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Hail to the Chief

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Hail to the Chief
E10 Scene 21.png
Chief Bookem nearly gets sizzled while trying to rescue Tuff from the Booma-Dooma Volcano.
First aired Japan December 8, 2001
NA October 12, 2002
Episode # 10
Copy Ability (Abilities) featured No
Monster(s) featured No
Character(s) featured Kirby, Chief Bookem, Tuff, King Dedede
Episode order
The Fofa Factor The Big Taste Test
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Hail to the Chief is the tenth episode of the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! series. In this episode, King Dedede threatens to fire Chief Bookem after he had failed to stop a traffic accident, so Tuff, Kirby, and the Cappy kids conspire to make the chief popular again by creating problems for him to solve, fueled by the belief that Bookem was once a Rough Ranger and should not be shafted in this way. In the process of their mischief, Tuff accidentally gets thrown into King Dedede's Armored Vehicle in the midst of a swarm of angry bees chasing the vehicle well out of town and toward the active Booma-Dooma Volcano. Chief Bookem and the kids follow suit to save Tuff who had fallen into the caldera, and after a little help from Kirby, Tuff is saved and the residents of Cappy Town cheer Chief Bookem for his bravery, despite the fact that he lied about being a Rough Ranger. Using this new-found respect for their chief of police, Kirby and the town prevent King Dedede from firing Bookem.

This episode marks the first time that Chief Bookem has been in a starring role, and also marks the first time that Buttercup has had any unique dialogue in the 4Kids dub.


The following characters appear in this episode:

Cast of "Hail to the Chief"  
Character Selected quote Notes
Primary characters
"You're right! I'm a cop, and they can't padlock my pride!"
"Yeah! I bet being a ranger's a lot safer than this!"
"Don't cut me no slack just because I'm a king, or cause I make the law!"
Secondary characters
"You're still Cappy Town's finest to me!" This is Buttercup's first proper line of dialogue in the 4Kids dub.
"It may be dull, but Cappy Town needs a reliable cop like him!"
"There goes my doughnut sales!"
(no dialogue) Appears in photos.
"It's your fault! I guess you skipped the driver's ed. class where they teach you the kings always get the right of way!"
"What's so bad about directing traffic?"
"Boy, directing traffic's gotta be pretty boring for Chief Bookem."
(no dialogue)
"How come, Tuff?"
"Everybody's buckled in, and we're not leaving! We're gonna chase down that car with ya!"
"Warp Star!"
"Tuff! Where is he?"
"Lunatics! This is a road, not a bumper car track!"
"Tuff believes in the chief. Perhaps we should, too."
"It'll take days to clean up this mess! Those vandals painted everything in my shop!"
(no dialogue)
"But the chief fell asleep!"
"I'm reading all about Cappy history, and the chief's story doesn't make sense! We never even had a war!"
"It all happened so fast, Chief! I was in the store room for a minute, and when I came out, my whole store was cleaned out!"


Plot synopsis[edit]

King Dedede and the townsfolk catch Chief Bookem sleeping on the job.

The episode begins in Cappy Town, as Chief Bookem is standing at a street post directing traffic. As the Cappies comment on this, King Dedede and Escargoon drive into town on their Armored Vehicle, while Mayor Len and Hana do the same in their jeep. Chief Bookem dozes off at just the wrong moment, and the two vehicles crash into each-other. The two drivers spar for a moment, but then decide to ask Bookem who's at fault, but find him still snoozing. He wakes to an angry crowd, who berate him for his lack of diligence. King Dedede decides to fire Chief Bookem for this incident, and word of this soon spreads around the town. Hearing this, Tuff pleads with the Cappy kids to help him keep Chief Bookem on the job, saying that the chief's previous occupation as "Commando in the Rough Rangers Squad" makes him too important to get rid of. Tiff, however, doubts this claim, saying that there would have been no war for the chief to take part in. Tuff refuses to accept this, and gets the Cappies and Kirby aboard his plan.

Meanwhile, back in town, a crowd has gathered in front of the police station as Bookem retires to his wife Buttercup, who reassures him. At that moment, the chief gets a call from one of the Cappy shepherds, who is having difficulty keeping his sheep penned. The chief successfully catches and pens the sheep back up, but it is soon shown that Tuff and the kids were responsible for the break out in the first place, as they intended to create a problem for Bookem to solve to bolster his reputation around town. The kids then get to work covertly creating more problems for Bookem to handle, including sabotaging Chef Kawasaki's pipes, vandalizing Curio's relics with removable paint, putting up false advertising signs at Tuggle's store, and others. Chief Bookem soon becomes very suspicious of the frequency of events as the kids relish in their deeds.

The kids join Chief Bookem as they set off to rescue Kirby and Tuff.

Soon, Tiff catches them making more plans, but is interrupted when King Dedede drives down to officially proclaim that Chief Bookem is fired. The town objects to this and rallies to Bookem's side, causing the kids to celebrate. As Kirby cheers, he notices a bee's nest in the tree he's in, and gets an idea to use it for more mischief. He grabs the nest, but trips out of the tree and lands in the Armored Vehicle, planting the nest directly on Escargoon's head. In the chaos, the Armored Vehicle slams into the tree, knocking Tuff into the vehicle, and then Escargoon drives off with Kirby and Tuff still in the car. Chief Bookem gives chase by commandeering Mayor Len's car as the kids join him against his wishes.

Kirby saves Chief Bookem and Tuff at the last second.

Escargoon and King Dedede drive as quickly as they can to escape the angry bees, driving well out into the countryside in the process. First Escargoon and then Dedede and Kirby are thrown out of the vehicle in the confusion, leaving Tuff at the wheel, unable to control it. As Chief Bookem catches up, the Cappy kids spill the beans to him about their plot with Tuff, reminding him about his story about being a ranger. They soon find Kirby on the field, who points them toward the Booma-Dooma Volcano, where Tuff ended up. As they continue driving, Tuff gets flung out of the vehicle and tumbles into the main caldera of the volcano, which has a pool of molten lava inside. The rest soon catch up to him, and find him stranded on a crevice not far from the lava. Chief Bookem sets off to rescue him, but Tiff tries asking Kirby to do it instead. Meta Knight then appears out of nowhere and tells Tiff to let the chief handle it.

Using a rope from Mayor Len's car's trunk, Chief Bookem descends into the caldera. He slips, but the kids and Meta Knight secure the rope, narrowly preventing Bookem from falling into the lava. As Chief Bookem reaches Tuff, the rest of Cappy Town arrives at the scene out of curiosity. Just then, the volcano begins to erupt, throwing embers which sever the rope. At this setback, Bookem resolves to climb out of the caldera without it. During the climb, Tuff admits to his wrongdoing, and in return, Bookem admits he was never a Rough Ranger, later being halted by a cramped back. Seeing this, Meta Knight prompts Tiff to call the Warp Star so Kirby can save them before they fall into the lava. As the town celebrates Bookem's bravery, King Dedede and Escargoon show up, still intent on firing the chief, but Kirby inhales the official decree. Furious, King Dedede tries to blast the crowd with the gun on his vehicle, but it turns out the bees nest was jamming it up, and both Dedede and Escargoon are forced to run from the angry bees once again. The episode ends as the crowd laughs at the King's misfortune.

Differences between versions[edit]

  • A few minor shots are cut from the opening scene in the 4Kids dub.

Dialogue differences[edit]

  • In the Japanese version, after the traffic accident, King Dedede demands that Chief Borun arrest Mayor Len instead of asking him to find who was at fault.
  • In the Japanese version, the scene where the Cappy villagers are gathered outside the police station has no dialogue.
  • In the Japanese version, the pacing of the reveal that Chief Borun was not in the Ranger Corps is lengthened, as he does not actually reveal this to Bun until just before the two fall. He also says that it was his older brother who was in the Corps, instead of saying that he was not accepted into them.


  • This episode marks the first time in the series that Tuff was a primary character in the plot, but not Tiff.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ボルン署長をリニュアルせよ
Borun Shochō o Rinyiaru Seyo
The Renewal of Police Chief Borun
Chinese 改造波爾警長
Gǎizào Bōěr Jǐngzhǎng
Reforming Police Chief Boer
German Der mutigste Mann der Welt The most courageous Man in the World
Brazilian Portuguese Saudações ao Chefe Hail to the Chief