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Enemy InfoBox
Artwork from Kirby's Dream Land 3
Other Game(s) Kirby's Dream Land 3
Copy Ability None
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Popon is an enemy that makes its only game appearance in Kirby's Dream Land 3. It resembles a green blob with two eyes, which is able to grow into a tall stack of blobs when Kirby approaches it. A Popon attacks by seperating individual segments from its body and tossing them at Kirby, causing itself to shrink again. These segments can be inhaled and spat back at it.

Attacking a Popon that is more than one segment in height only causes it to shrink instead of defeating it immediately. Once only a single segment is left, however, it can be inhaled or destroyed by any attack. Another Popon in gigantic size takes the place of Chief Oosaka in a episode of Kirby: Right Back Ya!. When defeated after Kirby uses the Cook Copy Ability, Popon is reduced to nothing more than a puffball.