.png
Swallow KDL2 Kirby swallowing artwork.png ↓⁠
Crouch KDL Kirby Squat artwork.png ↓⁠
Drop N/A ↓ while standing on Thin floor
Walk KA Kirby Walking artwork.png ← or →
Drop special power/release friends KDL2 Rick Needle artwork.png
KDL2 Rick and Kirby artwork.png
KDL2 Kirby mouth closed artwork.png
Jump KDL Kirby Jump artwork.png A
Swim KA Kirby Swim artwork.png A
Inhale KDL Kirby Inhale artwork.png B
Exhale KDL Kirby Star Bullet artwork.png B
Use Copy Ability KDL2 Cutter.png B
Water Gun KA Kirby Water Gun artwork.png B underwater
Air gun KDL Kirby Air Pellet artwork.png B while flying

Friends' moveset
Move Image Controls
Walk (Rick) KDL2 Rick and Kirby artwork 2.png ← or →
Swim (Kine) KDL2 Kine and Kirby artwork.png ←, ↓⁠, →, or ↑
Fly (Coo) KDL2 Coo and Kirby artwork.png ←, ↓, ⁠→, or ↑
Special power KDL2 Rick Burning artwork.png
KDL2 Coo Parasol artwork.png
KDL2 Kine Needle artwork.png


The game takes place on the Rainbow Islands, a group of seven islands which each consist of several stages, as well as a boss. Kirby has to defeat the boss at the end of each island in order to continue to the next one. All the islands have to be tackled in the order given below; it is not possible to access them in any other order.

Levels in Kirby's Dream Land 2  
Level Nr. Name Appearance Stages Boss(es) Description
Level 1 Grass Land
KDL2 Island Grass Land.png
4 Whispy Woods A simple level containing mostly very basic enemies. Kirby encounters Rick here.
Level 2 Big Forest
KDL2 Island Big Forest.png
4 Nruff and Nelly This forest level is the first to feature Coo, as well as possessing more Copy Ability-yielding enemies than the previous one.
Level 3 Ripple Field
KDL2 Island Ripple Field.png
4 Sweet Stuff This level resembles Float Islands from the original Kirby's Dream Land. As most of Ripple Field is submerged, the swimming powers of Kine, who debuts in this level, may come in handy.
Level 4 Iceberg
KDL2 Island Iceberg.png
5 Ice Dragon As the name implies, Iceberg contains many icy sections, making Rick's immunity to slipping very helpful.
Level 5 Red Canyon
KDL2 Island Red Canyon.png
6 Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright A mountainous region filled with hoodoos and bottomless pits.
Level 6 Cloudy Park
KDL2 Island Cloudy Park.png
7 Kracko This level is set in the clouds around a volcano. Strong winds, which can only be overcome by Coo, are common here.
Level 7 Dark Castle
KDL2 Island Dark Castle.png
8 King Dedede,
Dark Matter (two phases)
The final level of the game takes place inside a castle and includes many auto-scrolling sections. At the end of every stage, Kirby has to fight a Mid-Boss in order to make the goal door open up.

Kirby's friends[edit]

Kirby encounters various friends during his journey, which are initially trapped inside bags and normally have to be rescued by defeating the enemy or Mid-Boss guarding them. The three Animal Friends are able to carry Kirby around, enabling him to use their special strengths as well as upgrading his Copy Abilities; different ability/friend combinations result in different powers. While paired up with a friend, the background music changes to that particular character's theme music outside of level hubs, boss battles, and Rainbow Drop chambers. Kirby's friends possess a separate health meter from himself; once all their health is lost, Kirby loses the friend but may continue by himself as long as his own health remains above zero.

Kirby's Animal Friends and others  
Name Appearance Description
KDL2 Rick sprite.png
A hamster that carries Kirby around on his back. He is a fast runner and does not slip on ice. Rick can inhale like Kirby.
KDL2 Coo sprite.png
An owl that holds Kirby in his talons. He is able to fly very quickly, further increasing his speed if the A button is pressed repeatedly, which lets him move against strong winds. He also enables Kirby to inhale enemies and use Copy Abilities during flight.
KDL2 Kine sprite.png
While in the mouth of Kine the fish, Kirby is able to inhale enemies and use Copy Abilities underwater. Kine is also able to swim very fast, increasing his speed if the A button is pressed repeatedly, which enables him to move against water currents. However, he moves slower on land.
KDL2 Gooey sprite.png
This friendly blob of Dark Matter appears from a bag if Kirby already possesses the Animal Friend that would otherwise be in it. Kirby cannot team up with him, but touching him restores one bar to his health meter.
Girl blob
KDL2 Blob sprite.png
A female version of Gooey that may replace him occasionally. Finding her counts towards 100% completion.


Throughout the game, Kirby may come across several items that can help him if he picks them up. In addition to being found in various levels, all of the items mentioned below, apart from the Rainbow Drops, can be acquired during the short bonus game that follows the completion of a stage.

Items in Kirby's Dream Land 2  
Name Appearance Description
KDL2 1-Up sprite.png
A rare item that instantly grants Kirby an extra life.
Energy Drink
KDL2 Health Drink sprite.png
Restores two units to Kirby's (or his Animal Friend's) life meter.
Rainbow Drop
KDL2 Rainbow Drop sprite.png
On every island, Kirby has to locate and retrieve a Rainbow Drop in order to be able to fight Dark Matter at the end of the game. Rainbow Drops are often hidden, and always require a particular Copy Ability to access.
Point Star
KDL2 Small Star sprite.png
Picking up seven point stars awards Kirby with an extra life. Can sometimes be found behind Star Blocks.
Maxim Tomato
KDL2 Tomato sprite.png
Instantly refills all of Kirby's (or his friend's) health.

Copy Abilities[edit]

Base Abilities[edit]

Kirby can acquire special powers by inhaling and swallowing certain enemies and Mid-Bosses. When he possesses an ability, the B button lets him attack with it instead of causing him to inhale. Certain types of blocks can only be destroyed by using a particular power.

Copy Abilities in Kirby's Dream Land 2  
Name Appearance Icon Acquired from Description Damage
KDL2 Kirby Burning sprite.png
KDL2 Burning Icon.png
Flamer, Efreeti Enables Kirby to launch himself forward as a fireball. 4
KDL2 Kirby Cutter sprite.png
KDL2 Cutter Icon.png
Load Kibble, Waiu With this ability, Kirby can throw a cutter boomerang at enemies. 3
KDL2 Kirby Ice sprite.png
KDL2 Ice Icon.png
Master Pengy, Mr. Frosty Lets Kirby freeze enemies into ice cubes with his chilly breath, enabling him to kick them at other enemies. 2 (B)
8 (block)
KDL2 Kirby Needle sprite.png
KDL2 Needle Icon.png
Spikey, Captain Stitch By extending his spikes, Needle Kirby causes harm to adversaries close to him. 5
KDL2 Kirby Parasol sprite.png
KDL2 Parasol Icon.png
Floaty the Drifter, Jumpershoot A parasol blocks attacks from above and slows Kirby's fall. Kirby can also attack with it, as well as use it to shield himself from frontal assaults. 1 (idle)
3 (B)
2 (hold)
KDL2 Kirby Spark sprite.png
KDL2 Spark Icon.png
Sparky, Master Green Kirby can generate electricity around him, destroying enemies and harming bosses and Mid-Bosses. 3
KDL2 Kirby Stone sprite.png
KDL2 Stone Icon.png
Rocky, Blocky Allows Kirby to transform into a stone form and back. In this form, he is invincible and can crush enemies, but cannot move except by rolling down a slope. 6
Damage reference: Star Bullet=10, Blaster Bullet=20, Water Gun=2


When Kirby teams up with an Animal Friend while possessing an ability, he receives a new power, based on the nature of the Copy Ability as well as the friend he picks. Sometimes, certain combinations are necessary to destroy the blocks keeping Kirby from acquiring a Rainbow Drop.

Combination abilities in Kirby's Dream Land 2  
Base Ability Friend Appearance Description Damage
Burning Coo
KDL2 Coo Burning sprite.png
Kirby and Coo dive diagonally downwards, harming enemies. 5
Burning Kine
KDL2 Kine Burning sprite.png
Kine spits large fireballs from his mouth, which slowly travel in a straight line. 5
Burning Rick
KDL2 Rick Burning sprite.png
Rick breathes flames with a low range while the B button is held. 3
Cutter Coo
KDL2 Coo Cutter sprite.png
Coo throws three feathers, two of which travel diagonally while the other flies straight ahead. 2
Cutter Kine
KDL2 Kine Cutter sprite.png
Lets Kine spit a crescent-shaped laser from his mouth, which grows as it travels further. 4
Cutter Rick
KDL2 Rick Cutter sprite.png
Rick throws Kirby like a boomerang into the direction he is facing. 4
Ice Coo
KDL2 Coo Ice sprite.png
Kirby unleashes a chilly breath attack, which can be aimed with the control pad. 2 (B)
8 (block)
Ice Kine
KDL2 Kine Ice sprite.png
Freezes enemies around Kine. Using the power for too long temporarily turns Kine into an ice cube. 2 (B)
8 (block)
Ice Rick
KDL2 Rick Ice sprite.png
Freezes enemies around Rick while the B button is held. Rick cannot move while using this power. 2 (B)
8 (block)
Needle Coo
KDL2 Coo Needle sprite.png
Lets Kirby extend long spines downwards. 4
Needle Kine
KDL2 Kine Needle sprite.png
Using this power causes Kirby and Kine to grow spikes all around them. 6
Needle Rick
KDL2 Rick Needle sprite.png
Rick extends quills from his back but leaves his front vulnerable. 8
Parasol Coo
KDL2 Coo Parasol sprite.png
Coo spins very quickly for a short while, causing damage to opponents he touches and becoming invincible while twirling. 2
Parasol Kine
KDL2 Kine Parasol sprite.png
A large parasol appears from Kine's mouth, which can be used as a shield for a limited time. 4
Parasol Rick
KDL2 Rick Parasol sprite.png
Rick balances a parasol on his nose and a ball-shaped Kirby on top of it, harming enemies above him. 4 (parasol)
2 (Kirby)
Spark Coo
KDL2 Coo Spark sprite.png
Kirby launches lightning bolts downwards, destroying enemies below. 3 (Kirby)
2 (bolt)
Spark Kine
KDL2 Kine Spark sprite.png
A light bulb appears from Kine's mouth, which can harm foes and illuminate dark areas, revealing hidden doors. Letting go of the B button launches it forward, exploding when it collides with something or the button is pressed again. 2 (hold)
4 (shot)
2 (broken)
Spark Rick
KDL2 Rick Spark sprite.png
Enables Rick to use a whip of electricity, like the Beam ability seen in other games. 2
Stone Coo
KDL2 Coo Stone sprite.png
Kirby turns into stone, causing Coo and himself to slam onto the ground and destroy enemies below and near them on impact. 4
Stone Kine
KDL2 Kine Stone sprite.png
Lets Kirby assume his stone form inside Kine, making him sink downwards and defeat enemies. 8
Stone Rick
KDL2 Rick Stone sprite.png
Kirby balances on top of Rick as the hamster turns into a rolling boulder, crushing all enemies in their path. 6
Damage reference: Star Bullet=10, Blaster Bullet=20, Water Gun=2



Enemies make up the bulk of the opponents Kirby encounters on his journey. Most of them can be defeated in one hit, as well as inhaled and either spat out or swallowed. Swallowing certain types grants Kirby a Copy Ability. On rare instances, an enemy may be seen guarding an Animal Friend; Kirby has to defeat it in order to free the friend.

Destroying an enemy awards the player a number of points that differs depending on the enemy type. If Kirby defeats the enemy by inhaling it, the resulting points are cut in half. Common enemies have only 1 HP each except invincible ones.

Enemies in Kirby's Dream Land 2  
Name Appearance Copy Ability Points Description
KDL2 Blade sprite.png
None 2000 Not unlike Sword Knight, this rare enemy mainly found in Dark Castle walks back and forth and slashes at Kirby with its sword. It is also able to jump, making it harder to avoid. Blade cannot be inhaled and deflects many kinds of bullets.
KDL2 Blipper sprite.png
None 400 A fish with a scuba mask usually encountered in the water, where it swims after Kirby.
KDL2 Bouncy Ty sprite.png
None 400 This common enemy bounces around, trying to bump into Kirby. A faster variety can sometimes be encountered in auto-scrolling sections.
Referred to in this game as "Bouncy Ty".
Bronto Burt
KDL2 Bronto Burt sprite.png
None 200 Flies through the air, usually in a wave motion.
Broom Hatter
KDL2 Broom Hatter sprite.png
None 200 Sweeps the ground with its broom, harming Kirby if he collides with it.
KDL2 Butch sprite.png
None 2000 A rare opponent found mainly in Dark Castle that looks similar to Axe Knight. It walks back and forth, tossing its large axe in various patterns and sometimes making it explode. Cannot be inhaled.
KDL2 Cappy sprite.png
None 200 These enemies disguise themselves as mushrooms. Trying to inhale them gets rid of their caps, unmasking them.
KDL2 Coconut sprite.png
None 200 Waits for Kirby to walk under it, causing it to drop down and explode.
KDL2 Crack Tweet sprite.png
None 200 (egg)
300 (chick)
This chick hatches from its egg when Kirby gets near or attacks it and begins to bounce around.
KDL2 Elieel sprite.png
None 300 An eel that lurks in a pipe, popping out of it when Kirby gets near.
KDL2 Flamer sprite.png
Burning 400 This disc-shaped enemy travels around blocks and launches itself at Kirby in the form of a fireball.
Floaty the Drifter
KDL2 Floaty the Drifter sprite.png
Parasol 400 A Parasol with a single eye. Often held by Waddle Dees to slow their fall, although it can jump around on its own as well.
KDL2 Glunk sprite.png
None 400 An anemone with eyes that sits on the ground or clings to the ceiling, where it fires bullets upwards or downwards from time to time. Glunks are mainly found in water.
KDL2 Gordo sprite.png
None N/A Invincible spike balls that can either be stationary or float around on a set path.
KDL2 Icicle sprite.png
None 100 Hangs from ceilings and falls down when Kirby walks under it.
KDL2 Kabu sprite.png
None 400 A rare enemy resembling a head made of stone. Kabus either jump around or spin and slide across the ground. In some locations, they materialize out of thin air.
Sir Kibble
KDL2 Load Kibble sprite.png
Cutter 400 This armored foe tosses the blade on its helmet like a boomerang.
Referred to in this game as "Load Kibble".
KDL2 Master Pengy sprite.png
Ice 400 A penguin that slides around on its belly and attempts to freeze Kirby with its breath.
Referred to in this game as "Master Pengy".
KDL2 Masher sprite.png
None 2000 This iron-clad warrior, encountered mainly in Dark Castle, attacks with its ball & chain in different patterns. Cannot be inhaled.
KDL2 Mumbies sprite.png
None 400 Spherical, mummy-like enemies that appear out of nowhere and float around. They cannot be inhaled.
Poppy Bros. Jr.
KDL2 Poppy Bros Jr sprite.png
None 200 These enemies make small hops as they move. They can sometimes be found balancing on rolling apples or Maxim Tomatos.
KDL2 Propeller Bomb sprite.png
None 1500 Hovers in the air using the propellor on its head. If Kirby is without an Animal Friend, it does not move and is easily defeated; if he has one, it chases him and becomes resistant to most attacks. Touching a Propeller Bomb makes Kirby's friend instantly flee.
Referred to in this game as "Propeller Bomb".
KDL2 Rocky sprite.png
Stone 400 This stone-like enemy is very heavy and usually attempts to fall on Kirby by walking off a platform.
KDL2 Scarfy sprite.png
None 1000 Floats in one place and chases Kirby if he tries to inhale it. After flying after him for a while or when attacked, it explodes and may harm Kirby.
KDL2 Shotzo sprite.png
None N/A A cannon that fires cannonballs at Kirby. Invincible.
KDL2 Sir Slippy sprite.png
None 400 A frog-like enemy that can be found swimming in water or hopping around outside of it.
Referred to in this game as "Sir Slippy".
KDL2 Sparky sprite.png
Spark 400 Hops around, occasionally stopping to emit harmful electricity.
KDL2 Spikey sprite.png
Needle 400 This hedgehog-like enemy runs towards Kirby and displays its quills when it gets near him.
KDL2 Squishy sprite.png
None 400 A squid-like enemy found in and outside of water.
Waddle Dee
KDL2 Waddle Dee sprite.png
None 200 The most basic enemy, it does nothing but walk around and sometimes jump until defeated. A few of them run very fast, but stop when faced by Kirby.


Mid-Bosses are strong foes that are always encountered in separate rooms containing no other opponents besides them. They possess their own life meter, which is displayed at the bottom of the screen, replacing the score display for the duration of the fight. They are usually found guarding one of Kirby's Animal Friends; defeating the Mid-Boss frees the friend from captivity, as well as enabling Kirby to inhale and swallow the Mid-Boss to gain its Copy Ability. All Mid-Bosses have 30 HP each and are worth 3000 points.

Mid-Bosses in Kirby's Dream Land 2  
Name Appearance Copy Ability Description
KDL2 Blocky sprite.png
Stone An anthropomorphic block of stone with feet. Blocky slams into the walls or attempts to fall on Kirby, creating stars that can be inhaled for ammunition.
Captain Stitch
KDL2 Captain Stitch sprite.png
Needle A large Gordo that either tosses its spikes at Kirby or slams into a wall, losing them in the process. When its spikes are lying on the ground, Kirby can inhale them and spit them back. As long as its spikes are attached, Captain Stitch is invincible.
KDL2 Efreeti sprite.png
Burning A black, spiked creature that jumps around and launches itself at Kirby as a fireball. When it collides with the ground or a wall, inhalable stars appear.
KDL2 Jumpershoot sprite.png
Parasol This Kasa-obake jumps and spins around, as well as throwing its sandal at Kirby, which he can inhale and spit back.
Master Green
KDL2 Master Green sprite.png
Spark A large jellyfish that tosses bolts of lightning at Kirby, as well as generating electricity, which either surrounds it or travels along the ground. It also throws a star at Kirby from time to time, which can be inhaled and spat back.
Mr. Frosty
KDL2 Mr Frosty sprite.png
Ice This walrus-like Mid-Boss charges at Kirby, freezing him if he gets too close, or tosses ice cubes, which can be inhaled and spat back.
KDL2 Waiu sprite.png
Cutter This ninja attacks by throwing cutter blades at Kirby, which he can inhale and spit back once they fall down or get stuck in a wall. In addition, it is able to toss small stars that burn Kirby, slash with its katana, and move through the air very quickly.


Behind the final door of every island, a boss is waiting for Kirby. Like Mid-Bosses, bosses also possess a health meter. They do not guard helpers or yield abilities, but defeating them is required in order to progress to the next island. After a boss is beaten, Kirby may re-enter its door to play a bonus chance that lets him acquire extra lives. All bosses can be refought in the Boss Endurance mode unlocked by achieving 100% completion; here, they are faced in the same order as in the main game.

Bosses in Kirby's Dream Land 2  
Level Name Appearance HP Points Description
Grass Land Whispy Woods
KDL2 Whispy Woods sprite.png
60 10000 A staple boss of the Kirby series, this large tree is stationary and drops apples on Kirby, which are worth 100 points and can be inhaled and spat back, as well as attacking with his spiky roots. He initially wears a surgical mask and swirly glasses, but a few hits cause them to fall off, enabling him to blow air at Kirby in addition to his other abilities.

His bonus chance has him spitting small stars and apples at Kirby.

Big Forest Nruff and Nelly
KDL2 Nruff and Nelly sprite.png
60 15000 Nruff, a large boar with spiky fur, and several Nellys, smaller boars worth 200 points each, continuously appear from both sides of the screen during the battle, running and jumping across the room's ledges. Kirby can only cause permanent damage to the boss by attacking Nruff, either by inhaling the Nellys for ammunition or using a Copy Ability.

This boss's bonus chance consists of Nellys and small stars appearing from the sides of the screen and moving along the ledges; Nruff does not appear during it.

Ripple Field Sweet Stuff
KDL2 Sweet Stuff sprite.png
60 20000 This large anglerfish is fought in a scrolling underwater area and either charges at Kirby or fires lasers at him. To harm it, Kirby either has to blow bubbles at it or launch the starfish and Squishys it can summon back at it, either by hitting them with his water gun or inhaling them and spitting them out using Kine. Every object knocked back at the fish awards Kirby with an additional 100 points.

Sweet Stuff is absent from its bonus chance, which instead requires Kirby to dodge Gordos in the water while collecting small stars.

Iceberg Ice Dragon
KDL2 Ice Dragon sprite.png
60 25000 A large dragon that uses its tails to propel itself forward and into the air. Ice Dragon attempts to freeze Kirby with its breath, kicks icy spikes at him or slams onto the ground to make Icicles, which yield 100 points, fall down.

Ice Dragon does not appear in its bonus chance, which requires Kirby to dodge the Icicles falling from above while catching small stars.

Red Canyon Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright
KDL2 Mr Shine sprite.png KDL2 Mr Bright sprite.png
40 each 15000 each An anthropomorphic sun and moon that take turns fighting Kirby, with one of them being on the ground and vulnerable and the other floating in the sky, invincible. When Mr. Shine, the moon, is on the ground, he rolls around and throws cutter boomerangs while Mr. Bright sends down beams from above, which generate inhalable stars. When Mr. Bright is on the ground, he attacks Kirby with fire or by charging at Kirby while Mr. Bright causes stars to fall down, which can likewise be inhaled. Sometimes, the two combine to cause an eclipse, automatically harming Kirby unless he moves into a particular, dark area before the attack finishes.

During their bonus chance, Mr. Shine bounces around while Mr. Bright, floating at the top, sends dangerous bullets as well as small stars downwards.

Cloudy Park Kracko
KDL2 Kracko sprite 1.png
35 10000 Kracko begins the fight as not much more than an eyeball, resembling Kracko Jr.. During this phase, it alternates between moving inside the cloud platform at the bottom, from where it can fire beams, and flying through the air while four small orbs circle around it, trying to bump into Kirby and eventually sending its spheres at him. Every time it moves into or out of the cloud, a Co-Kracko emerges, which yields 100 points and can be inhaled and spat back. Once this form is defeated, Kracko refills its life meter and assumes its usual form of a one-eyed cloud surrounded by spikes. In this second phase of the battle, it flies through the air, firing beams in various directions as well as releasing more Co-Krackos.

Its bonus chance involves Co-Krackos and small stars popping out of the cloud at the bottom.

KDL2 Kracko sprite 2.png
80 30000
Dark Castle King Dedede
KDL2 King Dedede sprite.png
120 100000 King Dedede is the last boss Kirby can fight without collecting the Rainbow Drops. Like in other games, he attacks Kirby with his hammer, as well as by performing large jumps and trying to land on him. Both of these attacks generate stars that Kirby can inhale and spit back at him. He also attempts to inhale Kirby, spitting him out again and causing damage if he is successful. At some points during the battle, he briefly falls asleep. Multiple consecutive hits dealt to him cause him to get angry, making his attacks faster and more powerful, often causing harmful explosions. Defeating him without possessing the Rainbow Drops triggers the game's bad ending.

King Dedede has no bonus chance; he can be refought at any time.

Dark Matter
KDL2 Dark Matter sprite 1.png
120 50000 When Kirby defeats King Dedede after collecting all of the Rainbow Drops, he receives the Rainbow Sword and has to face Dark Matter in the sky. In his first form, Dark Matter wears a cloak and mask and wields a sword. He floats up and down at one side of the screen, occasionally slashing with his sword or firing beams from it, as well as dashing towards the other side of the screen. He is also able to concentrate dark energy at the tip of his sword, firing it at Kirby in the form of a sphere. Kirby can knock this sphere back at him with the Rainbow Sword for 200 extra points, which causes a significantly higher amount of damage than simply slashing at the boss. At some points during the battle, Dark Matter switches from one side of the screen to the other.
KDL2 Dark Matter sprite 2.png
120 200000 After his initial form is defeated, Dark Matter shows his true form, a black sphere with a singular eye surrounded by small orbs. He flies around very quickly, attacking mainly by launching the orbs surrounding him at Kirby, which can be knocked back at him for 400 points and a large amount of damage, as well as firing dark energy projectiles all around him. Furthermore, he is able to cause long bolts of black lightning to appear from his eye, which travel very fast, as well as charging at Kirby. Defeating him triggers the real ending of the game.


The following is a list of staff who have worked on Kirby's Dream Land 2:

Staff of Kirby's Dream Land 2  
Position Developer(s)
Executive Producer Hiroshi Yamauchi
Producer Satoru Iwata
Shigeru Miyamoto
Project Manager Atsushi Kakuta
Director Shinichi Shimomura
Programmer Yoshiki Suzuki
Shimei Tei
Masashi Yamane
C. G. Designer Shigeru Hashiguchi
Kazuya Miura
Yoshiko Ohkubo
Composer Hirokazu Ando
Tadashi Ikegami
E. S. Designer Atsushi Kakuta
Map Designer Shinichi Shimomura
Kensuke Tanabe
Hideki Fujii
Tool Programmer Seiji Otoguro
Yoshimi Takahashi
Special Thanks Satoshi Ishida
Chieko Obikane

References in later games[edit]


Nintendo eShop (3DS)[edit]

Original Release Date: May 1995

Kirby™ returns and has joined forces with new friends in this thrilling sequel!

The Rainbow Bridges that connect the seven Rainbow Islands have disappeared! Help Kirby solve the mystery! Search through the different islands while battling King DeDeDe and his horde of evil minions.

Along the way, meet Rick the Hamster, Kine the Fish, and Coo the Owl. Each possesses important abilities that can multiply the magnitude of Kirby's powers! Earn the mysterious Rainbow Sword, and prepare to face Kirby's most menacing rival ever--the evil Dark Matter!

(This description was reused for the game on the My Nintendo Store.)[5]

Nintendo Switch Online[edit]

Kirby returns and has joined forces with new friends!

The Rainbow Bridges that connect the seven Rainbow Islands have disappeared! Help Kirby solve the mystery! Search through the different islands while battling King Dedede and his horde of evil minions. Along the way, meet Rick, Kine, and Coo, who look like a hamster, a fish, and an owl, respectively. Each possesses important abilities that can multiply the magnitude of Kirby's powers! Earn the mysterious Rainbow Sword, and prepare to face Kirby's most menacing rival ever—the evil Dark Matter!

(The description in Version 1.0.0 of Game Boy - Nintendo Switch Online originally read "Along the way, meet Rick the Hamster, Kine the Fish, and Coo the Owl," like the Nintendo 3DS eShop description, but this was altered in Version 1.1.1.[6])


Concept art for the game suggested transformations that were replaced by the Animal Friends but later appeared in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse.
  • In the "Controlling the Game" section on page 7 of the game's English manual, the Start button is erroneously referred to as "SELECT" below its image. Additionally, when listing Coo's strengths, the manual claims that Kirby "can't swallow and fly at the same time" with him, while he actually can.[7] Both of these have been corrected in later translations.
  • The game's bad ending triggered by defeating King Dedede without having collected all Rainbow Drops is the only ending that shows the antagonists' names. Once all Rainbow Drops have been found, this ending cannot be viewed anymore, making it impossible to see the names at all without starting anew if the true ending is achieved right away.
  • Kirby was originally planned to ride a tank, but the development team later replaced the tank with Animal Friends. Acro was also designed during Kirby's Dream Land 2's development.[8]
    • Kirby is also shown in (or as) a tank in early concept art allegedly brainstorming various different Copy Abilities (although noting that they would really want about seven all in all, as in the final game). Tank Kirby is shown alongside Rocket Kirby and Deep Sea Kirby; these three ideas together resemble Kirby and the Rainbow Curse's Kirby Tank, Kirby Rocket, and Kirby Submarine, which collectively paid homage 20 years later to the Animal Friends that supplanted these early concepts in Kirby's Dream Land 2.
    • The same "various abilities" concept art also suggested Mole Kirby (featuring diggers that resemble Heavy Mole's attachments, but also somewhat resembling the later abilities of Animal and Drill), UFO Kirby (a pre-existing Copy Ability since Kirby's Adventure), and Scooter Kirby (as a joke).
  • Official emulations of this game (Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition, the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console and Nintendo Switch Online) don't account for Super Game Boy features, making the physical SGB and unofficial emulators the only way to play it with color graphics and added sound effects.


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ほしのカービィ2
Hoshi no Kābyi Tsū
Kirby of the Stars 2
Chinese Kirby's Dream Land 2
xīng zhī kǎ bǐ 2
Kirby of the Stars 2
Dutch Kirby's Dream Land 2 -
French Kirby's Dream Land 2 -
German Kirby's Dream Land 2 -
Italian Kirby's Dream Land 2 -
Korean Kirby's Dream Land 2
Portuguese Kirby's Dream Land 2 -
Russian Kirby's Dream Land 2
Spanish Kirby's Dream Land 2 -

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